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Twitter replaces logo with doge as Musk seeks Dogecoin Apr 3, · The doge icon can be seen replacing the Twitter bird, whose name is Larry, on the upper left-hand corner menu on the web. On mobile devices, it replaces the Twitter logo that once sat at the What are the Howey test and its implications for cryptocurrency? According to the Howey test, a transaction must contain an investment of funds in a group venture with the expectation that all gains will come from group efforts. coinmarket chainlink CHAINLINK - HUGE Whale Wallets Are Purchasing LINK Crypto, Find Out Why!
coinmarket chainlink Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum, on Understanding Ethereum,... CHAINLINK - HUGE Whale Wallets Are Purchasing LINK Crypto, Find Out Why!
huge whale wallet right now loading up on link tokens so what is it about chain link that is really starting to capture their attention and where is link about to head in this video were going to understand a little bit more about what link is why Im looking at it as a really solid investment right now and where I see link going over the next year perhaps the next two years that sounds good hit the like button hit subscribe lets get into todays video so guys understanding a little bit more about what Ching link is all about then you would have definitely heard of chain link okay one of the larger cryptocurrencies around and has been around since 2017. now chain link does something extremely important it takes real world data and it puts it onto the blockchain through the use of oracles and nodes that might sound really too confusing but its actually all very simple if we look at this particular picture on the left hand side we can see the globe which is the real world and then we can move across and we can look at the different data which you might consider to be real world data that could be financial data that could be the weather that could be a variety of different things and all of this information is essentially going to be used in web 3 and it needs to be stored on a blockchain somewhere so how do we guarantee that this data is legitimate well right now if you want to watch the news that tells you the weather then thats from a centralized organization Im going to tell you the weather information from one centralized Authority but the benefit of chain link is they can give you the weather from a number of different authorities and it can then group them together and aggregate the answer in the blockchain all of the data is collected from oracles which are effectively nodes and all the oracles basically stake into the system to ensure that they are providing accurate data because if they dont then they lose their stake and once its collected all of this data it can then be put into a smart contract and this can be used across different chains so its essentially a very very important part of the future development of the internet as we look into a web 3 future internet still struggling to understand what I am talking about well dont worry hes another real world example to hopefully help you along with the understanding now sports betting as Im sure you wear is a multi-multi-billion dollar industry worldwide and when youre putting a bet on say a football match like this then it takes a bookmaker to identify the odds so lets say for example this you want Chelsea to be man united one nil theyre going to give you the odds on that happening on How likely it is to happen they will then compare themselves against all the other betting agencies out there and then if you win then theyll pay you on completion of that but the same concept can happen all autonomously through a smart contract basically you can have an input through oracles on How likely that is to happen and you can create an automatic system that will provide odds to different customers customers then go and place their bets then itll also must redeem their reward for placing the correct bet and ultimately would lose the funds for placing the wrong bet now this is an example of where we can remove the middle man and if we think about other Industries such as going and buying a house instead just buying a holiday by flights paying for hotels all of these different things youre always paying for some form of middleman somewhere and that adds cost not only does it add cost but it also takes away from security so having a secure network all linked up through the blockchain where there is no ifs or buts or people in the middle changing the plan or anything but everything locked on a contract in a smart contract that is tamper-proof that cant be changed is a hugely powerful thing and if we jump over to and we can see some nice visuals of different cryptos which is why I seem to have liked this now more than I like coin market cap but I want you to consider the market cap of different coins now at the moment everyones talking about Gala and smaller market cap coins and they do tend to have bigger potentials because the market cap is small but when were talking about the you know the real backbone of blockchain Technology G the Bitcoins the ethereums the the big cryptos in town of which I consider chain link to be one we also will see insane growth but in a much more secure way perhaps than we will on smaller market cap coins which is why Im now starting to load up a little bit more into those larger market cap coins that have longevity and will probably see growth over the next five ten years potentially giving you an opportunity to siphon off the profits as they go up now as we can see right now Bitcoins market cap is is 539 billion dollars ethereum 210 billion dollars in the last bull market ethereum had a market cap somewhere around 700 billion dollars and Bitcoin in excess of a trillion dollars now chain link sits in number 15 position and currently has a market cap of 3.4 billion dollars in the last bull market huge amounts of money flowed into the crypto space its not unrealistic to imagine that we could be seeing a 300 billion dollar market cap from chain link I do think its very possible and we could see that happening sooner rather than later and were seeing a lot of interest coming in I can see you from all-time highs currently around 86.2 percent down and you know thats pretty standard across the board but looking at the coins above it with the exception of like Solana which is obviously been crushed down pretty aggressively a lot of these coins arent really down as much as you would expect them to be in Bitcoin its actually seen quite a big recovery recently which means that the old coins will tend to start to pump once Bitcoin takes a bit of a time to cool off and I think that is about to happen so before we jump in and look at the chain link chart I want to show you whats happening in Bitcoin now if you werent around in the last bull market what effectively happens is we get a pump in the Bitcoin price and then all the old coins kind of sit going sideways until Bitcoin either go sideways or comes down and then the old coins will start to Rally very very hard against it now what we can see and you can see that Ive got a lot of drawings on here a bit of a mess but Bitcoin has run into a very significant area of resistance and that is why were starting to see uh this kind of cooling off happen okay we are seeing Wix towards the upside which I do think therefore were going to be pulling back to around this 26 and a half K maybe even worse case down below 25k for the Bitcoin price which is good because it will give time for the other old coins and things to catch up and we look at chain link on the daily chart then we have some interesting stuff going on and what I mean by interesting stuff I mean nothing interesting has happened for a long time whereas all the other cryptos have been kind of like flattened out and rallying chain link has just been in this chop chop chop chop chop for a very long time when we see charts like this being very boring you need to pay attention and its harder to pay attention because it is very boring but when its more boring its more likely to see something big unfolding and what we can see is basically a range here a high and a range to the Bottom now obviously these ranges could break out in either direction but you would imagine given that they are yet to see any movement from chain link and the rest of crypto has been pumping the chain link actually will be starting to look to make a move at some point soon enough and what were looking for would be a break Beyond to then secure seven dollars as a platform to get started with its ball run and then I think chain link is going to be Off to the Races and right now back to all-time highs chain links got a 6X on the cards but I think realistically were going to be creeping Way Beyond that in the next bull market it would not Shock me at all to be looking towards a hundred dollars 150 and youre like well you said a thousand X guys I want you to understand a little bit about what I see happening in crypto coming kind of soon were seeing the banking system starting to break down now Im not sure if Im going to tell you the narrative that the banks are going to go completely to dust and the only money were going to have left is crypto and Bitcoin is going to be worth 100 million dollars per token Im not sure if thats gonna happen or not dont really care but I do know that crypto is here to stay its growing and the big projects that are basically essential within the blockchain and a lot of the projects that people are talking about in my telegram group linked Down Below in the description are kind of like nice to have I didnt know I needed it until someone told me about it however when I think about blockchain technology I know that theres certain areas that are essential and interaction between the real world and linking that into the blockchain smart contract environment is essential for development into web 3 web 3 we need and we do need a decentralized internet and web 3 is going to completely change the way that everything is done for us and chain link allows for this to happen therefore chain link has real world use cases is an extremely powerful project its well presented already within the cryptocurrency market what better news than big old rails buying tons of Link this is a good indication to me that this is what I need to be getting in not when everyone starts talking about it on YouTube in the next few weeks after we do see a pump but getting in before the pump paying attention none of this is financial advice by the way I dont get financial advice to just talk about what Im doing and if you want to find out more about what Im doing then getting my telegram link down below absolutely free guys and you can follow along with different cryptos as each of the guys is discussing them on a daily basis that groups growing very very quickly and we will soon be doing more and more giveaways we have started to do a few giveaways but wants money pours into crypto tons of giveaways can happen in that group that group supports me and I want to support that group back in the best way that I can to make sure youre part of it guys it would be great to get you on board and if you want to buy chain link at the very best rate as well as be able to pick up a bonus and get VIP status well look no further than the link Down Below in the description for fair death you can come across here you can get a deposit bonus and if you fulfill various criteria within that you can get up to 35 000 bonus thats completely true guys you can see a 35 000 bonus for completing various different tasks and probably one of the better ways is to start by taking a look at chain link which you can find also on that platform and have a great day see you in the next one bye Chainlink Crypto has sat quietly for a while with little notice given from investors but this gives us the perfect opportunity to buy at discount! 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