Will CHAINLINK perform well in the next BULL MARKET? chainlink memeCHAINLINK crypto, Thoughts & PRICE PREDICTIONS.

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foreign all right so in this one Ill be talking about chain link and Ill also share my thoughts of where I think itll go in the next bull market but before I get started remember to support the channel by liking the video comment your thoughts below subscribe if youre new and if you want to join me on Discord the Links in the description below so yeah its chain link one of those projects that have great technicals with good fundamentals thats what Im going to be talking about going over here in this video so yeah lets go ahead and get started and jump over to chain links technicals real quick all right so right away you see chain link is ranked number 23 so its in the top 25. chain link has definitely been around for a while and is a pretty established project considering you know in the bear Market it still has a 3.6 billion dollar market cap so yeah my book this is definitely one of those projects thats established and overall you have lower risk when youre looking to get into these types of projects because of how many bear markets theyve already survived all right so the question here is does chain link have good technicals or poor technicals well you can see that it has a max supply of 1 billion and out of that Max Supply 491 million are in circulation thats about 50 percent of its Max Supply in circulation Now 50 is not too bad what would I say are these poor technicals or good technicals generally how I look at it is is if youre looking at this Max Supply at 1 billion is that a lot or a little some people will say its a lot some people will say its not that much thats pretty much going to be opinion based but to me I like to look at does it seem like the project actually needs that much or did the project create a large Supply to have a cheap token launch because if you look at meme coins they just have huge Max supplies and thats why you see them way under a penny because ultimately its already almost impossible to reach a penny because they have such a large Supply so thats kind of what Im trying to project here is one billion too much for chain link like I dont calibrate it as one billion being a lot or a little for a project it comes down to the project really so overall the fundamentals of the project to me will kind of determine what my thoughts are and as far as if I feel thats too large of a supply all right so for an example Bitcoin has 21 million coins total what makes Bitcoin so valued is the scarcity of having you know only the 21 million so when you get these projects that start moving up in the billions and trillion range it kind of throws that whole scarcity thing out the window when youre looking at these coin and token supplies okay now sometimes these projects will need that much in over time the scarcity effect will come in just at an overall longer time period right all right so with that being said is having the 1 billion Max Supply too much for chain link in my opinion I dont think the 1 billion is too much for chain link because of what chain link is and thats where well jump over to the fundamentals real quick [Applause] all right so Im going to go ahead and jump straight over to the FAQ section on chain Links website what I feel they have done a really great job with is if you have questions and you want to know what chain link is without combing through a bunch of white papers you can come over to the FAQ section and just you know like for example what is chain link you know looking at chain link it gives you a good paragraph of you know what chain link is and just to do it in a quick manner you know chain link is an oracle Network you know so its like okay well whats an oracle go right here what whats a blockchain Oracle you know it tells you right here oracles enable connectivity between blockchains and real world data so basically chain link allows you to pull data thats not attached to blockchains so that leads right into the next question why would a blockchain need to connect to external data sources it leads right into it you know like I said this is put together really well you know in short its telling you without an oracle smart contracts would be very limited only having access to data with inside of blockchain so yeah if we stop right there you can already see the potential with chain link it basically enhancing smart contracts by making a more secure and connecting to data points thats external which widely broadens the range with smart contracts chain links like that link between external and internal points I mean the name is called chain link right its linking two things together which is going to be very pivotal in web 3. right there alone to me is enough to know that theres going to be a lot of demand moving into chain link as we start to move more and more into web 3 its just going to keep growing and growing so yeah if we go back to the technicals now knowing a little bit about the fundamentals look at that one billion Supply do I think its too high I think its set just right I would give it a 8 out of 10 for technicals right now because it does only have about 50 in circulation so youre still working with a little bit of inflation overall I dont really think its going to become much of an issue so thats why I give it a 8 out of 10. otherwise the technicals would be pretty much a 10 out of 10 as far as where were at today it is more of an established project considering it does have that 3.6 billion dollar market cap in a bear Market to me it does fit the bill as far as having the good fundamentals with good technicals all right so now the ultimate question where would I see this going in the next bull market I would say from here we do a 10x the price that puts chain link at is around 82 dollars with a market cap of 40 billion dollars so I feel thats very possible with this type of project and that seems very realistic because of Ive said it before and Ill say it again meme coins do that in Bull markets and yes they are promoted and influenced and pump and dumps and all that but at the same time that money does enter the crypto space which does move the entire crypto markets up and that money does trickle from top to bottom so regardless of where that money influx goes to it will trickle into these other projects causing their prices to go up so a 10x for chain link seems very realistic now obviously this isnt financial advice spend your money how you like make your own choices so yeah that would be my guess of where chain link could potentially go next bull market now if you still feel like seven dollars is too high and you feel like you still miss the boat with chain link and you didnt get to buy it under a dollar there is another project that I made a video on that isnt the same type of category as chain link with having oracles and being very web 3 driven and is a micro cap in under a dollar right now Ill go ahead and put the link in the top right hand corner of your screen you can go ahead and check that project out I feel theres a I feel theres huge potential with it and in my opinion it looks extremely undervalued so if you feel you did miss the boat with chain link and youre looking for more projects that are under a dollar definitely go check it out so yeah thats all I have for you in this one if you guys like the information in the video go ahead and like the video dont forget to comment and subscribe if youre new and if you want to join me on the Discord the Links in the description below thats all I have for you in this one Ill see you in the next one CHAINLINK crypto, Thoughts & PRICE PREDICTIONS. 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