chainlink on geminiChainLink LINK 3 Minute Price Analysis & Prediction August 2021.

Dogecoin: Is it worth more than Honda? - Deseret News Dogecoin recently soared in value to be worth $0.42 per Dogecoin, which makes its market value close to $54.64 billion, according to Benzinga. Meanwhile, Honda is only worth about $54.52 billion. So it s a slim margin, but a margin nonetheless. Interestingly, Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus said he once sold all his cryptocurrencies in 2023. Transaction Transaction 59450a552c3e74bc2f9e8fec211c88ae2c173df49d656c9d2247a7f032e6b455 page with transaction assurance, timestamp, UTXO, certificates, and more. chainlink on gemini ChainLink LINK 3 Minute Price Analysis & Prediction August 2021.
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we have chain link symbol link versus the dollar this one being requested by mr gemini athlete mma for the link marines if you like the link marines quite a fair bit this one this has been fun fun to follow for the last few years uh day and weekly okay cool so first thing that stands out is we have a lovely consolidation right around the 200 simple and just a general sort of rule of thumb whenever you see a consolidation around a major moving average like this when its in this case its coming uh from the from from the downside around it then that is typically going to be resolved in that direction meaning in this case to the upside uh vice versa for the other side but in this case youve got a lot of good things going on from a major moon average perspective golden cross is going to be inevitable as long as this thing just trades sideways above 27 bucks for the next probably three four days and we do see all major move differences in a bullish posturing we even see uh hidden bullish evidence on daily rsi daily bbwp has contracted throughout this whole consolidation right here so that is exactly what we want to be seeing if we do see uh if we do see anything even just above you know even just even just a closing high today above 29 dollars i would look for this vaulted expansion with trend continuation up to about 33 34 bucks before a bit of a before a bit of a pullback um you know over the next week maybe maybe two weeks if it takes a bit of time uh speaking of the weekly this one uh maybe not looking as obvious but you do have a decent setup right here as well same sort of hidden bullish evidence that weve seen on several others and we do see a weekly uh weekly duel actually with this upside posturing short-term timeframes a little bit more obvious right here nothing bears say about this thing at all whatsoever as long as youre above 25 and even on the short term as long as youre above this higher low right here at 27 bucks or so and we see the same sort of setup here too hidden bullish evidence on four hour rsi bbwp on the floor so this is a nice healthy consolidation even the four-hour drill is given a bit of a soft signal as well which would imply short-term continuation probably up to about 30 bucks or so that can obviously bleed into the daily and then initiate those targets higher over the next week or so but again sideways within this region completely fine just dont want to see below about 25 bucks uh momentum also theres like stokes are saying what my stinkers over here um four while remains with upside pollution as long as were closed above 28.37 so we are kind of right around there right now it would be saying essentially you know we do want to see this one actually leg up pretty much from here otherwise the sideways consolidation will uh will take a little bit more time daily however is freshly twisted up and actually holding in the bullish controls in as long as above 26 83 and a half or so looking pretty damn good there we just need to see a closure above a bit basically here or higher and this is going to look like its getting ready for the next for the next actual move im curious what it might look like over here as well now im not really getting too much from this if anything short-term timeframes do say more sideways actually you say a little more sideways maybe short term back down around 28 and uh in a quarter first and a bit of sideways from there uh but the focus is on the daily right here the the setup is for the daily and the more you know the more long-term realistically over the next couple weeks uh but things do look you know decent especially for the linked marines and again nothing better to say about this thing its only above about 27 bucks or so anyways hopefully that was helpful and there you go link marines of the world **Krown Trading App**Complementary Market Analysis Discord Krowns Crypto Cave - Twitch - Twitter - Instagram - Tik Tok: @Krowncrypto Krown Trading Jewel Channel - TradingView Discount - ***My fully comprehensive road map to becoming a COMPLETE Trading Boss! + VIP DIscord Access*** All my trading strategies revealed in a series of 39 Modules of Video and PowerPoint presentation format over 32 hours long + Bonus Material! 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