Non Emergency Video chainlink vs ethereumChainlink + Ethereum Liquidation Event!

Ethereum Price Prediction -2025: Can it Reach $100,000? Between 2024 and the start of 2025, Ethereum could surpass a significant milestone. After starting the year at over $8,500, the price could rise to $9,941. The Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society - Cardano Cube Find out more about the prices, charts and the team behind Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society $DEAD on the Cardano Blockchain, so you can make well-informed chainlink vs ethereum Chainlink + Ethereum Liquidation Event! Non Emergency Video
chainlink vs ethereum CYL crypto price prediction 2025. Shaadi Ka... Chainlink + Ethereum Liquidation Event! Non Emergency Video
hey guys welcome to the max invest youtube channel in todays video were going to be doing a weekly cryptocurrency update of course were specifically going to be taking a look at the prices of some of our favorite cryptos in the past week now in the past day there was some big news surrounding bitcoin ethereum chain link and all of our favorite cryptos essentially there was a huge liquidation event where we saw billions of dollars worth of crypto liquidated in a very short period of time so i do want to discuss the implications of this on the market where i see the market going in the future and whats going to be happening of course if you enjoy the video remember to like and subscribe to the channel follow me on twitter join the discord and remember nothing in this video is financial advice now the first thing to actually talk about is to take a look at the prices as we can see ethereum is down four percent on the day bitcoin is down nine percent on the day ethereum is flat on the week bitcoin is down 10 on the week and we can see a lot of the other old coins have been hit a lot harder cardano is down 10 on the day polka dot is down 14 on the day avalanche is down 14 again polygon is down 16 and chain link is down 11 on the day and 15 on the week so we can see that bitcoin and ethereum have handled the crash the best while the majority of other coins have been struggling quite a lot now this brings me back to a video i did a couple of days ago essentially a couple of days ago i did a video where i was very very bullish on ethereum i was talking about how ethereum is extremely resilient right now theres a lot of aetherium locked up and it has some huge upgrades coming forward as a direct result ethereum is outperforming the rest of the markets absolutely massively we can very clearly see this playing out today essentially aetherium dipped four percent on the day and bitcoin dipped nine percent on the day this is amazing because generally when we have these big falls bitcoin dips a lot less than aetherium however right now ethereum is very resilient against bitcoin and if we take a look at the ethereum bitcoin ratio we can see that it is basically at its local highs it has just broken its old high that was set back in may so the ethereum bitcoin ratio started to skyrocket during a drop which is very very unusual and it does make me quite bullish on if of course we do know that a couple of months ago aetherium was roughly 400 billion dollars and bitcoin was well over one trillion dollars however the market caps seem to be closing in and i would say that a 2022 flip of ethereum and bitcoin could be possible of course its very difficult to predict when ethereum will flip bitcoin however if we do see it in 2022 that would make me quite excited of course that is just some speculation and i dont actually know if this will happen whatsoever as we can see one of our other favorite coins chain link has not handled this dip that well chain link is down 12 on the day and 15 on the week now i remember when i was looking at last night to actually buy some more chain link chain link was down roughly 30 in one day from high to low so chain link got absolutely crushed during this dip of course im a long-term investor in chain link and i wasnt too worried about this when i see chain link get under 25 thats what makes me want to buy so i did actually buy quite a lot of chain link during this dip and not so much ethereum as i thought chain link was on a lot more of a sale of course chain link being in the 20 range is very very low and chain link hasnt even spent too much time there in the past few months so it does seem like its hitting its local lows of course we will need to wait and see if this actually happens or if this plays out regardless when im buying chain link i do like to wait until its under 25 us dollars and the reason for this is because the past couple of months chain link has just been bouncing around we havent seen a clear breakout yet and ill probably just continue to buy on the dips it also makes you feel a little bit less bad than buying chain link at 35 and watching it dip back down so thats essentially my opinion on chain link however obviously this isnt financial advice and in the short term prices are very very difficult to actually pick now this brings me to a tweet that i just did a lot of people in the chain link community are a little bit disappointed with the price action of course i can understand this now chain link isnt really up against most of the other cryptos and against the rest of the market of course if youre buying on the dips it probably is up against the us dollar however when were comparing against a bitcoin and some other cryptos it isnt looking that good of course in my opinion the best way to actually handle this is to diversify a little bit into some of your favorite smart contract plays i do like to hold a few just to make sure that when one is pumping and another is not at least i am gaining a bit of ground of course this is happening right now with ethereum regardless what ive responded to this person with is i said if we see a smart contract orientated future therell be hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of assets coming on chain millions of individuals paying link tokens to node operators and the fundamental value should increase over time of course this means the price actually has to go up if more and more link needs to be bought in order to pay for chain link services so this was essentially my tweet now if you do see a smart contractor orientated future link is probably going to win of course you are betting on a smart contract orientated future if smart contracts dont take off well then chain link will probably go down in value substantially however i dont think that this is going to be the case and i am very very confident in smart contracts myself regardless if we take a look at some of the macro prices this dip really doesnt look that bad the first crypto to actually look at is ethereum and as we can see ethereum went down to the trustee bull market support band it bounced off the bull market support band and this does look very healthy ethereums been slowly rolling up going down to the bull market support band and continuing on up i generally dont get that worried about these liquidation events because if you look at the macro chart of ethereum and you actually zoom out it looks very very good and it looks very relaxing which is something that i do like to see of course if you look at the macro chart with chain link as well it does look fine chain link does tend to trend up so as we can see chain link seems to have broken below the bull market support band however we will need to wait for this the worst case scenario for chain link is it goes back down to the 13 range it has a double bottom and then it goes back up of course this is a very very real possibility that could actually happen we can see chain link just couldnt break above 40 dollars so i wouldnt be shocked if this did happen of course if chain link gets anywhere around 13 thats probably where i would be looking at him anyway this isnt financial advice because im definitely not an expert at technical analysis and you should do your own research so thats what im seeing in the markets right now im not too worried about this liquidation event we still are in a bull run and i am quite excited to see what will happen in the next couple of months anyway if you enjoyed the video thanks for watching the video and also help me get to a thousand subscribers as it would be much appreciated Welcome to Max Invests!Join The Discord = Twitter = In today’s video we take a look at liquidity This channel is also home to a myriad of cryptocurrency and stock content. 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