hbar hbar and chainlinkChainlink Joins Hedera Hashgraphs Governing Council! This Is HUGE!

Dogecoin Mining Profitability, Hashrate: How Long Does It Take to Mine Dogecoin utilizes a hashing algorithm called Scrypt, which makes mining faster and less energy consuming. At the start, it was easier and simpler to mine Dogecoin having less participants in the network. Anyone in Comparing Ethereum's Architecture With Other ,Apr 14,   When it comes to blockchain technology, there are several different platforms out there, each with their own unique architecture and functionality. One of the hbar and chainlink Chainlink Joins Hedera Hashgraphs Governing Council! This Is HUGE! hbar
hbar and chainlink A Beginner’s Guide: What Is... Chainlink Joins Hedera Hashgraphs Governing Council! This Is HUGE! hbar
so another day and another huge announcement by hedera as we learn that chain link will be joining the governing council to join with google ibm boeing lg and many more and guys this is absolutely huge because if you think about it announcements like for example when the shinhan bank from korea joined it should have caused massive waves and fomo in the h-bar and it kind of didnt it kind of just came and it kind of went for whatever reason i dont really have a great answer for that i have some theories and ill talk about that in a little bit but when chain link joins youre bringing in one of the most loyal crypto communities around and these cryptos im talking about hbar and chain link are now forever bonded together its a perfect match if youre planning on building partnerships and ensure youre going to survive into the future which im guessing most of these cryptos that youre seeing make waves now a lot of these guys are not going to be relevant in the future so if you want to be you should partner up with some major players and theres not really a better match in my opinion than chain link and h-bar but back to my point about the price of h-bar why some certain announcements may or may not be performing as well as you may have thought in regards to the price put it this way when you learn about the project and you learn that its in between a 50 and 60 market cap and you compare it to some of these projects that are in the you know the top 20 the top 10 even some of them are in the top five a lot of these guys havent done anything even for example the number two crypto ethereum for example you know its good its doing stuff its obviously its promising theres a lot of money thats pouring into it but its extremely flawed mainly around the gas fees everybody knows that more importantly though its not just that normally if you have something like that thats extremely flawed right maybe theyre so far ahead of the game that it doesnt matter right you have to use it because its the only option but thats not the case hedera has completely solved you know all the problems that ethereum has hedera has that theyve already checkmated them in regards to that you dont have to wait until eth 2.0 2.0 rolls out in four years or whatever its going to show up hedera can already do it at a fraction of the cost so something doesnt add up something feels weird about the market cap and at least part of it anyway i think theres a lot of factors that go into it but a major part of it is nobody knows where to buy hbar hbar can have all the great news can have all the great partnerships the hype the apps being built on it if people cannot easily buy it it doesnt really matter so the price is not going to reflect the value so do not stay silent please get active tweet at coinbase tweet it coinbase pro tweet it hedera mance harmon lehman baird tweet it crackit exchange kucoin every single major exchange needs to have this listed if hedera wants to be a big boy like bitcoin ethereum and cardano it needs to be on all the exchanges that bitcoin ethereum and cardano are on what do you guys think those are some thoughts i had uh if you guys like this content please support this channel with the sub and like ill catch you guys in the next video thanks Chainlink has joined on to be on the governing council of Hedera Hashgraph - and this is huge. Theres not other way to put itIts time to ramp up the pressue on Coinbase, Kracken, ect. to list Hbar ASAP Please Support This Channel With a Sub! hedera crypto