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chainlink criptomoneda precio XRP to CRUSH DEFI Competitors Ripple... Chainlink Avalanche Cardano Polygon Kadena y Más
welcome once again to the Channel today we are going to talk about five cryptocurrencies that you cannot ignore that are gaining popularity on print sites and are very promising at this point in the correction you may be wondering what to invest in right now if you are looking for a list cured with cryptocurrencies with little time on the market and with a high probability of succeeding in 2023 your wishes are commands you have the time stamp if you want to jump to your favorite crypto some you may know others will surely surprise you to see them found before thats why you took your time a good coffee and Pay attention so you see the true potential of each one I am not saying that these cryptocurrencies are going to increase massively this year but four of them are part of my portfolio in cucoin and I plan to hold them long term and as always a like and a subscription will let me know if you liked the video at the end please leave a comment with the crypto that you would recommend us without further ado Lets go in fifth place Avalanche by now you must surely know about it and its potential to become a network as big as i the reason why many cryptocurrency sites choose Avalanche is because it is one of the networks with the highest development of applications has one of the most relevant communities in the crypto space and activity on the blockchain has been increasing despite the current market situation Crypto prices increase due to several factors, the main one being when talking about blockchain networks of smart contracts. It is simple that users are using it so much and the greater the amount of data being developed, the greater the demand for avax, since every transaction involves the payment of fees with the native touch if you enter tap Raider frequently you will have noticed that Avalanche has been increasing its position in the list of the most used networks in the ranking of the protocols with the highest volume of trade we see that isirum continues to dominate the sector tiffair Lama we see that the total value locked of all tify protocols is 52 billion to 60% below the 167 billion in November and we see that Avalanche appears little by little in the largest protocols Avalanche already dominates the 2.6 polygon And that is a great achievement as it is polygon is a icterium layer 2 solution that preempted their proof of work to proof of stake merger then follows pods and chrome avax has seen some 20 30 50 percent increases from June to date by which despite including it in the video as a long-term investment can certainly bring interesting returns in a matter of days if we trade on Google trends we see that these increases coincide with the rise in popularity of avalanch on the internet at the end of May and in the last month it has doubled they say that avax is going to be above a thousand dollars in five years and in a previous video we analyzed Avalanche together with cardano I leave the link in the description avalanch is superior to many other networks of intelligent contacts because of its Revolutionary consensus mechanisms allow the use of unlimited customizable virtual machines Transaction processing time is less than a second Can process more than 4,500 transactions per second for each sapnet Unlike Polkadot and Cosmos that process up to 1,500 and 1,000 more than 3 million of wallets hold Avalanche the avax tokens that we use to pay the transaction fees are automatically burned and this reduces the supply Avalanche specializes in the toxinization of assets outside the crypto world and offers incredible protocol bridging that is, a high interoperability between the blockchain networks the Avalanche network has three blockchains CX and p refers to the exchange contract and platform the exchange is the platform where digital assets that represent resources in the physical world such as stocks and bonds are created and traded the pichin in the chain of blocks that coordinates validators and allows the creation of new subnets the Pitch Chain consensus protocol is called snowman with this new block chains are created and allows the creation of smart contracts through the c-chain which is like an instance of a virtual machine from inferium but powered by avalanche a virtual machine is a system created using software on a physical computer to emulate the functionality of another computer the token was launched in 2020 so it is in its infancy one of the main reasons i am talking about avalanch And surely it occupies a large part of this video because I am an investor so if you also invest in avax subscribe because I am going to talk about Avalanche very often in fourth place to see one of the most anticipated tokens of the year since it is launched by nothing more and nothing less than will be launched in a few days for those who entered the White list and then we will see it everywhere since with the prestige of it is to be expected that it will not take long for it to appear On platforms like cucoin is one of the cheese section and the largest crypto wallets in the world all crypto platforms have their token is that has been there since 2015 and already has 34 million wallets and more than 5 million daily active users, which is why they launch the token to reward the community, contribute and participate in the ecosystem together with the token, they are going to launch the Birds decentralized exchange, which will be provided with liquidity. In other words, it will be an 8mated Market Maker, an automated market maker, everything works thanks to intelligent contacts and we are the users who can provide financial services by depositing the tokens so that the rest can be swaps or obtain loans etc. These are decentralized finance the services are provided Peer to Peer not to be confused with the existing token which is also called Birds the sale of the token starts November 1st and Bears will be used by millions of users November is going to be a very interesting month for the token and its price action its peak supply of 210 billion tokens distributed over 7 years these token distributions that make in these tokens it is the equivalent to the bitcoin halving which was programmed in its protocol and its relationship with the hashrate. In other words, how fast can the miners mine bitcoin and when being mined increases the circulating supply in these tokens something similar is done so as not to release 100% of the tokens to the public on the first day and thus be able to maintain price stability and in the article they remind us that partnered with Avalanche as if that were not enough, we will be aware of the launch In third place we include polygon Warren buffet is indirectly investing in polygon Since it invests in the Brazilian crypto company New Bank, which is going to launch its own token, nuk Coin has only been on the market for three years and is an extension of incedium, it has the fundamentals and figures necessary to increase in the next bull run michael blanch the former electronic arts exec left the game company to join polygonstudios And if they are dipping into blockchain gaming and metaverse projects and nfts among them blocktopia and the gaming industry is going blockchain from a a little 10 months ago the head of the gaming sector of YouTube left his position to join polygon they also associated with meta therefore millions of users will use polygon in the future for that reason polygon could not be missing from this list in second place cardano A few days ago he is one of the most authoritative and leading figures in the administration of cryptocurrencies since 2013 he increased his allocation of cardano in his smart contract fund in the fund is solana polygon polkadot avalange Cosmos and algorant being cardano the which occupies the largest allocation the siu of this fund says that contact technology is smart is critical to the growth of the digital economy But it is still too early to tell which platform will win another reason to invest in cardano could be its easy Hartford was all a success for developers if we forget about the price of the token the ecosystem And especially the community has not stopped growing I recommend following Charles hopkinson on his YouTube channel he is certainly as determined as champ thought of pods on the cardano site says the community They are the ones who define Cardano and their governance model shows that true democracy is possible since votes are recorded immutably in this way they are the ones who decide the future of Cardano and in what way the funds of the Cardano treasury are going to be used It has shown from its origin that it has a fairly versatile and secure environment to process multiple transactions without failures and well, the famous interoperability with other networks already has it with Conicyrium and something follows Grant, fit and many more, so guys, if you invest in nothing, welcome to the train and first of all we include three blockchain networks that are receiving support and capital from institutional investors around the world or chain and chainlink bases Oasis is a network based on confidential smart contracts private decentralized finance and data collation Oasis prioritizes applications that promote data privacy and user confidentiality by operating in two separate layers, one for consensus and the other for execution. It is that the lack of privacy in this new blockchain era is one of the biggest obstacles to mass adoption. Oasis aims to solve this by being a privacy- focused blockchain protocol chain is a Red Bull of War by two former JP Morgan employees who joined the very creator of blockchain technology Stuart Harper in addition to offering zero fees and unmatched performance and instant transactions chain has a revolutionary smart contract language pack one of the co-founders was the technical lead in the cryptocurrency committee of the sec And this cannot go unnoticed what I like the most is its ease of designing smart contacts as in the case of cardano with Bluetooth chain there could be mass adoption of their taps they created a multi- network architecture that ensures you will never experience congestion or downtime the fact that the blockchain pioneer is on your team that honestly packs a punch chainlink one of the limitations of the adoption of smart contracts It is that most are limited in functionality since these blockchain networks are somewhat isolated from traditional systems and that is where chainlink can play a very important role in the massive adoption of blockchain chainling technology that provides a bridge between traditional systems and new decentralized finance and This is going to be key for most dups to be able to connect with outside data sources to run protocols also Channing monetizes data from traditional systems so businesses can offer their resources to the creators of smart contracts while most of the networks started aiming to completely replace the traditional system Channing that is positioned as the only one that can connect these two worlds its founder sergi nazarov and his company Smart Contract have been designing oracles for companies like Swift, the system we use today in international payments, so Chain, which will certainly be able to see an interesting performance in 2023, this has been all for today, subscribe to see more videos like this and leave a comment, which cryptocurrency do you recommend? buy see you in the next video Cardano Avalanche Polygon Chainlink Oasis Kadena y VerseVeamos de cerca las criptomonedas más prometedoras para comprar antes del 2023. 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