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hi everyone im ali with the potomac bead company and im going to show you how to do this simple idea using a link of chain usually its a good idea for scrap chain if you get two feet and you only need one and a half and youve got an extra six inches this is a great idea to use that extra chain this in particular is a rolo chain and its really forgiving too to hang a pendant down here at the bottom this example is using a swarovski or a preciosa crystal drop and some rolo chain as well as some magic copper czech glass six millimeter faceted rounds im going to change mine up and use a little bit smaller of a rolo chain so you can use any style of chain but in particular the rollers are nice because they sit well so im using the smaller roller chain here and were going to be also needing a head pin or some wire for whatever you want to be your drop ive chosen a brown amazonite faceted rectangle bead to be my drop in addition to your chain youre going to need two wire protectors to connect your chain to your beading wire youre going to need some crimp beads four crimp beads in total a closure or a clasp for the back of your necklace some beads to work with up the chain and then also some beading wire to connect the beads to the chain with the tools that are required for this are a needle nose pliers that are going to have the little flat end there or you can use crimping pliers either one will work a round nose pliers to do my loops that are going to connect here with my wire at the base and then also a wire cutters thats going to cut both the thick head pin that were using or craft wire if youre using a wire like beadalon or art wire to connect the briolette and then its also going to be used to connect to cut our beading wire at the end so to get started ive cut my rolo chain and ive just cut three inches here of the roller chain im just going to do a small section of rollo in the middle and what im going to do is start with my pendant first so here i have just that swarovski teardrop im going to work here with my brown amazonite and all im going to do is ive put it on a head pin this one happens to be a really long head pin its a four inch head pin any head pin will do you just want to make sure that its fairly thick since youre using it as a pendant so you dont want to be using 24 gauge wire unless you have a small bead that it wont go through anything else but this one here is a 22 gauge headpin im going to grab right after my pendant and turn 90 degrees to the back with my round nose pliers im going to go over the top of those round nose and its a thick head pin its actually 20 gauge i think and ive switched from the top jaw to the bottom jaw and im making a little loop so im just making an eye pin right above if you want to you can wrap and coil and before doing that what youre going to need to do is link it into whatever chain youve picked so you need to get to the middle of your chain to get to the middle of my chain what im going to do is line my chain up and im going to find my middle if theres not a middle point and theres not a piece of chain that does lay in the middle what you want to do is cut one link off so that you do have one thats in the middle im going to take my head pin here the very end and im going to go through that center link of chain im going to push the chain into my eye pin that ive made so it clicks in and then im going to coil that extra wire around the top the nice thing with the briolette you give it a little bit more of a look but you can wrap down the briolette this because it just has that little look there im not going to worry about it what i am going to do since i have a ton of extra wire ill just show you quick how to cut it a little bit shorter im going to take the end of my round nose pliers im going to make a loop out of that you dont have to do this this im just doing because i have a lot of extra wire and i made a little round loop im going to hold with my needle nose pliers and im going to coil that wire bending the wire in towards my eye pin what thats going to do is just get you a little swirl thats just going to decorate the front of my pendant there im going to press it right on top of some coil it the whole way up here ill press it right on top of my bead it just gives a little nice look to the end of your bead and it can be reversible too so you can wear it on that side without or on that side with now that i have my chain done and i have a center portion what im going to do is work on attaching the back of my necklace so you can use a bead board too if that if you would like to do that but what im going to do first is attach my wires to my chain to do that i have my wire protectors and my crimp beads that im going to be working with so im going to put one of my little crimp tubes on this is a 2 by 2 millimeter gold plated crimp tube and im going to put that on to the very end of my beading wire i have a 10 inch piece cut for each side of beading wire and preferably you want to use 49 strand beadalon wire .018 is most common depending on what size your beads are are going to dictate that but thats what im using here im going to put on one side of my wire protector the reason i like to use wire protectors is when youre using chain it looks like a part of the chain and not just that the wire is going directly to the chain so i have my wire protector on im going to run my wire back down the other side of the wire protector and then before i run it back through the crimp bead im going to run the end of that wire through the end of one of the sides of my chain so the last link of chain is gonna sit right in that wire protector and its gonna look like another part of the link im gonna then put my crimp tube on both ends of wire and i do want to leave a little bit extra wire like this that its going to have a tail because that way its going to go up into your beads im going to push that crimp tube right down next to the end of my wire protectors if you need to you can bend your wire protectors in so you can push your crimp bead right next to them just like that once i have that you can either use your crimping pliers or in my case im just using the needle nose you could also use crimp covers after this if you wanted to to make it look like a round ball but im just going to go in with my meyer with my pliers im going to smash down on the crimp tube and there i have my wire attached to my chain on the other side im going to do the same thing and then were going to get ready to bead up the side so i now have my pendant done and my chain and my wire protectors attached to the chain again they look really nice because when you look at them from the side they look like another link of chain all im going to do then is design and bead up the back of my wire here so just like normal and just as if you were beating a regular bracelet youre going to be using whatever beads you choose and youre designing it right up the back you want to push those beads if possible over that extra wire that we have there from the front and let them drop down next to your project im going to bead up both sides and the length that you want thats up to you im going to bead about five inches on each side five to six inches on each side so that way i have a 16 inch necklace and then well get ready to put on the ends so i finished my design using some soapstone and some six millim or 6o seed beads going up the back of my pendant here and what im going to do then is just put on my clasp to put on my clasp its just going to be very simple im actually going to end with another one of my soapstone beads and then im going to put on one of my crimp tubes im going to run the wire through my clasp im going to go back through the crimp tube and back through the next couple beads pull the wire out after a bead push the crimp tube down next to the beads and then pull out the extra wire you do want a little bit of space so that way they can move around you also dont want the clasp so tight next to the the wire so tight next to the clasp if you want you can also use a wire protector along the back here thats up to you im just going to go in just to a simple flat crimp rather than a crimping pliers and just use my needle nose pliers and crimp that off take your wire cutters then and the wire cutter youll just trim off the extra wire im going to do the same thing on the other side using one of my beads and then my crimp tube and then my loop my crimp tube has a little block there ill use the pliers to get that out i got that blockage out there whatever was blocked in there with a head pin i take the wire back through the crimp tube pull a little bit get ready to crimp that end with my needle nose pliers and then i cut off the extra and thats going to be the end its really simple its a great way to use little links of chain that you have that you may not know what to do with if theyre too small to use as an extension chain you can do a design like this where you have the pendant and the chain linked in again wire protectors i think are somewhat essential for this to give it that great look at the ant it also is a fun way to make a necklace that doesnt look too heavy because youre using a lot of chain there in the front so hopefully it gives you an idea to use some of your scrap chain or even to get some new one um the italian rolo chain is really great for this when youre looking to make something so hopefully you enjoy this if you get a chance check out some of our more complicated as well as some other ideas on the rest of our youtube channel videos as well as check us out on facebook at if you get a chance wed love to see you in one of our potomac bead company locations if you cant get to one of our locations stop and visit us online at and you can shop there for the materials that you need to make this necklace as well as many other fun projects have a great rest of your day beating and enjoy these fun little quick project tips you This video tutorial from The Potomac Bead Company shows you how to use small segments of your favorite chain as a feature on your necklace designs. 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