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hey guys colin here and wanted to post this video uh pretty urgently i wanted to post it from earlier today but to be honest i was i was running a lot of errands and stuff i just i was able to kind of get home and get this done so you know ive been looking at link okay i saw when link first broke out about four dollars and when it came up here to about nine dollars i was waiting for the dip went and i saw it go all insane all the way up to you know just about 20 and i said from there you know what im gonna wait until it comes back down to this breakout point because we never really came back down and tested this breakout as far as i was concerned so i said i was going to wait for somewhere around five bucks we came down you know to about seven dollars about two times right seven dollars and then eight dollars however the thing that made me decide to change my mind on getting into link was one of two things one was because of link btc okay so the valuation of link to bitcoin okay extremely important link to bitcoin if we look at this valuation of link to bitcoin right around here was the same place where it broke out from four dollars all right around 33 000 satoshis and even though we never came back down to that value in usd we came back down to that value in bitcoin in terms of testing this very very significant level of resistance as you can see we were held below this from june 24 2019 we tested multiple times kept getting pushed back down and then finally we broke through it um you know about eight months later went up and then we came back down and held support on top of this level very very important and from there we were off to the races so that lets you know that this is a very significant level of support okay and when we came back down here link was about 15 somewhere around 14 15 but when we got here i said you know what im gonna bite the bullet and im going to purchase link now because of its link to btc valuation because when you look at the link to btc valuation we have come down look at that about 80 is like an 80 retracement versus btc so that is a beautiful time to take a trade and so i bought link at that point in time um at around 34 35 000 satoshis okay as you can see right now we are up to 58 000 satoshis so in terms of the bitcoin value i have almost doubled my bitcoin right now at this point however do i think were done uh absolutely not we do expect um one or two retracements for example we notice over here this this was a significant wick of support so i would expect this line to give us a little resistance so maybe well come back down for a little bit um you know before we try to proceed going back up but back to the link usd valuation and this is this was the point where i said you know what im gonna actually increase uh my link after this point and this was after we got over the previous all-time high now there are magical things that happen when we get above the previous all-time high for example take a look at bitcoin right we went up pretty much a hundred percent after passing its all-time high um weve seen things like that with ethereum okay when we passed ethereums time high ethereum went you know like another 30x or something like that it reminds me of 2017 when ethereum was at 10 and later that year before we knew it um ethereum went to over 300 after it passed its all-time high so there are great things and magical things that happen when we pass an all-time high and so this is what i have been waiting for we look on the four hour and let us go ahead and let me come back out here a little bit and lets go ahead and draw a horizontal line okay kind of in this zone between the body of the candle and that was the wick the highest point that we had been at okay now lets go ahead and zoom in a little bit closer lets see what happened on these candles so of course we broke with this particular candle we shot up above there we came screaming back down on the next candle we tried to go above again came back down the next candle we went above and we closed on the four hour above this zone okay this all-time high zone and this is very significant okay as i can as i said um exactly where were headed you know to be honest i would expect for us to double to at least double at this point of course you know this is not financial advice im simply sharing my own thoughts and opinions make sure you do your own research because anybody could be wrong of course but of course thats why we also have data and excuse the noise in the background i have a lot of kids in my home so so um but yeah so this is significant guys because once again just looking back at history whenever projects past their all-time highs they normally go pretty explosive okay so we have seen here now we have had some four-hour candles close above this significant level of resistance and as we can see this was the 15th of august where this level sent us screaming down um you know pretty much from twenty dollars down to seven and a half dollars so more than you know it might have been lets see take a measured move versus usd that was over 60 right thats how significant this level was and so for us to pass this and close above it it is extremely significant what happened the last time we passed our previous all-time high lets take a look right here heres the evidence right here this level 4.72 cents between 470 and 5 bucks okay 26th of june 2019 sent us screaming back down we took our time we worked back up got rejected worked back up got rejected even even harder this was the corona dump but it was also a rejection from this level of support uh resistance sorry made our way back up again got rejected again got rejected and finally we got over we held support above this line and we were off to the races so when we passed our all-time high right here eight months later what was this hold on 27th of june 2019 oh june 2020 so one an entire year guys an entire year we were below this level once we passed it look what happened once we passed it we went 284 almost 300 percent after crossing our all-time high okay if we were to do that again and go 300 percent um again you know that would take us to what an 80 link okay so um of course right here this is price discovery right now because there is no ceiling theres no previous data to go by its the same thing we were doing against bitcoin right where when bitcoin crossed 20k all we could do is speculate as to how high it would go so nobody really knows but i would expect after passing an all-time high again um that we would normally at least double okay we would normally at least thats what im expecting again i cant guarantee that of course link versus btc as i said before significantly already up versus btc so i ive gotten more btc i got 55 lets see just from here this is 55 call it 56 percent more btc right here okay and thats the end game right because of course we know that bitcoin is king and so the more bitcoin you can get the better off you are so guys um thats what i want to share i think this is pretty significant of course like i said we have a few hurdles to cross before we can really make our way back up there but we came down pretty quickly and a lot of times when you come down very quickly just like how we went up quickly we came down very quickly as well so we could get a really really nice bounce from here lets check out the fibonacci retracement at this point from swing high to swing low and as we can see for us to come up to this the first part the 23 um the 0.236 level is right here 65 which pretty much is 100 a 100 retracement thats a 100 retracement right there versus btc um 38.2 takes us up here to 85 000 satoshis 50 as you can see this is a very significant level between these two the 38.2 and the 0.5 because we have loads of support and resistance in between these two points this is a very significant area and i wouldnt expect us to cross very quickly right um thats where we are with link okay guys so my main point was this is i think a very very significant thing and i think this is very good news for link so well see how this plays out over the coming days and over the coming weeks lets keep our eyes peeled and see how this goes okay take care guys THIS VIDEO GIVES AN IMPORTANT ANALYSIS FOR Chainlink.Why this is a significant move taking place right now and where we could be headed.