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heres chain link explained in under 60 seconds k link was founded by sergey nazarov in 2017 he also operates as the ceo of chain link labs he also co-founded a company called crypta mail which is a completely decentralized blockchain based email service chain link is currently the 14th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of 14 billion dollars and a current price of 32. the goal of the project is to connect real-world data events and payments to the blockchains through smart contracts cryptos that connect the real world to the crypto blockchain are known as oracles an example of outside data being sent to the blockchain could be things like the temperature or number of votes for a certain candidate or even price feeds almost every ethereum based d5 project like ave and like urine finance all connect to chain links live price feeds in order to do things such as adjust their lending and borrowing rates the biggest risk to chain link is that a competitor oracle comes along and the market chooses them as their favorite however chain link already has the most network adoption Chainlink LINK Explained! shorts