When can LINK turn Bullish?! chainlink highChainlink Indicators and Price Update!

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chain link against the US dollar were going to look at all time frames the four hour the daily zoom out to the bigger picture the weekly charts um were gonna do a live stream and a handful of minutes here about 10 30. so um no matter when youre watching this video were gonna do a live stream every day this week at 10 30 a.m eastern time so um if you missed uh miss todays watched yet tomorrows uh anytime you can catch them uh well see you there uh requests obviously so lets jump right into chain link uh on the four hours so why are we looking at the four hour uh its for so you can know what to be watching for for the next several um uh you know hours two days right the four hour charts really useful for maybe a couple of days in the future not much else um as you can see back in here since uh a good a week ago to exactly uh weve been in a downtrend so uh our were trying to find a bottom here but we seemingly seem to be closing lower and lower uh candles on the four hour chart so lets zoom out a little bit and see where our next big level is if we continue this formation here we have this a little bit of a Zone here we have some closing candles at the top of the Zone around 650 and our lows made back in you know early March uh were looking around the six dollar level so 650 to 6 is our next kind of Zone if we continue in said Direction um however right um maybe some you know bullish looking things at least in the short term right this kind of pattern where youve kind of this falling kind of channel here right this has a little bit higher odds of breaking to the upside in the not so distant future what you wouldnt see what you wouldnt want to see is this move right this would be like a Bear Flag right and that breaks down but were not doing that are we we kind of started to do that um but really you know little patterns on shorter time frames can start to morph so we seem to be making also right uh you know busy busy lines on a chart but for more or less were looking like were you know making those lower lows right which we open the video talking about right were seemingly doing this so I would look for maybe the next few days maybe we can get a bounce obviously whatever Bitcoin does the rest of the market chain link included will likely do um but you know starting this looking at this right not a great sign um that weve closed you know were moving this 100 the blue line under the pink thats the 200 um but you know were in a lower time frame so as you can see here right uh when we cross to the upside right you know starting an uptrend maybe were starting a longer downtrend we dont know yet Im trying to give you both sides of the coin you always want to look at bullish sentiment and bearish sentiment uh in the charts if youre doing anything else youre just trying to fit your narrative or someone elses narrative so you want to look at negatives and positives on both sides of the chart uh another big negative right at least on the four hour chart and well zoom up to the bigger ones is youre below all the moving averages right so you gotta immediately being leaning a little bit more bearish if youre below all moving averages right by definition youre more bearish than bullish uh and you know the flip side of that is accurate as well so anytime youre above the moving averages youre more bullish than bearish by definition right okay so thats works for any time chart so keep that in mind right lets how about our indicators they look any any any good or bad well were kind of right in the middle ho homing around our adx and the eye is cross bearish as well with that Trend strengthening right your adx is in the Orange Line Get Your Colors right um and and diverging away from each other you see this right see the red uh pulling away and going away from uh the Bulls in the in the green here so whoevers on top uh thats whose side youre favoring and when your adx is above 25 its more of a strong move so keep that in mind uh were were a little bit more embarrassed right now at least on the four hour chart right so keep that in mind just the four hour lets zoom out to the Daily and see where were at uh if we dont destroy our charts in the meantime there we go now we got our indicators back so lets zoom up to the Daily uh as we know you know as we talk about pretty much every video chain link has just been trending sideways for uh eternity at this point uh we are now on the daily chart we are back under all our moving averages so what does that mean right immediate we just talked about it uh were a little bit more bearish than bullish for now but you know if chain links is uh gonna do anything it has to you know break the nine dollar area we talked about this in depth yesterday uh we talked about on our live stream yesterday uh well probably talk about again our live stream today um so were looking above nine really to Ten Ten is kind of the breakout level on the weekly its pretty evident uh Weve weve done that uh multiple attempts uh but no uh luckiest yet right uh potential here potential here potential here right three weekly candles that tried to break uh the ten dollar area uh no luck uh were now knocking on the door of the 50 uh week AMA so I mean just just hands off until we can at least close above the 50 EMA which we havent been able to do we finally took out the EMA 21 and the yellow so thats a sign maybe but I mean the line was moving down so uh dont pat yourself on the back too hard just chain link uh we need to move up right we need to get these moving averages moving to the upside were moving sideways so thats the odds sideways right uh youll get your sign when we start to make new higher highs right weve potentially started to do that on the weekly right heres your high lower high yeah lower high lower high but then look here maybe were trying to claw our way back a little bit higher high so maybe in the coming weeks unfortunately its going to take some patience for a lot of these old coins because of the Bitcoin season remember we looked at this chart yesterday well look at it again right now and on the live stream uh the the Bitcoin altcoin season index chart boxing stay right there go at it uh to your toolkit right no signs of all coin season we have to at least be above this line to even have an attempt for all coins to break free in a bigger way so keep that in mind as well uh chain link is included in said altcoin uh markets right so uh maybe we have a potential early reversal High higher weekly High close and now were looking for our next one all eyes on this 50 week right watch that track it its still going down week by week probably going to level off around 8.50 uh if prices can you know stay around this level um you could see sideways action right now on the weekly scale were losing momentum stochastic RSI going down right um so not a great there uh how about weekly each Fisher transform has triggered down uh let the weekly close uh that is usually not a great sign thats called the trigger cell but you know chain link what you know whats good for it is also bad for and its sideways so were stuck in this zone until um you know until uh the dawn of man uh runs out which um you know according to AI could be soon um if he if he hasnt seen side note uh IBM released a uh statement that there um have the potential for AI to overtake 7 500 jobs at IBM and they are no longer hiring so um Humanity we had a good run I tweeted that earlier this morning um AI is uh its coming hard right here so a IBM uh 7 500 jobs in danger from AI Thats uh batshit crazy so maybe the start of something bigger on the horizon but uh not for chain link were stuck in this Zone uh eight or nine dollars to the upside and you know we have 550ish or so on the bottom side right were likely going to stay in the zone until we get a weekly close uh to one side or the other right and then well you know reevaluate but guess what were right in the goddamn middle of this damn zone right now uh right around the seven dollar level so up or down right uh probably sideways youre probably both wrong if you set up or down youre wrong were going sideways uh so thats the word on the street for now the 200 week just above here you guessed it ten dollars and once we do that then we got more bigly room to run to the upside okay nice short sweet uh chain link video thats what were going with uh gaussian Channel lets check it on the five day are we close to flipping Green Well relatively depends on your definition of close uh but you know a lot of coins you know potentially over the next couple months maybe going to Summertime we could potentially see some green five-day gaussian channels some of them are already starting those are the stronger coins youre probably going to see lift off earlier if Bitcoin makes another move to the upside you want to be tracking those coins um you know chain link you know you could project this out we we have to get it to turn up to turn green and how are we going to do that we have to have prices up here to move your channel up your your average needs to be up here so that is also you guessed it ten dollars area right would take out all those tops get you on top of the five day gaussian Channel I mean thats where the magic starts thats where the blue panel shirts come on right its not going on until were back above uh at least the five day costing Channel I mean give me some time here right youre lucky the damn signs on okay uh we might have to turn it off if we go back down too much lower Im just kidding its never going off uh but it the blue flannel shirt will be in all future chain link videos uh when uh the magic starts okay so um thats chain link lets get to our quote of the day change your life today dont gamble on the future act now without delay uh Dr Seusss cousin uh decent quote lets not rhyme it all right car of the day Bentley mosan and the only color that you should be buying uh White uh on luxury cars I think white looks best I mean prove me wrong uh red interior thats uh thats a gamble um maybe that that little spicy Ill take it uh White parchment tan white white on white that looks good dont have kids or dogs or anything on your pants ever all right Ill see on the next one uh stay on the live stream if youre watching this right away maybe you might be able to catch it we usually do about an hour 10 30 11 30. I say usually like Im uh like Im Ill do it all the time right it was our first live stream in like six months but were gonna do them all this week so uh maybe the tides are shifting if thats not a sign that the bull Markets here I dont know what is chain links live streaming Chase is live streaming every day what Today we look at a Chainlink Indicators and Price Update. We look at the daily and weekly charts of Chainlink price and see where we might be headed next. When can Chainlink price fly again? Im Glad you asked! Lets see what the Chainlink price charts are saying today!If you want to take control of your financial life in crypto, then you must take your education to the next level first! If you want more than what you see in my Youtube videos, be sure to check out my Patreon link below with exclusive Telegram Alerts channel, daily private updates, weekly premium-only videos and teachings. Invest in your financial future today for only $35/month and no long-term commitment! 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