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and ready good afternoon and early morning for many of you who join from different parts of Latin America and Spain for us it is an honor to have you today in our second edition of the volcano for smart contract developers From chain lic we are very happy, we really had an impressive reception and we hope to respond to the level of this space that we have created as a community. The main objective is that all of you who are interested in learning about smart contracts have that first approach to the basic concepts of sein blogs of intelligent contracts and oracles and that we also know tools such as brawn and hard hat that are going to help us with the deployment of our contracts with the tests with all those interactions that are fundamental that we develop and that is why we have built this space then once most welcome we invite you all to join the discord channel and in a moment we will share the link we will also share the link to the material of our session today and I give way to marc romero who is going to Motivate is going to show us why it makes sense for us to actively participate in this bootcamp so marc you are working overtime behind fighting you to join us today almost as always when you have to speak for the community you are welcome marc and then we will do the time for you gilbert and aso lunch it is a pleasure to be here with all of us at this point in the second bootcamp for the hispanic community es lets go we have reached almost 1800 registered which is absolutely wonderful and if you allow me to share my screen gilbert too much because I want to cheer you up a little from the beginning point of view that looks at what we are going to do Camilo explained it to us a little okay that we are going to do what are the objectives of this bootcamp basically learn learn about the English block marc with tracks and oracles there are a couple of proverbs that are very interesting Firstly, knowing does not take up space, so everything I put in we are going to learn will be wonderful and then obviously there are concepts that are perhaps very difficult to understand because it asks questions to participate in the record, even if it is the dumbest question in the world, we go because because we have all made in accordance with which the one who asks a question seems stupid for five minutes the one who does not ask it is ignorant for life with which he asks to learn and that will be fantastic obviously we will understand new concepts of flight that are going to be very useful to us on this path that we are going to undertake we are going to use this technology and we are going to think about how we can apply it in our company or if we want to participate in a project or even create our own project according to obviously one of the objectives that I think most of the participants It is to be able to work within the agreement block ecosystem, we are going to move on to the next one, a second milestone that there is a speaker named Víctor Cooper, he is Spanish, who says that the value we have as people, this formula is defined in this formula, access to Knowledge, obviously, even to be able to make a coffee, knowledge is needed according to the h. They are the skills we have and the experience we have and this simply adds up, that is, knowledge, skills add up, but the attitude, the attitude with which we face things, is the Life is what really multiplies, which is why I encourage you to have a very positive attitude in this volcano and Im sure youre going to learn a lot later. I also encourage you to take a post-it like this one I have and write down which one is your I dream of our goals and objectives for this year, for example, I have already done mine and I do what you can see here for us: it will be to organize a hackathon in can of rope between now and the end of the year and increase the team that has chilling for the community Hispanic and then being a professor at a university is that it will be more complicated but well I encourage you to put it on your desk because it will always remind us of our goal and to finish very quickly currently if we look at this web page of the sputum carrier there are currently Right now there are 19 thousand 790 jobs related to the block ecosystem if one is for you agree I mean cheer up and finally there is this word we walk on a make and we are all going to get it so cheer up guys excellent sea well now We see the opportunity that we have to enhance our abilities to discover if we have the wood to develop smart contracts. Perhaps if at some point they have a problem, we will be sharing a link with me in that same luís néstor Daniel Eric will be accompanying me even to help you if you have specific doubts then please raise your hand and we will send you the link of mitt so gilbert solange on stage is all yours thank you very much for joining us and anything you can ask us more questions I am seeing thank you very much thank you good camilos good evening good afternoon to all depending on this it is a pleasure for us to be here with you today accompanying you on this road in block change on web 3 as the guys said smart contact developers bootcamp on day 1 and today we are going to have an introduction a block change to what was decided a smartphone back chai ling how chai ling solves the problem of the oracle today he is going to accompany us together with the whole team solange is with me solange a minute to introduce himself hello everyone I am very happy to be here Here I am Brazilian so my Spanish is a bit typical at the end but I really love teaching and especially oak in our Hispanic Latino community so I have insinuated about ching 20th century smartphones since 2018 and I am sure that we are going to do an excellent course with Thank you very much, Olancho Bueno and Gilbert, who is speaking to you. I am part of the Chai Ling Developer Expert program. I have been working with software engineering for around 6 years, software development, and a little over two years working with blogging yesterday in my email on my social networks. you can follow on twitter or they can talk in the link in any doubt any question always open to help them we start so it is as I told you the bootcamp scheme will be day 1 that I feel booth and day 2 which is actually day 2 and 3 that we are going to learn the environments are the brakes the development lathes the frameworks either hat or brownlee today smart contract blogs soliti and examples of how to use styling brave its cold products in ya ti friday to get random numbers verified and keepers for the automation of their smart contracts the introductory part will be done by me and the practical part will be wide sun well the rule of the house we will have a session well the day will be a little more than two hours we are going to have in sections we are going to have some breaks to answer some questions and we are going to have a demonstration exercise practical exercises I am going to ask questions in the chat on the record if you can ask the questions is the record the boys understand that veraison in the link yes we can generate that database on the disk and solving the most common doubts very very very grateful if you need help the boys are also available there is something in your being and something that you cannot solve by yourselves they will take you to a committee and they can help you there people people there is also the youtube channel it is already available you can comment for the exercises of day 1 you should have received an email but the only thing you need today is to see the desire of course to have had meta installed more here I have requested some site and link in chai lings fawcett if you have not done so do not worry there is still time to contact the guys and they will take you as I said on day 1 block in unusual stereo smart contract and the chai ling oracle program and much more we are going to think with a phrase from Mr. Frank Herbert who says a beginning is the time to take more dedicated care so that the balances are correct I would like here all a very very simple logic and we are going to to see what a concept that they are going to hear a lot about is that the blog that it is is immutable, so it is of the utmost importance that if we are going to become smart contract developers and if not if we are participants in the technology, understand that the blog, if it is immutable, then having things very, very clear from the beginning, the concepts, the bases, we are going to see as we go along, it is good that they explode here we have a standard definition, lets say, what is block change when they ask me what What I like to say is that what a decentralized database is and what it is is a secure, reliable, decentralized network that stores data as it says there that exchanges value as it should and records all these transactions in a Shared accounting ledger or a laker are also going to hear a lot that the word concept milk and the very important thing is that doing decentralize there is no central authority that can make arbitrary decisions about the information that is stored and the corresponding history is also defined like computer networks around the world that stores data and transactions a ledger like a general ledger did a peculiarity is that you can run application code to it you could define it as an application platform which is to say i have a machine a virtual machine that is known as the one decided by a virtual machine or that serves us for the execution of these simple programs that are called the very famous smart against intelligent contracts in issues of block chain something that interests us I would like to exemplify is an example of a centralized and decentralized transaction as we can see here is why you want to send money to someone and in between the transaction there is this banking system where what actually happens when bob sends money to alice is that within this banking system the transactions between the bank and the bank you see but in reality pod never transfers money to alice but it is the banks between them what we say these funds are transferred it is these entities that have custody of the money we practically do not own our money Rather, it is the banks that have custody, the difference with a decentralized system such as the day making a block when you transfer value to Alice, it is the decentralized network that confirms this transaction, but in reality the transaction is from person to person p2p and chupi as it is known that is the big difference there is no realized entity that can have control over anything the decentralization term can be from the policy architecture level to the political level or to the logical level if we go to the architecture level we could ask ourselves questions to knowing how decentralized it is at the architecture level for example how many physical computers this system is made up of how many of those computers we could tolerate being damaged at any given time and how it behaves at the political level how many individuals organizations ultimately control these these computers computers that make up the system the level is logical the system how it behaves as a single monolithic object or as a swarm a bit a bit vague a very very simple test to see what is so decentralized is if we cut the system in half and include e includes including the hardware how the users will continue to fully function both halves independent communities or how they behave we will understand them a little more throughout the presentation if we talk about decentralization that would motivate me to implement or use a technology of this type we have for example the third fault tolerance since decentralized systems are less likely to fail accidentally due to their architecture or design attack resistance because decentralized systems are much more expensive to attack surely you have heard of denial of service attacks well in The blocking or centralized systems is much more expensive and because it is the block change because we are going to see that throughout the presentation that when we want to carry out a transaction that has an associated cost, so if someone wanted to carry out a denial of service attack on a blog that should spend a minimum amount for each of the transactions and multiply that by the amount that they have ten thousand one hundred thousand transactions is a very high cost I would celebrate the cost benefit it does not seem much more difficult to destroy or manipulate because they lack these sensitive central points that can be attacked at a cost much less than the economic size of the system 50 before which made it cost-benefit and is resistant to evolution because much more difficult than decentralized systems participants are positioned to act in a way that benefits them at the expense of the other participants is much more complicated but it is not impossible there is something that they are going to hear that is 50 plus one or 51 percent because if 100 if we have 100 percent of the nodes or computers that are participants in the network if that 51% agree or collude to lets say modify the history of the block that is possible it is difficult if it is but it is not possible well we are going to see a small one of modula blogging to have a better understanding and the first concept that we have to be clear about is what leaves are, we are not going to miss out much, what is leaves transaction hush hush everywhere you will hear it very very very often and as a definition a hash would be a cryptography method that converts any form of data into a single string of text tracks it can be done we cant spend whatever in the independent or almost whatever regardless of its size or type and the traditional hash regardless as the type size or the type told you length of the data the hash that produces the result that we are going to see now always always has the same length if we go it confirms that I have the screen [ __ ] is [ __ ] is [ __ ] if we do not see perfect perfect the job well for example I am going to write or The search is now as you can see here this is the result of the hatch the algorithm that I was using here as an example is sh a 256 there are several types of hacking but the important thing is to see the concept of the hash no matter how I told you the length of the length of the input output is always the same the same as a result and as I am modifying it I get a different hash this for example ends in 13 15 if I delete it and then receive an exclamation it is modified I come back and get the same then that is the concept the hadj enter an input a function is executed I get an output that is the result as a hash the block what good we are seeing what is the chain of blocks are they block it so the block the block the concept of blocks they will hear it a lot a lot a lot a lot and good as they are true I am going to click delete but this is in green it means that this block has been successfully mined and what I am going to do is that I am going to modify the put also as you can see the color is changed to red because because the hash that we obtained when mining the block is different from the hash that I am obtaining now since it modified the data, which means that the hash does not match, there is a validation mechanism that this previous hashtag matches with the information contained in the block and if it doesnt match because you can hear this it doesnt give it then it marks it red yes it modified I go back to mine I get it it gives it to me it marks it in green then understanding what I am understanding basic basically what is leaves we have basically what is a block Lets go to the block or the chain of blocks, so how is it known as a chain of blocks, what we actually have is that it is many blocks, many of these blocks that are marked in green that are far from each other with the hash of each of them we are going to see the example for example we have block 1 block 2 and block 3 each one has its 111 which means it is a number that can be used once they will hear it a lot too and each of these this is block 1 the genesis block in data we are not going to introduce anything yet these blocks were looked at and are all marked in green why because the head of the previous block plus the block the hash the next block that joins h and the one is nested with the other one it is marked green it was born modified perfect block 1 the previous jaya does not have why it is the genesis block and if we already put all the information in this block this is the result now if I manage to modify this it marks it in red because because Now the hash, how is it analyzed with each other? The hash of the first block and it has been modified, so the hash of the second no longer matches, there is a change, I mine it again and it is green, what the blocks do is that they go with each other unified I have an image here that I am going to show you to see if I can tell you this so that we understand it a bit how the huskies are analyzed I have the first block and that block has a hash the next block comes and it has the hash of the previous block next to it their jas is together they both generate another hat and so each one with the blocks are allied with each other thats how the block works lets go back to the presentation smart smart against all smart contracts before talking a little bit about the smartphone tracks we must understand that it is a contract and a contract what is a contract and with which it would come doing its purpose a contract was a binding agreement between two or more parties or people or groups of people entities and if we go to the beginnings of humanity These contracts or terms began to be written, whether they were things like stone, paper or things like that, there were property certificates written in stone, these evolved over time and until today we have passed to what it was, they evolved over time and with time and today we have what are called digital agreements storage and agreements and the execution of these agreements well I say now they are done digitally and if we pay a little attention this according to digital digital sustain in many aspects of our life today a couple of examples imagine that you have a digital agreement with your bank that you who says that you have so much money in your account have a digital agreement with netflix netflix when you subscribe and consume the content an agreement with your company of insurance bridges change you even have an agreement with the bootcamp when you wrote and agreed with the conditions you signed a digital agreement we all have this digital agreement in our lives and when we started a little all types of relationships Do these agreements have a common aspect in between is that one of the parties to these digital agreements is actually the same party that enforces and executes the agreement and determines the outcome of the type of agreement these relationships that they have with these companies that you mentioned institutions they are not really what you think because it is really the agreement has a low level of transparency and many times this extra institution and platform in a kind of monopoly rents that is called and these agreements are built to favor a specific actor and generally they are the same ones that have control so these are what we call agreements based on paper or brand in which we trust them we trust the trust in the brand even in the contracts many of these contracts that we sign are backed and backed by the law but but most of the time the law will not always help you one on one as a natural person because they specifically establish these contracts in such a way that if it becomes law they can say look sorry for this section of the legal conditions here I dont have to pay and if you go to it they say sorry but my contract is wrong or I could change this section 3 and delete that and then add this basically they are going to tell you not to leave and then this summer they forced you to continue even with them or go with another competitor where you are going to continue with the same treatment we probably call it trust based on the brand as I was saying where it says look trust my brand but if things get complicated they do what they want and try to take advantage of you if they want to execute and thus comply in order to enforce the agreement they have with you is a good example of this is the existing financial system is secured for actions to benefit certain actors with many more resources and much more informed and what has to work in certain state in predictable market conditions to allow them to generate more profits and in reality the people or all of us participated in this financial system today entity because it is the only system that we have or that we had because for that very reason we are in criticism because we are building that new yes it is the new financial system said all your bets work well under normal conditions but when conditions change things get complicated and certain participants no longer benefit is when we really discover how this system works and what happens in many cases the system simply stops Or the result of these agreements changes in a way that is detrimental to average users. There are innumerable examples of them, a very famous one is the case of Ruiz Robin Hood. I dont know if you have heard it with a massive purchase of a share, which was the one that stopped me. what they basically did was there is a forum called red and these people agreed on reddit and there were stocks that had a lot of short orders in the order book which is when they basically bet that the stock will go down which Did these people agree, lets say they supported it, they did things and it says and the price went up to 1,500 percent, that is, the people agreed, it generated impressive profits, lets say that the Wall Street actors were harmed and Robin came hood and the conditions changed and those shares could no longer be bought there was a defined amount etcetera etcetera etcetera that with violence had me the beneficiaries will be the beneficiaries they were the same actors as always everything was fine the conditions changed and decisions were made that harmed the common people the people is the whole story repeated another other well- known episode in greece a crisis that they had in 2015 enters and something that I have very deeply engraved in my mind that I was watching on TV and people came out en masse to take the money from the ATMs and it turns out that in the company that provided this is the ATM service, the mosso defined the maximum amount that people could withdraw things, they said even though it was our money, their money was limited to the amount that I am not going to withdraw up to a certain amount sada they made decisions about peoples money that makes that is the point I wanted to reach and this agreement is based as I was saying on trust in the brand this type of scenario or things will continue and create a crisis of confidence massive what for us the benefits because the implementation of blogs that looks much more and more viable due to the intrinsic characteristics of the blog that smartphones are now a smart opposite that are smart accounts is a self-executing contract that the terms are the terms of the agreement are written directly in the computer code it is good for us we have an agreement the conditions are these that we program the contract and that is fulfilled yes or yes now there is something that we must keep in mind even though they are called smart contracts they are not very smart contracts and it is not really a contract either but it can be considered more as a highly secure digital agreement that is tamper-proof so as I was saying smart contracts are superior digital agreements and why is a smart contract better security the security it has of protection against simulations because a smart contract is better than a traditional agreement it basically boils down to five fundamental aspects, so the first is security, there is no central point that can be influenced by what runs on this decentralized infrastructure, which nobody lowers than the cycle were to its small system and if it is running in a block because decentralize there is no central point of attack once again the issue of the guarantee of execution since trust is reliable and is guaranteed once again because it is being running this decentralized infrastructure with the nodes that are all over the world will always be running 24/7 365 the blockchain does not go down unless there is some kind of power outage or global internet outage so there is no scenario such as visa or mastercard in which any payment processor is turned off for a few hours and one cannot execute any transaction the issue of transparency is a traditional digital agreement so transparency generally in these traditional agreements are hidden lets say transparency is hidden behind being certain participants are hidden for a reason while in a smart scenario against the transparency of the agreement and its compliance is inevitably a built-in right because once we as the block is public Once we have deployed an intelligent control, that digital agreement, the code is public, that is, anyone can come and read what is written, no one can come to you and say, hey, thats not the case, not because its deployed, and thats what the code says, and thats what that is going to be executed and that is going to be fulfilled the minimum trust good we reduce the counterparty risk that is called or the risk of third parties due to the use of the block king and its decentralized infrastructure we can interact with each other and participate and do things between us without having to trust each other so much because we trust the infrastructure another decentralized law of block change and the smart cons that run on it have them very lets say applies to those use cases where there are those relationships of mistrust where you need to interact with one another and there is that distrust we place that trust is the block in the truth since through these aces of the cryptography of the numbers of physics we trust in the fact here it is not supposed to be facts and subjects of efficiency all of this the range that he opens up about security guarantee transparency minimization of trust give us an opportunity to take some of those manual processes that we do today and automate them and we create all kinds of efficiencies basically trust what if its not cheap trust is expensive so by minimizing that trust in technology we definitely cannot make a profit the challenges not investment whatever you want to call then just to make a short summary and reiterate on this section that we have led up to now the active path based on the brand have higher counterparty risks with low transparency versus smart contracts that are guarantees based on mathematics towards what is basically the opposite we have a higher transfer a low counterparty risk and we could think or say that banks and all these companies or entities do not they are going to want to migrate to something like this if they have a lot less control and everything and well and everything we could mention but I think history has not shown in the past and in general that the best user experience always wins in the end once that it can be scaled and the cost does not become a factor we have seen countless examples of what I am mentioning in the past for example when videos moved to streaming services when blockbuster happened in almost all of them in streaming music also another The sax software-as-a-service is very well known because this was a time when there were very large companies that made one day no no no no I am not going to put my data on any network that is not outside my premises I am going to put it on the internet but If we analyze this a bit, they all do it. They have a future infrastructure in the cloud or perhaps a hybrid structure, but a high percentage of the company uses these services, so it seems to me that the user always always always predominates. Well, lets talk about the stadium and and solid and what ie I 1 ie I is a public blockchain without permission or permission is that it is open source open source means you can go and see the code for yourself you can see the code literally and basically it can be considered as a transaction based state machine so it basically goes to a new state by reading a series of inputs and forming new blocks or we are not seeing in the block example currently proof of work wv is used as the consensus protocol but it is in the process of transition to what is called the proof of state proof of participation or that is also going to be read a lot and what they want to do to all this is the consensus protocol that the software also uses, which is the mechanism that allows the outdated network to on the site you reach a consensus or an agreement in relation to aspects such as account balances, the order of transactions, which in this way prevents users from double spending, they will also hear a lot about blogging technology and about all parties with bitcoin on the issue of avoiding the double spending of coins, which guarantees that it is very, very difficult again to attack or manipulate the chain of blocks in this case, that is, some components decided that we are going to only do two accounts transactions and pending transactions that slam in pool and Im going to show here the screen looks true can you confirm me a little way if none is perfect as I told the nodes that they are every time you hear nodes just think of a computer that is running a client and that client simply the software and that software allows them to connect to the protocol say yum in generating a greater decentralization of the network there are certain types of nodes but basically they are computers that run on a client and promote the decentralization of the network here we have a graph which is the most used client these are some of the types of clients that exist and why yesterday there were several types of clients or a range of clients again to promote secure decentralization any problem with a specific client There are other series of clients that are leaving, lets say that they can be implemented to run a new one, it said a p. later we can share this link with you but it is more than anything informative we can see in the countries where they are located we cannot see that they are around the The vast majority of the world, almost 50 percent, are counted in the United States. We are going to share the synchronization stage, so if you want to take a look, the accounts are going to be good, if they already have more installed than they should, the address or their website is what I have here. You are going to see in meta more is one is an address is an address that allows you to interact with the blog kings in which you send transactions receive funds send funds etcetera etcetera and they can is the scanner or we could call it as a dashboard that It contains all the information from the blog that in the entire blog that has a great majority of what they have a respective scanner and here it does seem Chinese, the truth, but they become familiar little by little and they understand a little more what interests you in this point is here we have the accounts as you can see here here there is an account and it has this sign next to it which is a contract and when we talk about an intelligent contract and a wallet an address both are both addresses only that the contract lets say it has a logic that we have defined at the time we have defined at the time of programming what is that is the only difference which means that if just as you deposit or transfer from or to a specific address you can also do an exclusive contract and much a high amount of say yum that it is blocked in the contracts because it was transferred and there was no way to get it out this is a ranking of the mothers and with those that contain the greatest amount of decision at this time as I said before it is changing from proof of work a proof of state and there is a stay king contract which is that of steer 12 deposit against here people deposit and block it was decided to later obtain sites what the transactions are each time we send a transaction as I told you a hash is generated then we can also review the history of these transactions who has made it at what point where what did this theater do etc. so here we have a transaction hash that is the case the hash that is generated for each transaction the method with which it is interacts this is a contract that of sister de west and the stage see coin that has a transfer function and that semino function is executed in this block it was so long ago that account to where the value and the end that was paid for the transaction nothing more That and well, Im sorry about the pending transactions and here every time one sends a transaction, all the transactions that have not yet been processed fit here and when the miners come they were going to include transactions in a new block, this is where they resort and lets say take the transactions in a certain amount and if it is good I will put them in I will process them and I will propose them in the next block block that is the men pool we return here we continue with the virtual machine say it has something called good it is a full 256 bit virtual machine basically its an application platform all new ie me or all new running the client decided they have this virtual machine and they can run the code of a smart contract and so i did and be surely have heard of doing is to go yum th and what we have to know is that I did in the native cryptocurrency of the network say yum the symbol is th today and it is used to pay for them the cost of transactions or the cost of these transactions are made gas of that gas becomes the site we are going to talk a little later about what gas is because gas refers to the unit of measurement to the unit that measures the amount of computational effort that is required to execute the specific operations in the network decided to use each time we deploy a contract that contract has a function that function has a complexity executing that function according to the complexity is paid in silk gas Cyrus refers to and that is what that is what we pay as cost of transaction well tokens you may have also heard of the concept of tokens and if you dont know a token is basically a representation of any tradable good or service there are many use cases for tokens and in general most of them stick to what is called the rs-20 token standard and you are going to hear a lot a lot the standards 20 s ago from 21 11 55 and only standards that are used to build these token but but the chilling token is actually an rc token 677 euros from another standard which is the same as a grace 20 but has a couple of additional features that requires it to be the link for use when sending send a token or doing token transacting things please dont consider them as a native cryptocurrency like it is i.e. a studio is the nazi cryptocurrency and being in the spirou network native cryptocurrency that is a cryptocurrency a token is something else entirely a touch of just a smart contract that has a whole list of addresses that you say it has that and when he sent a token to another account he happens to have this is a smart contract simply that is updated and says that he is the one who has nothing more than that a signal against request well request we have already been talking about it and you may wonder what it is It is the main language that is used to create to develop smart contracts in serious um very similar, there are more critics and char personally I come from the world of discarding and I have worked a lot with strictly entails that the syntax became very familiar to me there are a lot of libraries that we can do with good documentation once I highly recommend and that they are going to use it has been like that is open zeppelin the argument was in favor of having created some specific language for this for smart points because solid and it was created for development of the smart contracts is that the compilers in general are not optimized for the storage issue and in a block change scenario where there are thousands of nodes running the software and with all this type of data redundancy we need to optimize as much as possible the storage and the focus of the request focus is is security as its necessary for a decentralized ledger is theres a focus on security security has a high focus on security and now its also not just native to stadium solid and it because A lot of other blogs come out that do not chain blocks but that must be compatible with the and well, either as a polygon, they will leave and avalanch, among others, every time it is that although some documentation of a block and it says well that It is compatible with the and well the contracts that they have developed with solid and in any of the networks that I mentioned are compatible with this one without any problem how we compile the code it is solid and when we compile the code it alone and we will have two files to say one way is the bank that are the instructions that go to the and well that they are going to be they are only numbers and letters that seems Chinese but and the other is the definition of the trip hello hello hello I saw that it is the binary interface of the application that defines what it is, it is an interface and it defines what only method the events enter and it is in the house where the smart contracts are executed. what is deployed in the blocks y in libya and what is the y blue file and jason is what allows us to invoke the contract through that definition of this interface and with the respective bark is how we communicate with that contract deployed in the block the issue of gas payment as I was telling you about the cost of gas to be good first of all when we have 22 types of calls to block that are either read or write when we call a read function there is no cost associate do not worry about it but if we execute a write function that will modify the state of the block and that has an associated cost because because an effort is received in terms of computation that effort in terms of computation is what the miners, that is, the coins, the miners say, come, look, Im coming, Im a participant in the network, I make my computational capacity available, but for that, obviously, I must be paid, so they are paid in terms of gas, and the cost of gas is always static. executing the same function will always mean the same cost of gas, for example, if we do not move from one city to another, it will always require basically the same amount of gasoline, take it like that analogy is like this if I take my car in la mode corner and consume a liter of gasoline well in terms of executing a smart contract function will always have the same cost of associated gas now this price of gasoline can change because if I move from point to point to point b and I always use a gasoline point now the liter of gasoline cost the same the day of what it was a week ago the team was 2 two weeks ago and additionally you as a user are the ones who define the price of gas because when we interact with goals more with the brush with a target contract rather than according to the state of the network, it proposes a price and you look at the network today it is talking about this or this average price for gas also if you want you can modify it and pay a price mayor e with grace it is measured and paid in each execution of the contract whenever it is modified we are going to see a little the gas station it will also be very useful for you to observe this tool when you are working with the contracts this is the gaza station and it helps us to See the current state of the block in terms of gas. I remember very well that last year, one week before we did the search last year, ipe 1559 had been implemented, which you can also search for as law and done for which to explain a little the operation of these is far from the scope of butane but we can see the comments we can see archeology without any problem but the main thing here is that as you can see here we have either standard fast or safe low this is like the average price that is being paid nowadays now for now that is to say me so that your transaction can be included in the block and this that is here you see film is what has been given with the 1550 in addition to the standard cost there is a type that is found a type as well a small is a small property the miner to include the transaction there is a maximum of gas allowed also to execute that is to say be used in a transaction lets say your transaction has 10,000 gas cost I can say look back there is something we must understand to the When it comes to developing contracts, lets avoid at all literary costs knowing how to integrate an arrangement because because the and well compile the code and disseminate this is going to cost you a thousand fabrics this function if we have a dynamic long arrangement that can change over time a little what it means that executing the function is going to make more and more complex more complex more complex which requires more cost more if a function requires too much cost from the chs and exceeds the interrupt limit do never never included in the block and you can have a useless contract for the rest of your trip but it is said that the limits have to be established so that for the function to be determined what does have a function is indefinite forget another thing to take into consideration is that every time we send a transaction we paid that transaction end the miner made his computing capacity available the executor to transaction told you look this transaction cannot be included there is no refund does not exist because the money is there I pay the miner because he provided me with his computing capacity He gave it to him, he said look, I dont know, it was not possible to mine in the portal block, thats the reason, thats why we have to be very careful with what it is with what it is possible to program in terms of a block limit of 15 million in way gas is measured in way and normally this is equivalent to 350 and 200 transactions per block with ep 1559 that under certain conditions doubles reaching 30 million to understand a little more sorry as I was saying the operation is that they cost gas they are when we write the memory to the contract memory or modify the current state of the block when we send isr when we execute contract logic and let it modify the state as it decides that basically dont ask them when should I pay when it modified the state of the night Its already in what is free only the reading functions to move with when you see the examples with solange the types of visibility how we define the functions then move more practical and maintain in a simpler way maybe how it works lets make an analogy to understand the concept of the bass is a little better and here it is going to die with what is spoken in front of the mind and so when you say you have transactions from the men pool waiting to be processed lets talk about this analogy of the bus then I imagine that everyone at some point will We call it a bus to wait here in Chile, but because of whereabouts I wait for the bus and if we respect each other, the first to arrive is the one who gets on and the one who sees behind forms a line and we get on the whole bus then lets analyze the following the bus is going to be the block every time it sends a transaction I want my transaction to be included in the next block because as long as the action is not included in the next block it will be there in the micro section and my transaction has never been confirmed it has never been carried out the bus driver is going to be the miner and people are going to make the transactions so in a normal scenario everyone pays the same then the driver tells you to look to go from point a to point b is point was everything was about to give the first to arrive in line is the first to get on but nothing sir how it works is otherwise because now lets think is that you have search in 40 people we are 80 people in the queue and in the Syrian does not work that the first to arrive is the first to go up as I told you all all the transactions fall into the mind so if in the next block k in the next bus that was doing the block k in only 40 personally doing the transactions 40 transactions and there are 80 that is what people do if all the people want to get on instead of paying the dollar they pay 2 then imagine the bus driver looks out the window and each one of us I had a piece of paper here, hey, I pay 2, I paid Aug 5, 10, and people start paying more than the base money and the base price, and they start to go up, I keep staying down there, I keep staying on campus, which is what generates that like an auction, then it generates that the price over the average price goes up going up going up going up thats why maybe youve heard that transaction costs, that is, yum, at times they get very high. I wanted to transfer five dollars and I had to pay is 60 80 dollars for the transaction it is not it does not work for me this is how it works this is how the miners work and this is respectable you want to freeze more income in the men pool I know how much each person and god are paying per transaction and the transactions that pay the highest price in the london fork arrived the ip that s s&p 1559 as you said double these conditions in that payment when the truth is very congested double and more transactions can be included and in theory decongest the network a bit Its a little bit more complex process but it doesnt help even what she was reading that since the 1559 was implemented I think that one day a day even though Syrian was deflationary because one of the implementations it does is that a certain portion of that fit transaction that we pay that each one pays but sends a transaction is burned, which means that what the miners did that collected the transactions that paid more at a higher price and that is what they include then to deactivate that action, lets say its called I can say a certain amount, so that they can study it, we can also talk about it at some other time. Well, Solange, how I wanted to ask you how we are doing over time, because here we have already started talking about requesting contracts for visibility functions, etc. Lets get into the language a little more fully to see how we are doing over time, the sign is solange, it will explain it to you in a practical way if you look, Gilbert, thank you very much for this introduction to the concepts, we are aware that for many people the first time they are Seeing these concepts they already have a bit of a headache. Get used to the mold blogs in is learning by doing and with one or two headaches we are going to take a five-minute break, right, so lunch so that people can breathe and come prepared for the session now Todays practice and Im going very well so in five minutes well be back perfect and just to complement it, you re going to explain from scratch how to configure the sales wallet plus how to add the test networks how to use the fawcett that many people have told us that They have had problems so the time has come to pay close attention that at five past six if they are in Colombia Mexico at 2005 if they are in Argentina I think it is around one in the morning if they are in Spain we will return then five minute break and were back ready solange we already took a break to breathe to process a little the information that gilbert told us in a masterly way we invite you to watch the video again once the session is over you can review the concepts and now we give way to solange that is going to delight us in how to use remix how to develop our first smart contracts so solange in this January is all yours I take advantage of people asking us their questions through the question and answer session that is a little more organized than the main chat zoom so in the center of the screen is questions and answers there we will be the different members of the team trying to meet your requests so olancho thank you very much and you can start very well thank you way and then demos started or I see now do a demonstration from the beginning of the master goal installation for the people who need it is ok so i dont have my month goal any more now and we are going to do something else too i am not sure if this is going to work with more than 300 people but we are going to put our names here So where I am I need to send this to you so where is the sat here yes and also the ncaa and also here so we see everyone for this link I dont share it because of the collapse okay try to put your name all the people who are entering now okay and Lets put one more thing and where are you from or where are you from? Im from San Pablo so where are you from here well people from all over the world and as soon as theyre doing this Im going to do the practical part look at this how many of us are writing at the same time so people have to put your name on a new line because this is crazy now and heres a limit thats mine okay like i said i want to do the meta install more for you and so lets go to face and here it is kill me then We are going to download even if it is extinction for the browser and when I click on down I go I am in Colombia so I am going to choose chrome and then install mind more for chrome and here it is and the excess maybe for you as a star in Spanish this part very well so it is downloading now adding to the colon very well and there it is so now I have chrome here you can see that I am going to apply it to this to ping meta master to have more than here and now I also have a new one also what so here we are very good so to start in goal more there is this button is tactile we are new here so I am going to create a new wallet kristen and world if people are saying that it is impossible here is an attempt then we are going to do another way later its fine here in the mate but I go and save April and Im going to create a password this contraction sign is not so important because if I forgot this there is no problem if I have the 12 words that are the 20th of cap from my wallet but for now I have my password and so after this there is a ball that I am not going to look at but it is important to understand what happens like what we did of the two words that slash rich or gray so and here it is very important for It is important that we are never going to show you these two words for anyone, it is okay, I am going to show you now because I am in a class so only for this reason that I am going to show you my words but you cannot do this, it is okay so this is the most important part of your wallet and it has to be very very well kept and here we will be after this I have to put the words back to be sure here I copied and that they are good so we are going to do this very quickly and for what should or should not be ok friend if you illustrate one of you can you explain what the two of the words in the wallet are for our our people as soon as I am doing this and if we could through the twelve words you can that value is the from monica who know each other in munich but we have these 12 words or the cipher that allows us to fully recover our words is something very similar to the private key you pass with the pneumonic anyone who has the monic of these 12 words can import the goal more and have access to your flight and therefore to your funds the same thing happens with the private key so please save it not in the cloud but hopefully on a piece of paper in these 12 words very well thank you very much then I already made the backup and my two words are very well kept and now here is my wallet when we start the wallet and meynet is issued, which is the main agent of etherio for now I am going to change my led to see that I do not have the net rates and now what am I going to do then I have to click on this show right test networks and here is a button to appear then the snet networks and well if I leave this now and come back I have no snacks here and our course we are going to use gingivitis and comfortable for today we are going to start with the beginning so here I am at wikileaks the next step is to obtain this is the link in the fawcett and this is a very important part but to do this here with a lot of people it can happen that the house & stays empty and many people are trying to do it at At the same time, so some of you have already done it, but what are you doing with me? Maybe we have to have a little more patience to do this. Its okay here in the easy way. It is a site and this site by you are going to make a connection with my wallet so connect here I am going to choose the meta more here so I dont know what happens to me what happened to my screen that is not connecting now yes no and it does not connect so I connect not wait for them like this then when I chose the connection here you can look that I have the site in Hong Kong which is the same one that is selected in my meters no it is not the same it would be it should be because it is not connected so lets try to connect again now yes now the connection is making so look Im going to make the connection so Im authorizing this site to connect with my wallet and then I can send transactions and receive here then its ready look now its connected its fine fine and look that I have people here who are the same people who are selected and they put me in it is perfect so this is the wallet it is the address of my wallet and I want a little bit of clean a little bit of ender I am not a bit for now so I have to wait for the transactions and in two minutes we have the link and also this score here look I already have the ether but where is the link and it doesnt appear here you have to add the token here in the wallet so I can still go to our chats lets look at how we are here I think we survived it seems so and they were all wrong Im going to try to put it here if its not right we have to put it in other spaces and well see if its going to work or not so now where is he lynn is from this then this is the address of the smartphone that the token links and I collect then I go to my goal more and I have here a button to import the toppings so imports toppings here I am going to paste the address and look here I have the link with 28 decimal houses is very good and to activate now I already have vinci links here very well this matters what is perfect so this is the initial part that you have to do for today to start the practical exercises after this so we are going to use the pri mix and here I can put for you signal sants where is it you can put for me then this is a remix and that you have remixed we can say that remix is ​​ one it is also another place where we can do a simulation of a block in a year and our computer in the memory of the computer but at the same time we can also connect our remix with to our wallet and send transactions directly to people what to tell us so for now we are going to do this for rinkeby but we can do for any network that is set up in your mind more we can do for matic for pods and for poker is fine so it is seen this is the first part we are going to fall into the second and with new first button we have the explorer failure if we are going to create a file now to create we are going here in this create a new fire and the name is register only this we are going to do a great adventure to register the boys we have to put it in another place we are also going to look at this yes then here is my mix mix you can do one of these if what happens probably someone is not there well yes very well and we are going to create the file and the idea now is that you are going to copy and paste this file in your clinics and I am going to close this joke and here is the remix so I am going to paste here no doubt our part is fine this is our first smartphone and what we have here we always start this is a good practice it is not an obligation but it is good to start with a definition of how a license you are using is not we are going to use the license in haiti and then in the next line we are defining the version of the verifier your request that we are going to use here look here I am the word pragma is defining instinct I am using zollitsch and in version 0.8 point 3 from here until 12 weeks ago it was the last one but it is not anymore so this is always Updating and moving on I have the floor against the definition of the contract and everything that is inside the curly braces is my contract and what I have in my contract we are going to start with a variable so a variable is how you own a box to save some things then Im going to save some information that can be anything you want to write because its a strange one it can be numbers words whatever you want and the visibility of my variable is prohibited its private this means that this variable can only be accepted inside of the smart context, then a person from outside who wants to look at the variable cannot directly on the smartphone. You are going to put it in another way, which I am going to explain later, so we have the definition of a function in the same way, so that which is within the keys is the definition is our function and the function the first function is called dead info which is to look at the information that is here then getting because the name is a public function or that the person can access you can call this function is a vile because nothing is changing in the smart, you answer only by making a query and this query returns for us a variable that is of the string type and thus memory because it is we are not saving this information only you can save but here is this return is out of memory and So we only have the return of the variable info I exist the next function is called set info and this is a function to record the information we are sending a parameter inside the function that is also of type string that will be sent by memory and which is info with the stroke below it is a public function also anyone can call this function and we are only saving the information so here we are making a change in the state of lavrov and we are saving very important information is that they are very attentive to this Partly because you remember that I said that it is not possible to accept the info variable but the version is public every time you are going to record information here it is possible to look at this transition so if it can be monitored every time the set info function is called and I can look at the information that is not mediated by parameters and then I can know what information exists there its good its interesting to understand this part so thats it this is our smart counter its very good our first smartphone ted and now were going to do the compilation so Im going to the 1 2 3 the fourth icon or third button now to facilitate our life click and auto compared with the sellout compa enabled and you can see that here I have the partner is the same one that is selected and same as before here I have a symbol from here, which means that my match contacts is ready, its compiled, but if you want, you can also explain in the company western show resist punto show after this well see you for the next step, which is the publication of the smart contest, the publication as they had discussed before here if I make the publication now I am doing it in the memory of the browser in a boxing simulator but our objective is to make history also in the people here for this I am going to change the wireless so I change the empire in mind to inject cool vitry ready you are going to do with my remix you are going to connect with my wallet which is the metro month then we are going to do I dont know if not now yes why not probably I already know why I was with this like the open fawcett before starting the class so what happens here free mix you dont know and now I have metals and so I have to refresh the page here I am so I have the record again I go here is the selected compass I go now inning airlines and inject 93 this makes the connection with my matrix wallet here we are fine here in the same way as al fawcett now i have to do an authorization for the remix and i communicate my mind more than next and connect now ready you can look also this is good and in your wallet it kills more has here a symbol of connected very well and also calle bailén you can see that there is rinkeby because it is the ideal so it is very well I am connected we go a little down and here I have to buy look that for me the concrete is only one to select so we do not have That we are concerned with this time is very good we were extremely applied on the play button and this is going to be we are going to send a transaction for the rinkeby people to make the publication of alice match complete they have talked about this it is interesting to know what there is for some transactions and then the transactions are recorded in the blocks as bieber already explained very well but there are three types of transactions one to send to do is from one person to another two for the creation of a smartphone three and three to interact with my spots with bleach and it has been published so now we are going to do type 2 which is the creation of a smartphone test and here we go later look what feeds me a pop-up window is opening to make the confirmation because I am going to spend spend not only to despair there is an expense to make the publication of the smartphone in English it is the gas in ether and then confirming and we have we can also look down here that it is a status area we can look at some remix information and we are measuring that there is the creation of the record pending we can see the line e3 here which is that you already know what the text is and that here we have a transaction the details of ministry which is the creation of a contract and that it is ready we can go back and mix and see what I have just transaction Confirmed I can also look here in the mate months concept of plans everything ready very well so now below there is a part on the left that are those of the complete project so the contracts that are published I am going to copy the address of miss match country and this It is very interesting so every time we create the same thing with the smartphone it has its own address and in the same way that we have the addresses of our digital phones the difference is that the smartphone does not have all the functions that our accounts that we call external accounts account here and Im going to look at how we are here it seems that this is not going to work for all of us now I dont know and it seems that it is ok not for me to refresh this also what I would like to do is that we have here I dont know if it will be possible to do this Im going to make mine okay so my name and address of my smartphone 3 so in the arts we know its going to be crazy now okay maybe not all those people can do it and its a very complicated part its not I know where it is now its fine very good so this is the address of my hands context ready and we are going to interact with our smartphone I am going to fall into the high sister and look that I have two buttons here although it is for info and others that is active and because these have different colors, the info button is only to make a query to look at information that is there at night when we send a transaction with this function, this query is actually made in the local node, which for us is the node of the meta months so this query is not applied to all peoples nodes because we need to change anything in the block so if I click on five now we can see that I dont have anyone here also because when I recorded the same accounts and there was no one I achieved nothing so lets go for the other function that is the seventh set info is hers because we went when we called this function we need to change him from night and when I talk about changing the state we are talking and without photographs so he thinks he has a photograph with your right hand raised and now you want to have a new photo with your left hand raised so to change from your right hand to your left hand you are going to send a transaction for the block because you are changing the photos they are changing the states so ready what are we going to do now we have the state that our info variable is empty there is nothing and we want to put some information here so I am going to write ching lin that ends and I am going to click on the send info button and now I am sending a transaction to the brush I have to approve in the mate more because again i am going to spend 10 paradise to spend feces confirm one important thing i am not very concerned with how much i am spending because the rat is nets but if you are doing this for real it is very important that you pay attention to the value of the guide from faith to dont pay a lot to no so were going to confirm again I have here your transition is esther pompous infop in 20 were going to save a little more we can see the transactions tristán is also pending very well still painting well now yes now yes its ready so the transaction is confirmed and I am now going to apply in the info button you can look at the proof that it is not mine so what happens now now it is something very interesting because someone that is not me interacts with my match points before me is seen and this person I have to thank a lot because my pass is already advancing because this is the second part the second part is that because our smartphone has the public setting foo function anyone can call and change or have the same sources pass so I couldnt I couldnt do the timing because someone else and managed to do something that probably after me so Im going to try again now its my go so lets try again but I really like this because it really shows what happens with a public boxing and there I will show how this was done was then Im going to save again I think that now its fine yes and now yes now its my information that is here and this person here I dont know who it is that had saved the test before me or after because I did al 8 in link and the person who tested it and then I did the chaine inc and again like this person I did this one did this kind of thing look what is known to interact with my matches with you and you have to make them know two things 1 the direction of travel with 3 and 2 and match them with application vainer and interface which means that they are that you have to know which country are the functions that your smartphone has and here for example if it has the source code of shopping tourism he has more than the idea and its enough so around here someone you know is going to beat me from another person now I also want so alexander Im going to change your smartphone set now how am I going to be seen here Im not going to apply the button play the smart is selected and with date is this but I am going to apply in the ets agressió I am going to paste the address of the smartphone to the extension here since andrés and I am going to apply here you can look below and I have another copy another instance of xerez sister but this is not mine, it belongs to alexander and we are going to see what information intuit matiko inn suites match content has, it has nothing yet so I am going to save my name here very well confirm we have to wait a little longer so that it is confirmed in the blog in which this means that the translation is increasing and that we are waiting pp so that the information remains registered in a block that is now so I will look here and I do not have the information from alexander that may be happening here it may be that alexander put an address here but from the smartphone I hope it is from his wallet I want to see if it is then here in the ether and if I am going to look at this yes exactly I can look here that this address is an address of Alexanders wallet at the address of the smartphone so lets try someone else efraín Im going to look at your smartphone dt now and I hope its the happiest tweet address that already exists and not the address of your wallet for the meta months okay lets see this then this is not Im going to download and we are going to try another one and here it is so efraín put it to see dad its fine Im going to change for me so now we have my name too and here it is we are going to confirm this to keep the braids a little more and that is the saura sensation of the mind that it is going to be confirmed in the blog that is here and now yes now I have the sun in the friars [ __ ] very well as Camilo said this is one of the challenges of public machines so we have to do something with This I have another version of this sister smartphone that has an access control but I dont know what this part I did now I did it a little quickly and I was also not looking at the garden or the brains how are you guys need help so I think its a time to have a longer break so were going to take a 15-16 minute break so that people can go to launch them than to give their lives so we dont stay together again and do the next one and they leave happy For me I am from Brazil I say I am from Sampaolo but now I am on Cisco because you are going to work I am going to speak at another hackathon that is going to take place here with de Gracia on Fridays so for me it is 4 and 44 so for I know that there are other hours and well see each other again at 5 for me, so in 6 minutes its fine, perfect, so the idea is that we can share some google mix sessions in case there are people who are lost or who need to review so that they can join some of those sessions and we will be accompanying them there for the next 15 minutes and thats it, then if they want hwan gilbert nestor eric daniel and louis create a smith so we can share them through the daily chat and see how we can help people Very good, see you in 15 minutes, very good, so lets go back, now Im going to share my sons account and there it is if we are not seeing it very well and look now guys, there is a kick out on the screen for you, what are the exercises? From the first day there are a lot of these exercises for later but now weve done the first one and were going to control whether its this I m going to stay here one more minute so people can be here too I just shared they are also through the chat zoom the link to the exercises that you are showing us perfect thank you very much so lets take a look now that here is the decision that it is my first smart contract that we did a few minutes ago and we are going to do this now that exercise 2 is the access control and then Im going to put one more thing this is the file so were going to load the file register access I really like to use the pp but with more than 300 people its a little difficult so at least for the lo What do we have, we re going to do with this, yes, its better, very well, so its fine, and here I am, and then I have my sister daughter here, and Im going to raise the masters degree, access, that youre going to have access control, I dont like this now, and then Im going to copy and paste from it that you have so what do you have where is this then this is our reister access has more than now that it is then here to be sure that we are talking about the same thing and we will understand what I have here in the same way I have a contract but now my contract has more things, my string in background is more, its just one piece of information, its a raid of information, so we can have many pieces of information or types, as I say in Spanish, someone elses arrangement is fine, so this is not an arrangement of of information we can have a lot of information and this is defined as these these cables and then we have another variable that is of the address type that is to store an address that can be of a smart and with gates or of a person from a wallet in our case its the address of the person youre posting this is match points and its also public here its private this is public whats the difference when the variable is public we have to automatically solidify it creates a function like the same name of the variable is a public function that can be used to query or that has our variable after this we have a new data type that is the mapping so this mapping is a type that is called xavi value so for each you know there is one it is just a value in our In case we have a mapping of addresses and vule or us then for each address I will know if this is true or if it is false and this mapping is called white list that is, this is our access control right away we have the constructor and the constructor is a function very special because this function is only executed at the time of the creation of the smart home page so we use it to initialize some variables in our case we are using it to define that when we put our smartphone which is the massage pons english what is ready the master auto singer is the wallet that is sending the three transactions so it is the address that you are seeing the transaction in our case it is a wallet of yours because you are seeing the transaction each of us also have to add this person to the white list and in the mapping here I have the detection and I am saying that it is true so it is on the white list after this we also have a different thing that we have not talked about until now which is the event the event concept for boxing is that this is not recorded in boxing but it is external information that we can use to monitor what happens in some transactions so it is possible, for example, to create a javascript file that is inouye to monitor the ching blog and every time a smartphone has an event that we are going to define then lets go to do something, for example, every time a transfer is passed, we want to update a greeting and not an external wallet, it would be this kind of thing, so in our case, our event called infotén tsc is to say that the previous information was this and now we have a new information informs this smart concept has most of the concepts of sol and vicky and the next concept that we are going to work is the modify is the my fire and it serves to be added to all the functions the same thing happens and I put the information directly in a function but in this way I am doing it in a clearer, cleaner way so lets understand this first this my fire is saying what omnipower does, that is, only the person who created the smart and with ted is what he can do So something inside me modified I have another important command that is liquid and so it is a requirement that the month and point singer who are seeing the sensation is Monday and if it is not I am going to send the message and put and yes I am going to continue the smartphone roof if I do not want to use this for example and we are going to see where I am going to use this look below I have admin see and increase to add and to exclude a member of the uai sad I go to pass the address of this member are public here and they are public anyone can call but they are omni owners so I am going to verify if the address that is living the transaction is on my list or not and then I could do for example this and not have this and do the verification here directly within the function but there is more than one function that needs the same requirement it has the dna inverter it has the leaf mendez to withdraw from the by crisis so on hearing of doing this and copying the same information in the two is minor in containing one use the wef yesterday audio of from then its like that or that they are to the union he stays has added here so if the omnium a lionel that returns true the condition is fine then you will be executed because it is passed here that is to say that this address is now in a new crisis it is true then we have here another function that to remove a member from our white list which means that it is to say that this member now becomes false which is not bad it is a new haiti list is only ready and only the owner of the smartphone can do these things to you lets see here so I have another modify the other modifier that is the white félix so only white list means that only one person who is on the white list and who is the person who egypt in a true when we do the query in white list you can do something and if the person is not there we will send a message or a white list link and if it is we will continue the code and where we are to use the white and if we are at use here money sachs info info the 5 for us now is to make an update in a position of our link that already has information so in this area each one has each information stays in a position in class at 0 so we have 0 which is a piece of information, then we can add another that is in position 1 and another in position 2, so if I want to change a piece of information, I have to say the layout, which is the index and what the new information exists and when the information is changed, I I am going to issue the infotec event so that the people who are monitoring it can answer, I can know that the information has changed, so the one seen here I am seeing the event and here I am really changing the information, see that I also have another new function below which is the info then this function is to add new information for this I am not saying the position always stays at the end that continues adding new information then only or parameter to information that I want to leave recorded also only who is in the white list can call this function and in this case I will have a return that is the position that the information is believed to be saved and here then I am adding the information at the end and then returning the index of the information which is the total size of our up there - a position because printed in the sky here we have then the functions that use the white list and we have more functions on our smartphone tec one you already know what the gatt info is but now the getting needs that you have to pass the parameter to the position that you want to consult the information so I want to know what information it has in position 0 or in position 1 so here I have this plus there is one more function that is to list all the information that is recorded in our list and then instinct and a king of springs is returning and anyone can look at this in truth from anyone himself there is no restriction here I did it this way but you have to be careful if you add many positions in our king you will not have memory to make the return of this different then a good practice is to do what I want to know what happens from position 0 to position 10 for example then define the initial inss and the final insee I am not doing this here because it is a center of text and no it is not to be so complicated but it is seen here we have everything we need for our registry with access control now we are going to do the same of the registry what is it I am going to look if we have there is a question about frames then frames we are not like this on the drive but the contracts are here in some document of the exercises its ok we are two decades and going back in remix the next step is my here its already green so its already compiled we were going to publish our smartphone test too and I already have hell inject 93 is connected in rinkeby for now and I have my account here you can look when Im interested are you also sure that this is the same 3d account you can look here and my goal plus who passes with three of this is dying but its this and here I have my contract and sister access Im going to be the one from now with signatures were going to save a little like this and thats it now Im going to download this is not mine Im going to download for now and this is mine access already exists so Im going to get to use it again lets go lets see what happens in you know when we have people from all over the world this is very nice lets just look this is mine you can one or two people place your name and your brand condis and I also dont know what we cant all do then just to also do a test with another and then it exists very well lets see now that I have here is there something I have a problem here now you dont have this problem but I dont know what I have because I changed to old age or smartphones and places remix and mixed excellent but sometimes it does some bad things and this is a moment my life is desperate for me access has much more functions what the gasifred salt info so what i have to do is refresh the page again im going to do and there are more questions now then Roberto the base symbol generally we do not do them in the greater than means that it is to continue the code so it does the verification of my fire and then the code of the function that we are giving my fire a break in the limit of elements is continued a limit and a lot, a lot, but it doesnt serve us very well, more than we have the limit gas that should be done in remix if the limit gas Im going to put my contract back and were going to talk about what the limit is then here they are registered I Im going back to inject 93 but now I have the authorization and its connected there so its already the limit there are two bellvitge concepts in herat with lets talk about guides we have to talk a lot of things but lets go to these two there are some limits to your execution of your transaction so when Im going to send a transaction for boxing I can say you can spend this limit of my my sets and if the transaction needs more than ready then youre not going to execute this but there s also the block limit so theres a limit gas and this is very interesting because as the years go by I come to night of chillón this which is limit was increasing then well I know that I have less than 50% better than it was 4 years ago and what happens with this and The problem of having very large blocks is that the larger the block, the longer it takes to synchronize these blocks with all the nodes, so smaller blocks make the synchronization faster and when we talk about blocks we can talk about a Its also a little more complicated and in the event of a jerk, the blocks are looked at on average every 15 seconds. At times, there is something called and works that is totally different from the usual one, so we can have a main block that is the main chain. but you can also have one as if it were a fork and that has one or two blocks you can have up to level 5 that are also valid for a lower reward than the main chain but these blocks have transactions that are valid is completely different from the bit coin for example, because the bichi coin only has the main chain and it is not possible to have this type of robots, there are none because then the combox are as if they were separate blocks from the main chain but which are valid in this way and what is the difference between connect based on this way the beat coin has 5 blocks of 10 minutes exactly for this reason because it is not possible to have this type of two blocks that are worth the same for right now but this era has this and with blocks of 15 seconds it may be that it is changing it is completely synchronized with this so what else do we have then and we talk about manuel and we are going to talk about the white list yes yes exactly I dont know maybe but the sad by is to define to control which cool people can stop the parts of the smartphone text in our case we then have two two access controls, one that is only the owner of the test smartphone and another control that is only the people who are in the bus and kris, so in this case we are controlling by the white list we can have a lot of different ideas tomorrow we are going to do some more complicated things too but Paraguay is this is a month in your simple very well so Im going to come back here to the same as before that its ready no its not ready and its ready to what well I hope its here why a stake I do nt know if its possible to copy or if I have to refresh again I ll probably look outside 1 - 2 it seems so if this is the same as before then its ok look here and there is the post but I dont have here here so Im going to use the sagres with the publication I made before and here I have the registrars now with everything I need that we have a lot of functions the holder is my wallet list info I have nothing now and Im just going empty if I try to retrieve information from a position for example one I will have an error because it has seen it does not exist now nothing exists in this position very well and I can verify that in my address it is the same joke very well it is true here then lets go to activate a new information the information will be wood gates and here they are I am going to confirm the transaction and it is ready we are not waiting now yes so if I go now the leasing I have something clean here but time is in position 1 I dont have a bigger one and then there is the zero position and here if I have something trip Im going to call a new information look for 2022 it comes to me then confirm lets pray that the transaction stays registered in 1 here a little bit very good now yes and then now the leasing fomvas show for us wood cake 2022 for the info now I can look at position 1 because I am 20 22 and in the same way I want to say that look for me implies zinc is power I will not put it but it is Spanish and here it is with signatures again I was looking that we have some people we have known here for a long time so it is a pleasure to have them here eaten again I am very happy now we are going to look at the leasing game for 2022 Spanish but I want to say that the timing and it is fine so I am going to change a position 1 no longer 2022 but jennings with signatures and it is seen very well the feeling is ready and now I have wood that in English and Spanish this is the control and the control system like access control I did not show the access controls So lets do it now [ __ ] that I wanted to add from another person Im going to look at Gustavo so Gustavo Im going to look at your smart phones now here it is that he liked entertainment intuition good wood thank you very much so Im going to try to add one information on the smartphone search for searched and this is possible or not what do you think then I am going to add the int sample in this it should not be possible I am not going to look because I am not new gustavo ready haiti should not be able to do ready mix normally sent a message to me first lets see what happens now gustavo why can i do it im already in uruguay listing to our white list how interesting im going to create my wallet theres no reason why this is working if im a new eclipse of gustavo very good thank you very much gustavo so its working but since it was a person that Im not there white list so were going to try harder again Im going to look at yours now first Im going to look if Im on the white list express mind copying my very well then I Im not on Gustavos white list I want it to be in tourist wow avenue or without and I have no idea or that its here very interesting well Im going to get online so theres info I cant do it look at the remix and its very helpful and look and this and then I can look at exactly what is happening now the false sensation to manage it better because the reason is only way sad because I am not in water and I can send the translation in the same way if I can but I am going to spend gas and Im not going to be able to do anything Im not going to be able to do anything but I m going to do it because its a class so we can spend fake gas but were going to spend then enter section normally when you see a message like this it doesnt continue its fine [Music ] with signatures and we can look here here we have a game like the exact one because the transaction was not confirmed it is not possible to do it and the list did not change so I demonstrated how to be the object how to make the roof and you can see in practice how this control works from the smartphones I m going to look at more questions like who wants practical cases and we can later share some links of the verb be the shining because there are a lot of practical cases same with dates thats fine Roberto two events not exactly see all the events and the events They dont need algae at the moment but there is a fair of 10 to say that at the event there is a Welsh match with him but not after he stops entering with a white list if you have to say what the persons address is then Im going to do this where is gustavo I am going to add to a miss match with sets you are here from the cabos a yes here is fine and how am I going to be seen here in the remix me boeing from mendez is fine because I cant do this here because I am not in the same context and the same amount of snow here, not only am I not the owner of the smartphone and of the fog, so lets go, friend, here it is mine and I am going to activate Gustavo on my smartphone, confirming the organization and after that, Gustavo tries to add new information and mitch mcconnell very well I can look here that gustavo is on a white list now it is true and I am going to see if in a minute he has new information here and other questions we are yes we can say that he only follows that taxi taipei the business that send here that is to say like this yes band if gas is spent in all the ways I wanted so if you have a better and June if two things look that you can wet and delete your address from your smartphone and from the water luis but because he is the owner from your smartphone you can add yourself again in this case more this is a very very good question because these things about having rights and access are very complicated a lot of tests are needed so that it stays well be very careful with this if it can be looked at liked placed added some information there is no other person to add it is so if I added the address of tweets wrong with the Chinese of all milk very well we are not perfect and look guys I did something that is impossible or almost impossible yes our smartphone If I had a function to call another smartphone, if it made any sense for me to add the address of the smartphone, I liked it, but not in this case, I made a very ugly logo and I really have to add the address of the wallet on the side in no of you from your smartphone and Im going to change seen so before that Im going to download the address of Gustavos smartphone so Im going to delete here with signatures and then Im going to add the guaracha now yes very well done so I can first look at the address of Gustavo is fausto now and Im going to add were going to save a little bit if you try now Gustavo and add new information here as soon as he came to my side hes asking where a management disappeared and I didnt answer its ok I was wondering how you can interact with the function of smart contracts usually if it is from visual studio or it is simply from remix I think tomorrow we will continue answering this question but give it a wide one so I can anticipate now that in any case then here eurythmics indication is yours you can build an interface of a web page and as this there is more life where you see mix you can create another so there are a lot of ways to do this very well Im going to look now how are you I dont have any information on gustavo yet I dont know what gustavo is here but no one changes here I am going to ask and this is the other persons question what happens if I delete my delete from my white list it remains lost and this then I am going to delete myself from here and this is a very, very good question Because we have some real cases of loss of access control that are classic, one of these is from a wallet in the country and that is one of the types of problems caused by the execution of nodes in Peru. One person made a change of escort for this wallet. That because of this, millions of people remain blocked and it is not possible for anyone to do anything. If one of you would like to comment on it, you can comment and one more thing, so look here. I am no longer a member of miss match context, so I can do something. thing Im going to add again in 2022 I cant because Im no longer on my white list so now Im not going to be but its better that I add myself again and white list and I can do this because Im the owner of my smartphone tests a little more as soon as he goes up to answer questions if julián exists the communication between smartphone testing right I was making a smartphone for you to communicate with my more contacts to do a presence check its not ready yet but were going to do Something like this look here Im already in my cool christine again so now I can add the information with signatures very well mauricio tomorrow we are going to use garden but not telephone in this wood kate to telephone is needing to do an evolution today we are going to use more hard hat than truffle I like a lot but today we are using more fed up and continue we can control a dice in this way if it is better that it be a little more elaborate what this yes but it is possible you can make a shared wallet imagine that You have a smartphone what are you going to do a wallet many subjects but people are not going to allocate transactions from a wallet that if a person makes a deposit anyone else who is on the white list you can use and throw away the funds you can Do it this way if Roberto can unleash the many files I think youve seen Im going to look if now I have if wood what henning and espanyol 2022 very good guys or is it incredible how this part is very important what are the fundamentals of smartphones and I we have to monstre in two different smart contexts almost everything that we have here then all of this part yes then lets talk about the visibility of the function not all of them but you have to look at this for everything we talk about parameters of the data types of the arrays of the meetings we dont talk about bases and structures now but its easy and we talk about a few more things that are the guzmán and files events so this is our goal of winning and what else we have is this well solange I always think that to all of us who have been actively involved On this issue of intelligent contracts, the first thing that costs us is the paradigm shift is to be able to understand how the writing process was, the reading process in blogs, and there is also the whole issue of access controls that you showed us today, for example, the mes is punto sender, which is a person who deploys the smart contract, it is super powerful, it is used a lot and the interesting thing is to invite them to continue learning to continue reviewing and we did a marathon of almost three hours where we spent from the basics of blogs Sainz, which is an intelligent contract, we saw how to use remix, how to fund our account with a test balance, if that is something to test, it was something that had value, I think I would be a millionaire, there are many fawcetts that existed at one time, but the nice thing is to invite them to continue reviewing what we saw in todays session tomorrow both you and I were going to be in brawn and you are going to be in hard hat we are going to continue showing you how I saw several questions how we are going to be able to interact with these functions from the back no longer necessarily We have the graphical interface of remix and we want them to tell us what other material than other content in Spanish they want us to believe I also got lost as you tell us presents and if it wasnt very hard what do I do because when the session ends you can watch the video again you can ask about the record group the idea is that as a community we help each other mutual support is essential I think that here none of us consider ourselves experts there are many things that we continue to learn every day for example Juan and Luis last year joined us as existing They fell in love with the bootcamp and are already working in different companies that already have to do with the world of web 3.0. I think that one of Solange emails passions to see is also teaching and investing in a channel that you already shared with us. Together we want to invite you to create much more content and good thanks for joining us review the exercises get ready for tomorrow we already send the installation instructions to those people who have had some inconvenience we want to invite you tomorrow an hour before 45 colombia time which would be more or less than ezeiza 7 argentina if you are in spain I think it would be 11 at night to help you with the basic configurations of payton dont leave the hat we are going to look for a platform that simplifies the installation process also check the installation guide that we share with you about everything we want to help you in your mind in that previous hour that was all from me I dont know about the verse lunch having néstor luís juan something you want to share with our dear audience quite a few people joined us we realized how in Latin America we are a little messy at first that you shared so that we could put the names in five seconds we destroyed it but then we sorted ourselves out a bit again and we already put the numbers and one turned a little more to the right as it should have been it was the first time I tried to do this with more than two hundred people and there he is aware and 50 is fine but he this pete is not prepared for us no we also destroy because there are a lot of people here it was very nice but very fun and look that what you show only something that surprised us the interest there is too much interest there a lot of potential many of us have started as volunteers from different communities we have begun to get involved in these scenarios resuming in Louisiana Juan won the bootcamp last year one of the lines of the changeling volcano néstor is crack gilbert is crack we are all crack you who are learning with us too because we are part of this web 3.0 revolution and we have to keep learning all the time because this is going so fast with javi we say that a year in blocks link is like a year of a dogs life its really like seven years have passed Im here at ultra speed so well Gilbert I think you wanted to tell us something if two little things that remember the hashtag I think this link 2022 have the gifts for you so take a photo share its already day tomorrow we have all this week for you to share and participate We have a gift with you for a little skirt and that you continue learning, do not stop learning because we learned from the bases to program the first application contracts a bit, but we need people in all areas that are implementing block change, whether it is the end, I felt digital self- sovereign regulatory issues etc. etc. there is a huge field so congratulations for being learning the day and complementing what you want to come to motivate the people who participate in the three sessions we will be giving them one by one a proof of attendance at our bootcamp and we want complement this dump with different workshops so tell us that you want to continue learning how we had fun I dont want to leave but its time to go to sleep or if not tomorrow we wont be able to dictate to you in the bootcamp session so have a excellent night the people who have had problems joining the disco if they want well it is not an email to see how we can really support each other the process is not so complex at times as it gets a bit rebellious thank you very much have an excellent night early morning we and they are even on schedule I loved seeing everyone and everyone tomorrow we will continue please stay tuned because there are two sessions apart from jharkhand and brawn ready see you later thank you all see you to the water Bienvenidos al Día 1 del Bootcamp en Español para Desarrolladores de Smart Contract de la Comunidad de Chainlink versión 2022Si tienes alguna pregunta o problema con las instrucciones de configuración previas al bootcamp, puedes ponerte en contacto con nosotros en el canal bootcamp-español en el Discord de Chainlink Links a las otras sesiones: Día 1: GWrwb608IzM Ejercicios: Sesiones de Brownie Día 2: Brownie Python: OLK-3q8gwFk Día 3: Brownie Python: cxvuIxvcAxk Ejercicios: Sesiones de HardHat Día 2: Hardhat Javascript: MxAI2DChvXI Día 3: Hardhat Javascript: j4iyeVEQsB4 Ejercicios: Chainlink es una red de oráculos descentralizada que permite a los contratos inteligentes acceder de forma segura a datos fuera de la blockchain, API web y pagos bancarios tradicionales. 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