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foreign to the latest episode of chain linked by chain link Lads for those new to the show this is a Twitter spaces Series where you can learn all about the latest developments in chain link and The Wider smart contract ecosystem today were joined by the CTO and co-founder of space and time Scott Dykstra to talk about the strong progress since joining the chain link build program to also support this discussion were joined by chain link Labs technical lead on the bill program Sam Friedman welcome to the show Scott and Sam really excited to to dive into this with you excited to have you both take the time out to speak with us thank you its great to be yeah same as well I think uh this will be a fun engaging discussion and uh Im excited to see where this goes thanks for having me yeah of course I would love to start off this conversation with introductions for the listeners Sam lets lets actually start off with you could you give us a brief introduction just of yourself maybe like how you got into crypto and your general role here at chain link labs yeah absolutely so I Ive always been career-wise Ive almost always been in I.T and been a Sci-Fi fan so crypto kind of lined up I read the uh I I guess I got into crypto through um through that Gawker article about Silk Road a long time ago and uh I set up tour and got on Silk Road and filled my shopping cart with all kinds of stuff all kinds of goodies but I couldnt check out because I didnt know what Bitcoin was so I did my research and fell down the rabbit hole and bought Bitcoin and listened to every single episode of Laura shins podcast then I get into mining I had like a 24 GPU mining Farm in my basement and then uh did that for a couple years then I discovered defy and became a djen and bought all kinds of coins and nfts had fun with that and then I decided to make the career jump and um I knew I wanted to be at chain link Labs but I didnt know if I had the skill set and um lo and behold this week is my one year anniversary at chain link lets go thats exciting and what a wild one year that was its its been a its been a crazy year but its its good I love it the romance is still my my higher date was uh Valentines Day and the romance is still alive yeah thats great well its great to be here with the link Marines and its great to you know finally kind of be on a a Twitter space with my friends at chain link this is a momentous occasion for space and time as well my background and career I spent about a decade in the centralized Enterprise data warehousing space centralizing the worlds data into Cloud systems controlled by the Fortune 500 and Fang I was the enemy of decentralization and then I saw the light thankfully um I got into crypto a couple years you know probably three years ago had a friend you know that was like hey man Im selling my house Im buying eth and Im like dude what the heck is e its like dude Im selling my house Im buying these Im moving to a Medellin this is it this is the way and Im like okay well have fun with that still stuck in you know the The Descent sorry the fully centralized data warehousing space fortunately along the way uh I got to experience you know the D5 summer and I got to experience uh what it means to build decentralized systems and now Im fixing hopefully along with our partners at chain link and with the development were doing at space and time fixing some of that so excited to be here absolutely man um definitely not hopefully you guys you guys are building you guys are building some great things um I think weve seen uh generally the space and time just continue to grow um you know especially since your debut at smart con 2022 um you know I think we have a lot of folks in the audience who maybe have turned into our YouTube channel or at the event and saw your debut I also think theres probably people in the audience who might not be familiar with what space and time is all about could you kind of give us a high level overview of space and time and why uh decentralized data warehouses are significant for generating new smart contract use cases and web3 absolutely so space and time is a decentralized database as you or decentralized data warehouse as you eloquently put it um what that means is we have a network of data warehouse clusters all over the globe built operated and deployed by the community the First community-owned Community operated data warehouse gone are the days of centralizing all of an Enterprises data and therefore all of the internets constituents data all of your data into private black boxes that are centralized data warehouses and why thats important is not only can a decentralized data warehouse help return ownership of users data back to the user but more importantly it can connect query results to Smart contracts if we want to connect analytics and query results directly to a Smart contract on any major chain in a tamper-proof decentralized way in a cryptographically guaranteed way then were going to need new technology were going to need a new paradigm a new approach to data warehousings apps and analytics are powered by scalable data warehouses in the cloud today in the Enterprise in web 2. the problem with that is thats thats a analytic black box thats a centralized system that allows the owner of that data warehouse to really censor your data censor your account change manipulate data remove rows of data Ill end with this the blockchain itself was actually the first decentralized database a blockchain is a database of one massive table the distributed Ledger and it doesnt necessarily have a query language but its a database thats with immutable records the records on that ledger cannot be tampered they cannot be changed they cannot be edited they cannot be censored when you write data to the chain that data is permanent space and time realized okay whats next well we need a query language we need we need SQL for the chain we need a way to connect more complex analytics complex query results and adapt developers need to connect their queries and their data directly to Smart contracts off chain as well where we can have much larger storage volumes much larger compute and processing at a much lower gas cost and do a lot of complex work with with terabytes or tens or even hundreds of terabytes of data off chain and connect that to Smart contracts thats what space and time is bringing to the table in partnership with chain links because absolutely absolutely huge and we know a lot of traditional businesses today and web 2 use SQL to to do their own uh you know data queries so we can see how thats important for web3 decentralized um you know protocol art business as well um Im curious like how does an oracle like support what you guys are building at space and time and maybe you could talk to us also about like why you decided to to go with chain link sure absolutely so you know on the last question you mentioned what are you know how does this enable new use cases and I think thats a good place to start if you can connect a a decentralized data warehouse or a decentralized database off chain to Smart contracts on chain in a tamper-proof cryptographically guaranteed censorship resistant decentralized way hitting all the buzzwords if you can connect that decentralized data warehouse directly to a Smart contract then you allow us essentially allow a smart contract to run queries to run to execute SQL at scale to process large volumes of data both on chain and off chain in a tamper-proof way and if a smart contract can actually query an off-chain database in a tamper-proof way then we open up a whole new set of use cases for web3 and therefore a whole new set of business logic available to Smart contracts we make smart contracts smarter we allow smart contracts to do things that were not possible prior in defy gaming Insurance Tech and um you know social media web3 social and uh in the nft space and in really any vertical on chain and and uh the reason chain link is so Paramount in in providing that capability is chain link is the is literally the link literally the glue that connects this massive global decentralized data warehouse Network to Smart contracts on major chains a smart contract on polygon for example can sorry adapt developers smart contract can request a chain link job that pulls in a query result from space and time hey chain links go get me this query result from space and time go execute this against space and time data off chain and provide the result to my smart contract back on chain in a tamper-proof way in a decentralized way in a way that we can verify verifiable computation off chain thats brought back on chain via chain link its the classic Oracle use case but it enables a whole new set of things that dap developers never thought possible even a year or two ago where a smart contract can uh you know now ask questions like show me top 100 wallets that have purchased at least two of this nft surprisingly today you cannot do that on chain and youre in the evm even a question that simple show me all the wallets that have purchased at least two of this nft and own you know some link and Etc so it allows smart contracts to ask more complicated questions of their chain of other chains allow smart contracts to access large volumes of off-chain data and process it with SQL and then chain link grabs that data from space and time and and provides it to a developer smart contract and Im assuming too its like not just on chain its off chain like youre talking about so could you also query things like weather data or anything using like an API or is it strictly like on chain if I hear one more thing about weather data no Im just kidding I love it um yeah I think the weather date is always a fun one for like demos because its so straight because its something that everyone can wrap their head around um were doing a lot of work in like the the finance space both in defy and C5 uh to connect off-chain financial markets to on-chain and chain link really paved the way in this space right chain link work was and is and will be the leader in like connecting stock prices options prices bonds treasury bills like like traditional financial markets connecting real-time pricing to Smart contracts and providing oracles for those space and time then is sort of a a huge value add in that architecture where a traditional Finance uh institutional Finance can load terabytes of data onto space and time in a familiar SQL familiar data warehousing tools they can upload in you know and Stream in their their terabytes of data that data can be aggregated and prepped in space and time and its in a tamper-proof way like like prices of options for example can be aggregated and prepped for the chain and then chain link can grab that final aggregated price and put it on chain so space and time becomes sort of a data prep layer for for smart contracts in that space space and time Aggregates and preps and transforms and molds this data into a format that a smart contract can accept thats gas efficient and then space and then of course chain link takes that and put it puts it on chain from an insurance standpoint that could be weather data right there you go one more time so from an insurance standpoint maybe its putting weather data on chain but you might need to aggregate terabytes of weather data from across the globe or across the us or across the state or across the city that you cant just put terabytes of data on chain the block space is very limited today like especially in the evm but but even on chains like polygon and avex and Sweden like the the block space is still pretty limited you cant put terabytes of data on chain you can put maybe megabytes a data Beths case so instead you can load that into a decentralized and tamper-proof data warehouse that is space and time prep it there and chain link brings it back on chain make sense yeah that makes a lot of sense I appreciate you you digging into that giving us that Insight um I also want to cover you know your team at smart con 2022 announced a significant funding round with Microsofts Venture arm M12 and framework Ventures among other prominent investors you know with the success of these funding rounds Im curious what your growth plans are for 2023 um and you kind of covered like some of the use cases um already but Im curious like are you focused on any any specific use cases moving forward uh throughout the rest of this year sure yes smartcon 2022 was an absolute blast and I so grateful for chain link to host us and and provide a platform for us to get the message out about space and time its great to meet the community and meet a lot of the chain chain link Marines a great chance to meet a lot of the developers in the space and in both D5 and gaming and in other verticals so that was a blast and weve been on a rampage ever since so Im glad you called that out um yeah the uh the the 2023 plan is is a big is a big launch for space and time like 2022 was a lot of announcements of hey heres what were building heres what heres what weve been working on heres what were building heres whats coming 2023 is like Hey were here were ready space and time works we have a we have a network of clusters of updated warehousing clusters ready to go we are about to you know get to an open Beta in in Q2 and were really excited about it um and and that will include some ability for dap developers to kind of onboard themselves play around with space and time data weve got a bunch of indexed blockchain data already pre-loaded and ready to go that kind of comes with space and time right that will allow smart contract developers that are already comfortable and familiar with chain link to kick off chain link jobs that grab query results from space and time and bring them on chain and kind of start to enable this new paradigm of connecting more complex data sets more complex Analytics directly to Smart contracts and enable a whole new set of use cases for smart contracts thats 2023. and were really excited about it um especially in the gaming space right like were uh were you know going to GDC and consensus conferences this year and doing a lot of announcements in partnership with some some pretty sizable web 3 games that were really excited about that are basically loading data from their gaming servers real time in-game data loaded into space and time from the gaming servers and then space and time is aggregating and prepping that data to be provided to Smart contracts to give rewards to players on chain or drop nfts for in-game activities or analytics that connect in-game activity to on-chain purchases Etc so it provides not only a better experience for the game developer to understand whats happening in game and on chain but it also provides a better experience for the player because now a smart contract on chain can reward a player for specific activities in game that werent possible prior without space and time because its just too much data games especially those AAA games that are you know live online massively multiplayer theyre generating terabytes of data not like every day but over time right at certainly gigabytes every day often hundreds of gigabytes a day and at the corporate level maybe terabytes so all Im saying is 2023 is going to be a blast were going to be live at GDC were going to be live at consensus no doubt well be live at smartcon 2023 and well have a lot of announcements with developers in the in the gaming in D5 space yo Im really excited for for the gaming stuff like the the initial idea to talk into my head its like hey youre playing a game its its taking all the actions categorizing all the actions the players are taking and then hey you reward players with like nfts right for specific actions they earned in game or maybe theres some sort of token reward Etc so I think that thats super exciting I cant wait to see like what you guys are doing in in the gaming space for this year thats thats awesome I would like to now transition over to to Sam and start talking about the build program Sam as you know space and time is at one of the inaugural members of the chain link build program uh but we may have some people in the audience as well who are new to chain link and might not know what the build program is all about could you give us a high level overview of of the build program and what it means for both the channeling Network and space and time yeah absolutely so we have we have a number of projects in the in the build program across uh kind of different uh different verticals or Specialties or categories and um there are early stage projects theyre established projects and we provide them with Technical and non-technical services so examples of Technical Services might be enhanced integration Services um we will spend time working with smart contract developers helping them integrate our oracles into their decentralized apps well review code well solutionize together just this week to talk about gaming just this week weve spent excuse me uh last week we spent some time with one of our newest build Partners looking at their contracts and found out we can reduce gas usage by 75 percent and for a game that thats a big deal with that savings they can introduce all kinds of new features all kinds of new game mechanics and a non-chain game thats thats pretty dramatic um we also do things like have um bi-directional communication between projects using build Partners using our oracles with the product managers and the subject matter experts at chain link Labs I know Scott has met with Scott yield correct me if Im if Im uh if Im saying anything incorrect but um Scott has met with our product managers and uh and uh his his feedback has been extremely valuable to us and uh Weve looked at each others road maps and we try to align and um thats just an ongoing process in term in terms of non-technical services we provide chain link Labs has been in the space a long time and weve got big networks and expertise and things like marketing to the web3 community engaging web3 developers so well work with projects and help them build strategic marketing plans publicity plans build community engagement access developers through hackathons other events and activities like that and then there are non-technical Services we deliver that are not necessarily provided by by teammates inside chain link Labs but were part of a larger ecosystem and weve got a number of Partners in the community that can that can help us and add value like we have a network of VCS that we work with we have relationships with the blockchain foundations uh we have uh Cloud infrastructure relationships and we can do things like give um Cloud infrastructure credits to projects uh for example or um introduce them to developer workshops we can help them with Staffing and other other activities like that um the other thing that we can do is maybe maybe more directly technical in terms of the ecosystem a lot of a lot of projects and protocols dont are more complex than just a protocol and an end user a lot of protocols use other protocols those right this is a composable interoperable system so if lets say your automated strategy Vault protocol in our build program youre going to need to work with lending and borrowing protocols decentralized exchanges yield aggregators and we can help make those introductions and establish those relationships as well so thats kind of an overview of what build does in general um for uh for space and time I guess I mentioned before you know Scotts team has met with our product managers and our subject matter experts um weve co-marketed before were planning events together were planning a hackathon together um just this week on Monday of this week I saw a an early demo of space and time where a smart contract requests submits a SQL query but Shane mcnode picks it up um sends it to space and time which responds to the query and publishes it on chain back through our back through our node I saw it with my own eyes or on etherscan its its amazing its here if youre a smart contract developer and you need a data driven you have a data-driven use case uh space and time has arrived its amazing so 100 well said yeah and and we couldnt have done it without the help of chain link um Ill just comment real quickly it sounds like Sam it sounds like you just signed up to help us reduce our smart contract gas sounds like you signed up to audit space and time smart contracts and help us reduce our gas costs is that what I just heard Im just kidding Im just playing with you but show me what youve got um well actually Im glad to use the word audit because thats another one of the relationships we have and some of our projects need help with auditing and thats something we can we can help with yeah I mean chain Links got the smart contract developers In The Biz so we we always embrace the the help and uh the partnership I think to comment on the conversations on the product side of things is this kind of is this fun relationship where were pushing the the boundaries of whats possible with chain link and kind of coming to the table with an architecture of like hey heres what we want to do with chain link is this possible and then your product leadership uh I think so lets lets work on it you know and then conversely chain Links pushing the boundaries of whats possible for space and time chain Links coming to us and saying hey guys some use cases can you fulfill them what would it take to kind of partner on these use cases so its pretty exciting theres just theres just so much theres such a need for dab developers to build on top of a decentralized data back-end basically a back-end for dap developers that provides them all the on-chain data they need for their dap front end but more importantly connects the DAT front end activity into a database thats accessible from their smart contracts and uh and and the way that plays out with chain link chain link sits in the middle between that smart contract and space and time so um its been fun and your your product teams a blast awesome yeah Scott youve pushed us which is great I mean we need that were were building for projects like you so thanks for all your input I love hearing more about the relationship because sometimes I dont I dont even get to hear these these type of insights and its cool to see like the push in and pull between uh you know the build partner and and chain link labs and Scott Im like Curious like when you were thinking about like joining the build program like what was that process like and what kind of made you pull the trigger to actually actually join I think chain link put out a really strong uh position in the market around how an off-chain decentralized node Network should operate and and how it can be secured and how it can be scaled and most importantly how data can be brought to a Smart contract in a tamper-proof trust minimized way there theres no question that chain link is the leader and you know has secured a firm number one position into in that in that vertical right like uh and so if if if youre trying to think about new unique and and and tamper-proof ways to connect off-chain data to a Smart contract the first place youre gonna go is training right similarly uh the architecture that chain link put together where you have this Global Network of node operators that are you know um running very high quality highly available Enterprise grade Hardware with good uptime and slas uh communicating regularly and sick you know staked and basically secured by a a bounty contract like this whole idea of a decentralized Oracle network of off-chain Oracle operators can coming to consensus and connecting data to a chain link validator contract on chain which then hands data to a customers contract like that architecture is beautiful so when you start thinking about a decentralized data warehouse theres a theres another level of added complexity there and and uh and I think you know the partnership with chain link allowed us to help to really ideate and iterate through that architecture like uh you know chain link paved the way what creativity and what new ideas can space and time add thats thats that that was a huge uh kind of a a huge uh Genesis of the partnership in US joining build from there I mean chain link is a is just a good partner good friends of ours and I mean its a no-brainer the the benefits of the build program go far beyond just product development and product roadmap and architecture planning but more on the the go to market side uh then you know help with you know getting into this D5 space better and meeting more players in the D5 space and meeting more potential customers of space and time which are generally Mutual customers or Mutual builders on top of chain link as well Mutual developers a lot of the folks building on chain link will also be building on space and time and a lot of the folks that find space and time will conversely start building on chain link its its its a its its a perfect way to connect the results of queries to a Smart contract you need an oracle Network and you might as well pick the best Oracle Network or one that is the most secure the most trusted uh you might as well pick an oracle Network that has a firm foundation in this space Scott youre hired hey you know you got a first uh you all owe me some smart gas efficiency help right right okay I just Chuck it sounds good uh and and Scott Im sure we have like developers and you know others other folks who are looking to launch their own startups you know like what recommendations would you have to to projects like this who are considering uh joining joining the build program good question I think the most if not all of the projects in the build program are doing something being creative that I would not have thought of or I wouldnt have thought of to use chain link for that theres a lot of innovation in this build program every single project founder that Ive talked to is doing something that makes me go oh thats crazy like thats a cool use of chain link right so if youre gonna if youre gonna build something in the space or found a project or join the build program Id highly recommend you do the same like push the boundaries of whats possible with chain link and think of new ways to connect more valuable data to Smart contracts youve got you know like my friends at true inflation connecting this this massive data Marketplace of financial data and inflation data to Smart contracts to power um prediction markets you have folks like um Krypton who are really innovating in the the truly decentralized deck space and the cross chain Decks that uses chain link for calculating Mev resistant prices on on on token swaps like they thought of a way to use chain link to basically uh fight Nets remove meds in their decks and they run calculations on the chain link nodes you have like these these really interesting projects that have brilliant Founders that are creating and innovating in the space and thinking of new ways to use the architecture that chain link provides and were trying to do the same were trying to uh think of okay I think we lost Scott uh the airport the airport yeah oh there we go theres Scott hes back we lost you at the end there Scott maybe like the last like 30 seconds 30 seconds wow okay my bad just saying innovations key all the projects in the build program are doing something new and new and unique with the you know with the set of capabilities that chain link offers so in for for Founders that are looking at the chain link build program Id highly recommend it the the the benefits are tremendous and what you need to bring to the table as a Founder is a cool impressive use case with chain link that brings data to the chain I love that yeah like uh definitely take advantage too if you dont have any coding skills any type of Chandler hackathon is gonna is a great place to start as well as any of our our remote workshops or even in person meetups things like that like theres a great theres a really strong channeling Community there thats willing to help you learn and grow you can also hop in our Discord as well to to get into those insights ask questions and just start learning you know start coding I think its super important and sometimes you know you might just have like that shower thought an amazing idea and I say I say go for it now is now is the time to build the space and time Twitter handle is here listening its the big pink hexagon uh and I would love you know go check out our Twitter to stay in touch with all the developments the space and time and our Discord links on there too you brought it up Bryce so I thought hey in the same vein like were doing a lot of uh fun announcements and were gonna be providing a lot of guides and tutorials on Discord as well so stay in touch on the space and time Discord to keep up with the progress of space and time throughout 2023 yo lets go Im all about it I I love how projects too in this space are all just providing so much education so much resources whether its videos blogs workshops hackathons its awesome right like its its really really cool its Unique you dont you dont see that happening so much in web 2 these days so um yeah just its just a really special time for us to to be part of this yeah I mean I spent a decade in web 2 Data warehousing and man they they have so much to learn from web3 they have so much to learn from major networks l1s networks like chain link like none of this stuff takes place in web 2. theres no like Community Development and and just like an over emphasis on building a community training Community educating community and and bringing Builders from all over the world if web2 paid attention then you know theyd be a completely different the web 2 Data warehousing industry needs to wake up and learn from from from blockchain its a blast you guys are gonna wake them up Im Im sure of it um Sam I know we covered a bunch of things about the bill program is there anything else youd like to add for our listeners that you think we may have missed um yeah I guess I could add a few things Id like to comment on a couple things one is um this whole this whole thread that were in on community right now and Community Building as a Solutions architect at chain link I talk to projects you know multiple projects a day scores a week sometimes and its its um its uh Id say more often than not the the business development person or the marketing contact that were working with for all of these different web 3 projects they started off as community members they they were users they were interested they liked the concept they were in Discord they volunteered on to do some sort of uh some sort of quest or task and eventually became part of the core project team so there is there is a path here to get involved happier to get involved theres strong evidence every day that theres a path here to get involved so yeah I second that Bryce and then um Scott you brought up some some great examples of categories of projects in the build program space and time is is providing some sort of off-chain resource and in your case its its provable SQL right relational data with proofs weve got weve got a number of projects in a similar category like chain ml providing artificial intelligence and machine learning and um all kinds of stuff so we have a great catalog of projects and builds Im very excited about it Im glad you brought up Shane oh Ill just jump in really quick Im glad you brought up chain ml those are were close with them as well I think theres going to be this this effort to kind of build a composable uh platform almost where you know space and time is the the query engine chain ml is the um is is the infrastructure to run machine learning in an AI models in in contain containers in a decentralized way that might pull indexed data from space and time first and then chain link of course brings the result or the output of all that on chain in the same way that chain link you know takes the result of space and time queries and puts those query results on chain its going to be really exciting to watch the partnership between Shane ML and I think as well for bringing like the results of machine learning process like live machine learning models operationalize machine learning models in a decentralized way take those results and put them on chain and the data that feeds those machine learning models will often come from space and time so what Im getting at is theres going to be this really uh composable architecture of like chain ML on top of Space and Time chain link on top of chain ML and and a developer smart contract on top of that its all connected its going to be epic Scott Im just loving your enthusiasm about the industry the space its awesome man just had it just had a comment um yeah to to kind of wrap things up guys I wanted to also ask both of you kind of more about like the weather industry um you know how do you both like Envision the role of like tamper-proof analytics and oracles kind of evolving over time maybe say like the next the next few years or so Scott maybe starting with you like what are your thoughts around that yeah I mean look smart contracts today they theyre very limited in the questions they can ask about data on their own chain which is a problem if youre building in the evm for example you have very limited ability to ask questions about especially the history of the chain hey which wallets did this at this time theres no query language in the ezm theres no way to ask complex questions about data on your own chain much less other chains right much less asking questions hey whats your deploy a contract on on ethereum and you can ask you cant really ask questions about whats happening on BNB for example uh chain links building you know a whole Suite of products or capabilities around uh cross chain messaging and interoperabilities to send the state of chain a to chain B send a smart contract State on chain a over to chain B and communicate across chains thats going to be hugely valuable and open up a whole new set of use cases for smart contracts that need or dap developers that need to build cross chain in the same way space and time is indexing data from all these major chains like today were indexing data from five major chains eat AVX polygon BNB suite and we can not only send queer results back to Smart contracts on those different chains but we were grabbing data from them were processing the state of those chains in real time what Im getting at is that allows smart contracts to be able to ask more complex questions not only of the history and data on their own chains not only about activity on their own chain but also about others so the ability for a smart contract to ask complex questions of like hey uh which wallets are doing this activity and these lending pools are in these liquidity pools or in these uh you know which gamers are winning these nfts for these reasons and you know a smart contract if it can ask more complex questions and you can build more complex stats you can build more complex business logic and more complex business and logic drives more gas and more gas drives more minor payments to payments to the miners to the to the uh no to The validator Operators more payments to The validator Operators brings more validators to the space more validators to the space brings a whole new set of dabs and the circle continues so I you know chain links Paving the way in allowing smart contracts to do things that werent possible without chain link and space and time wants to follow the lead love it Sam what about you yeah I just see Relentless Innovation um every I cant say every project more and more my conversations with projects are have some sort of a topic of cross chain use cases multi-chain use cases Im seeing a lot a lot happening with zero knowledge proofs on new chains right but also I dont think a lot of people are aware that theres theres zero knowledge work going on on public open genes like ethereum right now so theres a lot more happening there I see a lot of projects like space and time and Krypton and chain ml using a decentralized Oracle Network as a platform so um just Relentless Innovation all kinds of areas and growth the size of our decentralized Oracle Network going to theyre going to grow as more value is secured and then were going to look at the efficiencies there so you know well adapt to the market as it grows and uh lets see where it takes us appreciate that Sam well said what do you guys think like the web 3 Industry used to do to like continue to improve and and build right like what is what should we keep doing what should we continue doing or um like maybe something even new that that people arent doing today and as the industry as a whole sure um I think people are looking at this revolution in AI and theyre wondering how is that going to play into blockchain technology if at all where does web3 and blockchain fit into this revolution well I think from a from a space in time in a chaining perspective Im guessing thats all about verifiable computation and in the in the context of AI its verifiable Source data where is the source data thats training these models coming from who created it uh is there a tamper-proof ledger of proving that its valid uh Sam Sam mentioned Zeke but Im glad he did Im glad Sam brought that up because something I wanted to hit on too is like space and time is putting tremendous effort into building a novel cryptographic protocol a novel ZK proof for SQL so we can prove that not only are the query results that we execute accurate and verifiable but more importantly prove that the underlying data hasnt been manipulated no ones logged into the database and changed anything because you cant its a decentralized database you know just like a blockchain data can be immutable and unchangeable if needed what that with that proof of SQL protocol were building this ZK proof for SQL allows is us to not only send free results to the chain but prove that those query results were accurately the computation was done in a verifiable way and the underlying data hasnt been manipulated um AI developers and machine models that need distributed which is verifiable to know that the lineage of their data came from a valid Place uh so blockchain this this idea of a tamper-proof ledger of a of a global distribution can be very very valuable for feeding data that trains models and then on the ZK space right I think just the progression of uh the performance scalable cryptographic boost ZK approves for verifiable computation Enterprise going forward so far its been all about like Def and rolling up transaction from from like an l21 or on the L1 itself but like the Enterprise wants tamper preview they want tamper-proof data they want to know that their data came from a good place and I think well see this technology expand outward love that what are your thoughts Sam yeah so I Im going to answer this question two different ways I think Im going to give you one answer for for an additional question that you didnt ask um so Bryce you asked about uh improving the web 3 Industry right so Im going to answer that but Im also thinking about because Im here representing our build program like if youre if youre interested in the building I think do you guys hear me no I agree Scott yeah I hear you Sandra okay good so I think if you want to improve web 3 then the build program would be interested in you so so Im going to kind of put these two together I feel like I still feel strongly about these ideological Promises of web 3 to solve real world problems like you know weve complained about Chad fi a lot um but those problems exist in all kinds of domains and gaming and insurance and all kinds of things so right theres theres excessive centralized control theres limited access right theres large parts of the world in the population emerging emerging parts of the world that cant participate in the global economy there are all kinds of inefficiencies because were stuck with physical buildings and distances geographical distances theres a lack of interoperability you know my account my Assets in One Bank dont work anywhere else belongs to the bank theres opacity we dont know whats happening behind closed doors um so I think we need to keep solving those problems and it doesnt matter if youre a game or an nft Community problem uh problem nft Community project um defy or something else infrastructure if youre solving those problems then I think youre gonna youre gonna improve the web 3 space and and the build program might be the right place for you so fundamentals the answers to my question is fundamentals web 3 promise to solve problems lets keep working on solving those problems absolutely I appreciate you both uh just taking the time out to come on and and see who the audience Scott and Sam I know you guys both have very busy schedules um Scott just want to kind of give you the opportunity maybe to share the audience you know where can they find space and time where can they find you you know where where is the best place to stay most the most up to date with everything you guys have have going on appreciate that uh Twitter and Discord for sure our Twitter is here in this space right now this at space and time DB s follow our Twitter a ton of announcements uh open Beta coming you know around consensus conference time in April in may stay in touch with development the space and time throughout the year because were were on this this platforms though um if you just want to see some parables Scott I think so oh I see Spencers requesting here Ill bring Spencer up from space and time I think we may have lost Scott hey whats up thanks for thanks for getting me on here Bryce uh I think we lost Scott there for a second Im gonna I can come in and just close that outlet uh maybe Scott was trying to get across I think uh you know we we got our Twitter uh here in below space and time DB you can join our Discord our Discord link is in our Twitter bio um I just want to say thank you so much for the chain link team for all the support theyve given space and time uh Bryce Sam like thank you guys so much for having us on uh that was honestly a great uh conversation so excited to hopefully do more of these in the future and um you know were stoked to be uh intertwined with the link Marines and um yeah excited for the future absolutely its been a its been a pleasure uh organizing this with you guys its been a lot of fun I I just love you know Scotts enthusiasm you know Spencer when we were on the zoom call yesterday it was it was great to talk to you as well for the first time like um just its just really cool you know to see projects like yourselves evolving building in the space you know innovating with channeling products I I think its its awesome and uh yeah just blessed to be here you know at this time absolutely I mean and a lot of this is because of the build program I cant Echo that enough like the build program really does you know open a lot of doors that otherwise wouldnt be um and just to that tune like if anybody you know wants to get in contact with space and time I mean you know our doors are open you know go ahead DM me on Twitter DM the space and time account DM Scott dmnate I mean were super friendly and we love hearing peoples stories and we love connecting about uh just about anything in web3 and thank you so much Sam appreciate it oh yeah thank you this is awesome and uh and Sam you know where could people learn more about the build program where should people go yeah so in my so right I guess right from here you can click on my Twitter profile I have a link to um the chain link website page for World chain link Labs website page for the build program um if not you can navigate there or Im on Twitter you can send me a message Im more than happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction absolutely and my DMs are open as well so if youre interested in the build program Im happy to send that send anything over to the team and uh get you in touch with the proper folks all right guys well close it out this has been a ton of fun I appreciate everyone just taking the time out of the day and tuning in and Ill see you guys next time lets go I can check uh check the bucket list of uh Twitter space with uh crypto Mewtwo even if it was only about two minutes for me so thanks guys see you guys foreign Space and Time is a Web3 startup pioneering decentralized data warehouses that prepare, compute on, and deliver data to smart contracts. 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