chainlink nft price oracleChainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon Closing Ceremony 1 hour

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chainlink nft price oracle should I invest in Cardano? : rcardano -... Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon Closing Ceremony 1 hour
hello hello welcome gmgm um hopefully everyone is doing fantastic today and its that time of the year a chain link hackathon has come to a close and we were all very excited were all very excited we worked very hard we coded a lot we learned a lot and we just went through over a month of coding of building of doing really cool stuff networking meeting all these people and now were at the end were at the end of this journey but just because this journey ends another uh that doesnt mean the crypto Journey has ended it has really just begun for a lot of you I know Ive said this time and time again were so happy that you joined us for the hackathon and we hope you learned a lot so GM everybody uh good to see everybody in the chat uh hopefully everyone is doing well we have a fantastic closing ceremony for everybody here so without further Ado lets just jump right into it and I know its scheduled for I think an hour um yep I believe an hour uh we might be a little quicker than that but lets get into it so presentation mode all right chain link hackathon closing ceremony here another hackathon the fall 2022 chain link hackathon has come to a close your products have been submitted the judges have judged the projects youve learned something youve committed you committed to building something and with that I want to give a huge thank you to everybody whos here absolute massive thank you everyone who participated everyone who built everyone who didnt build uh and was just encouraging people along the way huge thank you for being here these hackathons really only make sense uh because you come right we put these on for you for you the developers here and were just were so thankful that people keep coming back year after year um and hackathon after hackathon to keep participating and keep building obviously major thank you to the judges and sponsors and the group behind the project that helped put this together huge thank you to the sponsors the major sponsors for the hackathon and a massive thank you to Melody uh Melody heads up the hackathon project here so uh everything that happens behind the scenes thank you melody uh for all your hard work and speaking of thank yous we did it again this was another record breaker I I dont know how every single chain link hackathon keeps getting bigger than the last one last one we had about 310-ish uh amazing projects this hackathon we had 340. every single time we more people show up more people build and Im always like how does how do we keep getting bigger how does the tackling keep growing uh this has been the largest chain in hackathon that has ever existed over 10 000 developers around 340 amazing projects uh oh yes and somebody in the chat just said in super thanks to Agnes as well absolutely she helped a lot of the team formations and a lot of the behind the scenes as well as well as Melissa and a lot of the developer marketing team uh over here at chain link lab so huge thank you just to a ton of people the list goes on and on but yeah yes good point thank you for calling that out um but yeah another record breaker so thank you all for making this another record breaker calendar like we said the beginning countless others use this hackathon as their Kickstarter to their web through careers and those of you who submitted you made the commitment to submit and I want to applaud you I watched all of your videos which was a lot of videos it was a lot of projects but I did a ton of them I saw some people go hey Im really only submitting because Patrick told me to good that is exactly the mentality you should have uh because I know that you saying hey Im going to submit something it forced you to put that deadline on yourself to say Im going to learn something no matter what so huge huge shout out to you huge thank you to you massive thank you to you and with that being said we can talk some prizes so lets do that shall we lets talk some prizes so theres around half a million dollars in prizes um and I know a lot of the time when we do these uh we dont always have the sponsors uh projects picked yet to announce we do this time which is very exciting and of course if you win a prize please wait at least two months for prizes to be distributed before reaching out uh they have to go through a lot of legal loopholes um for sending money to addresses so please be patient we will send them but yeah if you dont hear anything for two months definitely reach out and were gonna first start with the chain link top quality prizes these are the projects that we took a look at we judge and we said you know what these are all really really good projects like thats kind of really all we have to say products that really kind of stood out that seem to be top quality projects we unfortunately arent going to have time to go through every single one of them so were just going to put the names on the screen and if you see your name there youll know oh I won a project I won a prize and this is where you take a screenshot of it post it on Twitter you go oh my God I won chain link top quality prize and its very exciting so chain link top quality prizes are this massive list of 40 Projects so if you see yourself on here congratulations youve won uh one of the top quality prize Awards uh these will be announced on devpost after this as well um yeah heres the list here keep your machine 20 job Explorer Synergy chain link data Marketplace Dr coordinator fuss protocol hackmon WC nft fantasy ipps chain link pricing integration to sap D betting promise no the selling Flex nodes real block d d diffusion pistus score I know they pronounce their projects in the videos but I you know went through almost 400 so I forgot the name how to pronounce some of these liquidity Wars battle of Heroes umpire uh Caravan random as a service hyper tally block fright get me pizza edu net Medicare fomo Casino uh Community fan Zone PDC Finance Pando social D5 chain fi Nifty Matic order pool decks random clash and any data requester so if youre on this list a huge huge congratulations to you and if youre not on this list you might have won another Prize or again the prizes are kind of just a nice little thing here to have the big thing here is about learning its about growing its about networking so if youre not here and you learn you grew you committed you submitted you should be proud of yourself regardless but thats the chain link top quality projects list there uh were gonna save some of the chain link grand prizes D5 prize social prize etc for later on in the hackathon for now were going to start with some sponsor prizes which is very exciting that we have sponsor prizes we had of course quick node filecoin slash ipfs polygon trueflation and Solana as some of the major sponsors for the second one and I got to tell you I was very impressed with pretty much all the products here Im a a big fan of decentralized data of uh of different blockchains of working with RPC URLs and from my perspective I was like man like if I had to judge for the sponsor prizes that would have been tough too because all the projects were so cool and theres just so much that you can do so absolutely love seeing all the projects uh from the sponsor side so with filecoin they had a number of prizes their first category was storage Wizard and the uh prizes here were Amino chain Scrappy ipfs filecoin and ZK Trace so huge congratulations to those three projects for winning this the storage wizard award from filecoin then was the web 35 which went to pod ship and get me pizza were the social good warrior prizes which went to World 3 in chemotronics on the tools Scrappy IPS filecoin again and flex nodes gaming MB Dao and nft went to Oasis labs and Pixieland and yes the prize breakdowns are will be available on devpost they probably are already uh compute over data hyper tally Wiki ipfs and simula and then they had a series of pool prizes as well uh rug halt gaming goal bug buzzer chameleon ipfsml contract full decentralized hiring youth medicine protosound debug D-Link and lay vocab huge congratulations to everybody on these lists as well and for winning a prize with the filecoin sponsor here and again thank you so much Falcon for sponsoring this hackathon this was an absolute massive hackathon and we had an absolute blast so awesome work falcon moving over to polygon polygon the top three prizes went to hyper tally and Batman no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I think thats the joke that congratulations to those three projects uh for the polygon sponsor Awards uh polygon had some additional categories as well they had best use of the polygon ID which went to decentralized um com team I pronounced in the wrong but they also had best ux and DX application which went to web3 stash so huge congratulations there uh to those projects polygon also had some pool prizes so uh if youre on this list you get to participate in the polygon pool prizes chain link technical indicators zk2fa aminotrain expire three link wallet Community fan Zone fob welt Studios uh protocol umpire and eth Road Ops oh also food delivering metaverse game DNA banana pay dachshund immunomic seven ball patient and ipps huge congratulations uh sorry Im kind of going a little quick here huge congratulations to everybody winning these polygon prizes uh like we said uh via email these sponsors will reach out let you know about your prize winnings where to collect and huge congratulations there again and thank you polygon absolute massive thank you to polygon uh for helping sponsor this hackathon and giving out prizes to all you phenomenal projects here next we had Solana Solana first place dual Finance so congratulations to dual Finance uh for Solana here um and huge thank you to Solana for helping sponsor this hackathon helping put in the sun theres a lot of chain link Solana content and theres a lot of chain link its on a um code bases that people have used to build really cool stuff like dual Finance so huge thank you to Solana congratulations to dual Finance quick note congratulations to promise team behind promise and thank you so much to quick note for sponsoring this hackathon and giving out the prize to promise trueflation fortunity Synergy and real block one two three absolutely crushed it really cool projects here um so congratulations to the three of you and a huge thank you to trueflation for sponsoring this hackathon as well all right with all the sponsor prizes being said lets go into the chain link prizes and you can see Im Im flying by here right Im getting getting a lot quicker at these uh these closing ceremony things so Im like all right lets announce tell people they got their prize and lets lets keep going so chain link prize is here these are the projects that the chain link Labs teams and all the judges in in general said these are something special theres something special about these prizes theres something special about these projects and there were a list of different categories a list of different tiers for each one of them and were going to go through foreign first place for the chain link nft and gaming prize went to mine labor simulator which was a browser-based nft game uh this was a really cool game that like watching the demo going through the code everything just kind of seemed to work um which was really cool to see really uh a game that you can play in the browser and you can collect things you can run around do things and and work with that uh get nfts through your uh your meta mask or your wallet thats connected to your browser and yeah really cool project um maybe its the next its the future of decentralized gaming so huge congratulations to mine labor simulator and your nft and gaming prize uh yes I should have done a real drum roll um yes I should do a real drum roll for these huh let me get the drum roll audio yeah please uh Ill maybe Ill maybe Ill do the drum roll myself all right next next on the list we have where did my stuff go all right next on the list we have defy D5 went to fuse which is a lending protocol backed by proof of Reserve as weve seen this year oh and huge congratulations to fuse as weve seen this year proof of Reserves is becoming ever ever more pressingly important where protocols and companies can prove how much they have in reserves they can prove uh how much collateral they have and fused did this and made a lending protocol base off it was really really cool so huge congratulations to fuse for winning the D5 prize at the chain link fall 2022 hackathon uh congratulations so next on the list Chain Link services prize this was the prize that went to the projects that helped chain link developers improve their lives in some way or it was something that could become a service that you go to the chain link docs and you go oh you know theres this new thing that you can integrate for developers so this was kind of either one of those and there were three spots there uh link uh four prizes for this and the three spots went to link wallet link it and kn3 job management link wallet was like a way to abstract payments with a wallet through a chain link Network link it was a job spec visualizer which was really cool and kn3 uh did job management I guess the T got cut off sorry uh job management which helped um manage your jobs in your chain link mode so all these would improve the lives of chain link developers in some way so uh hopefully they continue these products and at the next hackathon maybe you can use one of these to help your project do something really cool so huge congratulations to these Services thanks so much for participating and wanting to improve the lives of us devs right huge thank you there moving right along the chain link Dow prize through the project that best Incorporated a dialed this one to crypto crypto do down which was a no code Dow launcher which I really liked because there are a lot of uh no code Dell launchers but a lot of them use a lot of uh centralized levers and switches to make the process easier because the architecture required to build a fully decentralized no code Dell launcher is tricky they went in they built a no code launcher with a lot of decentralized levers and pulleys uh and thats what we love to see so really impressive tool here huge congratulations to them for winning the Dow prize then we have the social impact prize the prize that the project that built some project that was going to help the world in a meaningful way and this went to cyclamate which was a carbon footprint and healthy lifestyle application it helps track your carbon emissions while also promoting you to bike around hence the the name cyclamate and exercise in general so huge congratulations to cyclamate thank you so much for being a part of this hackathon and then the chain link woman in Tech prize uh which went to or uh or of this we all we couldnt decide on uh where to to put this we almost gave this person a uh um a Services prize as well um but we ended up giving them the woman in Tech prize uh for their chain link no debugger which was a again just a really really helpful Tool uh as a lot of people here know sometimes debugging your jobs and oh did my job go through what happened uh can be a little bit tricky so huge congratulations to this project um well done and now the moments a lot of you have been waiting for him let me flip back a lot of people are telling me why arent you on camera Im not on camera because I I messed up my OBS settings and I I dont have a setup where I can be in the screen while also never mind were gonna do the grand prize and for this lets lets actually get a Dremel here lets actually get a drum roll so I I am a camera I dont need a stun double yes I I have been reading the chat as Ive been giving this this presentation here um but lets do a drum roll drum roll because like I said earlier these hackathons arent really about the prizes anyways theyre about learning theyre about growing but it is kind of cool when you get to say hey I won the grand prize I won the chain link hackathon grand prize so lets get a drum roll hopefully hopefully you all can hear this and the chain link Grand Prize winner fall 2022. is Shiro storage huge congratulations to Shiro storage for the decentralized storage and smart contract connection framework this was a tool we thought was absolutely killer because what we see right now with most dapps is most dapps have all their data stored on the smart contract and on you know whatever layer one that theyre using but theyre but they could be expanded even more with a decentralized database now the reason most products dont have a decentralized database is because as you know connecting to real world data its very difficult but aha whats extremely good at extremely is good at connecting blockchains or real world data so they built a tool that helps people build uh and connect smart contracts to decentralized storage uh which seemed just incredibly incredibly powerful so were hoping to see this project continue hoping to see people be able to build decentralized Solutions using an essentialized database because as We Know all modern depths today have a database so why or excuse me all modern applications do they have a database so why dont decentralized applications have a database too so in sheer storage uses the chain link Network to help build that and help create that connection so huge congratulations to them and obviously huge congratulations to everybody else who participated as well so as We Know as Ive said already if you want one of the prizes please be patient we will be reaching out within the next two months to distribute prizes hopefully quicker but uh sometimes like I said it could take a little bit but I want to just give another huge thank you I know we flew by we flew we flew through this because it was it was just theres so many amazing projects that we we want to be able to promote and help and I know you all did that during the hackathon which is fantastic so another chain link hackathon has come to a close fall 2022 chain link hackathons over but I want everyone who showed up to these hackathons who built something cool or who didnt build something cool who networked or whatever take this as a step hey Ive learned something Im going to go forth now and iterate Im going to do more Im going to learn more Im going to build on the project that I built on Im going to try to unblock myself on that on that thing I couldnt figure out right these hackathons are the stomping grounds of Innovations they are not the end goal they are not the end result the end result is to go out build really cool things that help the world do stuff create value so if you feel like you learned a lot and you want to create some value keep going keep building keep growing were so excited that youre a part of us what you were with us for this hackathon that you participated that you submitted your projects and with that well bring this to a close huge congratulations to everybody and hope to see you in the next one okay We end the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon by walking through standout hackathon projects that have gone on to win prizes. 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