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lets take a look at link l-i-n-k this is chain link okay Red Dot here telling you to sell it folks telling you to sell it we got a support level a stop loss level at 517 as long as it holds 517 were accumulate were in an accumulation smart money phase weve been going sideways on link since May its been about three months folks three months of just this and again if you zoom out on this this is in the this is in the Discord by the way if you guys want to take a look at it if were just doing this this is when we want to be loading up this is when we want to be accumulating as much as possible were driving Uber were delivering pizzas were doing extra side jobs were getting an extra job right we want to accumulate as much crypto as possible in that kind of stage when were just going sideways because after we go sideways for a bit okay you can see rip sideways rip sideways rip sideways rip okay same thing down here sideways were just waiting on the rip accumulating right now lets take a look at the monthly folks the month the monthly candles are going to close one sec here the monthly candles are gonna close on on the first okay so we got some monthly candle closes coming up here in less than a week meaning were going to get new monthly bars meaning this big old wave is going to shift every one of these bars right here on link is one months worth of price action so the last time we did this on link we just went sideways like this was right here okay and right after that we ripped okay same thing back here just went sideways sideways sideways and then ripped okay weve had a massive flush from two what is that fifth 52 all the way down to six dollars so if link ever goes back to all-time highs folks if if chain link if you believe in the project and it goes back to all-time highs of 53. youre making like 800 percent on your money okay so buy good fundamental plays during this time Barry thanks for the follow Daniel thanks for the follow uh Ireland thanks for the follow I appreciate you folks hey well get the Dodge Coin here in just a sec well get the Dodge Coin here in just a sec weekly chart is telling you to sell it though so again were sitting Stables I mean if we start getting monthly dots in September folks it it probably wouldnt be a good idea to be sitting Stables if we get the monthly Green Dots those are the holy freaking Grails Join the overkill investing club: Get the trading indicator: crypto bitcoin eth qnt avax cryptocurrency cryptocurrencies cryptotrading btc algo investing money ada xrp cardano ripple altcoin altcoins cryptonews cryptooverkill CRYPTO.COMARENA,