chainlink 101ChainGuardians and Chainlink Virtual Meetup: ChainGuardian Character Release

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chainlink 101 The History of Bitcoin, the First Cryptocurrency... ChainGuardians and Chainlink Virtual Meetup: ChainGuardian Character Release
um youtube real quick and then we can let some bitcoin and um yeah if you want to also um just stop presenting oh sure yeah definitely im just testing the testing the presenting how do i stop though sorry can you stop me stop video yeah okay you stopped me right great see you have the power i got i got the power yeah no real really excited for this uh thanks a lot everyone whos joining in uh well give it just a few minutes let some more people join um yeah rob robert robert robbie what do you prefer yeah its always really been robbie really yeah robbie you should show you should show the people joined right now the back your back of your shirt oh yeah okay of course im begging for these yeah he got got the top-notch swag going on [Laughter] yeah so obviously so if you can kind of see i know my chair sort of zooming in and out there and thats like our poster girl in many ways bitsy naka aptly named obviously as a kind of um nod towards bitcoin as the kind of you know the the daddy of the cryptocurrency world if you like okay well yeah so then um sweet and yeah thanks a lot everyone whos joining us in from from youtube i got it got a really exciting uh meetup that well be doing right now uh with robbie idon and emma from chain guardian so they got some exciting updates to their characters uh coming up for their new blockchain game and are looking for uh the chain link community to help uh you know push the designs forward so this should be it should be really cool uh well get started here in a few seconds uh wheres everyone robbie youre in uh uk emma youre in are you in toronto um just north of toronto slightly yeah nice okay cool and then elon where are you calling from uh im from uh currently in edmonton canada nice nice is it snow is it snow in there yet oh yeah yeah its uh a feet and a half i cant even get out its stuck at home because its a i have like a 400 meter driveway well its like i have an 8 grit so its like 400 meters to a driveway so it takes a while to get it cleaned up iodons internet still runs on dial up so just in case he drops off youre all aware yeah a little worried especially with the snow right its like oh is his internet gonna be okay yeah if anybody here is uh that might be i dont know you know i maybe a little bit to the side so we can see uh dipsys face shes blocked hes like blocking okay i dont know shes much more prettier perfect yeah without him blocking like half of the face you make it like you make a good couple light on oh were pepsi eh im jealous cool well yeah well go ahead and get started here thanks thanks a lot everyone whos joining us in from youtube really excited for this meetup with chain guardians we got the co-founders joining us today uh they got some really exciting new character releases uh coming up and are really asking for for the chain link communitys help and you know pushing this forward um so definitely interact with the chat um really want to make this interactive uh even though its on youtube so feel free to comment chat we also recently put up put a tweet out that youll see on the smart contract twitter as well as chain guardians twitter uh we can drop those links in down there in a moment um but to vote on these characters that well be kind of talking about so a little bit about the agenda today um robbie edon and emma will be doing a quick presentation uh about kind of everything thats chain guardians doing a little demo and then well get into this design challenge thats going to be coming forward for for their upcoming launch and so yeah with that uh maybe we can just go around and emma do you want to just uh maybe introduce yourself real quick sure um emma im actually im based in canada so im the one of the co-founder of chain guardians very excited here to be here today and thank you so much um for giving us the opportunity to meet with the channeling community so were very excited cool yeah and were really excited to be working with you as well and thank you for joining uh eat on uh you want you want to introduce or maybe your whole uh guardians uh certainly so um this is a item so im basing edmonton uh currently but i i travel quite a bit uh globally and now so i guess my role is mainly around the technical blockchain development portion of the project but i also do i guess uh i guess part of the business development cool thank you bob for sharing yeah robbie uh yeah uh first of all there just to reiterate what emma said thank you so much for having us on uh all of our experience with yourself keenan and rory so far as well as the tech team with uh chain link has been amazing were really excited for you know the different capabilities that the uh verifiable randomness functionality is going to bring to blockchain gaming as a whole we feel but obviously specifically to us at this moment in time so just thank you very much for that um in terms of myself uh yeah my names robbie uh i am one of the co-founders alongside idon and emma um mainly my role is centered upon uh community as well as um partnerships and also as a creative writer i do a lot of the story law aspect of uh the design element of the game and such cool yeah they make thanks a lot everyone for for sharing yeah so you know really excited about blockchain gaming you know everyones looking at like okay d5 is really cool like how do we combine these as well as like whats the next thing and you know chain link brf being able to help this so its really exciting working with you guys and really excited to hear you guys story uh right now um yeah so without further ado uh emma i think you had a presentation uh that you wanted to get to right or yeah um let me do it so im gonna show my screen so hopefully everybody can see it give me one second im having some um technical challenge earlier so just see how this goes okay give me one second sorry im the the least type person on the team so just bear with me and then i have to do the screen shoot okay can you guys see my screen yeah it looks good emma okay cool great okay okay um so actually i know im gonna get started okay so um in front of you its our bipsi kilter and then we actually um this ones actually a character that we designed for our video which some of us if youre interested can check it out on youtube so whats chain guardian train guardian is the first blockchain superhero ecosystem that we built for players and also collector so we basically combined the traditional and gaming concept with the latest blockchain technology so we wanted to bring the value to our end users so in chain guardians we focused on um let me go to the first line maybe and then in one of our slogans that we believe and every chain needs a guardian and so thats the idea that right now were working with uh chiang lake to actually um design a changing guardian for um the chain link and in here we kind of just wanted to can everybody see the slide i just dont know if theres a lag in and loading now we go demo okay cool great so in here on this we just want to give a quick overview of what are some of our advantages and some of the things that um that we wanted to focus on so basically besiding and creating nft we see this uh there are a lot of nfts thats all on the market but then what we wanted to focus is actually creating um exceptional quality collectible mft for our um users so i hope i think that most of you probably know nft stands for non-fungible token and then our goal is to um to create a unique collection of a superhero for the blockchain space for example um on the on the screen right now with you its bipsy so um she is our poster girl and she is also our strongest um guardian for within the chain guardian and cryptoverse and of course because bitcoin is the most real so thats why we have to make her the most uh the strongest character in our crypto world and then were here today of course and we talked about earlier is that we wanted to invite a changeling community member to help us to one design a superhero guardian to represent chain link and which will go a little bit more details and as we go along the slide deck so on why superhero so because um we want to create nft not just an nft for like no reason we want an mft thats actually connected to the blockchain space and the idea is that collecting a chain guardian nft is almost like youre collecting a piece of um art thats representing part of the blockchain world so thats why we have the whole idea of creating a chain form guardian for different project and then so its owning like owning our nft is almost almost like youre owning uh a part of the blockchain history of course besides creating exceptional good quality value or nft we also understand that nowaday people and users or are we calling the collectors or player they wanted to have nft that of course to retain value and then also have different main use cases so thats another thing that we focus on is that we design an entire ecosystem not just with a good quality design nfts and then which will go a little a little bit more details on how we design those characters and then also that we create a whole ecosystem that is our nft players and collectors can have ways to use our nft by participating in the game that we created and we have two type of game which um robbie will demo um soon one of them is um mining game where our players can earn passive income and then another one is just a like a role-playing game where a player can just play and then use the guardian character to fight um in-game lastly and one of the key things that we focus on is we wanted to build strong partnership with other blockchain projects within the space so such as today that were here with the chain link because um besides designing the chain link guardian and then also is that we also integrating with chain links uh verifiable renderness function with our smart contract so the chain link guardian nft will be the first first nft that we have where the collector can individ individualize the color and based on the color that they like and then you would definitely add more rarity to the chilling audience that they own okay and next one just about the two games that we have so one of them is that i talk about is the proof-of-stake mining game so what this skin is that um we actually the first project i have this mining in basically is almost like a passive computer simulator mining game where players can actually earn passive income so basically robbie will show you the interface later by only the nfte you can participate in our nft mining game and then earn passive income on the right hand side and we actually partnered with a lot of um a few a major uh blockchain gaming project as well such as uh my crypto hero theyre the biggest japanese um game blockchain game and um easter is another um its almost like a pokemon ether monkey and then crypto skull kryptomorph and few other ones so any of our users or any of other people that owns those nft can come and participate in this nft mining game and on the right hand side we have this question role playing in basically um its focused on its a free to play where its a turn-based role-playing game where we partnered with other blockchain projects for the in-game world and of course the players can come and check out the storyline of our guardians by and participating the game okay so and now im going to actually pass it on to robbie and he will demo you on both skin just to show you quickly how they look like uh perfect thanks emma um so im going to first of all um make sure that i can uh share my screen uh obviously yeah um let me just see if i can share screen uh it should be scream one there we go uh can you see yeah okay uh thats good looks good to me right okay so um first of all this is our free-to-play role-play game now um one thing that um emma may not have touched upon in great detail is essentially the two different ways to play that we have right now are the free-to-play mining game and the free-to-play role-playing game and both are linked through our back-end apis uh and were in the process of we do have a marketplace but in a uh very shortly going through the process of revamping that entire user interface so that its more friendly and usable so that the two are more seamless and interacting with one another but the free-to-play mining game that i will show you in the first instance is a really good uh well essentially anybody can play as long as you want any of the nfts that were partnered with and the uh the tokens that you uh can possibly kind of win its like a mining simulator game um will also show up in the role-playing game and you can then use those tokens theyve got multiple use cases such as upgrading your character um purchasing lets say consumables armor and all these different types of thing to assist you in the rpg so the mining game once youve logged in will look uh something like this and the i own nfts in one of my wallets um from these different um projects that were partnered with so when i click um so ive clicked over to chain guardians there you can see whats in my wallet for chain guardians which is obviously our project and then i can select those assets and it will tell me what hashtag they have um and will populate on the right hand side here we also added a sync assets buttons for if you get any new nfts and you want them to show up quickly you can click the sync assets button um we have a block his block history here which shows previously mined blocks as well as uh who won those particular blocks so you can see theres quite a few participants here and the amount of cgc chain guardians coins which is a fungible uh like it is um it is not a erc20 however we do have some exciting revelations to share about that in the future to show the player to earn uh mechanics which will be a player and the ecosystem that we are building um if we click down here we can see all of the different projects that we are essentially partnered with and also a nice quick link to open c is the secondary marketplace here to to buy those assets should you want to so you can see the different projects that were partnered with here at the moment in time and were always looking to reach out to new partners and add more into our crypto versus alliance as we call them so that you know more users nfts will be usable in this way as like a an essential nft proof of stake um you have the nft you you stake it to the mining game and as a such you can earn the cgc um so i can go to participation here its just another little neat interface here which will show where i have participated its much similar the block history i have to be honest usually it loads up much quicker than this but i think its because im sort of streaming uh that its not loading as quickly as id like so you can see who won uh out of the previous blocks i have participated in uh and then weve got the balance here uh itll load up my balance here again just taking a few more seconds and usual believe me its usually much more quick and slick than this is just because im streaming and you can see here its loaded up my balance and when i won those particular blocks so just in terms of participating its very simple you go to our website uh along which is and along the top you will see a mining button you click there and log in if you havent got a user uh to essentially log in thats really simple too you can actually when you log out you can desert ill show you uh what screen you would see and you can sign up super super quick and easier and start mining straight away if you want any of these nfts um so im just gonna show all with this filter of all the different nfts ive got in this wallet for my partners im going to select just a bunch of them here uh usually go for the is dash rate and ive got here nine out of nine which is our current top amount start mining give it a second or two and there we go currently mining and it will tell us when the next window opens to re-participate and its a 24-hour thing so daily you can log in and its just an idle mining game and you slowly accrue cgc so if i just log out of here very quickly this is the screen that youd see um if youve got no account youve got a little sign up button there nice and easy simple as you like click that and follow the steps to sign up um you can link your wallet if you like um to our back end um login stack and were also looking at adding more user-friendly ways for uh logging in essentially like with uh were currently in talks with the likes of arcane for their wallet stack and so on and so forth um also on our website you can log into um our rpg now our rpg does have some um is is obviously continuously being developed so we have obviously released it but were cons consistently updating it now i have turned down the volume so hopefully thats not too overpowering the music something we want to also um adapt um what i didnt show you there is there is an option to change language here we do currently support japanese and vietnamese obviously as part of our partnership with uh my crypto heroes a lot of their users are japanese so were trying to be as uh language friendly as possible you can also see here that my cgc my chain guardians coins uh ive synced from the mining uh the number might slightly be off because it obviously updates every so often uh you can see here my team so my nfts i own uh so the mudra i have a clone and a few celia in this particular wallet uh which are all i let nfts and i can drag and simply drop if i want to change these over you can see the levels here as well and also their skills level up and youve got a bunch of different stats there to get grips with um in terms of my inventory all these are currently not unchained some of them are but not all of them so theyre not all nfts but some are and again obviously this is all part of the ecosystem that were currently building uh so these are uh our nfts or can be minted as nfts uh and here um uh things that i can buy if i want using my cgc at the moment in time uh in terms of right now um the coliseum is where were looking to down on our roadmap to implement uh pvp so where you will battle other chain guardian teams and we can have tournaments and obviously players will be have opportunity to stake cgc as part of battle as another functionality for player to earn we do believe that at this point this is when the ecosystem will really start coming into place whenever and thered be more engagement with the rpg because at this stage then players can battle one another as opposed to just playing through the play versus an environment section which is the role playing game section users can also have a free daily summon or they can use cgc to get um a different character depending on how much they want to spend so theres my free daily so im just going to take him and he will go into my inventory uh sorry my team over here as you can see ive already minted a fair few of them and also uh if i just go back to the summon if you want a rare character you can use you can buy with more cgc um these are all mintable to nfts they are not nfts immediately because once it becomes an nft we dont support the buying and selling of the nft at the moment on our marketplace youd have to go through open c but they are mintable as nfts so and essentially essentially youve got that kind of player to earn dynamic there um the actual um players and environment section here again were still in the process of adding all the worlds um but you these are the worlds ive currently played through and as you can see this is my progress here and if i just click here um lu and luke is yet to be added so there will be drops and obviously cgc and i can click begin here and as you can see weve got the rpg um theres quite a lot of intricacy that you wont even notice to this in the sense that depending on their stance uh a different attack would be more efficient out of these different attacks below um and also theres an internal timer which you dont see depending on the speed that you press it will also determine um how much damage you do as well um these combined uh make for a skill element as well as a strategic element which we believe will come into play quite significantly when pvp is taking place so just as a quick demo you can see here i saw my thruster didnt do loads of damage to this guy try my range then i get some more damage just to give you a indication weve also can use some of our nfts or uh some of our um fungibles the in-game fungibles to have different effects depending on what i want to occur special moves also take place he has a special move because hes one of our guardians as chainlink would also have their own um special move which also improves over time um with that thats more or less at this time um you know the shortest most succinct demo i can give you there is a story element uh to the game as well uh which hopefully youll become immersed in and this supplementary law um which has also been added to our website uh which you can read through and comics uh in line with the kind of anime theme style that we are shooting for um which um is also there for people to get get immersed with really and with that i will end my uh demonstration and i will pass back to you emma okay thank you robbie okay okay can everybody see my screen its good yeah so good uh one thing i would ask as well as if if there is any questions keenan that come through about any of this because its a lot to take on board please feel free to jump in and you know ask us any questions that you think that might be pressing from your community like you say we want this to be kind of as interactive as possible for them yeah well yeah yeah everyone that thats in the chat definitely drop any questions um just go through the demo you guyss design is sleek its amazing how far you know blockchain gaming and just gaming in general has come over the years and yeah congratulations for this and excited to see it come yeah hes going to say you know the other thing is obviously we were looking to bring new ways to play all the time uh you know we have got long-term aims to you know make turn our game into 3d especially some 3d 3d pvp scenarios um were were heavily involved and have great relationships with uh you know different metaverse projects and um that is also definitely something that that were looking to do down the line yeah thank you and now i was going to say were excited to uh to see the chain link guardian going to be designed and then so people can start using in the game that will be exciting too for us for us as well as hopefully for your community member as well okay so um thank you robin can i just add one thing so i just want to bring like one of our very early merchandise because i happen to have it its a its a watch uh its a collectors edition made by a company called undone which some of you may be familiar with the original company has a history of building watches or bracelets for rolex so so not only are these these collectors edition but you actually have a function uh with a near fuel communication chip which you can actually um i guess use it to launch the game recognize the wallet its tied to your wallet uh so you can actually use it to you know activate features so we do also want to you know are making physical collectible merchandise as well or something to keep in mind that you know well try and cover the whole spectrum of not just you know blockchain digital but kind of traditional marketplace as well traditional physical collectible item basically right yeah thank you thanks aidan and robbie um okay so ill just continue on with um so earlier robbie showed you um the demo of um the two game that we currently built so the mining game is more or less um its a what we completed the rpg game is still kind of the beta stage so we continue bill on it but right now with both scanners robbie show you that you can earn something called cgc so you can stick in the mining game for more like the passive player lets say if you just want to go in once a day kind of just select the nft that you have and you can start earning cgc and then um for of course for the role-playing day you just have to actively kind of fight and you know relax when youre trying to play a game for fun you can also a way to um earn rewards so what what our community member has been doing with the cgc is that right now you can actually um reading for uh a reading for in-game characters and then those characters can actually mended us nft if they are a guardian or something thats um eligible so basically we do have a marketplace also um once the you earn enough cgc you have the choice to actually upgrade assets for in-game for the role-playing game or actually um mend those um characters as nft and also we have community member has been actually minting then and trading on a secondary market such as openc so i just wanted to share with that and then of course on our future roadmap that we also going to release um erc20 governance token which will give more um an option for our end user to able to convert the cgc to our erc20 token so were actually very excited about that so this is like the first time were sharing it with our community yeah you kind of just drop drop that in there really casually emma but this is a big revelation for our existing community members as well as obviously anybody else who who follows us um that obviously we will be looking to launch an erc20 called cgg which will uh like msas will be youll youll be able to redeem cgcs through play to earn mechanics such as playing through the rpg staking in the nft mining game um and obviously um beyond that uh beyond the um this the essentially claiming of cgg uh which which item will probably cover in later slides there should be opportunity for uh you know cashing that out yep yeah and on top of that so i just want to mention something um you know i guess well be the only little t pieces at a time the the cgg element will the token itself will also have uh d5 elements to it so essentially do expect being able to stake it and to be able to redeem back to various different tokens or even nfts by staking that so i just want to add that i want to reveal a little when you guys are revealing more okay no its okay okay um we actually wanted to spend a little more time a little bit more time ill not show the design of the kyoto because thats what were here for today is to have the challenge killing community to help us to design the kit so one one of the key things that were very proud of is that were very lucky to have an artist whos a veteran artist hes very experienced and he has helped us to one design our um different guardian which i show in the next slide so for our guardians it actually takes about two months believe it or not a concept to design and then our artist whos so experienced he has done work for big corporation like dc comics nintendo disney and more and um right now um for those that who knows that will use decentralian our artists actually have an art gallery and its the cg which is a chain guarding art gallery that actually including some of his uh our artist personal art and some of the cg chain guardian art that he developed for us this showcased in the decentralian location 5294 for those who has decentralized account so you can go check it out so in addition to um besides spending all the time designing the art we also have a script writer whos acquitted it and hes helping us to develop exclusive lore to tell a story about our guardian which is billing to again and then also um for bipsi we also on the right hand side you can see we actually start our first series of comic which is featuring bipsi for bitcoin which is available on website right now so thats something that we do so besides just designing a character we also build a story behind it and then we also in addition we also start a comic series for our character so thats something we can looking for for all the characters but lets start with bipsi and see how it goes and see if people like it okay okay so on this slide um its actually featuring some of our key guardians we actually have also some of the lower ring theaters thats not displayed on here so what i wanted to bring to your attention is just to give you a little bit more details how we actually go about to designing them so and the first one um the middle of course is our poster girl and her name is actually bipsi naka so by listening to her last name you kind of can guess that we actually um because we know we just as we believe who is the creator of bitcoin so we give her her last name of naka its like nakimoto so so because of a japanese heritage you can also see that she has this japanese um store called cantana if i pronounce the correct correctly so thats how we kind of design her tadana okay and then um on the beside her we designed a staff for ethereum we actually kind of referenced to um the founder of ethereum so thats how we kind of developed and very smart intelligent guy thats how we developed um umsaf lolita and for litecoin is another character we developed because she has a sun connection with bitcoin which we cannot reveal too much about her story and thats why um we actually um develop her as a shoe because there was some connection between them and then i also wanted to point out another project thats interesting is mujaformatic so what we did is uh similar with ching ling we actually worked closely with matic um executive team to develop thematic for footin and then is based on them they wanted somebody to represent a symbolized fundamental characteristic of matic and also the indian methodology they wanted to building for their cure to so they they actually want a character whos like self actualized mindful and then so thats when we developed the clear tear we work with them closely to see what are some of the ice pattern whats under the characteristic you would like to see in the guardian thats how we develop it but very similar with um chiang king guardian with mata we and also one adopted the technology to in to address the scalability issue in the crypto space just with changling we actually want to work with not just developing a character we also wanted to integrate on the technical side which well talk about more in the coming slide and on the bottom um actually and we just released this curtaining hero for decentraland today and then he i put this little guy here just on top of today nobody saying so yeah this is our 3d little guy kilter we developed for because um decentralized a 3d virtual world so we also develop a mini 3d um guy so that we can start to seek formal use case for um hero and then we develop him although he looks like a very tough guy because hes a builder but then he also has a soft side of him that hes actually very considered very patient um so thats something and very interesting that when we develop for the chingling kilter we also want your input to see what type of personality or character you feel that is the most suitable to represent ching ling yeah i think as well its just worth adding um obviously i think that the the the the most the more holistic approach is to um obviously follow the the twitter kind of vote that we have um that we have um set up over at the train guardians twitter which i believe has been retweeted and supported uh by the smart contract chain link smart contract twitter feed um is uh probably the most easy approach to take so that everybodys voice is heard um but you know we do go into a lot of detail and thought with regards to how that uh how the character is designed so if you feel that youve got something really passionate uh about how you feel that he or she may look um then please do you know jump onto our discord channel and uh be sure to interact with uh mainly emma who has predominantly our artist liaison um about what that may be uh and and and you know we we tend to try our best to make sure that the uh those voices are heard yeah were talking about maybe we should create a dedicated channel for changling to talk about how they want to design their guardian thats something we should do as well yeah and then just still also wanted to mention since robbie just mentioned this is actually the first time were actually working directly with the community such as a great community such as the chiang lang to design the guardian so our artist hes aware of this and hes actually very excited that and he cannot wait to know the results of the vote and hear some of the feedback from the community so he can get started with the concept design for the kyoto so just wanted to point that out as well normally we work with the executive team but this time we said with the chiang lang chain link also suggested you know what we have a strong community and then they will be excited we want to get them involved we say oh thats such a great idea to get the community involved so thats designer care together so that you know its something that will totally represent chain link and um before i go away and thats the last one to say coming soon from chin link we still dont know its a shuttle kilter and then beside it theres actually another character that says question mark just in case if youre wondering what it is we actually design a a kilter for fine lines and its going to be a charity sale and it will be released in the coming months so thats something exciting as well so before i go away and finish with this page i just want to say lastly for most of our guardian we actually minted very little so we meant it between 15 to 200 copies to keep the royalty so for example for bipsi theres only 15 bipsy and then its because shes rare so there will be only 15 lucky collectors or players can own her and then shes actually the most powerful guardian in our ecosystem and then we have a little bit more for staff we minted about 30 and then and so on and then um mujo we have um a little bit more i think 75 and then hiro we actually have 200 so on oops i jumped to the next slide so okay i guess that means enough talking for me so ravi you want to take over from here the slide just jump means that they want me to stop yeah yeah um absolutely so um essentially uh this is uh our road map uh over the course of uh q4 this year and uh into q1 next year um as you can see uh we originally uh conceptualized and formed chain guardians in 2019 so were still a you know a relatively new project um we also essentially built and have a fully customizable upgradable smart contract for our nfts um obviously thats centered upon the ethereum blockchain uh then we produced the first iteration of the nft proof of stake mining game which i showed you a a demonstration of a demo of um and weve since uh revamped that quite significantly uh to what it now uh exists as uh as per our feedback uh with our community uh and um as as you know the the demand uh and the progress of it uh progressed essentially um then we released our mobile and web rpgb and produced the in-game marketplace the marketplace is still in development and still needs work but thats also something that we are looking to improve upon um we at the end of uh also in q3 of this year uh we essentially produced some um nft art um again on the basis of feedback from our community whom were very fond of um you know our artists work not just the guardians but some of his personal work so we managed to convince him that you know some of our community want to um you know obtain some of his own work so we managed to get him into the uh nft art field uh and you can see some of his uh works in the uh decentral and art gallery as previously said um coming soon in terms of next steps for us um were looking to build a headquarters in decentraland as um with you know we feel that thats um a pivotal place to look to kind of expand our virtual empire from in line with you know some of the likes of matic who produced a um a virtual you know a virtual headquarters there and especially in these times where you know as we all know coronavirus is kind of making things very difficult for those kind of real life meetups um finance of recently or financed us should i say i believe ive recently built a virtual headquarters there um lots of really large projects and and obviously we want to be in an amongst them and uh we feel decentralized a fantastic place to build from without regards um also at the in q4 our aim is to integrate uh the chain link vrf uh verifiable randomness functionality with uh one with our smart contract specifically for the chainlink guardian which will essentially give users an equal opportunity for obtaining a guardian of a specific color and there will be um varying degrees of of of rarity on those particular colors now aesthetically speaking it is only a color but from a collectors perspective obviously there is always value in rarity um so if you are a keen collector of either nftr or you want a really super cool looking guardian in game um then theres your opportunity to it basically ac uh chain link vrf uh as as uh with a use case in in blockchain gaming uh but also get your hands on so uh you know youve a cool character um also beyond that the there are aims for us to integrate with general and vrf uh in other ways um we think its got lots of different use cases um true randomness in terms of um you know schemas and a lot of the tech elements which i done will probably talk a little bit better about than i will uh has has been very difficult to achieve for something that sort like completely mathematically provable or a bit based upon the most sound mathematical principles ever such as his blockchain um is its been obviously as a mammoth task which chainlink uh ive achieved which is absolutely phenomenal um as a result um we want to utilize that uh for things such as randomness within our characters statistics and also randomness with other elements within our game where its possible to use vrf so were really excited about that um also in quarter one 2021 and big commence development with a complete uh revamp of our website which we feel uh obviously needs some update and now specifically with regards to community feedback uh user experience and also the user interface um and in line with that the marketplace so that it really begins to uh ensure that our tokenomics and our backend apis are really clean and the the the user experience on the front end is much more enjoyable uh long-term aims into you know quarter two quarter three 20 21 uh we hope or will aiming to produce some 3d pvp player versus player scenarios uh in uh in in a 3d game world uh principle um we are in the process of evaluating um where that would be best fit um but we obviously have strong links with several projects to essentially enable that to happen uh obviously uh decentraland is um is a strong possibility uh but we dont want to rule out anything at this stage thanks emma um so this is a slide just to kind of allow people to visualize the chain link verifiable randomness function and how it will be worked or how it will be utilized should i say to allow players which emmas previously touched on to individu individualize the colour of their guardians you in terms of helping us design the guardian on what that will look like um you can um vote for that on twitter as we previously uh previously mentioned is the pin to the top of our twitter feed kindly been shared through the chat um in uh on youtube uh by the chain link guys um as i said previously the aim is to have some colours uh more more rare than others thanks emma um so heres uh just a uh you know a slide-by-slide walk walkthrough of this five tweets uh the last of the five shows these images which youre about to see uh the first four indicate the different votes and twitter has some kind of uh you know like constricting uh paul dynamics so we had to do it across multiple tweets apologies for that um so obviously essentially would you prefer male or female which do you feel best represents chain link from a kind of uh conceptual perspective from a visual perspective and also from a character perspective so uh weve got male or female as number one number two would you like uh like to see a more like b steel type character in line with hero from decentraland um a futuristic one as we can see uh is a an exemplified in uh mudra formatic next slide please emma um if anybody is from the uk at risk of sounding exactly like our one of our you know chief uh medical officers uh next slide please uh number three uh is or your option three for your vote is whether you think of the chain link character would be quite friendly or quite temperamental and i dont i dont mean that in uh or were not trying to present that as in oh you know chain link has a project are really temperamental and their workers are temperamental or you know that how they do things because we know that thats not true uh what we mean by that is you know are they kind of doing things a little bit more radically in their approach uh you know maybe even a better sort of definition within like aggressive and innovative or you know like steady and in line with uh the developments of the the blockchain world because we try and hinge everything we do within chair guardians on these blockchain kind of elements uh four its a similar sort of principle you know good or bad you know and again its not like either a good or a bad project you know do you think the best represented as somebody whos kind of quite a badass uh sorry if im not allowed to say ass ive said it twice now anyway um or uh like you know like the kind of like represented as like a good was one of the good guys you know and weve got kind of already ive just been like checking the twitter feed theres kind of an interesting uh battle going on so you know your votes will have opportunity to be uh to have an impact at this moment in time lastly choose a name for your chain link guardian uh its difficult to say vote for for a name we did think about uh asking like keenan and rory to come up with a few names and let you vote but i think that they decided to actually have it a bit as a free-fall and then some of the best ones that that come out of that will actually plan on maybe giving some swag away for uh maybe maybe a chain link t-shirt or something cool keenan might be able to sort out for you uh but also were looking to for the for the name thats picked i think that uh its safe to say we that we we we should give them one of the channeling guardians uh as kind of one of the giveaways any other cool one names that we like we can address some nfts for uh for our in-game proof of state mining purposes uh finally uh the social media as you said theres a twitter at the top chain underscore guardians if you want to search for us um please do join discord um we do have a telegram channel we have to be honest weve filtered all of our kind of community through discord in the first instance because thats really where most gamers go uh is to use discord uh telegram is fantastic for your crypto related chat and whatnot and we do want to build that that community out without a doubt uh but but definitely get yourself on discord um and website chainguardians.i or thanks emma is it the next slide please scenario thank you thank you no i muted so i dont disturb you thank you yeah yeah thank you guys a lot for presenting and so again with community thats out there listening right now uh you really gotta say i really appreciate every single one of you um tuning in today and everything that we do and you know this is why we really want you like you guys to make the voice and i know that each of you have a very strong voice of the direction that you view the community yourself so so let your voice be heard in this and a really cool initiative with one of the chain link ecosystem projects and go and vote i dropped the link in a few times but make your voice heard um were not were not stopping the count on this one uh you can go and and vote on this and make sure that that your voice is heard um but i think this like really like highlights the diversity of our community uh and our ecosystem you know we have vrf a lot of different things that are that are being built by some really really amazing teams and cool people so show some support um go retweet it go vote um and make your voice heard thank you thank you i think youre meeting robbie oh yeah so yeah i just wanted to wait to it thank you so much for having us on uh and thank you to for up to all the chainlink community who have tuned in and watched and uh yeah we really hope that you do get involved and vote um i think uh i dont you should definitely say a final word before we dip off uh drop off just to uh underline a little bit just maybe a couple of bits that weve skirted over regards to economics um maybe something about um ching ling how one chain guarding can benefit from changling community and also um decentralized oracle yeah yeah yeah definitely i think uh its very very exciting that mainly because um sorry theres one second again uh so trying to handle the kids looking for home kids noise he has two little young kids so sometimes if you manage one theres another one no yeah yeah and so again with like everyone thats listening and um definitely join the discord know that there theres a lot going on in there and uh you know make your voice heard thats all thats all that it is when the kids are screaming in the background uh yeah no i just want to say because i think like vr is a very very important function its going to be very very important function for gaming in general um because of theres two things right if you dont have to render the active then you the user can always hack which means they know the next catch is going to have high probability of the desirable so therefore they will try to you know reproduce and only do the catch when its desirable so then that kind of ruins the game for everyone else now even now because we know thats the case then what we did up till now is we had to use a pseudo-random function in our back-end so what you mean we decide uh what the you know to be able to kind of hide this from the public we decide how the readiness function is calculated and kind of try to leave it so when users come and try to catch something its truly rendered however you have the problem with the decentralized problem because were decentralized uh you know blockchain is decentralized so although we dont prefer we think thats the best for the players in general keep them centralized but then you have this problem of you know can they trust us um so i think you know i think uh for going forward like for gaming uh the oracles is gonna be very very important that would fundamentally change like all the trustless matter uh making games like truly decentralized so yeah so i think that thats very important um relating to tokenomics i think we pretty much cover everything um i think itll be very exciting because uh finally were tying all this like the elements of being able to do mine thats what we started with right youre able to have your um play to earn elements get this uh cgc which you can use it to play games but now with the governance token you can now actually uh be able to trade it for you know something of real value right like you know traded with other tokens uh so i think thatll be very very powerful especially now were going to add another layers of uh uh d5 uh so able to stake it uh able to kind of liquidity mine it so i think thatll be very exciting when that gets rolled out so looking forward for that cool yeah i think thanks a lot for sharing sharing that its really interesting cool um is there anything else that that um robbie emma that you you want to add before we sign off here uh no all good unless theres any like really pressing questions from anyone so how long is the vote vote open for for for people and what are you guys looking to make this this final decision by i think yeah twitter limits seven days right correct so lets just leave it till maybe yeah so this time next week basically uh because i opened the yeah about an hour prior to this time is when the twitter vote should should end uh because like like emma says thats what twitter limited us to um so yeah um within the next week drop on cast your votes uh obviously then well well tally them up uh in the interim um keenan obviously if theres any sort of support that we could put into place for perhaps people that might want to put forward a name suggestion for chain link and the chairlink guardian and um you know we can then work with you to you know essentially choose the top five uh options uh we could then even potentially do a further vote for the name from there on uh you know on twitter for for the favorite neymar of those that were selected um and because essentially our artist will be able to you know begin his artistic process of creating the guardian either the name is not obviously as relevant at that to him in terms of his process so we can crack on with that design element and we can obviously look to factor in uh peoples voices once weve gone through that initial selection process of the name cool yeah and uh yeah so again if you guys your voice and um your your name for this character gets chosen yeah definitely happy to send you swag and it sounds like youll get a get a guardian out of this yeah again i really want to appreciate emma robbie item for for coming on here um amazing work the the game looks sleek the designs look look amazing the characters look really cool so yeah were actually looking forward to see how the chain-link guardian is going to look like yeah i i know some people have some ideas and they should be dropped you know what if they have any um concept well if they happen to be artists and they have something that you know they can our artists are happy to see anything that they want to move forward yeah sure us with any ideas or probably like animals yeah anything that they like no no no seriously im sure cheerleading has such a big community maybe you have an artist whos just as amazing they want to say you know what you know i have some ideas i want to to put forward welcome to cedar yeah ill create a channel on our discord specifically for that um and and keenan you know if yourself are already able to hop on there if theres anything comes through through your channels and you want to just kind of copy and paste that across that thats also cool and we can use that as a bit of a hub uh in in our discard that specific channel for the chin and guardian thatd be awesome yeah thank you so much again yeah well again you know this really shows the diversity of our community our ecosystem and yeah i really want to thank the chain link community really grateful to be able to serve you guys and and everything that were able to do together and the ecosystem its amazing to see how far your games coming and everything that you guys are building so congratulations and uh well keep everyone updated definitely go and go and go and vote and join the discord and uh excited and maybe we can do this again at the beginning of the year and when everything everything gets launched yeah thank you yeah awesome thank you so much guys and uh i just want to say as well thank you very much for to descent land and tune punk for hosting this i know that this was available and be streamed and viewed in the virtual world there too so thank you very much for them yeah as well so thanks very much guys thank you the chilling community for uh participating today yeah please do get the votes in Join us for a video community presentation and Q&A with Robbie Cochrane and Emma Liu, the co-founders of ChainGuardians. ChainGuardians will be launching new characters for their game and would like the Chainlink community’s help to decide! Examples include:1 Male, Female or Gender Neutral? 2 Humanoid, Bestial beast-like or Futuristic 3 Benevolent & friendly or Fiery & temperamental 4 Good, bad or neutral 5 Name this could be a free for all and team pick their favourite OR team pick three names they like and then allow community to vote on their favourite. ChainGuardians - Blockchain Superheroes: Defenders of The Cryptoverse. Join your friends in the fight against The Gatekeeper tyrant: Level, earn and win! Website: Twitter: Medium: Discord: Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. Chainlink Twitter: SmartContract Twitter Shares Chainlink content: Chainlink Reddit: Chainlink Discord: