brighton chainlinkChainlink is Bullish as long these Levels Hold Support

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okay welcome back chain link gang chain link fam before I do get into the video if you guys could leave like comments up all that fun stuff really helps the channel grow and I really do appreciate it helps with the YouTube out the YouTube algorithm I cant have I cant speak Im currently having a stroke anyway um I mean like looking at this this kind of just looks like this was our small consolidation meaning like ABC Type move uh upon doing so that would mean that this is ultimately a counter Trend wave and we should start to see a move back on up its just whether or not youd think that this like C wave has ended right here um however on The Daily time frame you are finding a bit of support right here so you could see potential move back on up however ultimately I think the move right now is overall downside so the areas in which I would look for would be really this 382 right here which is at about six dollars 53 cents following from there if you dont find strong bounce then what you would be looking for is really this first level or pink line which is at about six dollars 37 cents and then the second pink line would be six dollars 22 cents um I wouldnt really be looking for anything more than that and then if you were to go any more than that you would be looking for 597 you do not really want to break back below that 597 mark um let me click on that Bollinger band on the daily time frame you what do you know uh you actually did just tag today the lower boundary on the Bollinger band so you could anticipate a rally back on up as right now the upper boundary of the Bollinger band is currently at seven dollars 54 cents and the median line is currently residing at about seven dollars 12 cents so do keep that in mind switching over into the weekly time frame you are actually back below the median line and the lower boundary of the Bollinger band is at five dollars 89 cents so its right below that blue line that were talking about that we dont really want to cross um Yeah so basically do not want to go below Blue Line these are going to be your potential support areas if the daily has any effect over the weekly Bollinger band you are at the lower boundary so you could look for a pop back up into that like seven dollar range and then youd want to try and maintain that with the closure otherwise if you do end up coming back down 653 637 and 622 are you gonna be youre like major like areas that you want to find support at um otherwise coming back up upper boundary for the Bollinger band is currently at about eight dollars Thirteen Cents uh weve been in a year-long accumulation Ive made the argument for why I do think that the bottom is here uh Ill switch over to the monthly right now um we do think overall this is our wave like four on a macro scale and that we bottomed right here so from the low all the way up to the high that um field level that we were holding at is the 382 and then on top of that if you do a fib from the high down to here weve bottomed right at the 618 which happens to be exactly right where the macro 3a2 so you do have a line of Confluence it does look like it is accumulating Ive been presenting it as reverse distribution for months now and then on top of that on the monthly time frame we also do have a more bullish structure double bottom if you want to invert it like how I have been showing you guys that looks like a double top so um that being said did you just want to show that uh Bollinger band median line on the monthly time frame is at 11 Upper boundary is currently at about twenty four dollars and then Ill see if I can like zoom out here um and the lower boundary for the Bollinger band on the monthly time frame is currently in East jibid so do that as you will uh dude other than that though I mean like we can go into the four hour time frame here real quick oh I do not want to do that uh reset chart there we are and you know what lets just Im gonna humor myself here real quick didnt want to do that either um potentially a falling wedge move potentially uh if thats the case then that still does give you room to like we were talking about come back up drop back down and then you can break out from that point on otherwise you could just break out from this point uh the magic move for that would actually be roughly getting you lets do it oops roughly thatd be getting you from a breakout point up to about 7.61 cents um other than that I dont think were in really that bad of shape overall I think the low is in and I think were accumulating um but we really should not break below that 5.98 so um other than that thats all I have for work today none of this is financial advice these are all just my thoughts and opinions and you guys have a phenomenal day as always adios Muchachos Welcome to MelvinsMovesThis video is about Chainlink LINK Technical Analysis and my current opinion’s about the crypto market. 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