chainlink utility tokenChainlink Crypto Price Prediction 2023 - Will LINK Hit $10?

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foreign hey guys welcome back to the channel I think chain link is looking extremely undervalued still and were gonna look at some key technical analysis as to where I think this coin can go can it also reach 10 in April well that depends on a few things which you will find out in this video if youre new here do consider subscribing so lets check it out chain link currently 7.35 and its been on a good move over the last week weve seen lows of 6.40 up to 7.35 and whats interesting chain link are also starting to tap into artificial intelligence so what happens when you connect AI to Smart contracts well chain link functions is a new thing where were going to see Ai and web3 together for the chain link developers so this is quite interesting to see what sort of traction they can pick up from this particular partnership and integration here so Im quite keen and we can see chain link now have 924k follows which is a significant amount interestingly I was just doing some research and we can see Bitcoin is now also at the very top in terms of year to date performance from Goldman Sachs completely destroying NASDAQ and the IIT sector over here right at the top which is of course very good for Bitcoin and the overall sector um so yeah guys lets have a little look at some chain link analysis I know this coin is very much an interesting one and if youre in the Discord you would have noticed that this was a great DCA coin which we put in here from many many weeks ago when it was only like three or four dollars so please do also get yourself into that Discord linked down a bit low for you so having a look at what weve got here I like to look at things kind of on a long term scale sometimes we can see this is of course the uptrend where were in a bull market season and at the moment you know were still in this consolidation phase before that particular area and I think that will kick off when chain link gets back to 54 and I do also believe chain link will actually get above for fifty four dollars in uh the bull run I really do I think were looking at the macro targets of between 84 and 133 dollars play the next crypto boron in the peak of the old season I think that is very much realistic and I think its going to take a while for us to get there but we can see chain link is still trading in this consolidation sideways channel right here Im just chilling at 7.30 so if we do hit the top resistance trend line it will be around 8.90 if you break through to um you know this resistance here well be potentially looking at a 10 chain link coin now if we were to move into a normal chart and you know we werent looking into logarithmic regression we move into the three hour or the four hour chart we can see that there is quite a lot of upside and momentum here for chain link but it is producing a little bit of a rising wedge as is Bitcoin as well on the weekly time frame ryzen wedge with a bearish diversion but at the moment it doesnt really look too bad I just think you know the markets are very hot right now were looking quite greedy and we do need to see this particular coin call off as well so theres every chance that we could still get a correction down to 6.90 of Bitcoin cannot hold its current price level we can see Bitcoin is currently trying to break through a macro uh resistance of 28.8 K and 29.3 K and we can see the charts here reflect that whilst were in the green logarithmic regression which is fine for DCA we are seeing at the very top of a broadening Channel and when we look at the Bitcoin on a technical analysis perspective which we also just posted in the Discord down here Ill very quickly show you we can see that we also do have a massive broadening wedge with a bearish Divergence on the RSI so there could be a pullback very soon if we do not see a pump or Bitcoin so yes very very interesting um play here for a lot of cryptos um so I think chain link 10 is very possible in April it could absolutely happen looking at the daily though there is still a very apparent Rising wedge which is typically a bearish reversal pattern so this could just be a bit of a ball trap we really need to wait for some key confirmations of breakout but I think long term if youre accumulating chain link and coins like this I think were looking pretty strong for a lot of upside potential in the future now youre probably wanting to know you know how do you access signals and things like that because Ill be honest guys weve got some fantastic results from a lot of people that are trading in my Discord which is linked down below for you do have a little look you can see this is just some of the results and people are making some amazing gains weve got a great and listing here weve got myself as well guiding some people through and I think you know it just speaks for itself yes there are some losses but most are in green which is absolutely perfect so if you do want to get exposed to these signals of course I do have a patreon link down below for you theres over 180 amazing patrons thank you so much everybody it really helps and most of this money goes back into the channel in terms of editing resources research and everything else and I want to make this channel better and better and better and constantly build more I will soon invest in more equipment and a studio so if you want to check that out youre going to get inside info to resales and much much more as well speaking of weve got the love hate emu presale which is linked just down below for you if you like coins with volatility and high potential to do some great things check out the love hates e new preset which Ive linked down below for you this is a vote to earn cryptocurrency you can buy it with erc20 or bv20 network and yeah 1.2 million dollars raised in just over a week thats absolutely amazing how does it work you stake your tokens you vote in trending polls you you earn free crypto so its all about voting to earn a mutability and I suppose creating veracity over matters uh societal matters which really means something to you so if you like the sound of that Meme coin the link is down below if you remember guys its not Financial advice that you should always do your own research but this is a very fun and hot meme coin right now which is gaining a lot of traction if youre new to the crypto markets and you need these sort of updates please remember to hit that notification Bell And subscribe to this channel we can see the fear and greed index is now sitting at a very hot 66 so theres every chance that we could see a bit of a bearish reversal in the markets thanks so much for checking out this video guys I hope it served you well and gave you some insights as to what is going on in the crypto markets at the moment and hopefully we can all chat in the Discord so do click on that link down below see you later guys bye for now - Love Hate Inu LIVE Presale - - FightOut Presale LIVE - - C+Charge Presale LIVE - - 100x RobotEra Presale 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