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hey ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel as always it is nick here back through daily crypto news and analysis and today were going to be talking about chain link aka link so lets just dive in and lets talk about a few things so in regards to chain link itself um i have been watching this one closely especially as we do kind of you know pull back a little bit in the market ive been waiting to see if we can actually see you know five dollars or under five dollars um ive been really kind of eyeing like the three to four dollar range as well on this one um we gotta really see what the market is going to give us but to me personally like i think that theres been a lot of fun around chain link getting you know spread um we did see you know a few major updates today around you know chain link but a lot of people think that like the you know the unlock of like 50 million tokens is going to affect chain link drastically um but also i dont think that people realize you know why that actually does need to happen so were actually going to be talking about it in this video so lets just dive in lets talk about a few things that happened around chain link today so first off yes chain link did you know get listed on robinhood today which is probably exactly why you see this from about like 6.30 you know roughly seven cents all the way up to around like almost seven dollars and 10 cents with a massive sell-off this usually happens all the time with like major listings even on coinbase etc um but yeah i mean this is pretty good though even in the long term span of things as you know we do see like the market kind of bounce back well most likely see defy tokens like chain link uh moving up in a decent manner um obviously i dont need to tell you guys about how large you know for example robin hood is robin hood for the longest time has been like a major catalyst for like meme coins like dogecoin and you know other ones as well um but to me personally you know this is great just for you know volume and also ease of you know investments for like the retail individuals but also in regards to you know the fun around uh you know for an example chain link the token here we have it so this is you know the thing that got posted around you know twitter for the most part um and its you know five percent of the token supply 50 million tokens will be moved into the circulating supply over the next nine months and uh we actually do see a link over um over bet sorry im talking about this on twitter talking about like dilution and things like that we do see 50 million link well be introduced into the circulating supply dilute and current tokens uh this sounds bad if you forget you know we are getting chain link economics 2.0 this year and we do see down here with the introduction you know of the chain link economics 2.0 era new strategies will be implemented to improve the link price action the main one is staking i advise you to read the thread i wrote on staking in ccip you know for full understanding on upcoming price action for the link however here is why you shouldnt worry about the 50 million link dilution staking v you know 0.1 sets a 75 million link cap on the first release doing basic math 50 million new link introduced 75 million stake link removed from you know circulation negative 25 million link and of course we do see down here this means that instead of getting you know short-term inflationary pressure we will very likely get deflationary pressure uh plus dont forget that the dilution sorry serves the purpose of building a massive network effect and uh here we have you know foundations core goal is to support the sustainable long-term growth of the network um and we do see down here were tapping into a multi-trillion dollar market uh you are literally witnessing the beginning of the biggest network effect you might ever witness the linked network effect i cant stop stressing how big this is going to be now is the time to pay attention and do your research and i do completely agree like i do think that chain link is actually going to be a very very large um asset going forward i mean you look at smart contracts and you look at some of these you know for example you know industries out there not even smart contracts in general like think about crypto right like crypto hit a three trillion dollar you know market cap at the all-time highs and uh like insurance for an example is a four trillion dollar market by itself uh gold 10.9 trillion dollars again barely any utility around gold um and in regards to like even defy itself 107 billion dollar market cryptocurrency 1.2 you know trillion at the time that this was made um and you look at like the stock market 89.5 trillion global real estate 280.6 trillion which we know global real estate now has like kind of ballooned to like roughly 300 trillion dollars plus derivatives one quadrillion dollars gaming 200 billion uh global advertising 650 billion global trade 28 trillion like the numbers here are absolutely insane when you actually look at some of the markets that you know for example like link could actually target um but we also do see down here now when everybody forgets you know about the true smart contract enabler now is when you go bananas without link there is no reliable data and remember chain link is at the 20 move force checkmate you dont invest in link you know when the checkmate is forced next move uh thanks to all og you know link marines if you guys do want to go support them you guys are more than welcome to but yeah i mean in general like when we really kind of look at chain link i do think that it has incredible you know overall upside potential still even with like dilution like this which by the way like 50 million in regards to like the actual token supply its really nothing too crazy especially when you look at staking so to me you know and again theyre expecting that no more than five percent of the total supply will be moved so it could be a little bit less it could be a little bit you know more possibly um but to me i dont believe that this is actually that bad especially when you look at like the tokenomics like theres one billion in total supply and currently like theres only 467 million out there in circulating supply which is almost like 50 of the supply total and if we do see like something like five percent you know be released its not going to hurt the price action too much in my opinion weve seen you know worse inflation rates for some other assets and again like you know like theyre saying we could be seeing a deflationary aspect when you actually look at how much is going to be staked and in regards to staking yes staking is coming most likely this year as we did see in this article breakdown from chain link themselves um but they are also talking about like you know the 75 million you know uh full poll size um initially and uh you know we just here the pool will start with an aggregate size of 25 million link tokens with the plan goal of scaling to a pool size of 75 million and honestly when we really kind of look at staking in general i do think that a large percentage of the supply is going to be locked away and um you know it is something special when you actually look at it because again chain link is already kind of pretty desirable from a tokenomic standpoint with only one billion actually being fully out there remember even at like the current you know price it only has about a 6.5 billion dollar market cap remember going back to that initial you know image when you look at that like a 6.5 billion dollar market cap in regards to even like the gaming industry or like the global advertising industry like these are industries that im not trying to like downplay them or anything like that but like compared to what chain link is going after its pretty much nothing um and of course like in regards to like chain link they are continuously expanding theyre continuously building out their entire network their ecosystem spends over 1 300 plus projects like its truly something remarkable and of course i do have a few things from you know chain link themselves we do see a verifiable randomness plays a key role in the fair selection and ordering process um in the infographic below explore five ways in which you know chain link vrf can help make governance processes more transparent audible and also decentralized and of course here are the five governance use cases like i said like in regards to chain link theres a ton of use case value behind this um you see a ton of these in regards to like dao launch pad and ido jury you know appraiser uh you know selection pool you know sampling as well ordering you know cues like all of this is great for the use of the network and you do see like even nfts and things like that within this ideos are great especially for you know a lot of individuals that want to get in early on you know initial decentralized you know offerings but yeah like to me when we really kind of look at the use cases around like just specific things within the chain link ecosystem like for example like vrf right vrf has a ton of use case value behind it um but you also do like you see other ones as well um in regards to like other use cases like for an example you know uh heres like the top four gaming use cases around vrf like vrf expands massively into multiple industries its not just one or the other right and we just hear like play to earn game fi you know loot boxes metaverse luck based games and a lot of people are like upset about the price action right and its totally you know to me understandable i get it but as long as you are doing the research understanding what you hold seeing the team continuously expand and when we look at like the metaverse and like even play to earn gaming and things like that around like web 3.0 for an example like these are also trillion dollar you know industries in the future like weve been seeing some valuations being thrown out there around the metaverse at like 13 trillion dollars five trillion dollars like the numbers are off the charts especially when you look at like the long-term viewpoints here i think that a lot of people just kind of get into this market like for an example i can go back three months right a lot of people will get into this market see like a token go from well say like the low here at like six dollars to roughly like almost ten dollars here theyll throw their money in right here at the top and and like well see like it come down and all of a sudden theyre like wha what is going on here like is this thing a scam like what is going on or like maybe even like going back a year ago maybe we were investing around like 13 and he didnt sell up here at like roughly you know 35 for an example and i get it right and you know we see a lot of people by the top get upset about price action but even in the even in the sense of like chain link long term like weve been seeing some major price targets around chain link but to me like a hundred dollars you know per link is inevitable at some point in time the market cap for it is very conservative when you compare it to like other assets especially in like the top ten and to me like a lot of these assets that do have true use case value or utility value are going to be a top 10 coin and chain link is no different in fact i do think that chain link has a ton to offer this market um especially around like you know smart contracts in general but also you know this was not the only thing in regards to the growth within the ecosystem um apricot finance we do here were well accustomed to watching chain link secure many ground breaking applications across defy over the last couple of years and its a pleasure to be able to participate among such great peers and of course apricot finance puts security first with the native chain link integration this was not the only integration that weve seen theres a ton of them actually you can go over to the chain link and actually see all them um but there was another one here from elwood uh were thrilled this integration allows elwood to you know contribute to the growing digital asset economy and of course this is you know delivering high quality cryptocurrency market data on chain with of course chain link and uh yeah chain link is like securing massive its funny because like chain link is you know already at this current moment in time securing more money than its actually worth isnt that funny like think about that like chain link is literally out there connecting a ton of you know daps for an example in regards to like the web 3.0 space to the web 2.0 you know world and weve seen this in regards to like the actual ecosystem like its probably one of the most incredible ecosystems in crypto over 1300 plus integrations on chain link and again like i said the price even fully diluted six point almost five billion dollars in market cap that is absolutely nothing drops of water in a bucket when you look at it on the macro view here again everybody always clouds their judgment with current price action with current market structure and i think that that is the worst way to do it listen i will tell you guys right now if you are new to crypto maybe youre in the i will say like two years right to actually fundamentally succeed in crypto you need to understand that this market is extremely volatile this is what makes this market so lucrative at the end of the day youll have swings of thousand plus percent youll have swings down to you know a hundred percent you will see massive amounts of value lost in you know a second in an hour in a day and i want you guys to understand like that is why we are in this market at the end of the day because it does provide a very lucrative value to not only make a ton of money but also understand that it does matter at the end of the day in terms of fundamentals around some of these projects and chain link has probably one of the strongest fundamentals in regards to the d5 sector and uh i just think that chain link is a great opportunity im still waiting to see if we do get down lower i have been accumulating here and there but im waiting to see if we can come back down to roughly like the march of 2020 time frame obviously im not going to see like in my opinion will we come down to roughly like the two dollar range probably not but im definitely eyeing like roughly the four dollar range to almost like five dollars anywhere around there i feel strong and confident about buying in um but thats of course my viewpoints on it so with that being said i hope that you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did definitely have a like subscribe to notifications if you guys want more free content you guys are more than welcome to follow me on twitter and join the free discord description below as those up to you all have a beautiful day or beautiful night wherever you guys are on this big world its been nick peace out Welcome to the channel, my name is Nick or NCashOfficial. 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