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Twitter s new dog icon is sending dogecoin -- sigh -- to the moon Apr 3, · dogecoin AI The AI machines are coming for thought work, and other TC news Maggie Stamets 2:03 PM PDT • April 7, Welcome back to The TechCrunch Podcast, where we break down the biggest 15 Banks Currently Using Ripple XRP TechnologyCoinremitter Aug 17, · Most specifically, Ripple s products are one of the first banks to have tested. In September 2023, a report showed that the bank claims the Ripple and the XRP ledger have reduced banks transaction costs by 46 percent. 5. Bank of America - North Carolina, United States does ledger support chainlink Chainlink LINK HUGE BREAKOUT COMING? HUGE News! Price Predictions! Analysis & More!
does ledger support chainlink Mainnet Dogechain Explorer Blockscout is a tool... Chainlink LINK HUGE BREAKOUT COMING? HUGE News! Price Predictions! Analysis & More!
hello everyone im crypto nobes in todays video were going to be taking a look at the latest big news to do with chain ink were also going to be taking a look at price analysis as well as a few other big things so if you guys like anything i bring to you dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the video for more lets even get this video with 400 likes and also want to know down below what is your number one holding for this year with that lets jump straight into the video ladies and gentlemen we have here the official crypto knows patreon if you are looking to make money this old season stay reassured and updated then this could be the place for you we currently have the gold membership which is access to my discord group where ill provide my top coin calls every month potential coin breakouts and coins you should look into we also have the diamond membership where if you need any help managing your portfolio or a second opinion i will help you to the best of my ability if you are interested and want to make money this old season then im going to leave a link in the description and in the pin comment section down below so well start off by taking a look at the market as a whole we have had a very eventful past few days in cryptocurrency we ended up seeing elon musk change his twitter bio to bitcoin which is absolutely incredible and we saw dogecoin pump over a thousand percent but now we are having a correction bitcoin is currently at thirty three thousand eight hundred and thirteen ethereums at one thousand three hundred and forty four poke dot is at sixteen dollars and forty one cents xrp is up fourteen percent to thirty one cents cardano is at thirty four cents cheney goes at twenty three dollars and seven cents and stella is at twenty nine cents but in todays video we are gonna be taking a look at the latest big news stupid training so lets jump straight into the first article and this article says chaney joins the une seo global education coalition to advance smart contract education internationally training has officially joined the united nations educational scientific and cultural organization global education coalition to increase global awareness and understanding of blockchains smart contracts and oracle technology as a member of the une seos global education coalition training will make educational resources and development programs openly available and easily accessible to people in institutions around the world this will enhance everyones underlying knowledge and skill sets allowing them to properly apply blockchain technology and universally connect smart contracts to improve the lives of everyday citizens and strengthen social bond training is deploying educational and financial resources from his community grant program to achieve these objectives including creating education materials and developer resources about how to build universally connected smart contracts as well as awarding grants to high social impact projects and hosting multiple hackathons to incentivize developers all around the world to utilize universally connected smart contracts as a tool to create economic fairness and it says down here building awareness around the power of universally connected smart contracts smart contracts are primed to redefine how society stalls records and exchanges value shifting away from the centralized systems that are corrupt and subject to counterparty risk and towards decentralized systems that have built-in mechanisms to ensure all stakeholders are equally represented enabling an economically fair and transparent system of contracts is the guide vision of the chaining team and chainings mission as an open source community enabled and shared global infrastructure what is next cheney is proud to join une seos global education coalition and eager to advance awareness of universally connected smart contracts as a new form of digital agreement that at scale will help usher in a more economically fair world we see our participation in the coalition as another key step in achieving this vision so overall this is really big news for chaining as i have been saying for the past year now chaining have been earning so much respect from all of the big players in this space as well as some of the big companies outside of this space there is tremendous amount of big things to come with training and many more cryptocurrencies and a lot of you have not seen what this bull market really can do i want to know down below is training one of your top investments this is the next article i want to show you and it says heres an important catch to changings performance after recording a peak of 42 000 early in the month bitcoins price fell on the charts with its bullish momentum giving way for a period of corrections and consolidation until elon musk updated his twitter bio on the contrary chaining has surged lately with the old coin registering its all-time high just a few days ago while some corrections have started to set in the present time link is still holding a very healthy position on the charts with the alt looking prime to register more upside in the near term recent uptick notwithstanding many argue that since the bitcoin market is taking a breather chaining might just take over the market the ratio between the longs and the shorts on the platform like bitmex can often be used to identify bullish sentiments around the price of the digital asset according to popular data provider the long-slash short ratio for training on bitmex seems to be highlighting a very bullish indication and it says down here such optimism in the changing ecosystem can be backed up by the fact that it has been looked upon as a go-to investment during periods of market consolidation when bitcoins market was consolidated between may 2020 and july 2020 james price rose gradually carrying the rest of the old coin market with it at that time ethereums market was slumping too and link was ideal in providing a push to the value of other digital assets and decentralized finance chaining is taking a leading position in cryptocurrency applications like decentralized finance defy as per data provided by d5 pulse most of the top 10 d5 tokens have surged from four to nine percent in the last 24 hours fervor maker rv and uni swap have surged by between five and seven percent in fact the total value locked in d5 hits an all-time high of roughly 26.5 billion dollars recently maker was at the top of 4.5 billion dollars locked and dominance of 17.7 interestingly uni swaps uni token was up more than 58 in one week and up 1300 since its launch in september 2020. if the link market continues to rally the d5 market might see the same results finally rumors about grayscale launching a chaining trust might have contributed to the old queens price in the market according to documents spotted online greyscale have already incorporated a training trust with speculations around the same followed by cryptic tweet by ceo of greyscale something good he has hinted it should be noted however there is no official announcement has been made by grayscale in this regard but when it does links market might see a good time soon so overall all of the indications are pointing to chaining being a winner i personally have believed in chaining for a long time now and it is one of my most talked about cryptocurrencies on this channel purely because of how much value i see in this cryptocurrency and so far since we were talking about it at 1.50 it has now gone all the way up to 25 which is absolutely incredible i want to know down below what price did you first get into training this is the last little coil i want to show you before we take a look at our price analysis and this one says chaining price oracles integrate with enzyme finance recently enzyme finance announced the integration of trainings price oracles to expand the number of assets available on the platform according to the release by integrating with chaining enzyme users can now incorporate numerous erc20 tokens in their portfolio with easy access to expensive set of existing decentralized price oracles and a framework for launching new ones trainings price fees provide exchange rates for cryptocurrencies stable coins commodities indices stocks fiat currencies and other key financial data sets this service has remained a popular default application and witnessed the surge in adoption in 2020. its github commits continue to rise and were highlighted by sentiment the rate in which chain developers are submitting new commits on the team github continues to rise over time also interesting to note that small drops in development activity rates have historically aligned with links largest price bikes earlier it was noted that the coins prices spike whenever the development on the network was halted the chaining network growth has been the main reason for the token to spike as the rate of adoption rises for the oracles the price may also be supported by its users to finish off todays video we are going to be taking a look at quick little price analysis and if i show you this chart here as you can see at the moment training has been very bullish for a little while now we have been in very very good territory and we have been staying above very key levels going forward with training i personally think anything above 24 is very very good for training as that will mean that we will be testing all-time high levels which will mean we will hit price discovery levels and nobody knows where that price will fall anything in between 19.15 in my opinion if we do see these prices again they are some very good buying opportunities that we will see and they probably will be the best buying opportunities we will get in quite a while if things do start to get risky with this crypto market over the next few months if we do fall below the levels of 15 that could be a very risky level as we will be losing all the gains we have made over the past few months if we do fall below that level we will have multiple levels at 12 and 10 but 10 is a very key level if we do fall below that it will be extremely bearish for the crypto market and we probably will be in another 2018 phase which will mean this crypto bull run will be over but i personally do not think we will see those levels again all for quite a long time but as i keep saying we have so much more to look forward to with this crypto market chaining is hovering around these prices of 24 and we still have not seen staking yet staking is around the corner for chaining and a lot of people do not realize how big this is going to be i personally think when training has an official release date for staking we will end up seeing anywhere between 35 or 40 training and that is still just the beginning just quickly only 20 of you that watch my videos are actually subscribed so if you are new around here or regular hit the subscribe button as it is free and you can always unsubscribe later if you do not enjoy my content now ladies and gentlemen that is absolutely everything ive got for you in todays video if you have enjoyed anything ive brought to you dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the video for more lets see if we can hit that 400 like target and i also want to know your thoughts and opinions down below with that ive been crypto nobes thank you for watching hopefully ill see you in my next video peace Portfolio Management / VIP Coin Calls : Follow me on twitter! 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