adjusting large chainlink gatesChain link fence 2 foot extension part 1

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adjusting large chainlink gates Vechain Thor send to Metamask... Chain link fence 2 foot extension part 1
this and there she goes hey hello everybody welcome back to hands-on with blg i am blg im righty and i am lefty were back in the bear blind its not super horrible its 84 in the bear blind right now it feels like about 93 i think it says its not horrible were supposed to get some storms tonight and tomorrow what not but what im getting ready for is the next phase of the sheila no jump see that box right there ive already got one installed theres eight two foot extensions in that box theres 27 more in there so what were going to do i want to go in the in into the uh studio here were going in the studio getting ready to start farting with the boat a little bit too uh again the pool freezing 87 degrees havent been in it too busy doing other stuff mr financiery is now almost hit high look at these leaves are getting cool all three of were doing good were getting that wheelbarrow right there this is what were after right here and were gonna take this wheel girl for now this one with us one-handed its a double wheel see theres two wheels on it which we paid extra get the two wheels this is the best wheelbarrows you can ever get two wheels come on down now and what were gonna do is come back over this way and thats stupid both of the freaking parking lights are out again yeah theyre getting taped in now theyre worn out they they wont stay where they belong that ones hanging out and check it out this ones hanging out they just wont stay in anymore thats where theyre in you see i have to i have to i have to tape these in now of course you cant you cant expect much its a 2004 its all worn out and old but what were going to do lets start here im going to set you here start right yall and what were gonna do is take the first nine heres the first nine ive already put the bolts and everything too right boom nice looking pulls good quality the caps are already crimped on tack welded on and stuff pretty cool theres the first nine okay well theres the first eight ive got like i said i put one on lets go get 27 more of these undone oh and see what we get yeah well see what happens there its not a bad evening out actually i wish i had a ceiling fan right there but its too low way too low for a ceiling fan but here we go heres the big box right john oh boy this ought to be good i want to try to just cut the end off of the box well im not going to try its going to happen but im going to cut the end off of the box if i get in here like that i want the end off of this box i dont want to open it long ways i just want it this way and as you see theres three more boxes of nine inside oh no oh no thats fine we can work with that this packing company these guys good quality stuff i dont really care for your packing because you use way too much plastic but good quality stuff youll see about what i mean way too much plastic pretty quick here i mean this stuffs galvanized yummy and uh youll see this stuffs already galvanized right so check it out you pull out a pole right nine per package now why is each one of these packages have plastic on it these are galvanized you dont need plastic what are they going to do scratch just pack them like this dont use that ive got 37 of these little package things of plastic just throw away that sucks okay but what were going to do we take these little guys pull the plastic out them down quality is fantastic on these things ill show you quality is really good theyre all welded as you can see this goes over the top of the fence carriage bolt and nut go on boom caps are already done were going to stand them straight up like this and raise the fence two more feet to six foot fence uh they come with carriage bolts for each one and a 17 millimeter um 17 millimeter uh nut to tighten them on i got me a box four said nuts and whatnot yup but this plastic is a pain in the ass um dont do that i dont like that it sucks i cant remember the company we got them from theres been you know working it says here somewhere i think yeah this is from oh okay it says heavy this is from greenwich something like that i dont know the heavy stickers are over the top but look at all this thats all just going to get stacked up folks thats not cool well get the rest of these one two three four five six seven and two more out of this one eight im not gonna start putting it together today although i could and i might i dont know eight nine now in this box it should come all the nuts and for all the carriage bolts and nuts the little bag there they are right there baby empty box yeah thats cool i dont mind the boxes cardboard breaks down plastic doesnt so lets oh god oh god theres not much room on my beard blind table anymore theres plants on it and stuff but lets see we get here um the carriage bolts as you can see and the nuts throw them together boy im going to toss them in that box right now until i get them all right so its basically just going to be this for the whole getting ready to go oh carriage bolt nut just like that im just going to keep putting them together i cant get in there and just keep putting them together thats two make sure theyre all here come on just two three four theres five theres six but so far im im very pleased with the quality oh i cant bears work seven and just about like so theres eight right did they give me an extra one in this one i thought that was nine that might be that might be eight i dont know but uh theyre all here i can vouch for that decent of your people decent of you cool zap them together im gonna get the rest of these guys the other two boxes done over there right there im gonna get the rest of these two boxes done just pack all this back up in this box here itll go to the dart to the dumpster garbage whatever the bin and uh well throw these in the wheelbarrow ill show you how im going to do all this this heavy that heavy means real ill be right back dude all righty folks theres the last one here is all the nuts and the the carriage bolts are ready to rock and roll and the wheelbarrow they go that makes this load weigh nothing back into the barn they will go and theyll be ready for uh ill be already installed whenever were ready tomorrow whenever but uh going to get this up to you this is phase one of sheila no jump extending a chain link fence two feet okay and well catch you next time folks hit them likes hit the subscribes thank you for sticking by and ill tell you what peace out people just peace out hands-on with plg you never know what you will see oh yessiree hands on with blg stick around and learn from Lets extend our four foot tall fence to six feet and se if Shela can jump that .