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Cardano Price Prediction – 2040Trading Education Beating its current all-time high, Due to the high demand, our Cardano price prediction 2030 forecasts that the coin could reach the $18 level What is the difference between ether and Ethereum? Ethereum is a blockchain platform. Ether is the cryptocurrency that is used on the Ethereum blockchain. For example, to purchase an NFT on the Ethereum what network is chainlink ChainLink LINK & Crust Network CRUST Crypto create Partnership that will PUMP in 2023 link
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hey guys Uncle Ray welcome to another episode of the crypto Bellwether I dont always tell you what you want to hear but Ill tell you what you need to hear to make and inform decision well were starting off 2023 and it looks like its going to be a rough year but Im optimistic and Im hoping its going to end on a very positive note now I dont know if the feds going to Pivot and maybe we get a bull run this year but Im very optimistic that were all going to have plenty of time to stack some good projects that are going to rip in the next Bull Run and were going to talk about two that no matter what should be on your watch list now I own one of them and were going to talk about that this is not Financial advice but these projects are definitely worth taking a look at and thats what were going to do and well get uh Im going to tell you why and a little bit about them and then were going to take a look at their charts now check this out guys it says crust Network brings decentralized storage to blockchains through chain link so well start about chain link first no matter what in my opinion chain link is a top 10 crypto to own in any portfolio You could argue that is the best ISO 222 compliant token it is the Gateway for Swift and guys I do a lot of research in every Rabbit Hole I go down when you start talking about interoperability in a gateway chain link is in the diagram all the banks Swift you know pretty much all the layers layer ones have a partnership with chain link and now I dont understand all the technical stuff and I know that chain link basically got its foot in the door by being dominating being the oracle and but now theyve moved in to the interoperability through the Gateway again Ive had many developers explain it to me hey I just know it works and its needed and its dominating that space so you need to take a look at chain link because we know theres going to be a banking reset and chain link has already developed all these amazing Partnerships from hbar to Swift pretty much every layer one and window it sits on top of ethereum now heres the cool thing about crust Network I just found out about it Im a big fan of polka dot polka dot has wonderful interoperability but one thing that polka dot has that I really like and Im going to create a video about polka dot and its para change but to simplify it they basically have a program that if you want to build on top of polka dot and be part of their ecosystem you need to go through their repair chains and one and basically they vet you so not only do you have to submit what you want to build but they kind of tell you hey this is what we need so they kind of lean toward those and if you win that parenting slot then they give you some backing and you have you know the network of that ecosystem and normally once that pair chain is launched its needed and its successful but because a lot of the pair chains started I believe actually although the pair of chains started at the first to last year they didnt get the hype and the massive pumps because we have been in a fair trend for the last year but if you go through those paratine projects they are world class theyve all been vetted they have good teams they have the resources and they all have utility that the the polka dot ecosystem needed and crust network was the last pair chain that was launched and guys it is decentralized storage now Im not going to get into all the things that it does and again the difference in the storage quite frankly I dont understand how much better it is than our weave our file coin but I do know from talking to some developers that it is going to be a contender and its one to watch now this is not Financial advice I just want to put it on your radar and Ill Ill keep following press network but when I saw that they partnered up with chain link and I read a lot of different things saying that it is a Powerhouse protocol or whatever you want to call it for storage and that its highly needed its on my watch list now lets take a look at the charts and see if its time to get to stacking or we just need to keep them on the list now chain links all-time high is 52 dollars and right now and is that right right now its under six dollars well guys I think as strong as it is it just broke the low of the year so I think its probably going back to like pre-covered which would put it somewhere in pre-covered theyre its getting close around four dollars the lowest it went for covid was two dollars so guys Im not telling you the stack link right here at these prices I think its going a little lower but anyone that starts stacking Link at about five dollars I personally believe theyll be happy they did and I think due to all the things that been have been created on the ecosystem and the Partnerships of link and ethereum and everything thats going on I think its going to be changing gears when it knocks out thats 52. I I wouldnt be surprised if it runs to you know 60 70 75 dollars or higher again not Financial advice but I really believe no matter what chain link You could argue that chain link is a top 10 to on crypto period now yet theres some that will give you a bigger upside but Im talking about real world utility and safety if theres any safety in in crypto its all risky but its one of the least risky projects and it has real world utility and I have no doubt it will be around for a long long time now Crush Network now check this out this youre going to love this or its going to terrify you but look at this launch guys when it came out it ran to 177 and guess where its at right now its at 64 cents so I cant tell you to start stacking right here hopefully its found the bottom I dont know if I didnt think it was such a good pair of chain and that from Reading up that it was needed and that it does a lot of things really really well in the storage world and it storage ecosystem Id be a little scared of this but for me Im not gonna start stacking right now Im gonna do some more homework but Im definitely going to get a small bag of this pair of chain and a lot more because for me again not Financial advice but because of the interoperability and the foundation and the team the founder of polka dot and the team and the ecosystem and everything in their interoperability I think its just like cardano it will have its day and it has a great future I dont know when but I think it should have had a better pump at the end of last year than it did or the end of 2021 than it did but with all the great pair of chains like Moonbeam and a lot of other ones I think its definitely going to have its day and when dot starts to pump these pair chains which are all really uh low and have been beaten down they are going to pump and I have no doubt theyre going to catch up and surpass polka dot as far as percent was when that happens so anyway guys its not Financial advice but I wanted to bring these two projects to your attention take a look at polka dot and and if you havent subscribed please do so well be doing a lot of good videos bringing new things to your attention because its time to to educate ourselves and stack some really good projects so Im going to focus on that as well as the ones I already have we know the iso 222 compliant tokens are great we know that theres going to be a banking reset we know tokenization is coming Im going to be focusing on the layer twos as well theres a couple of different niches that I think we should focus on and were going to be successful guys in the next Bull Run were gonna get educated and were going to stack good projects with real world utilities thats my plan not Financial advice but guys if you havent subscribed please do so hit that notification so you dont miss anything let me know what you think in the comments section if theres a project that I need to be looking at that have real world utility let me know please either way guys thats all I got for you please hit that like button it really helps us out a lot we do appreciate it and this is not Financial advice but guys get educated in 2023 and get to stack it again not Financial advice take care guys and come back and be part of this community ChainLink LINK Cryptocurrency and Crust Network CRUST cryptocurrency is Bringing Decentralized Storage to multiple Blockchain Ecosystems. CRUST Crypto is built on the Polkadot DOT ecosystem and is a Polkadot Parachain winner. The Chainlink and Crust Network storage will help NFTs and the Metaverse have the data storage needed for web 3 future. Polkadot has great Interoperability and when you ad the ChainLink gateways its a winning combination. This storage will be available across multiple Layer 1 Blockchain like Ethereum, Cosmos, Avalanche, NEAR, Solana and any other ISO 20022 Compliant tokens as well. Is Chainlink a good crypto to buy in 2023? Is Crush Network better than Arweave? If you compare CRUST vs AR Crypto, which is better? Get the Crypto information for 2023 you need to make a informed decision to buy ChainLink, CRUST, AR, DOT, SOL or any of the token mentened. What is the best token to buy in 2023? If you want to know the best token to buy for Data storage, watch to find out. Crypto Bellwether is not financial advice. DYOR! chainlink polkadot cryptonews parachain cryptonews arweave