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Hello friends, I am a firm believer, you are very welcome to the office, today we are standing at our factory, and in this factory I will tell you that the manual machine that we provide to you, what comes in the manual machine. And when we talk about complete Chetak, then what comes in the computer, friends for the world to say that whoever has already checkup is already doing this business, he does not need to complete it, he can work with his machine. But if a person is starting a new work, then for that he needs a lot of computer skills, only then he will be able to do some work in a very good way without any problem, so let me show you that today machine and computer I have difference as well as if you buy machine then what you will get and from complete then if you want then what you will get that you are looking this is machine this is simple chinese manual chain then cement factory machine this machine When you keep fish in me, what will you get machine, what you get from us, you get only one, it has come, there is a fight of four inches, it means the hour, which makes the middle of the cows, this machine, you get this festival appointment free, the practice of the machine Plus see in this its single phase or face motor will be installed a single face Yadav ₹ 50 you will have motor installed in it along with you will get starter with bottle you will get starter accelerator pedal in the staff through which you will accelerate the machine or run it What is the thing, it will be available only and only machines, if we talk now, we are taking a machine, which costs and weighs, then in protein powder, you get this machine, but lets talk about computer, then what symptoms will you get in that computer? I heard you computer beach now lets talk then first you have to do this machine with vashikaran improvement in motor starter and good bump target this thing you will get with machine if in your computer first you get from our 10 14 is placed on top of it and it is only after becoming a bundled thing that Mawa remembers that this complaint about this machine originates from here. Aapko dete hain se mukar pump se pioneer to continue phir machine mein laga rahega album mein uska fine tune correction aata hai apna saaf ko aayega sarees company ka board karta aapko number 10 ka shoulder tapdiya unka aapko humare se aapko aapko It is given in the complimentary list plus your friends also do more that mutual you are watching these two asking drink fake when that fake who put it in the ground when it is sold out now both of them have names now pitting If we turn then it is useful for turning it is fake that Bigg Boss this solid they dont need those who already have any system but if you are starting new work definitely you need this also thing after that You get friends here, this building, you die in Pooja, it is called driving school, sometimes what happens when they run the machine, then our direct entry comes out of China, then to solve it, we have this cow dupatta. It is a dupatta that sends a text message to find out that if needed, to grease the back, that means, in one respect, we have increasing dominance over the other, and this is our wire. Editor-in-Chief of Delhi Duty will not be made but it is done, this recipe is a lawyers loot, this thing that you will come at this time, why is there a ruckus, with time, you get the setting, the same cutting oil that protects this dough of yours, that it If we give responsibility, then it goes that the light that is there increases, it is not even known, then find this diet, otherwise it goes long lasting. Friends, this is the difference between machine and computer. If we talk about the machine, then let me tell you, lets talk about the machine, it is a machine that you will have a motor in it, you will get the title this year, and it will be good if you talk about Butterfly Chetak, so far all these things You get the price of the machine is small ₹ 1000 and if we talk about complete Chetak, then complete set is done, your straight knitting comes in GST, now if you need any information related to this, you can WhatsApp me. thanks to ajay In this video, we have explained the complete setup of chain link fence manual machine.Download The catalogue here - Please Follow us on Social Media to Get Daily Updates – Please visit our Website for more Details – We are the leading manufacturer of Transmission line fitting material, fencing, construction, and security products. We manufacture and provide quality products to our customers. Our manufacturing unit produces fencing machines, wires, LT-HT cables, wire nails, fencing mess, and Barbed and binding wires. DVS Infra and Electricals Contact No. - 9826921510 Contact us for any business inquiry businessideas dilipshrivastava DVS chainlinktraining BILASPUR,