$1000 LINK Is Destiny!!!! chainlink price prediction 2030 redditChainlink Has BIG NEWS!!!

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chainlink price prediction 2030 reddit As Ethereum Reaches All-Time High,... Chainlink Has BIG NEWS!!! $1000 LINK Is Destiny!!!!
of the tube sorry new camera if you couldnt tell and im having some problems with it right out the gate uh-oh saying it was getting too hot and shut it down so i had to make sure i had my backup camera um webcam what i have used ready to go just in case it does it again we dont want it because it looks nice you get to see chico in a little bit clearer a little washed out white because i havent used this camera yep before um first time using it yo whats up everybody welcome welcome thank you for tuning in linky stays super stinky yeah im sorry for being a little bit late little camera issues new camera but yeah this episode is about that stinky stinky stinky link and i gotta appreciate um the early tips from pedro loco dude crazy crazy dog loco dog hank is a petrol loco too puppy hank um but the markets they are back and theyre back in black you know you cant deny that we have bounced and turned a little bit bullish i mean for the past few days from the below 30 000 you know dip we got down right before b word the b word hype got it back up above 32 and hey now were starting to go again nice to see theres no doubt about that hey zela seoul early shout out to the forgotten runes wizard cult if you havent if you dont have a wizard yet you may just be a muggle oh man hes going off harry potter i might have to check it out theyve been tweeting at me yoho womp thank you so much hundred bucks dude thank you you are very kind almost every stream hes in here tipping away oh and theres doobie cook hey doobie you lobster consistent awesome dudes i appreciate it um bull trap bear trap i actually think if i mean you watched my opinion i think this was an extended bear trap this was the trap to get the markets into a range more a more cost effective range for a lot of the whales who missed out a lot of rich elite because elon and them got it hyped too quick early in the year um so they could get in you know at some decent prices because they are going to pull off the last um yeah and i think its going to push upwards of 100k this year a lot of people dont agree with me and some are bearish saying no were going back down you know um and some are actually a lot more bullish some people think 200k even 300k this run i dont know about that but hey siddharth moriah man thank you for the 50 tip you guys are being very generous today thank you i love your content oh its its good i got good stuff today too because the content is about not about bitcoin its about stinky link chain link so chain link it was is was in a buy zone in my opinion because if you guys go down its up 8.2 percent today because markets are up but if you look at the chart dude it almost got back to where it was pre-hype i mean it had a little pump here and then got down to 1390 pre-hype and thats basically where we were i mean before the hype cycle we were under 10 bucks you know september 2020 buy zone here you know of course but right back in here i mean this isnt a bad zone because chain link if we are going to run again um chain link is going to be one that runs early because it always does i mean if you go back in history even back to 2018 2019 2020 chain link is the coin that starts the bull markets when it starts running the markets start running it actually starts cooling down a little early too before any other coins and this has been i mean throughout its history this has been a feature of chain link um but before we get into its big news because if you saw the title chain link has big news and they do i mean this is big big news and its not getting as much press and um coverage and just people understanding just how big it is then people need to realize because this is big its massive for chain-link but before we gotta start out with some magic so were all going to use our um interconnectedness and were going to meme together put our magic powers together the power of um constructive interconnective thought and push chain link and its price to where it needs to go so trips decides the link price for end of year 210 quack now 42.70 0 100 satoshi 1023.92 1125 5.88 one third usd so yeah i mean even my title a thousand is destiny i mean a thousand eoi is one of the big chain link memes people have been saying that for a long time um even you know according to this meme magic 10 000 wasnt even right 88 888 oh no lost my camera thank you for telling me that scotty p so thats why i have this backup camera ready guys boom its cause my camera its overheats and then it says its got to shut down thats dumb dude how am i supposed to live stream oh that bugs me um maybe i have to have like a freaking fan blowing on it or something oh yeah those bugs are going to be worked out you guys um actually theres one more thing i have to do good thing i had that meme video on though because i bet this audio is now hella delayed um zero that should work this should make it back to normal thanks for letting me know scotty p or i wouldnt have seen that um lee jones before i send you a business email do you consider nft business opportunity of course i do i love enough thieves depending on what it is i mean it cant just be you know some art project um its got to be something more defied definification of nfds all time high you demand thank you randa moses great content keep it up thank you so much man and scotty of course you for tipping so i saw it gotten to link in 2009 thanks to you me magic till 1000 benoit mc2 thanks brother um good timing too to get on on that alex gallagher hey tyler i was looking forward to your live stream chain link is doing a smart contract boot camp this weekend for whos interested that would be probably a good boot camp to go to if youre a developer no doubt about that because learning chain link i mean because theres other things involved with chain-link chain-link keepers theres lots of ways to make money of course running a chain link no two and learning how to deploy chain-link nodes i mean businesses small to medium even size enterprises are going to be looking to deploy their data to the blockchain and make money off of it on a city-wide country-wide um county-wide scale eventually f.r john yiddler thanks chico watch elon and jack but felt that they dont really know ew exists did you get the same impression by the way i am a huge ewt supporter they know ewt exists um actually um jesse morris of ewt his new ceo former ceo he has said that he has been in talks with not necessarily um jack dorsey the person but he was in talks with square crypto um arkhanvest about this project there are conversations going around so now lets get into the big news and a lot of people are going to be like how is this big news for chain link um well arbitrarium they did win the reddit scaling competition they are the winners this was announced yesterday um or the day before i dont know i think it was yesterday but yeah arbitrary winner so theyre optimistic rollup is the one that is going to be used for reddits community points first theyre um getting it theyve been testing it on our fortnight vr subreddit and our cryptocurrency subreddit theyve been testing it on test nets for some time almost over a year now um and so they are going to switch you know fortnite and um cryptocurrency to the arbitrary mainnet or to an arbitrary mainnet and pretty much test that out on the main net a little bit with those two subreddits before they roll it out to actually a lot of other subreddits and probably eventually every subreddit as you know reddit is going to now be a way to actually make money um youre going to be able i mean people have been making a lot of money some content creators posters on our cryptocurrency and our fortnight our fortnight hasnt really promoted it because the ones in control of the the posting and getting the points are actually making some pretty good money and our cryptocurrency its a little more known because it is cryptocurrency community but those in the know are still trying to keep it hush-hush so this is big news you guys because it will most likely be rolled out to the millions upon millions of people that use reddit daily um reddit is one of the largest websites out there i mean behind facebook google i mean its reddit that has the most users it reddit is dominating and its only going to most likely continue to dominate in the future so this is literally so massive you guys for that im telling you its massive um how are k hey chico love your vids thanks man just wanted to know your thoughts on the whole nfp play to earn craze im trying to find the axi infinity um it i mean playing to earn again this is almost a play to earn what im talking about its a create to earn model the new to earn models are the future um blockchain gaming play to earn content creation to earn people should be earning for what they do and with the internet you know web 2.0 not 3.0 non-crypto people have just been creating trading and giving it away basically i mean on re i mean at least theres made up points on on reddit before this you got some made up points so now those made up points are actually going to turn in money its massive um its beyond what people can comprehend even right now no not chica chico proud of you man you look a lot better keep it up dude it was probably just like the camera in the beginning that makes me mad that its heating up i want to use it i need to get a fan on there blowing on it thanks man i appreciate that hey chico do you think about say fern um qz man um i appreciate your tip ten dollars but i do take tips for questions about cryptocurrencies at the very end of the stream if i just answered questions people would just be tipping me tipping me and i wouldnt get to any of my own content that is saved for after the stream so ill try to remember it but i cant guarantee i will jionn hey tyler i married my girlfriend last week congratulations man i married her because she loves you like i love you it must be love that is true love when you both share a love for chico crypto and tyler can you please say hello to omyra im guessing that omayra omara omayra probably hey jacob whats up jacob the champ talk about clickbait this aint clickbait this is huge news you guys so i mean just because arbitrarum you know is the winner i mean isnt chain-link you guys arbitrage is arbitrary of off-chain left there is no token for arbitrary and i dont think they plan on launching one i mean its possible they do but theyve said no so a lot of people are saying well thats not big for chain link because arbor trump has said fees on the arbitration roll up are going to be only paid in ethereum well that is true ethereum um chain link god if you havent followed chainly god on twitter very good content creator himself um he puts out some of the best chain link news leaks information in the space um he said some clarity on chain link and arbitrarium this is in late may too at launch eth will be used at the protocol level for transaction fees and bonds from validators while link is going to be used at the app level to pay for oracle services such as price feeds verifiable randomness and l2 to l1 messages so chain link is being used um within arbitrary i mean it is a chosen oracle solution for arbitrarily just like this has chosen oracle solution for many many crypto projects out there thats why i say chain link is in a massive buy zone i mean its being used across so many different um blockchains its ridiculous so basically chain link um god put out a thread that really goes into um whats gonna happen and he continued with his thread with chain link oracle networks on arbitrarium users will need to pay these oracle nodes in chain link tokens to gain access to the services like price feeds apis vrf etc its similar to how its working on ethereum polygon finance smart chain xdi and all the other blockchains that are using chain-link nodes um so i mean if you see most scaling solutions are using chain-link nodes x dies even finance smart crate binance crap chain polygon um starkware even are using chain link nodes and a lot of these said they werent in the beginning too but eventually they did it just shows it goes to show you chain link is the one um when a project says theyre not going to use chain link in the beginning and then they switch to using it youre like oh yeah i know now so why is this going to affect chain link of course added and not at the bottom level like the arbitrary transaction fees are going to be paid in east and east only i mean we go up one layer to the app level then you know usage of these chain link nodes are also going to cost chain-link tokens from the node operators the decentralized network of nodes well actually this is big too because um in 2019 ed felton hes co-founder ceo yeah ceo of off chain labs those behind arbitrum put out a post called scalable and low-cost computation of ethereum smart contracts using arbitrom on the chain-link network so arbitrom on chain-link it so some people think like chain-link arbitrarily ethereums a base layer then you have arbitrarium and then you have um chain-link nodes no its other way around actually eventually its going to be ethereum the chain-link nodes and then arbitrarily arbitrarily is running on top of chain-link and this is massive because it says it i mean they put it in their blog post ed said putting it together decentralized networks of chain-link nodes running arbitrum can validate a solidity smart contract retrieve external data inputs scalably compute the smart contract with associated correctness guarantees push these contract outputs and proofs on chain and send a provable result to the users on-chain contract once the arbitration period has ended chain-link nodes will be able to add an additional layer of security by staking link as collateral to back their computations so eventually its not necessarily chain-link nodes running arbitron on top of arbitrary its chain-link networks of nodes are actually going to be running arbitram and arbitram roll-ups across because its not only just you know arbitrarium their roll-up their building out of off-chain labs theres going to be other arbitrary roll-ups that pop up that use chain links network of nodes and they say this right here chain link nodes to offer arbitrary validator services the chain link integration will also help existing arbitrary users for example if a project launches an arbitrary role of chain but doesnt have access to reputable nodes they can outsource validation to chain link nodes chain link already has one of the largest collections of security roof reviewed civil resistant and fully independent node operators which can serve as validators for any arbitrary computation and scale to secure increasing greater value over time so thats big because its not only um chain link involved with one arbitrary roll-up theyre going to be involved with multiple roll-ups i just double checked the like button aint broken whoa scotty p is putting all the viewers of the tube in their place all the viewers yeah give the video a like i agree scotty p i appreciate that man crypto joni exciting thanks shinko shiznit not thanks chico save all coin questions for the end yeah listen to crypto joni hugs right back zeyla soul forgotten runes is using a proof-of-work art concept creating art and lore around your wizard and increasing its value plans to work in defy gaming save altcoin chills for the end too zayla soul chico will you please cover the agave launch when it occurs the community would definitely fund a sponsored segment hey jake quinn well yeah tell community manager to get in touch with me um business email is below its going to be exciting though so phil doe camera overheating because chico is on fire oh boy thanks yo no problem man heck yeah so of course you know chain link is going to be used across arbitrarium roll up chains uh but then chainly god he went in a little bit further and he said beyond the usage of chain link to validate arbitrary blocks and post fraud proofs there are some major positive synergies that we dont know about high frequency data feeds l2 to l1 message opacity passing and fss fare sequencing services so basically he goes into how high frequency data feeds are going to work he says as a result chain link data feeds on arbitrarily such surprise feeds will be extremely low cost to operate allowing for high frequency updates as we can see with integration on starkware chain link can support second oracle update latencies an extremely low deviation thresholds for the updates this advantage will provide d5 applications on arbitrum with an extremely fresh and extremely fast source of external data and that is probably one of the reasons reddit is going with them but theres also the ability for it to be the highway the freeway for arbitrom um this is actually from harry kaldoner hes a dev for arbitram and um he went into chain link integration but basically what he said was oracles chain-link oracles can be used to bypass a one-week optimistic roll-up dispute period to enable instantaneous l2 to f l1 ethereum messages and thats big because if you know anything about optimism or arbitrarily roll up if you want to withdraw from the roll-up you actually have a one-week waiting period as of right now theres no getting around that and um chain link is can work to possibly bypass that waiting period and finally basically he goes into mev and fss chain link solution to mev um the co-founder of off chain labs actually stephen goldfeder wrote the flash boys 2.0 paper which kind of shined mev and light and got it known um and that was written in collaboration with chain link labs researchers ari jules and lorenz breidenbach uh but it was also written in collaboration with phil diane um whos part of flash box but fss is basically um going to help chain link do some pretty big things um and i get into that you know fss so chain link god kind of ends his tweet thread off with and says while the arbitrary chain will initially launch using a centralized sequencer run by off chain labs the long term plan is to use a decentralized sequencer based on research from a team at cornell tech where are joules its basically decentralized fare sequencing the fss fair sequencing services and a decentralized sequencer is part of that fss so im bullish on chain link you know and well get into why but i want to be honest you know um i didnt think arbitram was going to win this because theyre i thought well initially i thought arbitrarily you know could possibly win this besides x die but as time went on and i started learning about what was coming with arbitrary roll-up i was like no its got to be x-die you know its the only thing thats ready arbitrarily isnt even ready um and arbitrary im still not ready you guys so were going to get into just my honest thoughts of what happened here is my question so this was posted back in october of 2020 from stephen goldfeder co-founder of off chain labs you know arbitrarium roll-up he was actually getting known in fight with um kane of synthetics who was going on top of optimistic roll-ups online and he said finally i agree with kane nobody is close to optimism only they have no fraud proofs a fully trusted sequencer no benchmarks no protocol specs join kane and build on optimism today oh wait you cant because they dont support contract deployment basically going after optimism you guys but he was going after him by saying a fully trusted sequencer well isnt that what you guys have a centralized sequencer right here youre launching with that and it goes into more than actually ed felton he talked about you know not having a centralized sequencer going into optimism and their release their release lacks most of the security features needed for a role of protocol for example they have no way to submit a fraud proof so if the sequencer postal falls fraud proof the system will accept it that makes it effectively a fully centralized custodial system centralized sequencer centralized sequencer and um it kept going this is from ed felton in discord um this was actually a reply from stephen goldfeder to someone talking about on chain off chain submissions he says psa launching your decks on an l2 with a centralized operator makes front running strictly worse he then says lots of l2 systems have a centralized operator like to assume that the operator will behave nicely just because but that generally runs counter to incentives at off chain labs were building the arbitrarium roll up which has no centralized components what happened is all my question huh what um and then actually he got in a fight steven goldfeder back in august of 2020 with vitalik buterin over the centralized operator vitalik buterin posted that you know having a centralized sequencer an operator is a liveness failure its not necessarily a big the biggest security fund to someones funds because they will eventually get them out but you can shut down a lot of big applications in d-apps by having the centralized sequencer um they get into it and then he goes into you know so the sequencer can unilaterally cause liveness failures and then the question is is the secret service single party or are they distributed and then stephen says first can we not assume that all optimistic role prodigal protocols have a sequencer arbitram doesnt and we believe its a fundamentally bad design whoa what changed your mind um i dont know i just had to bring that up because in the ethereum post reddit posts they say this its decentralized arbitrage derives its security and finality from the base chain which is true no centralized actors or bridges thats not true there is a fully centralized sequencer which is pretty much a transaction poster you know it orders the transactions you have to fully trust off-chain labs out the gate no ones going to bring this up but i will maddie g i rarely get to catch a live stream im glad you could be here maddie but when i do i always give the thumbs up thank you i appreciate that for the best crypto content on the tube appreciate that thanks for everything man its a pleasure its a pleasure maddie g thank you for tuning in russell valdonado drp has moved from seven cents im not go you guys stop showing your coins zeyla soul last shout out to scotty p and bitcoin baby daddy kenzie shout outs to kenzie and scotty p ray brian davis do you think ethereum would benefit from running nodes on something like icp instead of centralized networks like aws um i mean a lot some nodes ethereum nodes are running on you know aws im running an ethereum node um and its not aws i have a navado um and again if you guys want a novato link for it is in the description but um you can not run an ethereum node and have it on aws already um but there are certain things um that you some people use um some people dont like infura which is fully centralized um but i like pocket network more than in um icp but i know i kind of answered that but that was a kind of interesting one that i like pocket network appreciate the tip man i hear dpr launching their miner vpn system oh my god you guys stop showing your coins im not gonna even no matter how much you tip me ill say watch out theyre shilling coins in here thats probably not gonna do what theyre saying um so yeah interesting to me that you know arbitrary hated on the centralized role it called it a fundamentally bad design yet theyre launching with that and um the why is because probably it has to do with um politics i mean arbitrarium scraps some booty holes um to get where they are because arbitrary wasnt ready you guys xdi should have won theres no doubt about it xxi shoulda won they were the most ready solution when ethereum they fit everything ethereum said except probably this centralization you know but theyre more decentralized that than having a fully centralized sequencer in my opinion and if you see thats why um theyre theyre launching their own so if you go into the post it says right here today we are launching our own layer 2 roll up using arbitrarium technology theyre not launching on the arbor trumps roll up main net that arbitrarium is using theyre launching their own roll up so reddits actually going to be the sequencer and actually igor he put out a vex die like i im proud of igor for putting this out because he needs to this its bullcrap that politics like this will allow when you put out a competition and you put out certain you know things you need to hit to win that competition and a person hits them all the other doesnt the other wins thats not right so he said today reddit paused their moons token contract on rink b during that time a few bridge trade transfers failed for people bridging tokens from x died to rink b and he says from the bridge perspective failed transactions considered as a human third party contract error the transfer themselves should be considered as losses there are several people report the behavior with over 300 value of moons lost in the case we see an early implication of new security risks of unaudited single party controlled smart contracts in the public environment which is leading the losses to users not aware of businesses usual behavior of private enterprises not following security practices but and then he says by the way reddit team plan to scale their public points with arbitram spin-off because its decentralized yes but in the previous paragraph today we are launching our own layer 2 using arbitrom technology we all know what the synonyms of our own mean um not surprisingly any questions about access to public infuriate which was launched remained unanswered and then igor says during ecc i asked evan evan van ness if its fair to select the winner of the challenge without presenting the results required by the challenge the answer was that it was an rfp thus all requirements were just a facade to select the winner based on undisclosed agreements he goes hard right there um yeah i dont like that either thats bullcrap that they did that um the winner was already made up in their minds it was either optimism or arbitrarium um and that was decided a long time ago i think but you guys this is big for chain links so i can hate on arbitrary guys theyre not sticking to their own words i dont like when people do that like i like arbitrarium i like chain link i dont like flip floppers like burgers thats not cool stick to your words you theres a reason you were saying that um but this is good for chain link you guys because if you go back to today we are launching our own layer 2 roll up using arbitrom technology uh where was i at i was right there so we are launching their own roll-up using arbitrom their own roll-up this is what said so if an arbitrarium roll-up chain is going to come out and they dont have access to reputable nodes which reddit wont in my opinion they can outsource the validation to chain-link nodes so chain-link nodes are very very more than likely going to be the nodes that are validating the uh reddit arbitrary thats what i theres the big news right there is because they arent going on arbitrariums rollup theyre creating their whos reddits notes is my question they gotta be using chain links nodes who else would they be using public service announcement the moonshine bandits chico california 918 tackle blocks bar and grill youll dig these guys if you can get there thanks scotty p i didnt know that moonshine bandits check them out thatll be fun thanks scotty so yeah the big news the thousand eoy news is in most likely because reddit is launching their own roll up theyre not going to be using the node setup by arbitram its got to be its got to be chain link nodes running that but there is oops some bigger news just as big news for chain link um so amazon decided that theyre going to start hiring um some blockchain people and its more than just you know a blockchain person its for payments and ahead of that and specifically some stuff about bitcoin in there um but before this its not the first time amazon has done this so this is basically for within the united states global uh before this theyre looking for basically the same positions for in certain sectors theyre started off with mexico and then theyre expanding to brazil and india and this has launched um announced that theyre looking for jobs in this area in cryptocurrency this was back in february yeah 2 11. this was out so there is some rumors going around um it was actually posted in my telegram chat this is where i got it um junko suzuki you probably shouldnt trust what someone called junko suzuki unless this is elons and on account he says she said amazon is very interested in acquiring chain link there has been reports that amazon is in direct talks with chain link labs they are very interested not only in chain link but the people who work for link so actually i did some research because i was like bull crap this is junko just being a junko um but i started doing some research you know looking into it actually and chain link has been presented to amazon by collido back in 2018 the price of ethereum on demand look up the current price pull it down to be used in the smart contract that weve just deployed there against the collido chain and then allow that contract to go and query that data pull it on chain where the smart contract logic is running that cant access the outside world and use it in the execution of the smart contract so yeah presented to amazon back in november 2018 and also also adeline zoo is actually um the cmo for chain link right now and she was a former senior marketing manager so there are connections um this is probably just a junko rumor but i went back and saw if theres any connections to amazon and chain link and not like big massive ones but there are um i would rather amazon stay away from my stinky link i want sergey to be holding it dont you touch my my stink please sergey um uniswap so this was um in the news yesterday day before yesterday and then two days ago night i dont know um uniswap announced that they were restricting access to tokens on people freaked out you know oh no this is against the essentialization you know this is unilaterally just uniswap the company deciding to under dlscs yeah and then chain-link god asks yo why it wasnt uni governance token holders you know asked about this um so theyre delisting a bunch of tokens well hayden hayden founder of uniswap he decided to tweet just a reminder uniswap protocol equals fully decentralized permanent permissionless smart contracts on ethereum unit swap interface open source gpl code base is the uniswap labs own domain that points to an ipfs hosted instance of the uniswap interface so what hes saying is basically yeah we took it off of our website but its not taken off of uniswap um those smart contracts you know those tokens can be traded just not through their interface anyone can create a uniswap interface and start trading those tokens again its just not going to be through the main uniswap interface um so whats my thoughts on that um hayden just doesnt want to you know go to prison he wants a vj i dont want to say that he does want to you know have to deal with things that happen in prison so yeah hes keeping them cheeks tight thats all i gotta say um but what my thoughts i dont like it you know it is goes against decentralization i mean not many people are gonna create their own unit swap interface everyones going to use the main one so it is basically like taking but i get why why hayden did it because he cant be trading stuff thats a bunch of bull crap so this happened um also yesterday yesterday was a big day um thor chain suffered 8 million lost by hacker and they just wanted to teach a lesson um and this is going to become more common um eight million is not that bad actually um it was bad for thor chain because it just proved that there was um immutabilities and theyre supposedly super decentralized layer um and again you too you guys you know having these new projects coming these second layers that are untested untrue like this is going to happen more often and its probably one of the reasons why you know some of these are fully centralized is because they try to go decentralize like i think 4chan did guess what happens hacks um its i mean its a feat even what xda is done because its hard to keep you know people in line especially when billions of dollars come but i started talking about this i said february of 2021 warning a billion dollar defy hack is coming and i still think that a billion dollar one will come i said in 2021 it might be 2020 early 22 mid 2022 but its coming um and vitalik knows it too so lets just listen to what vitalik said criticisms and concerns hmm i think one big one is just that a lot of people are underestimating spar contract risk i feel like theres a lot of people that are just not fully taking this into account in some of their calculations and you know they might think that okay its been safe for a while its been safe for a while and these projects are audited and i think a lot of these d5 projects really have like done a great job of auditing themselves and just doing a way better job of that and learning from the mistakes of the dow and all of those things but at the same time you know are we safe enough that we can promise a chance of breaking of less than two percent a year i dont i dont think we can get there yet right so like thats one thing and so i think uh so a two percent d5 break you know d5 is growing if you go to d5 pulls uh-oh it got up to 90 billion you know or yeah it almost got up to um 100 billion you guys so a 2 d5 break would have been 2 you know were back down here so were at about 500 million if a 2 or about yeah we gotta get back up to a hundred i mean two percent of 50 billion is actually a billion so its still possible at the levels were at right now and if that happens you guys the billion dollar hack i mean d5 its going to be hard for d5 to recover and thats probably why um some smart contracts and the hackers black cat havent hit them yet is because they are waiting for them to get to a level like that uh and pull off the heist of a century you know some of these protocols could you know still have that vulnerability and thats scary to think of but going from bad to good um the good stuff going on in the crypto space right now is axi infinities those are surgeon and basically blockchain type gaming um kryptos um axiomfinity the play to earn model you know is definitely one of the ones leading the charge but another one im getting bullish on because of their connections to one of d5s biggest protocols synthetics um that is alluvium um this is from the brother of kane warwick um kieran he is in partnership with i think its both of his brothers actually and elluvium is a play to earn fight to earn a monsters type game and um i might be having something cool an nft drop coming in partnership with these guys but one thing i like about elluvium um is who theyre running on immutable immutable is basically the scaling engine for nfps immutable x um theyre using it alluvium and actually immutable just announced theyre launching their own token um imx is going to be airdropped to those who have already traded on immutablex and everyone who owns gods unchained cards at the end of alpha rewards so there are possible air drops ive covered gods on chain the trading card game this is going to run on immutable x as well so yeah big news for the blockchain gaming space play to earn model a lot of stuff happening then why cant they block those scam knockoff tokens more quickly the nudes get slaughtered with those sometimes yeah i i know um but yeah its hard its a its a hard you know its got to be rough being hayden adams and those guys i mean because unislops going to become coming aft people are going to come after uniswap um regulators competitors coin centralized competitors but i still hold unit swap um but regarding nfts of course you know the blockchain gaming space is starting to surge play to earn but regarding nfts this is probably one of the more under it was ranked 700 800 for a while but its been surging lately its back up to 692. this is one of the ones you guys um nft 20 muse uh theyve created a protocol for liquidity and nfts basically creating trading pools for nfts where you can basically get price floors actually for nfts because you know youre only going to pay for cheapest nft in that pool you know all of them you know and it creates that basically floor a data point for nfts too so eventually chain link is probably going to be calling you know pool prices from nft or muse and ft 20. they need to really consolidate their name they have like two names almost so this one is one of my most undervalued nft picks theres no doubt about that uh but regarding some other altcoins that are misunderstood that is the space coins and the doge one mission thats coming down or going down next year so gc ceo sam reid hes pretty you know hard to nail down person he doesnt speak that often but he was on the stephen steele podcast um and spoke about the doge one mission four days ago and lets listen in to the question and answer can you give us any details on on the satellite itself yeah so i can explain um some things about it i do have uh the spacex nda of course so im not able to you know disclose everything about it as well so there is an nda you guys so theyve released what they can release if theres an nda non-disclosure agreement they cant disclose certain things about this mission theres more to it that they cant say so thats big alone you guys whoa as well as more sensitive details that could be uh you know considered itar related concerns but i can explain uh generally that its going to be a cubesat which has computing and communications equipment on it as well as energy systems there we go three things that this cubesat is going to be have communication computing and an energy system thats where i was like the energy system its got to be a space heater you guys so as you guys remember um were something a mining node as a space heater that and i mean computing computation energy its got to be as you guys remember from b word elon musk was talking about a space heater on starlink satellites in my opinion this is the poc proof concept can they do it and that we will be uh having a display and armature you can think of it as sort of a gopro type apparatus for viewing in the side of the cubesat that will have a display on it for similar to drawball or satoshis place or reddit place kind of a decentralized art related claiming project where well be able to have this display thats updating depending upon claims for the different spots depending upon color and brightness so itll be interesting to see kind of what the public does does with that and were also intending to have a dlt example use case to demonstrate some type of interplanetary commerce mention ideally with a doge transaction or some type of uh wrapped dodge transaction rap doge thats when it started rap dozers got to be on ethereum so theyre hoping you know they can do it with on the doge smart contracts but they might have to use ethereum so thats basically what i got from the conversation was in my opinion theres going to be a mining type node to demonstrate a proof of concept that a satellite could be warmed um in space using a crypto node that is the energy computation um but i may be wrong and then from this um talk they were able to get a uh geometric energy um milestones that are coming of course the doge one initial launch thats coming quarter 1 2022 and then june 2022 theyre launching geometric one um after that theyre going to have meta oracles coming and finally dgpt1 which is decentralized generative pre-trained transformers whatever that means i need to look into what that means so i dont have any information there but um undervalued tokens besides the space coins you know z row beta gamma is others involved with this mission you guys um and that is iteration syndicate its they have governance token and um their other reyna renaissance finance which is a volume as a service um protocol which uh the space tokens are actually going to use soon so now we are to some of the peoples favorite part of this episode the um what is altcoin section what are all coins i take all coin questions very end of the stream and i put up this image although i want to try my camera again pisses me off hey hey tyler whats up dude should i do to me no ill just do you want to see how fast it warms up because i did have it on for a while pre-stream so i might be able to make it through a stream without it dying if i just turn it on when i start instead of having it on forever before i had it on for like a couple hours doing research and everything jesus my viewership is dying lately guys my worst dreams for viewership hey hey this proves uniswap has a single point of failure mc no it doesnt the us government decides to take it down they can threaten vitalik impossible no it doesnt hayden said uniswap is actually smart contracts you guys um the us government cannot take down um the una swap smart contracts those are immutable and will live forever can you say hi to my girlfriend kennedy 1k link e o y e y ho oh but i gotta probably do delay on my mic again i forgot about this itll probably look funky if i dont put that delay uh callix world uh whats up kennedy 1k link eoi yeehee agree hey tyler hope youre well friend im doing good man thank you so much netluxtv hey chico do i know the zenith d5 project no i dont it doesnt sound like then iq not up on here its in iq it doesnt look good ill tell you that right off the bat using some yeah when people partner i mean yeah not good theyre like using google to chill even though they dont have a partnership now it doesnt look good to me from their twitter man looks like bs so be careful with that one man chico versus camera gary lz hey thanks for the 20 tip and then this the victory thing i appreciate that any thoughts on integral i-c-o-i-t-g-r um hey tgr oh its an ico no i cant talk about icos and once its at ico um you can bring it up on my channel but im not gonna go looking for a project in ico hey chico when are you doing a portfolio update video well let me give you a hint baba um here soon maybe my next video hi you think tesla powerwall and ewt are connected ballin 85 um i do think tesla energy and energy web are connected tesla energy is um the um energy company of tesla they have tesla motors and they have tesla energy um but yes i do i think um i mean energy web has the only technology thats doing what all these bitcoin miners um bitcoin influencers maxies are saying they needs hey chico can i check out penguin finance p5 on avax this is just like a copy of something ive seen here recently ah be careful ive seen this like people are just putting out the same freaking oh where did this come from now this is i just want to show people that this is going on all right people are using a copy and play pasted template for d5 projects pretty sure this is it no its not this one now theres someone that has this basically similar so similar cant remember where from but yeah thats just a copy and pasted farming pro app tab man thats crazy killis ender jar hey chica hope everything is going well man does the protocol with 90 of the coins lock means its less likely for that coin to be hacked oh mes um i mean it doesnt mean its less likely no um its good for the you know project if you have a lot of coins locked up um less supply but yeah it doesnt mean its safer or anything by no means appreciate the tip but again if um this is true and you know they didnt code im getting back to this you know they didnt theyre just using a copy and pasted template thats not a good look for the project it means they dont have very good devs um which isnt good salty wizard have i checked out ross nichols twitter lately talk of a live stream with vitalik and doge syrian bridge devs oh yeah now i saw that today its it is it is going down im pretty sure yeah 28th of july its going down so does therium it might be happening does this have to do with the launch too because theyre talking about the rap doge appreciate the tip man um what do i think about what do i think chico elon tweets about getting shiva naming it do i think chico elon tweets about getting a shiva naming it floki he replies he will do it once he visits japan now tweets about meme oh necromancy doge is from japan do you think he might be cloning it um i dont think hes gonna launch his own crypto no um payoneer yeah i dont think so no hes just a doge fan he said he likes doge because you know he likes memes and he likes dogs um i think people are looking too much into that mike carls chico can i cover clever klv oh its on tron you no its like and what is this a whats that for tron gross not a big fan of tron i appreciate your tip mike carls but yo dude key is about to rip hard thank you for you no problem shawans shah nah was probably say that so wrong every time key smart key self key i kind of remember self key i do think identity projects are going to have their their day so um but i dont know its hard for people to really see the value and identity i mean im a big claros holder because it relates to identity but one of these days identity is going to have its own little bull market randa moses thanks for the qar-10 man i appreciate it hey chico whats your price predictions for muse nft 20. i dont know you guys its gonna do well um i mean if the markets return yeah easily there can be a hundred dollar muse usually 150 but thats all dependent on bitcoin rebounding um and where bitcoin goes too um i mean i would think very possible 100 muse if bitcoin gets up to um a hundred thousand i mean if youve seen what happens in the past with um cycles especially 2017 towards the even though we had like a really hype cycle at the end it was short so all coins didnt have a lot of time to move um if we stay sideways and bitcoin kind of slowly goes up all coins thats when were probably gonna see all coins move the most of course there will be one last little hype cycle but not much time to build pk tyler ohm great project with strong community you think it can be a top 50 or higher um they just got to build you know um to really get up in there but i do i think it can eventually break into that yeah great project theres a reason i talked about it and covered it hey chico great content question you think tesla cards will connect to power walls and mine crypto while parked much teraflops cheers from bolivia well ive talked about how weird it is that you know elon got gaming like gaming gaming gaming inside of teslas was so big i dont think necessarily the powerful gpu units theyre putting into these tesla of course its for ai and stuff you know um for their self-driving i mean thats mainly what its for but i dont think you know the gaming part of it is as big as mining could be um i mean if there was the ability to mine crypto while it sat idle with your car i mean that would be big for tesla owners um i do think its possible and i do think it will eventually come because you can do it new make team hey chico your research and work is legendary thanks man just a quick question you said 100x on ewt that puts it on 500 per token ive never set underdecks except in my thumbnails and those are clickbait um if you dont think that if you think im being like completely like realistic with those hundred decks i mean even this thousand eoy chain link you know a thousand dollars per chain like this run is kind of ridiculous um yeah i dont know if you got if you take that as like face value dont um just dope hey tyler thanks for being an awesome hublin arbitram plus reddit plus link node equals lpl node service provider ratio lpl to link please enlighten um i hold both i dont know what my exact ratio is i hold a lot more chain length than lpl i put in a small you know buy into lpl but it had a um nice way down but i mean its probably at its bottom oh yeah theres starting to be some serious volume coming for lpl um but my ratios way heavy on chain link hi chico can i check rvp revolution popular popola populi i remember this one i mean it had a good um website it looks good but theyre just in layer one test net so i mean they dressed it up well ill say that id have to look into it to understand you know what its doing for ethereum but they dressed it up nice hey would be super cool to see you and chainly god have a discussion on chain link one day maybe one of these days you guys um we will have um chain link god on the channel podcast style hes an anon so that means i couldnt meet him in person which i would like to do i like to do my podcast style in person so i could joe rogan them and get them to do things they dont want but yeah one of these days well have a discussion it would be cool i agree thanks for the tip bubba realistic and optimistic price prediction were missed in one in five years thanks you are great um one year it depends on the markets but i do see it re-passing you know 100 up back up to a size of 200. depending on where the markets go um and then long-term prediction i think 1 000 per missed is conservative its only a million supply token its small supply they do have one percent inflation but hey jesse korski by cfg before its too late that is true i have my cfg have been i mean its been sitting at about 60 69 70 cents this buy zone in my opinion its gotten through the initial listing dumps and everything its going to settle and slowly climb up its going to take some time chico check c flow on coin gecko chain flowers nfp project sea flow is it just flowers that are nfts im gonna say this is ridiculous um i think most of the nft projects are ridiculous flowers blockchain nft um girl and so again you guys i mean girls arent you know a big subset of cryptocurrency girls are the ones that like flowers yeah this is kind of like a guys are gonna like flowers i dont know roger tip just being honest man this is like uh sleeping on telcoin tell thanks for the awesome content um im not sleeping on it its up pretty good for the day its remittances but yeah theres supposedly some big stuff i mean if theyre up in the top hundred you got to be doing something i guess unnecessarily right uh but enough to get yourself up there you have some partnerships with exchanges he has some good liquidity providers so yeah i might have to take a look not sleeping brian davis the reason i asked about nodes was because of the surprising team member of finn bushy vc backing a big list of companies like kusama circle and dfinity love the stream man thanks for what you do no problem brian um the icp im just not a big fan of icp and dfinity i mean vcs it doesnt matter you know who back in my opinion you know vc doesnt matter i dont look for that some people do thats not something i look for um because a lot of that can just come down to relationships and politics and yeah im looking for fundamentally game-changing crypto currencies yo chico whats your opinion on wi-fi um yearn um i mean its fallen its back down 29 000. back down to rank 70. its on coinbase has lots of good exchanges probably going to be around for a while so i mean depending on how far its slid in market cap ranking it might be a really good buy i mean if you look at the max chart i mean this is still a really bullish chart even though it got up to 80 during the half having this is still a pretty nice chart or during the peak not having you crucibled on day one of versus 15 youd be on 30 of 60 days to 10x rewards just saying i would listen to scotty p in the crucible i need to actually fill my crucible with all my alchemists i have because yeah max rewards are coming um and i need to start utilizing my assets more than i do one of the more undervalued coins in cryptocurrency no doubt about that and also you guys follow scotty p scotty p crypto give him a follow you guys subscribe scotty p crypto but isnt it put him in the chat too because you gotta subscribe moma coin warm horn moma coin all ill just say right now it sounds ridiculous mochi market mochi the multi-chain decentralized exchange for nfts bullcrap is all im gonna say you probably dont even got it working on one oh yeah they dont even have it out yet ridiculous ridiculous is all i gotta say mochi jim quigley thank you for the two dollar tip i appreciate it man um yeah but yeah nft youre not doing what muse do and you dont even have it built on ethereum they just got their token out in a farm out it looks like i may be wrong ill go check out that because i may be wrong yeah they just have an nft market its so easy to create you guys they have copy and paste templates for markets now farming its yo chico what do i think about rainey now that they launched our nfp platform they are up a lot today um i dont know up 135 thats not bad yeah thats a good one how much volume though gotta look at that a million enough i mean it could find themselves in the nft type market but i like other ones um its not doing anything like different that i see hey chico whats your honest opinions on cardano you dont cover it much um you guys theres easy ways to find out peoples opinions on cryptocurrencies i appreciate your tip but um you just go persons name in youtube and then what you want to find out about like topic cardano here we go i know it may look like this video i like but i do not like cardano this one tells you the whole truth car delay no top shot coin in 2020 um i do some troll videos where i say its gonna do well and then i slam it like a um slammer slamming pogs because yeah im not a big fan ive done a few videos on cardono i dont do it anymore because he doesnt deserve any air time on my channel but yeah i mean its been so long since theyre supposed to launch cardano like seven eight years since they first said theyre going to go and have smart contracts and all this hey chico oh thats the cardona one have i looked into yuas has a partnership with amd i have um a bit and yeah theyre up 127 you know surging well so i have heard about and i have done a sponsored segment actually on them before you might be able to search chico crypto uos new here have i covered ferocity in the past actually i have too i covered voracity in a sponsored segment as well and theyre also in um kind of the gaming theyre um a layer for platforms like twitch youtube so creators can get us another source of revenue i mean this is actually a good concept because a lot of these players on websites arent going to integrate cryptocurrency now i mean they soon could so nope that died now i gotta go back here to see your questions sup chico i know link will dominate the oracle space but is there room for x fun now that theyve released vore and partnered with the top 30 project um i mean its going to be hard to really break into um oracle space chain link there thats four thats a function i mean its gonna be hard ill tell you that chain link is a very dominant oracle project um but i mean there is opportunities i mean some of your projects arent using chain link um and they are probably going to look for other oracle solutions so if um xfine unification can find their feet and be able to create the oracle and the oracle network projects youre looking for its possible of course likely im putting my bags with chain link sticking with chain link you know hey chico what about ergo is it worth investing i mean im not going to tell you if somethings worth investing or not make your own decision um im not invested in it its a minable one hmm i dont know id have to look how this works is its own chain how or is it a layer its trying to they dont really explain it very well need to explain what they do better on their website um lets go look at their stats only 3741 transactions oracle pools yeah id have to look into it and dive deeper into exactly what its doing um i dont know if theyre trying to layer on top of ethereum and provide some you know scaling type stuff and possibly but their siloed own blockchain which sounds like what theyre kind of trying to do from their website russell baldonado forget look at the coin ill stop chilling i really find a decentral i really find it decentralized virtual private networks interesting do i have opinions on dvpns um yeah i mean its an interesting concept and decentralized everything is eventually going to take over d facebook d reddit you know reddit is trying to do it themselves um eventually decentralized everything is gonna happen so but yeah no multiple shills of the same coin its you can tell when theres coordinate coordination going on i know you dont have the answer but you spss patent for blockchain voting has an oracle spot do you think theyd use link probably going to use a more trusted time-tested oracle solution in the space and that is chain-link so yeah probably jerrod hey chico have a look at bcug its the first multi blockchain game with d5 based economy i think itll do good as axi bcug um it sounds like theyre blockchain city is the universe okay sound like finance smart chain for a little bit now whens this coming though this sounds like a lot of work great idea but its probably not going to be ready for a while um i mean i i some projects i get why they you know launch but at least they have some sort of product and im not seeing much here no product i mean it could be but they gotta get their stuff out im not gonna you know just say a token thats just a token i realize that rpl is the most decentralized staking protocol what do you think about lido and stake wise in terms of future decentralization of the eth i mean lido is like an x die basically i mean i dont hate on um x die i mean i do see you know the need for dow bass type protocols where a smaller subset i mean a subset of seven to 10 14 you know main members the committee can make decisions quicker than a large decentralization um so i like lido stake wise i dont know much about i couldnt comment on it i mean this cant be decentralized if theyre asking for your eath right now i would be weary um steakwise and next do they even have a team i wouldnt be giving my ether heck no lido at least has like a theres no decentralized i mean it cant be you guys i mean but if you could verify the nodes it was sending it in then it would be okay or theyre staking pools well yeah i dont know how theyre launched or anything um i mean im rocket pool lido if you want to do it right now because your price prediction about rari you said undervalued yeah i rare is undervalued compared to some other projects you guys its 429 and its probably the best marketplace out there i think its even better than openc love rari thank you for your tip oops thats not what i wanted alexander neosporic and victoria i dont know whos vet veg nets vegenets victoria i like the first name but i dont know how to pronounce the second name alexander neosporic regarding ergo some miners will switch from east to ergo as its mineable its the same eth hash really i dont know i didnt know that well if thats true then that must mean theyre pretty compatible centropia itll be the chain link of the internet um is that uh neue network i need to maybe redo a dive i did a sponsored segment on them but theyve changed their names since i last got involved dark decentralized autonomous routing protocol the chain link of the internet i dont know about that but its a good chill warm warren hey chico what other crypto youtube channels do i recommend baba um not many not many out there um if you want good research and um deep dives you know my channel i only recommend um because other channels that claim to do great research just copy my channel um if you want funny crypto daily hes not posting that often though here recently he said hes working or yeah hes working to um get a team so he can start posting daily again so crypto daily um pa even though ta even though i dont believe in it cohen benjamin cohen except the one thing i dont like is hes a crap dono he he like he does like aetherium and says bullish on ethereum but then he goes to cardano im like if youre a true ethereum youd never talk about cardano cardano crapdano what so hes a flip-flopper hell just talk about whatever gets him the most views which im not about that im about talk about what you like tyler whats your opinion on quadratic funding and the get coin grant um i like it of course um i mean a decentralized funding process is amazing and git coin is you know one of the first to really move on that quad quad quadratic funding principle concept did i just say you do not believe in ta no i do not believe in technical analysis in regular markets yeah its been theyve been doing it for a long time those models work for regular crypto is not regular crypto is led by one coin and one coin only bitcoin and it can break any altcoins ta model in a second if youre gonna do ta only do it on bitcoin i mean ta on alt coins is pretty ridiculous in my opinion at least ta hat for bitcoin has at least like 10 years and its not led by another crypto th me a yeah chico is an e fanboy no name ive yeah i like ethereum i uh ethereum is gonna be the the center of all cryptocurrency um i dont know its hard to even explain like its gonna be the main silo where all blockchains connect to literally all blockchains are creating bridges back to ethereum already so exactly benjamin is smart he puts pulls and does video and based on popularity and what the people want to listen well i dont i talk about what i want to talk about because its my channel and im going to talk about what i like to talk about not what other people want because a lot of what people want is crap like if i went with what people one wanted last time i would have been talking about dog coins for a month or two would you guys have liked that you might have liked it when it happened but youd all be screaming at me right now why did you show me those damn dog coins tyler hey gloria luna dont worry youtube is not notifying barely anyone about my content lately um ive been getting slammed so dont feel alone if you arent getting notified um give us an ubt update chico um i need no updates i have um i would follow their twitter if you want that i dont have any right now good project undervalued andromeda puts out good dvt posts too id follow them but good i hold it and its one of the projects im more bullish on thanks for the tip beshear khalif hey chico have you talked about umbrella network its another oracle thats down a lot but looks like a solid project again you guys i do not stray away from chain link i hold chain link i think its going to be a lot of these oracle solution projects especially as chainly keeps growing and creating a very robust decentralized network of nodes its going to be hard to compete with so i mean there is a room for more oracles but its getting a little bit too crowded already and new newer ones gonna have a rough road really rough road hey chico did i look into fox token already no i havent shape shifts oh from the shapeshift token eric voorhees is kind of i dont know about him um so yeah i havent looked into it but not too many people use shapeshift anymore its kind of on its way out but voorhees is a crypto g so but now that he launched the fox token and the dow its kind of like hes trying to move away from shape shift thanks for the tip general collins no so no i havent picked up any hey scotty p crypto he tells the truth you guys thats why every one of us should share it on social media when we do get a notification yes that is so yeah that would be great um yeah because youtube doesnt notify that especially lately you guys um i was doing well for a little bit with notifications but um um but whenever i reach about above here like 50 000 i start getting this many views is when youtube decides to start hitting me and you guys can see this too if i just expand it out if i get above here is when they start they push me back down as you can see thats where i peak 50 50 50. i got a little bit above here 50 50. if i ever get above that youtube boom slaps me down its basically their limit for me theyve throttled my channel and i i swear they have because any time i get above that 50 it gets the next few videos just get punished throttled me 2018 articles in vrnrock video explain um i dont know what you mean by that rose productions um yeah im a little confused yeah i put it in articles in my videos i have different dates i dont know the night uniswap d listing coins is a catastrophic event nobody is talking about the door is open for a truly decentralized decks um yeah i mean its not that bad as people think because again its not the unit swap smart contracts its just i dont like it of course but its not what youre saying uniswap the protocol is still decentralized anyone can deploy a pool anyone can deploy a token um its just not gonna show up on uniswaps main interface which yeah thats dumb um i mean yeah no it actually leaves the door open if you want if thats bad for anyone its great for sushi sushi schwab because now they have an opportunity to be what unit swap isnt the night i appreciate the tip hey chico hows your website going its going and getting close i know ive been saying that for a long time but i had some stuff go down with the blockchain store here recently um whats the censoring is a plague yeah censoring is a plague but yeah i know its coming um i had some stuff that go down with the blockchain store um which its getting close to launch but it was a good thing because now my nfts which are going to be launching with the store um basically ive talked about this im launching a fork of unisox its basically just like unisox but its going to be even better than unisox now even better you guys and you may be like how can you do unisox better well i am and its going to have maybe something to do with doge one oh yeah its ridiculous what could come of this it could happen im still were still working through it but um again this is why were having the delays is im kind of working with a new team for the blockchain store website and um were kind of upgrading it have i looked into casino coin runs on the xrp ledger that sounds horrible casino coin it does run on xrp what the heck this is getting taken down oh so you got to be kyc verified to you oh never mind this might be okay one i mean if they have kyc i was just like whoa youre doing a gambling its called casino coin with out being ready for kyc maybe first project ive seen run on xrp what time do the ufc fights start today is my question scotty p knows that um im gonna be watching those fights oh my god you schillers get out hey brother unity unity unity not gonna talk about unity unity is crap thats what ill do if i see coordinated chills um agree with hacks b please like the video you guys xrp im not an xrp fan if that xrp is risky to be holding right now because they are in that lawsuit i mean one bad stuff come out of that uh but good news comes out of that whoo so theres a gamble there but uh flair if you want to be holding a coin thats involved with xrp their new coin flr flare which is probably going to be launching pretty soon because the markets theyre just waiting for confirmation of the markets to be back and then theyre gonna launch flare guaranteed it oh three fights in well thats why undercard is almost done good fight so far dang it well thats why yeah shills are ridiculous in my opinion i can i can spot a shill from a mile away im holding unity protocol please tell me about it its crap ali raymond its really bad am i shorting bitcoin no i never short any crypto shorting goes against whole ethos of cryptocurrency you know if you support and like crypto and thinks its the future why would you ever short it that you wanted to die you want to help people kill it hoppers doing fine i like hopper too because theyre an honest team that you know talk they see what they see and they talk about it even though theyve been funded by binance theyll talk a little smack about that binance because their bsc isnt working as good what are you more bullish on and why akcx the heck is that i dont ive never heard of it so i couldnt be bullish on it um fourth i yeah theres a big gap growing between ample and fourth right now may the fourth be with you unity token is given scotty peak carpal tunnel oh unity you guys xrp the best gamble once they clear that cc lawsuit that is you know its not gonna be cleared necessarily its probably gonna happen um but its not a guarantee so there is still some major risks there and i wouldnt be willing to get into that risk all right guys well i think i am done for the day were just getting some xrp stuff so um yeah im not gonna be talking about xrp oh i now have 13 333 members in telegram 3-3 yeah i mean short if you want but if you like crypto it doesnt make sense to me why help destroy it but i am going to be streaming probably for a little bit like 10 minutes on um theta after after stream so if you do want to stream with me for a little bit longer ill be on theta for about 10 more minutes or so uh maybe you know smoke a ball or something you know what im talking about um have i looked at rye chain no an ai oracle for blockchains thats ridiculous um its an ai oracle thats a little too far out there for me brother they havent even solved the oracle problem i mean maybe they do need ai to solve the oracle problem but yeah but yeah i hope you guys have a good weekend again if you want to stream with me ask me any more questions ask them in theta um i will be streaming there for 10 more minutes or so and monday someone asked if i was going to be doing a portfolio breakdown soon maybe monday peace out everyone have a good weekend have a good um saturday sunday is it sunday it might be sunday in australia so peace out guys cheers Guess what!? 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