chainlink vai valorizarCHAINLINK aumenta seu POTENCIAL com essa PARCERIA

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chainlink vai valorizar Fleek Network : rseau de diffusion de contenu... CHAINLINK aumenta seu POTENCIAL com essa PARCERIA
In todays video, Im going to do an analysis of Chamlink, its already there Involved in several blockchain projects, that is, in the cryptocurrency market, but it has just partnered with the traditional market. the news that Im going to bring was even from a comment that I realized this news so thanks to everyone who comments on the videos and lets go there to analyze the chamlink good for those who dont know TIM link is a Centralized Oracle for any Smart Control i.e. smart contracts is basically what moves the blockchain what are smart contracts are contracts made on the blockchain and they generally need data that comes from outside they need data from the world so to speak real right the outside world from the blockchain to make these smart contracts and put the data on the blockchain and who is used for this TIM link is the main oracle project beauty that is, it brings data that is not present in the blockchain that is in the real world and that is why it has a very high value for the cryptocurrency market because basically all blockchains will need data from the world outside the blockchain it is already involved there with several different projects as you can see here look here real world data that is real world data you can see here means more or less that is the time here youre not mistaken they are satellite metals here from medicine here an american football a soccer ball an account so its a lot of data right from the real world outside the blockchains I mean it goes to Tim link and TIM link passes it to the blockchain projects look here Dragon byenense avalanche Solana there are several blockchanges since they use it understood And then the blockchains can pass to Tim link and it can pass to real world events So it is an intermediary between the real world that is outside the blockchain and the blockchains So you can already see the importance that Tim link has because because it is necessary to do then this intermediation between data from the world outside the blockchain and inside it, right, so it already has a fundamental role working there with several blockchains as you saw here are some case studies for example here at coaching and in several other projects here are just a few ok here shows a little bit of TIM link technology but I already explained how it works in a very brief way and thats basically what I believe you need to know at first and that is connecting Smart controls to the world outside the blockchain that they call from the real world, its events and data, its easy for companies to adopt, right? oracle right Okay, now what maybe many didnt know is that Swift just entered into a partnership on September 29th with TIM link so that to carry out cryptocurrency transactions of digital assets the project will connect Swifts network to almost all blockchains to allow traditional financial players to access digital and traditional assets on a network and thats what I already said yes in another video the traditional financial world will use cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrencies that are Involved with the traditional financial world will appreciate theyre going to have a better financial performance than the others. the Swift system partnered with TIM link to work on a proof-of-concept project that would allow traditional financial companies the ability to transact on blockchain networks ok so what happens to who will link help by partnering with swift so that traditional investors can transact in digital assets Take a look Sole said that the undeniable interest of institutional investors in digital assets Ok so lets continue for those who dont know Soler is the director of Swifts Strategy, well, he said that the interest of institutional investors is this is undeniable Ok and now using TIM link they will be able to make these transactions the Swift messaging system is the most used platform for traditional transproteirist fiduciary transactions connecting more than 11 thousand banks around the world Alright then there are several banks that use Swift imagine the Swift to partner with TIM link to offer traditional investors access to digital assets thats why Im talking about the next good Market will be very, very extreme But the question is when will this good marketing be, thats where the question is. its going to be now that its going to start now I think its difficult with monetary tightening and the stock markets falling, everything indicates that cryptocurrencies will continue like the Crash in 2000 in technology stocks and then have a resumption TIM link added that this collaboration with Swift allows financial institutions to obtain blockchain capacity without replacing developing and integrating new connectivity in connected systems, something that would require substantial notifications with a high cost, so basically Etiene will come to solve a problem and reduce costs, right to have access to investments about digital assets, so thats what Ive already said, the return to all the projects that help the traditional market to reduce costs and to perform with more speed in the blockchain and in the transactions of digital assets and in everything that encompasses this, right? This transformation that what is taking place will, in my point of view, be successful mainly in the next Bull marketing which, by all indications, will be fueled with strong money from institutional or if I from Mastercard say without a panel session in May about cbdcs that do not expect Swift to exist five years likely due to increasing cbdcs competition for international payments and settlements later MasterCard retrieved the statement noting that this Michael simply meant that Swifts operations will continue to evolve from its current form thats right there the person who commented on one of the videos right talking about it she commented on a video about xrp because because xrp can come there as a competitor of Swift but thats what Swift has a partnership with banks currently but when they reach cbdc they will be able to use a Payments Gate And thats where it comes in Apple understood So I dont know where the suite is going in this case, its something to think about, you know I cant have a clear answer but I dont see xrp being harmed thats why its happening ok Honestly not what xrp does is different and it will be well correlated with cbdcs when they arrive if they arrive but this is already something that is kind of obvious that it will arrive, right there TIM link it is here with a marketcap of 3 billion and 600 million is positioned in the ranking 22 so the potential of TIM link is top 10 beauty currently in my point of view because it brings a very important solution to the crypto market and its maximum here was 52 almost 10 times higher I believe there is more Crush ahead but I found a link there is a project that will enter that incredible category, too big to fall into ber marketing so the video will stop here if you liked it leave your opinion below in the comments if you want to see it Some analysis of cryptocurrencies leave it below too that I will try to bring a particular video for the crypto that you suggested or I can bring it there in one of my weekly market analyzes as the last video posted Alright Ill go on until the next video Chainlink inicia uma parceria com o SWIFT e é algo que pode acelerar o investimento institucional no mercado de criptomoedas, potencializando o próximo bullmarket.No momento que esse vídeo foi gravado 1 token LINK = 7.37 dólares chainlink chainlinkcrypto linkcripto link criptonoticias cryptonoticias criptomoedas cripto Seja bem-vindo ao canal se é novo e já se inscreva e ative o sino das notificações para não perder nenhum conteúdo novo sobre criptomoedas em geral, bitcoin, economia e investimentos. 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