chainlink worth buyingCHAINLINK LINK IS GOING TO BLOW UP!! This Is Why

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chainlink worth buying Dogecoin vs Bitcoin: Key Differences to KnowSoFi... CHAINLINK LINK IS GOING TO BLOW UP!! This Is Why
whats up guys in this video I want to talk about chain link and how this crypto should be on your watch list whether you invest into it or not because as crypto has solid utility its priced pretty much at the one year low around six dollars less than six dollars right now all-time high was 55 3 billion market cap tokenomics are pretty decent they got 508 million in circulation a billion total Supply thats all thats ever going to be its built on top of ethereum and the reason why I love its utility is because I think its needed to see Mass adoption in crypto to provide off-chain data onto the on-chain and make sure prices are accurate thats very big because right now a lot of people dont trust crypto you see hackers all the time hackers took little weight put down Solana before it got wrecked by FTX and whether you want to do a smart contract agreement or a day-to-day transaction cross-border payment or create buy or sell nft you want to make sure the data is accurate and the prices are accurate otherwise the retail investors retail people every your average daily person is not going to trust crypto if they dont trust crypto theyre not going to use it and mass adoption is going to go out the window so I think chain link to me is you till you cant ignore it it provides that extra level of security with the Oracle to help make sure these blockchains are secure you want to make sure you have that level of security and thats why I noticed chain link is partnering with so many cryptos like if you havent been following chain link I definitely encourage you to research it the average hold time on coinbase I know this is 107 days like 55 this is pretty much 10x multi-time high and I think chain link is easily going to be around seventy dollars an expo cycle and I love chain link as a long-term hold I think its utility is going to be here to stay a lot of these cryptos you see in this market today a lot of them are speculative chain link is not a crypto that is speculative its not a meme coin its not a you know a gaming crypto its literally built to help secure a blockchain to make sure the data youre seeing and the prices youre seeing are true and accurate in real time we need that in the future which is why you see so many companies partnering with chain link chain link also recently partnered with swift which was a major move to accelerate blockchain adoption to try and make the technology become part of the new Financial system which is what cryptos initial design and make was intended to be so chain link partnering with swift was a very good move on their part and I noticed they make a lot of their moves in silence no one really knows whats happening with chain link until they actually make the move and I think chain link right now like theres no direct competition with this Channel and Timmy I think is going to be a beast in this market I know art block can pay to that but art block is a little more versatile which is why I like art block as well but shame link is a crypto Ive been following for a while I havent covered it too much on my channel because there really hasnt been much about it but every so often I see a price that I like and channeling price at six dollars is definitely a price I like that I want to keep these saying into I really like Jalen for a long term dont think regulations can take it out personally its also built on top of ethereum which again it just highlights the fact of how strong ethereum is you need all these projects to make ethereum more effective and also more blockchains effective and chain link also a part of where lcx a rumored compliant exchange that wants to also be their own layer of one which is why chain link pardon with them would also be huge because if lcx were to do that then chain link would be the go-to Oracle to make sure their blockchain is accurate and and secure so chain link to me I feel like its going to be a part of everything its a little bit of everything because their utility cannot be ignored I think chain link right now six dollars is an absolute steal youre not going to see me stop talking about it because I really think chain link should be on your watch list Im not telling you guys to buy it right now Im just telling you guys to be aware of it do your research and see for yourself how strong chain link is you may research it and say you know what I dont like it not worth it thats totally fine its totally up to you at the end of the day investing is your decision its your money but if I was him providing this information to you guys I feel like Ive been doing a disservice because chain link really is that strong Im telling you what it does and what I see in the future where Mass adoption taking place and the steps needed to get there I cant imagine a future without chain link but thats just my opinion how do you feel about chain link right now where do you see its price next Bull cycle type your comment down below and let me know if you guys enjoy this video please leave a like really helps so much and support my channel that being said Ill see you in the next video In this video, I go over Chainlink LINK and why I believe this crypto is going to blow up in value in the near future.Join my patreon/discord community: Looking for a secure hardware wallet to store your crypto? 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