$100 Soon w/ this Big NEWS! become chainlink node operatorChainlink Is About to MOON!

Over 100K Ordinals Minted on Bitcoin, Bringing Cheers and The 100K milestone was closely Unlike Ethereum or Solana NFTs that use smart B ez doubled off the left field wall with one out in the second inning for his first extra base-hit this The Apr 14, · What happened to Eth2 ? The term Eth2 has been deprecated. After merging Eth1 and Eth2 into a single chain, there is no longer any need to distinguish between two Ethereum networks; there is just Ethereum. To limit confusion, the community has updated these terms: Eth1 is now the execution layer , which handles transactions and execution. become chainlink node operator Chainlink Is About to MOON! $100 Soon w/ this Big NEWS!
become chainlink node operator Bitcoin Logo PNG Vectors Free... Chainlink Is About to MOON! $100 Soon w/ this Big NEWS!
egg yolk whats the scramble with my favorite people im sure a whole lot as this weekend gets up fired up and all coins are a sizzling well were about to serve it up hot and fresh as we got an eight-course altcoin meal are you ready to gorge well you have no choice unless you turn us off because its time for chico crypto so bitcoin on enterprises balance sheets never mind that what about enterprises providing value to defy value in the form of data to the defy oracle king chain link who could be doing that well have you ever heard of deutsch telecom ag well they are a german telecom company and buy revenue is the largest telecommunication provider for all of europe they are t-mobile owned logos look very similar they are the big dogs in communication over in europe and now data since the takeover of cell phones 4g and now 5g now deutsch telecom has a sub-branch of the company called t-systems which is their digital focused arm going to the website we can see t-systems focuses on security data privacy and yup blockchain going to their blockchain landing page we can see what they support custody for ethereum and substrate based chains but they also support value-added services like oracles and sap connectors so lets talk about them oracles it was announced in june of last year that deutsch telecom would be operating a chain-link node aka providing those oracle services and then using chain-link market we can find the t-systems nodes as we can see they are providing 55 data feeds right now for chain link and over the past 24 hours they have done nearly 1400 responses their nodes are putting in work which is obvious from the revenues over the past 30 days they have averaged nearly 900 link per day so do you get that deutsch telecom is holding that stinky link t-mobile owned deutsch telecom its big and those involved with it can explain it better than i gleb dudka analyst at t systems recently spoke to coin telegraph february 10th this is what gleb had to say about their chain link node we are providing 51 data feeds right now as you can see in just two days t-systems is providing four more feeds they have 55 today he continued we dont hand pick applications we provide data to but examples would be synthetics a few decentralized exchanges nexus mutual for insurance the data is mostly digital asset prices fx rates and commodity prices like gold silver etc and these mostly go to synthetics and guess what the flan man sergey had to say about this well coindesk contacted him and he said via email chain link enables top infrastructure teams like t-systems to monetize their globally distributed infrastructure and security expertise across the many chains already being served by chain-link oracles its only a matter of time until other big enterprise firms follow deutsche telecoms example and run chain-link nodes well i agree sergey and chico loves shining a light on the enterprises who are involved with crypto beyond just btc but now its time to switch gears to link pool a highly connected team to chain link and is the leading node service provider going to their website and about they say our aims include lowering the barrier to entry to staking on chain link nodes easing the amount of technical experience required to run a chain-link node in providing smart contract creators with tools to easily search and identify chain-link nodes that can suit their data requirements we achieve these goals by offering an easy to use and intuitive staking d app providing our node infrastructure through our node as a service and manage node offerings and with our industry first chain link market yeah where we looked at t-systems data link pool they created chain link market the node explorer but whats important is the staking d app if you scroll down their staking service now has the green visit button change from coming soon clicking it it takes you to their d app and wants to connect to made a mass can you stake link clicking that and selecting a node bummer it says staking link tokens is currently not available please see this article for additional details on staking with chain link but damn chico why you get me all hyped for staking well its coming everyone and the change of button to green visit is just a hint just under two weeks ago matt biel co-founder of linkpool said this on twitter soon youll be able to put your link to work through before staking is released chain-link staking its on the horizon let me tell you that and now is the perfect time to play the best stinky meme i need your help foreign thank you chain zero on youtube and link kid for that commercial break but now its time for some more altcoins that are about to get moving and a grooving this leads me to my favorite polka dot based smart contract chain so there is a major imbalance with the markets only two dot projects are in the top hundred polka dot itself and then you gotta scroll down to kusama then scrolling down to the bottom of page one ocean has connections to polkadot and substrate but they arent going for a pair of chain off the bat so i dont consider it on page two same goes with the energy web connected to dot and substrate but its going to be its own ecosystem thats already beginning so i dont consider it going down poca starter is the first poca ecosystem project its at number 166. now let me tell you they arent deep within the poke ecosystem they arent long time builders literally they came out just a few months ago raising their funds in september of 2020 and they are fully built on ethereum right now its for raising funds on ethereum thats it not hating just saying the facts those are it they plan for cross chain but thats just the plan as of now so you have to literally almost get to page three to find the solid smart contract chain that tis edgeware edgewear has been built on polkadot for a good amount of time it has a live chain one of the longest processing blocks and running smoothly since its february 2020 launch and something happened with the edge that didnt get noticed last week edgware tweeted february 4th soon well propose the tokyo upgrade with the first deployment of the evm ethereum virtual machine on edg but if youre curious about how this came to be read about parity techs 2020 review of frontier the project to bring unmodified evm contracts to substrate yeah edgwares tokyo upgrade is coming and its going to bring the evm to the edg the first project to accomplish this that is why im a fan of edgeware they are technical and they get things done but regarding things that work lets talk about x-die and not necessarily ex-die itself but the projects moving to it because i knew it happened xdi tweeted two days ago it was indeed an exciting day yesterday origin trail v5 is on x die omen prediction markets to x die and colony v2 is going live very soon which one of these is going to bring the most transactions real world inputs to the xdi chain well that is the origin trail they put out a blog post just recently about their move to the v5 and x die chain and in it they put out a projection on the number of jobs they are projecting for 2021 a massive explosion due to the savings on transaction fees this is real world transactions too origin works with fortune 500 companies there are many members within their alliance and their data is going to be published to x die soon cheers ill see you next time you Chainlink has its BIGGEST NEWS yet!! A Fortune 100 enterprise is holding LINK tokens & running a Chainlink node!! Have you ever heard of Deutsche Telekom? How about T-mobile!? Yes Deutsche Telekom is T-mobile & it’s T-systems is currently running a node, earning $LINK & providing data to DeFi applications! Also is Chainlink staking coming soon…!??Subscribe to The Chico Channel-- Time Stamps 00:00 Altcoin Are Sizzling!!! 00:31 Enterprises Go Hard on Chainlink! 00:50 Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile & Chainlink 01:50 T-Mobile T-Systems Chainlink Node 02:23 What Those Involved Are Saying... 03:32 Chainlink Staking Coming with Linkpool Soon!? 05:22 A Stinky Linky Commercial Break 05:54 Polkadot Imbalance with the Markets!? 07:10 Edgeware Is My Top DOT Smart Contract Chain 07:59 xDai & Origin Trail $TRAC 09:00 Outro Watch These Videos Again Elon Musk’s Autobidder May be Connected to this Altcoin!! FouL2zMeHIc&t=159s Worlds Richest Have A Secret Plan for BITCOIN! 8n9OaljTU-s Altseason Arrives!! 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