THETA Network: Video Streaming บน Blockchain - FINNOMENA Theta เป็นเครือข่ายที่ถูกสร้างขึ้นมาเพื่อทำ peer-to-peer video streaming โดยมีเป้าหมายที่จะเผยแพร่วิดีโอคุณภาพสูง High Quality streaming พร้อมกับลด buffering issue ให้น้อยที่สุด โดยใช้เทคโนโลยีที่เรียกว่า decentralized streaming network DSN เพื่อช่วยกระจาย bandwidth ที่ต้องใช้ ซึ่ง Theta ใช้เทคโนโลยีบล็อกเชนเข้ามาช่วยในการ “แบ่ง” Ce Zhang – Associate Professor – ETH ZürichLinkedIn Ce is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at ETH Zürich. He believes that by making data—along with the processing of data—easily accessible to non-CS users, we have the potential to make the world a better place. His current research focuses on building data systems to support machine learning and help facilitate other sciences. Before joining ETH, Ce was advised by Christopher o que é chainlink CHAINLINK IS ONE OF THE BEST CRYPTOCURRENCIES DO NOT MISS OUT AT THESE PRICES chainlink
o que é chainlink More than 1,000 projects building on Cardano revive... CHAINLINK IS ONE OF THE BEST CRYPTOCURRENCIES DO NOT MISS OUT AT THESE PRICES chainlink
foreign thank you for being here with me today Im very hyper energized right now as you guys can see Ive been helping a lot of people this week with their health and their well-being so Im very Im feeling very satisfied I love doing that I absolutely love health and wealth and thats why I started my channel like that I started my Channel with the health side of things and Ive slowly but surely moved into the wealth side of things too so the combination of the two of them actually really is very very powerful and if you guys wanna learn more about how to keep your mind healthy and strong or then go and check out my pages and my other personal Pages you can see them you can see my personal pages in here which directly linked to the health pages so you can go over and have a look at those and uh yeah hope you guys enjoy it and uh yeah let me know if you guys ever need some help here I I do a lot of things from cancer treatments to diabetic treatments to dementia Alzheimers sleep sleep issues weight loss all kinds of different health related issues so I have a lot of fun with it as you can see anyways enough about that thank you for being here with me my beautiful subscribers I really do appreciate that so so so so beautifully much we have a phenomenal um fed meeting coming up this evening and were either going to go up or were going to go down theres no sideways in this meeting but essentially the moment pal opens his mask the market just tends to go bloop okay most often not always but most often and you know we want to be able to avoid that in the time that were busy dealing with this at the moment because essentially we want to be able to ensure that we have absolute greatness going forward okay so thanks for being here with me my blessed and beautiful Community you are absolutely awesome you guys know if you want to trade you got that 30 000 by bit link down there right below and you can get yourself a deposit bonus when you sign up using my link so my link my link my link do we know what were going to be talking about in todays video then well were going to be talking about chain link yes absolutely love this project I do own quite a number of coins in this project uh I cant remember for my portfolio its at least 30 or 40 coins its not a lot to some of you Im sure but to me its quite a lot um at the moment and my personal accumulation goal for this would be to get a thousand coins Ive done the video on chain link before but you can go and check that app out there and go and see what its all about the chain link is ranked number 21 thats its logo thats its name and thats its ticker its currently sitting at 6.88 its flat for the day and um were on 337 000 377 000 peoples watch lists and the market cap is three and a half billion the trading volume is 159 million and fully diluted valuation is pretty much double the market cap which is great obviously people are staking in there there are one billion coins available and there is about 520 517 million coin and coins in circulation which is great you can see here chaining fell out the tree yesterday its not really you know its like very insignificant in comparison to where we are right here so we go and look at where the previous market cap was at the all-time high there was a 21 billion thats about a 6X or 5x away from where we are right now so essentially chain link could go and see just call it a seven dollar yeah you can get see just under this high and currently we are four thousand five hundred and forty four percent above the low from five years ago so you can see this crypto has also been here for a very very very long time and um yeah essentially todays price its under by 50 Cents but if you were holding a coin and you bought chain link at 14 cents and todays price is 688. um are you here you have already 50 extra money so if youre invested uh ten thousand dollars youve now got five hundred thousand dollars so thats net value Asset and net asset value and your portfolio and your net worth you can come and buy this crypto on a lot of exchanges on pretty much most exchanges and um yeah lets go and have a look at what chain link actually is and then well have a look at the chart so transactions enabled have been 7.7 trillion dollars um and yeah so you can attend the smart conference 23 to explore the future of wave 3. now chain link is about connecting the world to blockchains okay so chain link is the industry standard web3 Services platform connecting the people businesses and data of today with the web 3 world of tomorrow so you can develop and you can explore the solutions that it has these are the teams that they have partnered up with and theres a lot more teams that they partnered up with you can create web 3 value with chain link Solutions so its reliable tamper-proof seamless connection to any API its proven ready-made Solutions and it has a highly reliable automation so integrate Chain Link services into your DAC today you will just come and basically copy that code and put it into your dap um and then powering the future of smart contracts so you can go and see there I mean look at that theyre with the T Systems synthetics Arbol and Ave which are great build and learn with chain link okay so theres plenty to learn about chain link here is the YouTube channel and the telegram the gitab and the Twitter and the Discord okay so get involved through our grant programs okay so chain link is phenomenal guys I I do I really love this project and Im considering building a health project um in to thats integrated into the web three space that you can earn from and uh basically I would probably look at chain link to build that depth from because of its scalability its standards its connections its size its security so I do love it and I hope you guys do too so lets go and have a look at the chart and where we are in the moment so since we broke this kind of 9.50 level we have literally remained in this complete range four since May last year so one year um so yeah guys its actually my birthday on Sunday so I will be out exploring nature and dipping myself into freezing cold water and pools and soaking up some warm sunshine with my to my family and my mates so Im excited for that um and essentially you can see here okay knock knock and if I had to draw a line here all of this will be lower than the next okay youll see that okay so essentially if you were trading this as a range and you bought I mean its only like a two three dollar range so its a thirty percent range so 45 percent up 45 down 45 up 45 down so essentially if you were trading this up and down and you were patient enough to wait in this these areas for your coins to make you some big cash then you would be sitting absolutely large so on the weekly time frame okay we are currently on the way down on the RSI so we may pull back a little bit you can see I do two different support levels here is a bit more of an immediate and a bit more of a longer term so one from December and one from February into February so you can see guys weve come a very very very long way in chain link and to me chain link is very likely going to hit way above these levels and if it just gets to all-time high thats a 670 percent gain on your money so if you added 100 of chaining today youre chaining when it hits that all-time high will be worth six thousand seven hundred dollars thats crazy like why wouldnt you accept that why wouldnt you take profits and of course there are a few zones above that are resistance levels but youre in it for the long run youre not in it for the short runs so just add to your positions when it hits the resistance and bounces back down because thats what it does thats what trading is its as simple simple super strategic move for this so guys I would like to say to you if we go and have a look at chain link right here and we say that chain link is currently got a 20.29 marker cap so lets go and do the math on the 200 trillion dollar marker cap so its uh 2 billion 20 billion 200 billion 2 trillion 20 trillion 200 trillion um Times by 0.29 ah really two nine percent equals 580 billion dollar marker cap okay divided by todays market cap three five four nine uh four zero two eight zero two Ill even give it to you to the dollar its 163x game okay Times Todays coin price okay will give us a 1120 dollar chain link okay not bad right do you think we could reach 580 billion dollars if its one of the leading web 3 blockchains wow if not the leading Wave 3 blockchain okay especially because of its ranking and actually if I come and see let us go and see here wave three Wave 3 web 3 web 3 the only okay okay cool Cardona polygon Solana polka dot Avalanche they are and you need the whole part of web3 so okay no problem chain link is one of the best one of the biggest and the best so now guys its an amazing ecosystem chain link go and have a look do your own research and uh yeah no Financial advice but guys if weve been this flat for this long make no mistake theres going to be a rebound at some point or another and even if youre just five extra coins up to this level okay thats okay take some profits get out cool you can always re-enter in a little bit later but do not miss out okay on coins like this because this is a very very strong Blue Chip token okay love you all thanks for watching well see on the next one have a beautiful day thank you Bybit: $30,000 BONUS Welcome to my community & THANK YOU for your ongoing support, loyalty & love. 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