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hey whats going on everyone today is April the 20th 2023 were gonna talk about chain link today real quick do a quick video and try to figure out what is causing this recent uptrend into the market and chain link you guys can see that price has gone higher but now we may be pumping the brakes Im going to talk about that as well and whats driving the recent surge in chain Links price within this consolidation or traded Channel which you guys can see already on the chart so lets get into it I did a price reduction chain link on April the 3rd right here update video April the 3rd in the market for chain link so let me go ahead and show it to you on the daily time frame right here and you guys can tell that the idea was being maintained I havent changed my price prediction when I did my video on April the 3rd I was looking for the market to go higher right and you guys can see over the last two days that chain link finally came into our price Target area like it took a while for the market and chain link to get into our first Target area we did this price prediction going all the way back to what February mid February and here it is April and the market finally got into our price Target area hopefully you took the profit because were definitely seeing some changes here on the five-day chart that would kind of let us know that price is going to go lower okay let me tell you all why so first of all you guys can see where price and chain link got rejected on this Current Friday price bar is that weve weve been here before okay take a look the market has attempted on numerous occasions in chain League to try to break above nine dollars and each time that it came up there and traded it it came back down so we have to be cautious were getting the same type of idea now currently on this five-day price but Im here to tell you in the next 13 hours and 10 minutes seeing the price and chaining close down here on this Current Friday price bar that will entail that we need to continue to anticipate more weakness and price going lower thats why Im telling you hopefully you took advantage of the market in chain link running up there towards 8.80 because now the situation is changing now Im not necessarily sure where my price targets were I would recommend that you guys go back to my price prediction with me created back in February for chain link and see what those targets were okay now Im looking for practical lore so let me go ahead and get rid of this last price video If you guys didnt take advantage of the movement yesterday to the market and chain link and where to get off the market now youll be down two and a half percent okay now check this out it would have been great if we would have seen the marketing chain link on this three-day price bar which it could still happen close higher and hold this area here okay we want to see price and chain link trade above this line which is around eight dollars and ten cents if that occurs then this is the area of which were going to look for price and channeling to trade and its going to let us know that the market is still overly bullish if price doesnt trade above eight dollars and ten cents and it stays below this area then we need to expect price and chain link to continue to drift to the downside Im just saying just give me all the Outlook the idea the prediction as to what we need to see into the market and how we need to think once those things occur okay here it is on the two day chart were still seeing Lucas into the marketing chain link so its going to be imperative for the buyers to show up left price up above 8.10 in order for us to know that yeah the market is still bullish until that time we need to look forward to chain link going lower okay now like I said Im not going to say that the marketing chain they can still bearish massively bearish or its going to crash because look at this on the monthly chart the market is still consolidating and within those two lines so all in all were just looking for price to trade within our consolidation of trading range thats it because on the longer term basis weekly monthly time frame the market still looks bullish were just incrementally going through on a shorter basis time frame price going down which you have to be prepared for so I am done Im going to show you all what Im thinking the price and chain link is going to do in the near term like I said were gonna look for price to go lower okay just momentarily so now what are the targets okay what will be our first price Target 4 chain link this would be my first Target right here okay which is around like 7.48 so 750. thats 4.15 move to the downside now I would like to see buyers hold this area because it will give me even more confirmation that price is not extremely weak price breaks 7.50 yeah were increasing the likelihood of price and chain link containing to go down once were bringing it to my second target which is around seven dollars you got to see this around 10.31 move to the downside seven dollars then my third target going to be around six dollars and seventy cents that is 14.21 move to the downside six Thousand Seven cents there okay those are my three targets now lets see how low price and chain link is gonna go make sure you maintain a profitability and as always trade different Whats driving the recent Chainlink LINK price surge? 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