Cardano ADA Price Prediction in , 2024, 2025 2030 September : Cardano Price Forecast The price will move in a downtrend in September and could go as low as $0.29. There won t be much Why Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana Are All Crashing Today Nov 16, · After peaking at about $69,000 last week, the value of a Bitcoin fell below $59,000 briefly early Tuesday morning. Ethereum ETH -0.63% is down 8% in the past day, falling over 10% briefly this chainlink watch CHAINLINK HOLDERS WATCH OUT!!!! FURTHER DUMP BEFORE HUUUUUGE PUMP NEXT MONTH LINK PRICE ANALYSIS!!
chainlink watch Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum, on Understanding ,Vitalik Buterin... CHAINLINK HOLDERS WATCH OUT!!!! FURTHER DUMP BEFORE HUUUUUGE PUMP NEXT MONTH LINK PRICE ANALYSIS!!
whats up guys and welcome back to another video so in todays video guys were going to be talking about the bitcoin price and how we are still not out of the trenches yet yes im still bullish on bitcoin long term but we really really have to be breaking this crucial level here of the 50 and the 20 daily moving average break it and hold with enough volume to in fact support this run back up to 11k and then test back up towards 12k were going to be talking about that in todays video and more stuff about the bitcoin price and more analysis were going to be taking a look at some chain link analysis guys yes some chain link analysis what is going on there since the 20 all-time highs recently were going to be taking a look at an article which is showing that grayscale investments now control 2.4 of the current btc supply and how that is absolutely crazy the 18.5 million bitcoin has now been mined and were going to take a look at uni swap with now 2 billion locked in all that good stuff coming up in todays video and more guys so as always sit back relax and get ready for the video all right guys welcome back to another video thank you for joining once again i do really appreciate that if you can just take two seconds out of your day to smash up the thumbs up button that would be absolutely amazing and if youre watching my content and you havent already subscribed just go down below subscribe and take that notification bell so you stay notified and updated when i post my next video and as always drop your comments down below right now guys if you want to entertain the ledger nano s storage device or the equivalent in bitcoin and there will actually be a giveaway winner at the end of todays video so stick around until the end without any further ado guys lets jump into the charts lets see what the bitcoin price is doing so right now guys we are pretty much still in my opinion in this ascending channel right here we have touched it right down here we can see right here down at around about ten thousand one hundred dollars um and we can see we in fact had a nice little pump uh the other day which brought all the way up to ten thousand eight hundred dollars however there still is a key area here which i really think we do need to be breaking if we are going to see a bullish bitcoin in the next few weeks yes im still bullish on bitcoin guys this is a different time scale long term medium term im very bullish but short term i really need this level to be broken in the next few days or weeks if we are going to in fact go up to this key level of resistance here which previously was an area of support back here so if we can in fact break this 20 day and the 50 day moving average which we tried to do yesterday we can see the price it came all the way up to around about 10 900 we couldnt quite break that 11k mark and we couldnt quite close above the 50 daily moving average unfortunately however now we are trending below it so if we can go ahead and break that that will be very bullish for bitcoin if we go over to the weekly chart quickly and just see what is going on and see what is going on with that 21 weekly moving average if you dont know this is probably one of the most important weekly moving averages there is for bitcoin or moving averages in general and that is a 21 week moving average we can see we have bounced from it multiple times right here and again right here last week currently now we are sitting around about um around about five to six percent above that 21 week moving average but just keep that in the back of your mind that it is a little bit of a danger point with the 21 day daily moving average so close to the current price which we are at now taking a look back at the four hour chart we can see that yes we have had some nice pumps we came up right here if i can use this correctly we came up right here had a nice pump had a small little correction and continued again to have a little bit of a pump and this is somewhat forming uh somewhat of an ascending kind of price here were seeing a higher low right here we are seeing higher highs here this is on very short term guys yes i know we did not form a higher high compared to here this is on very short-term levels so overall the bitcoin price is looking okay we saw a nice bounce from down here exactly like we saw back down here so hopefully the price can continue to increase and hopefully that we can in fact go ahead and break this level of resistance right here starting at 11 000 so if you guys were interested in learning more about bitcoin and trading cryptocurrency then i have my bitcoin blueprint which will be linked down below and you can actually go ahead and book a assessment call with ben the student success manager who will actually walk you through which course may be best for you or if any is even good for you at all and you can book that down below by going on here on the calendar three courses beginner advanced and leverage i wont bore you too much more lets get into the chain link analysis so chain link was on an absolute tear i havent talked about chain link in probably a month now and i thought a lot of people have been commenting it i mentioned it a couple of times in my videos do you want some chain link analysis and a lot of you guys said yes so here i am bringing that to you as we all know chain link peaked just above 20 a little bit like bitcoin peaking just around about 20 000 however this is a little bit different so we can see here ive identified some key levels on the chart first of all um let me explain we have a level here of support which is around this seven to 7.50 level right here which we bounced amazingly from right here um up here we have a level of resistance here which i really really do want us to break um if we can that is up here about 12.50 we have this descending channel which i still think chain link is in if we cannot break out of this descending channel and potentially go up here and touch this resistance and break through it that will be absolutely amazing on the chart right now we have the 200 daily moving average right down here which we came ever so close to and luckily this support here at 7.50 actually it held us from breaking that 200 daily moving average if we did break this level right here all things could break loose for chain link and it probably wouldnt be nice as itd be quite a severe correction if we broke it with enough volume that is not if we wick down below it up here we have the 20 daily moving average right here um with the orange line right there thats 20 daily moving average and this is whats currently keeping us right now at bay from breaking to higher levels we can see right here we had a massive bounce down here from 7.50 all the way up to around 11.50 and then we corrected and now we are currently sitting below this 20 daily moving average which is causing a little bit of traction a little bit of of resistance for us to in fact go ahead and break um this 11 level currently sitting at 10 though um which isnt too terrible we do in fact have this level a reasonable level of support here nothing too crazy and we have from right here again we bounce on this 10 level right here and again we formed a little bit of support here and again we have a little bit of support there so theres a little bit of support on this 10 level if it were to break um if we were to go down to it which we are currently at now if we were to kind of test it once again there is a little bit of support but overall chain link is still in this descending channel like we can see right here and i do expect it to maybe get rejected from this level if we dont break this 20 daily moving average with enough volume i probably expect it to get rejected and im coming down to test around these levels and maybe bounce back up to test this descending channel again before maybe a breakout up to 12 something along those lines so that is chain link analysis guys if you want any analysis from any coins or tokens you are holding like uni swap or anything else like that drop them down below in the comments below and ill be more than happy to do that moving on now with the article grayscale investment now controls 2.4 percent of the current btc supply and this is absolutely crazy when you think about it greyscale investments has increased the assets under management in its bitcoin trust by more than million dollars over the past week grayscale added 17 100 bitcoin to the firms bitcoin trust in the last seven days alone the company company now has around 450 000 bitcoin um as total coins under management worth a rough 4.9 billion or pretty much five billion dollars with the crypto asset at 10 800 closing above 10 000 every day for the last 63 days grayscale now controls roughly 2.4 of the total coin supply even if the firm were to stop amassing coins now it would still have control of more than two percent of all bitcoin in circulation by the time the financial the final block is mined microstrategy has swapped more than 400 million of spare capital from fiat to bitcoin the company has reportedly accumulate accumulated a little below 40 000 bitcoin since the first crypto purchase in august less than a tenth of grayscales accumulation the ceo of grayscale barry silbert actually said apparently there is some kind of bitcoin buying race between microstrategy and greyscale game on well yeah most likely theyre probably not going to outpace greyscale when it comes to buying bitcoin as they are an absolute behemoth moving on now ate the 18.5 millionth bitcoin has now been mined if you dont know theres only 21 million bitcoin and theres now around 80 88 sorry of the total bitcoin supply has been mined the number of bitcoins uh the number of mined bitcoin in circulation has now reached over 18.5 million out of a maximum of 21. as a result there is now less than 2.5 million bitcoin left for miners to discover just over 88 of bitcoin are already mined after all the emission of the last bitcoin is currently expected no earlier than the year 21.40 unfortunately most of us wont be here by then um however it will still be nice uh because pretty much most of the bitcoin has already been mined just a few percent the this is because as time goes on the reward that miners receive for discovering new bitcoin um discovering a new bitcoin block sorry it gets smaller slashed by half every 210 000 blocks or around every four years when we have a halving we are now just over 18.5 million bitcoin mind less than 2.5 million to mine for night guys for night basically there is only 21 million and thats that lets now move on to uni swap and uni swap has been on a tear recently so uni swap currently has just over two billion dollars worth of crypto assets locked in there is now more value just in uni swap than there was in the entire d5 space on july the 9th as of press time there is now more than 11 billion tvl in d5 with uni swap making approximately 18 of that back in september 830 million worth of vital liquidity moved to rival protocol sushi swap causing uni swaps tvl to plunge to just 400 million by september 10th it should be noted however it wasnt a zero-sum game uni swaps tvl had been 230 million before the sushi swap saga had it began if thats not a tongue twister i dont know what it is in a a week later in order to coax users back uni swap launched its own native uni token and air dropped over 500 million dollars to wallet addresses who have been using the protocol since before september uni has now led users to quickly snap back to uni swap as its tvl is was approximately 1.8 billion dollars just days after the token launched and the platform plans to issue and distribute four billion uni um tokens to the community over the next four years so that is pretty much it for todays video guys lets get on to the giveaway right now on the video chosen from this week there was only 82 unique comments which isnt actually that many at all so you have a really really good chance of winning and the win is um camellias donatus like it or congratulations dude get in contact with me via email instagram or twitter and ill get you in touch with your prize dont be alarmed if i dont reply immediately as sometimes it can take a while to check the authenticity of the giveaway winner so that is pretty much it for todays video guys again dont forget to book a call with ben if you were interested in learning more about the bitcoin blueprint and learning more about trading cryptocurrency and also dont forget to keep an eye on the bitcoin price we have a very very important region coming up right now this 11k range can we test it again and potentially break it or we will we get rejected back down to that 10.5 k level that is a topic for another video and ill catch you in the next one you BYBIT - $30,000 BONUS ️ BITGET - $8,000 BONUS PrimeXBT $7,000 BONUS ️ Market Spotter: BYBIT - $30,000 BONUS Win $10k In Trading Competiton Join 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