chainlink bike the driveChain quick links: A quick guide to easy connection

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while Shimano and Campagnolo chains are traditionally fitted with the connecting pin more and more chains are now connected with a small link known as a quick link master link or spare link this little item replaces the outer plates of a single link of chain and creates a reliable connection with the slotted joint older eight and nine speed links with tool free and simple to use but thinner 10 11 and even 12 speed links have complicated this these newer links are much tighter to close and typically arent designed for easy removal here Ill show you the basics in using new quick links to install a quick link you need to start with the chain of the correct length youll need to ensure each posing end has matching open inner links if there is a wider plate use a chain breaker to remove this link the master link will go in its place some links such as Shimanos new SMC n900 a directional the arrows stands on the link should point in the direction of the chains travel when connecting below the chain stay this points toward the rear of the bike put the links into the opposing ends of the chain and bring them together link them together using the large slotted holes to join correctly the goal is to pull the link apart so that it locks into the smaller section of the slot using a closing tools such as Shimanos TLC n10 orbic AMC missing link closing tool is by far the easiest way to do this especially with Shimanos new links which are extremely tight to close if you dont have a tool then pedal the chain so that the quick link sits above the chain stay youll now use force through the pedal to pull the link closed hold the rear wheel and push down on the pedal a pop will tell you the link is closed as well a visual inspection if the link is super tight so close put the bike on the ground hold the rear brake firm and push down on the pedal with your foot again a way to pop to tell you the link is installed any link that requires force to close will require a tool to open master link choirs perform this exact task and even the cheapest ones will do the job there are also portable versions of these tools from clever standard and wolf 2 components both work but neither ideal for regular use the clever standard is made of plastic while the Wolfs tooth lacks comfort and leverage for the tightest links it works but its not an enjoyable experience if you dont have the tool then a pair of needlenose pliers can be used diagonally across the link this will likely damage the link so only do it if youre planning on throwing away the link another method suggested elsewhere is to use a rope or accessory cord to pull the link together this may work on looser fitting links but itll cut your hands up on somethings height like a Shimano link its not a method I would suggest the one exception to all of this is whip amends connects links this is a reusable link that hooks together with a special shape as opposed to a locking fit which also means its tool free to install and remove for more information on the best links which ones you can reuse and the best tools to buy visit our full feature on cycling tips comm linked in the description below Turning a single outer link of a chain into a quick connecting one: chain quick links, connecting links, missing links, master links or whatever you call them, are fast becoming the common way to join a chain.As one of the smallest components of a bike, quick links all but remove the risk of wrongdoing and open up possibilities of removing a chain for thorough cleaning, pedantic travel or nerdy lubrication. For years KMC, YBN, SRAM and Wipperman have used such links, while Shimano and Campagnolo held out and stuck with special replacement pins. However, even Shimano is now changing its tune and its latest 11 and 12 speed chains are available with master links. CyclingTips tech writer Dave Rome reveals how to use quick links, which are best, whether you can re-use them and what tools are worth owning. Read the full feature: