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hi Im Jim Carrey and this is a fence Hawk perimeter security rate we had the existing chain-link fence with the barbed wire but people are still coming into the storage area theyve got boats and high-end RVs travel trailers I mean a lot of expensive stuff store here the array and its going to be hard to see on camera is this line this grows grows of electrified fence wire every six inch of the park starting three inches off the ground if you are not going to do it very like to fight now if you reach up and grab on like youre on the barbed wire you grab one of those layers you ground it to the barbed wire you grab the way you get such a shock itll knock you right off the fence if you cut the chain-link fence and push it in youll hit the wire youll get a shot cut the chain-link fence pull it out hit the wire touch the layer get a shot sock the natsu backwards on the ground cut the wires cut any one of the wires and the alarm goes off in ten years that weve been installing these fences nobodys ever gotten through what thank you Im Jim Carrey you chain-link fences keep casual thieves out you can add all the extra barbed wire you want but with the $10 pair of bolt cutters were going to go through that barbed wire and come straight through that fence so if we add an electrified perimeter security array to that fence we can monitor the status of the fence and know the moment somebody comes through and then trigger an alarm and issue the appropriate response such as the police we start with a piece of sturdy thick PVC inch and a quarter or larger the easiest way the most reliable way we found to connect that to the fence is use muffler clamps now we modify the muffler clamp by drilling out a hole in the middle and finding the appropriate size bolt that the head will just fit inside that clamp without spinning and itll be long enough to hold the PVC we then attach two of them to each fence post through drill our PVC and attach the whole assembly together just like this so a secret of one of these jobs is mass production first thing we did is we went out and counted how many posts were going to need and how many corner posts we then took each post in this is a 6-foot chain link fence so we took each piece of PVC and cut it off at 8 feet long we then measured build a pilot hole and and screwed in short sheet metal screws with rubber grommet on them they hold the electrical wire real well and theyre a lot less money and a lot less labor to install than regular electric fence insulators so we made up our 200 and some posts with cut the length with the little sheet metal screws all installed then we go out to the field and we measure how high up were going to put these in other words we measure where were going to put the muffler clamps and drill those holes right on site again its a mass production process when you first put the u-bolt on you want to leave them a little loose so that you can wiggle things up and down you want to make your wires look as straight as possible this next shot gives you a good idea of how the muffler clamps attached to the fence and how the posts attached to the muffler clamp and youre leaving finger tag when you first put them on so you can wiggle it all up and down and the first few goes slow but as your crew gets trained it turns into a mass production thing and theyll go faster as you go down the line now in the corners we use 3 inch PVC and again we bolted them to the corner post but if you have a long expanse better than 3 inch PVC might well be a metal pipe of 2 to 3 inches sunk well into the ground but in the stony soil that we had here I think the owner didnt want to rent a hole drilling machine to go to that trouble so we vaulted 3 inch PVC to the corner post the corner post will take a lot of stress from all these wires this particular fence had 16 wires on each on each side heres no little tip to watch out for a common thing when putting the u-bolts on is to catch a piece of the fence wire inside the bowl look carefully here for the right of the fence post you see shes caught a piece of that wire and for where shes standing she doesnt notice it its okay it doesnt hurt anything but if you want to slide that clamp up or down any to adjust the post no just to get things straight or whatever youll find that it doesnt slide so she doesnt notice it the quality control is going to pick up on it once your crew has installed a few posts theyre trained and things to go a lot faster while the control just notice that the u-bolt is catching piece of X and fixed oK weve got all the wires up and the last thing to do is to glue the caps on the top of the post and install a black plastic insulator two reasons we dont use insulators all the way down number one the shoulder is so wide on them that you cant screw them into the post the post isnt thick enough it have to be solid so you end up having to glue them in the second reason is cost so heres our completed fence down at the corners at the end of each row we put a turnbuckle and a compression spring this helps keep all the wires tight and it gives you a way to take up slack because there will be some stretching after its been installed for a month or two so I pre-drilled holes in the center of the pipe caps and at this point weve gone down the length of the fence glued on all the caps and glued the insulator to the caps and theyve set up and weve got that little split in them its easy to go along with a loose piece of wire and just insert each one an important part of finishing up the job outside is the signs because we want this to be intimidating now you notice a sign here it says animal enclosure I like the high-voltage science but in some localities its legal to have an electrified animal enclosure you just cant have an electrified fence in another video well discuss hooking up the fence Hawk the fence energizer and all the components inside you An inexpensive way of adding a perimeter security array to a chain link fence to eliminate trespassers, invaders and thieves.