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Ethereum ETHBinance Research Ethereum ETH A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform. March 18th ETH 1,866 BUSD -1.85% Trade now Ethereum is a decentralized network often referred to as “the world How to manage CRO on Ethereum,, and Cronos Cronos is an EVM-compatible layer 1 chain, where independent developers have deployed hundreds of DeFi, NFT and Web3 gaming applications. CRO is the native token of the Cronos chain, where it is referred to as CRC20 CRO. The Native CRO on chain, the CRC20 CRO on Cronos, and the ERC20 CRO on Ethereum grayscale chainlink trust stock price CBNEWS WEEKLY CRYPTO WRAPUP!!! IOTA, Chainlink, Bitwise Crypto Fund, Singapore Crypto, S Korea
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hi welcome to Kupa courtesy block trade news your daily currency blockchain aggregating your short youtube look look its gonna be drinking look look theres gonna be smoking look look theres gonna be swearing look look you have been warned so look look here coming three look look - Luke Luke one bye welcome everyone Im black white gay straight Christian Muslim Jew my name is Mark Clark welcome to cryptocurrency blockchain news the greatest show on earth the greatest show in the multiverse yeah great show on the multiverse ha ha and weve got a great one for you today so as you know on Saturdays we do the weekly wrapup a bunch of stories I wanted to talk about but didnt get around to oh we got some good ones we got some good ones today so look were gonna talk about another one another where was that another company is gonna use iota for this coronavirus thing or was that we just read about one the other day yeah software AG oh no that was different Oh anyways we talked about that the other day and so heres another company they are going to use a Oda for a an app to help with the coronavirus stuff and so theres pictures of it and all this stuff so were gonna read about that and then chain link Wow chain link man weve just been talking about chain link non-stop lately right we never talked about them here before for ever but this year looks like this year of the rise of the chain link so were gonna talk about chain link today with Solana theyre gonna build aw superfast Oracle right to get that on chain data off chain data off chain data thats the point hey not on Jane Fox take off stick I mean off stick off Jane Fox Day alright alright and then by what we talked about what do I tell you about your cat your your your market is the funs not the sexy stuff the funds so bitwise you remember bitwise they got denied in ETF application by the SEC and well theyre like this were just gonna do something else then and so theyre gonna bitwise is to offer a crypto index fund totally these funds were coming told you thats the meet thats what we need so a new investment vehicle and now were gonna head over to Asia Singapore grants crypto exemptions were gonna talk about who they exempted from their new crypto laws and for how long and you know Singapore really theyre trying to theyre trying to be theyre trying to be the blockchain hub of Asia big-time big-time and then finally South Korea South Koreas largest bank and if you know anything you gonna hear about youre gonna know what I mean by this theyre gonna offer what custody by the largest bank ah lets get right into it and then at the end of the show way at the end when we do the and then were gonna do shout outs in the daily summary and then after the daily summary Ill do a quick Forex wrap-up and show you guys where the week ended for me since I cant leave you hanging all right so lets go that lets begin how we begin by birth and then we go over here and we do a little bit up by yeah let me do a little bit over no look all right surprise the price of Bitcoin six thousand two hundred and thirty three dollars when I left you yesterday we were at six thousand six hundred and eighty two dollars so weve gone down $439 something like that four hundred thirty nine bucks all right beverages in order no top ten today brothers usual suspects top ten Bitcoin ATM XRP tether Bitcoin cash Bitcoin sv litecoin eels by Nance coin and tezos still holding on the number ten look lets look at move marks mark littell lets take a look at market moves of the day mark blue is the day brothers usual song single digits up to single digits down a single digits up single this down some good sales on here today though I mean not fantastic but got some sales single dudes up single dudes down single digits up single digits down single digits up single its down to single digits up to single its down all right lets see who lost money today if you see anything any of you like you go get it because it is on sell rule by top ten losers of the day Komodo V systems carbon network between us v Matic Network block stack - bike quaint Ewa theta and Q corn shares lets see who made money their brothers the ancestors you know how many gains today at all all right top ten gainers and less losers of the day EDC blockchain horizon holo unis said leo status true USD tether pack so standard USD coin and Finance USD thats he was told mark cap today his brothers and sisters see we got mark cant brownies parts told mark gap all right one hundred and seventy four point nine so thats one hundred and seventy four point nine billion dollars in total market cap when I left yesterday were at one eighty six point one so weve gone down lets just call that eleven billion dollars look and 24-hour volume is one seventeen point nine billion all right when I left yesterday were at one fifteen point six so youve actually gone up two point three billion dollars in volume alright whatever look standard procedures alright lets get into some stories so first of all by Madrid whoops Madrid Madrid team builds iota based decentralized the information platform to combat coronavirus so this is the second iota based coronavirus thing that weve read about this week alright so it look like the go-to coronavirus kids go to kids so lets check it out oh yeah they have pictures and everything of it so a team based in Madrid one of the epicenters are the corona corona virus pandemic yeah Spain and Italy yeah theyre getting thrashed al-jazeera all day is just like oh my gosh theyre adding numbers the numbers just keep piling up as I on an hourly basis anyways the team based in Madrid one of the epicenters of the corona virus pandemic has released a an iota tango platform that helps combat the corona virus Aid Squad so G OD B is a decentralized peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem which returns value to its creators the users Louie Gillette o GE ODB CEO and founder shared with coin Telegraph his rationale for creating Aid Squad so this is what the guy says he says having stayed home for a few weeks one weekend I felt a little bored so I started thinking mmm we have to do something we have a chance to develop something for a concrete problem get back to society ah all right thats what it takes could these alright so hes a little bored and decided to actually do something for the benefit of humanity instead of just for his own pocketbook good sometimes thats what it takes and so heres the actual thing right here let me get a sip so while you take a look watch so heres the app right here your gender your age some symptoms so it says a user inputs his personal health record age gender symptoms associated with kovat 19 and the app also collects the users approximate location the data are anonymously stored in IO to tangle mm-hmm based on this data heat maps can be generated that visualized the spread of the virus in contagion hotspots and so heres another some sort of transaction I never did to understand I didnt get what this was about right so I guess this is all the details the person at put it in and this is what I mean thats what the tangle gets I guess so this app is only is sorry this app is currently only available as an Android package kit apk according to gelato both Apple Store and Google Play temporarily barred all nuke Ovid 19 apps because too many unscrupulous developers were taking advantage of the situation exactly all these fucksticks came out with a bunch of scam scam apps and stuff anyways however he expects the app to be accepted to both stores in a couple of weeks so I like this heat map part so all two days two thousand or twelve ten and so it kind of shows you you know what a heat map is right a heat map the darker the color the more the whatever it is youre looking at right and so can we open this oh can we expand it but its not showing us anything all right all right anyways though but all right so theres a heat map for it so Spain is huge I guess because this comes from Spain so theyre showing the thing there I mean Italy should have a big old blue circle around it because Italys its Italy in Spain theyre the two that are getting crushed by this coronavirus thing right now Wow everyones getting crushed but I mean theyre getting slaughtered I mean I was just watching al-jazeera before coming on here and like dang on like even the Al Jazeera people are just like fog yeah oh my god Italy added another I think it was like 800 dead today Spain added another 800 dead today or something like in the hundreds like that you know even the you know al Jazeera theyre very calm you know they dont sound like American news were there you know they have their emotional in me tell you their feelings and all that yeah even the Al Jazeera announcer was like wow these knees are this these numbers are just coming in right now as I speak Wow Spain another 800 dead like you know theyre they they dont do that emotional stuff even that guy was just like dag out all right so thats why I like Al Jazeera because its nothing about emotions or left-wing or right-wing they just tell you whats happening a bomb went off here this many people died done yeah and then you decide for yourself what what that means anyways now look back to this app though the coronavirus app built on the IO tango the app rewards users for sharing data with karma points and aid squad tokens so you actually get paid to use this thing karma points are a gamification device similar to the one employed by duolingo whereas eight squad tokens are donated to the users favorite charitable cause Wow alright so by using it you get to donate to a charity thats cool government is not doing its job gelato states that made rellenos are upset Oh mud rellenos are upset with the governments inability to combat the spread of the virus effectively and its up to the people to feel the void to fill the void thats what it should say people are angry with politicians what else is new we have the right to know they dont provide enough information here in America people think their politicians are out to get them uh while some of them are but anyway they dont provide enough information we wanted to build a network that would exchange information in a public way while protecting privacy the government the government of Madrid created some tools but you have to share so much personal information the beauty of the decentralized world is that an idea born in Madrid could benefit people anywhere in the world including the u.s. which on March 26 has become the world leader and confirmed coronavirus cases look were America baby we try to lead on everything and now were leading coronavirus cases thats the American Way but anyways here is an iota coronavirus solution built by these guys in Madrid Spain heres the interface to do it it creates a heatmap Bangla bang like down there and people are gonna know if they are in danger or what not good stuff thought all right move on boom Solana and chain link team up to build a crazy fast Oracle so you know me you know I loved I mean will its not that I like it its its necessary interoperability interoperability Ive said it a million times I know you keep repeating the same things mother yeah well its cuz you morons gotta hear it a whole bunch of times before you get it through your heads so look so our brothers got to talk like this all the time keep repeating stuff Locke theres no point in having a blockchain if we cant talk to your legacy systems theres no point to having a blockchain if you cant talk to your UNIX mainframe if we cant talk to your Linux server farmer if it cant talk to your Windows network LAN LAN or when write it it becomes like a I always look at it as a blockchain without interoperability its kind of like having a laptop without internet sure you can do work on it its not a completely useless piece of by lack its half-ass its half-ass you know its uh you know who who would buy a laptop without internet yeah I mean and so thats what you need you need interoperability chain link provides that so look look they all boarded this company called Solana so were gonna breeze through this real quick were not gonna get into too much of it but blockchain platform Solana has joined up with decentralized oracle solution chain link to construct an oracle that updates incredibly quickly oh yeah theyre making these really super fast we recently saw market failures due to congestion Ani fear iam yeah if you even had that problem the other day the congestion I think its having a bunch of times really right wasnt just the other day it was its happened before including Oracle failures Solana CEO and Founder Anatoly yak avantco told coin Telegraph in an interview adding what were building with chain link is a high frequency Oracle that can give a price update every 400 milliseconds see they keep using this chain link for price discovery price update right see what he said there its a price update every 40 milliseconds so not only is chain link allowing from what Im seeing from what Im reading with you guys to you guys is theyre not only allowing just the block chains just to talk but it seems like block chains that are doing stuff with money you know that our mm-hmm you know like the d5 stuff we read the other day and you know just offering um investment vehicles where price discovery is necessary it seems like a lot of them are well the ones weve read anyway are using channeling for that and so the price updates every 400 milliseconds thats every less than a half a second according to the CEO and according to our capacity we shouldnt see those kinds of market failures on our network its solving a fundamental problem that we see in the decentralized exchange space so this is defy thing as well Solana shoots for scalability all right well just read this currently a popular network choice for D apps Furion was blockchain became clogged all right now lets just move down here blah blah blah theorems Istanbul fork would eventually support three thousand transactions per second or TPS where Solana reportedly touts almost sixty thousand transactions per second so with this chain link thing theyre gonna have sixty thousand transactions a second mm-hmm Solana in general is a layer one blockchain solution that aims to provide high amounts of scaling without charting hmm were skating well hardware with Moores Law so you know that Moores law is I believe it let me let me if I saying it correctly that technology doubles in power every 18 months right isnt that Moores law so they want to use Moores law for their scaling in other words using hardware right it says theyre not gonna use sharding theyre gonna use hardware for their scaling and use the Moores Law thing I think its eighteen months I could be wrong but whatever man just tell me in the comments if Im wrong but you know what I mean ah yoga venko said were like a non sharded layer one thats ridicul we scaled alright so the startup breeders sleep it is okay and so I dont really give a about the company itself solana offered eight million of its coins for sale in a Dutch style Quinlan stock seen on March 23rd touting a ninety percent price guarantee Solana co o reg Gokul told Korn Telegraph noting current market volatility Gokul explains Solanas sale garnered several sorry-sorry garnered surprising success Solanas auction sold off 1.6 percent of the projects total 500 million coin supplier right man bang bang bang and then so they guarantee their sort of guaranteeing that this is stupid it almost sounds like a Ponzi scheme Im not gonna you but because how can you guarantee someones tokens are gonna be such and such valuable you cant Solanas guaranteed looks to prevent early investors from getting burned on plummeting prices during the assets first year additionally when the time comes for souls listing on exchanges buyers can still get the price guarantee if they buy the coins on exchanges Gokul said the price guarantee will be accessible for the next year Coco said I think that registrations will be accessible for the next three months even on exchanges tattered is a regulatory friendly digital asset sale platform coin list itself tallied 9.2 million worth of investments as part of funding around Quinn Telegraph reported Naveen alright bang alright but anyways the point is though that but chain link on boards another one Solana to build this crazy fast Oracle and give price discovery every what was it every 400 milliseconds they said huh wheres that was that alright bang give a price update every 400 milliseconds so great for channeling grief of Jaime owners all around good stuff alright lets move on by now bit wise so you guys know about bit wise they applied for an ETF here in America got tonight then reapplied and then got tonight again by the SEC and so it looks like theyre saying it instead of reapplying were gonna go another route but what this shows me about bitwise is bitwise is serious about this crypto game like they want in no matter what alright theyre not gonna let us have an ETF for now fine well well build this everything and so theyre gonna build a crypto index fund and like I told you its all about the funds thats what really makes a market all that sexy stuff the price going up and down every day so you watch the Nasdaq the Dow weve been watching lately all the Dow down a thousand today down two thousand two a whatever whatever yeah yeah thats just the one little slice of the market your real market its you the person with your 401k in a fund sitting in a fund somewhere yeah with some fat just eating a ham sandwich managing your money for you thats the real truth its not the sexy stuff you see on in Hollywood movies Ill tell you the truth right now most stock trading in America it doesnt even happen on Wall Street it happens in New Jersey yeah and some shitty little town somewhere I dont even remember the name of it I think it starts like an S somewhere some yeah thats where the real stock market is in New Jersey while the market itself is in New York like where you see the guys you know whats called the pit you know when you see the movies you see the guys you know the tenets of that and they got all the fancy screens and you know they you know theyre in there and theyre yelling and screaming it and you know hand signaling and all that well the hand signaling one thats in Chicago but in in New York its 10:00 today you know theyre on whats called Bloomberg terminals right theyre pressing the red buttons the green buttons and edited it yeah yeah that thats a tiny little slice of the stock market the real stock market yeah they trade that New Jersey and shitty little shitty little offices everywhere yeah I did yeah thats the real stock market that sexy stuff they show you on a Hollywood thats fantasy now those boys I mean those are big boys that are in the pit but thats not how your stock market really works and so but also how your stock morning really works it isnt that the guys going in and out every day you know guys like me traders you know were in were out were in were moving positions that are that thats like a little slice of your market your real market are the funds all of you here in America and Im sure over there in Europe you probably have some sort of uh whats called a 401k thats your retirement package now youre forced to invest in your local stock market in your country tell your forest right back in the days when I was a kid my mother she has whats called a pension she worked for 20 years uh the company while she didnt work for a company she was she was a teacher she used to work for TD Bank but then she became a teacher so she gets a pension right just she keeps getting this money every month yeah yeah well what a 401k its not like that your retirement is based on how the market is performing at the time you retire so imagine this this is a this sucks right here let me tell you something about this coronavirus coronavirus has just murdered the markets murdered the markets now imagine if youre someone your 401k five weeks ago remember this I want you to remember this five weeks ago the Dow Jones the Nasdaq the S&P 500 were at record highs remember that we were at all-time highs five weeks ago yeah go back go back to Bloomberg or go to Bloomberg and you know just look at the charts there right we were at all-time highs so if you had a 401k five weeks ago oh my gosh you were the happiest on earth and your 401k just kept going up and hop then Corona hit well America huge hit America and bang down a thousand down a thousand down two thousand down three thousand one day write that one day where we have three thousand about a week and a half ago right now what I want you to think about is this imagine if youre someone that was slated to retire now yeah like what if your retirement is next week five weeks ago your 401k was looking real daggone good boy real good sir congratulations yeah look what your 401k is looking like now I feel real bad for people who are retiring this year this year because the markets not gonna come back by the end of this year like were gonna probably go into a global recession after this Korona things over like this aint over by a long shot when the virus is done killing folk rock theres gonna be a lot of economic damage globally globally yeah mmm the American dollars flying yeah well that destroys emerging markets right oil is priced in dollars yeah well when the dollar is way up now your oil costs because oil is priced in dollars now that oil cost like twice as much as it cost last week look man we have a lot of a lot of pain to go but I just want to bring that up for the I guess because Im talking about funds were about to do a story about funds well your 401k is just a big old mutual fund and look look for those retiring this year Ill tell you what if I was a worker bee Id be like look boss Im gonna hold off on that retirement Ill work one more year lets get this market back to get my 401k back yeah man thats thats what I dont like about the corona virus thing just stay indoors man and settle down youll live but its the financial pain that people are gonna feel that upsets me you know like yeah like all these gig workers what do you call them uber drivers and lyft drivers and all these kind of guys doing that kind of side hustle stuff you didnt get money for that homeboy you aint getting all for that and if that was your only hustle like you didnt have a regular job youre really youre not getting a check and thats what bothers me about this coronavirus thing if you die from it youre an idiot its cuz you didnt stay indoors I now Moyer man thats mean dawg well to stay inside idiot youll be fine wait till it blows over but what you cant what the average worker bee cant control you know was the pain is the pain especially the people like I said if youre retiring this year man I think of a 65 year old he saw five weeks ago bang bang his 401k was so good hes like yes Im gonna retire in I dont know June right when summer hit so I could take my wife to you know Egypt to look at the pyramids and all this were gonna have all this money that got chopped down big-time big-time remember your 401k you get the amount of money thats in it at the time you retire so if you retire now in this kind of market thats it if you retired five weeks ago you would have been sitting pretty alright alright alright alright lets move on to the stuff though alright alright thats what bothers me about thats what thats whats sad right so its sad right you know you know anyway alright lets just lets just go to this oh yeah so bit wise holy did I just yap-yap a whole cigarettes were the way it was a Yap thats what you got to think about its not the coronavirus thats gonna get us stay inside you stick whats gonna hurt people is you know the money you know the financial hurt the financial pain thats what makes me sad thats what makes me sad alright though look bit wise plans to target retail investors with its crypto you know like for me does it matter my money makes me money I showed you Ive been murdering it Ill show you right here bye alright Ive been murdering Ive been murdering this thing and Im gonna show you guys later you know to me a guy like me well my money makes me money so it doesnt matter to me but man for people I just think of the bad timing if you had to retire now alright man lets move on Im getting too getting too sentimental I love worker bees I dont like it when they get screwed over look well theyre not getting screwed over its just the market thing but anyway whatever man lets move oh yeah Im so bit wise though okay so lets get to crypto crypto properly bitwise tried to offer that ETF and remember their etf was special I thought obviously I was wrong but I thought it was special because they were they were gonna offer price discovery from ten exchanges right the sec keeps saying market manipulation market manipulation market manipulation we dont want to approve an SE and etf because theres market manipulation yeah well dick theyre taking from ten exchanges give me a break if you can manipulate that many exchanges you already have so much money youre not gonna manipulate something like that right and so they got denied for their ETF but theyre gonna theyre gonna take another Avenue so to bring us investment vehicles Ive taught you guys about investment vehicles an investment vehicle is you know like in the stock market you have Microsoft shares all right well if I want exposure Im an investor my money makes me money if I want an exposure to the price action price movement whatever you want to call it I call the price action of Microsoft shares well I can do that through many different vehicles I can get a Microsoft shares futures contract physically settled or cash settled I can invest in Microsoft vanilla whats called vanilla in other words I just literally just buy shares of Microsoft and hold it I can go through I can invest in Microsoft shares do whats called options strangle straddles butterflies all that all the options those are the crazy scientists of the market nuff respect options boys now first fact do you boys are a wild I can invested it through a retirement fund at say fidelity or my kids kids college savings fund again through probably fidelity something like that I can invest in it through swaps I can invest in it in a mutual fund and of course my 401k at work so you see that that was like nine ways one human being gets to benefit from the price action price movement of a Microsoft stock or any stock those are called investment vehicles and why I told you guys this last year you know the markets its like its like a war right were in a war and you know in every in every war while you have an army well your army or military lets lets use the word military you have a military well a military does different things in the military you got the regular soldier the guy on the ground you know shooting walking around on the ground youve got a guy in a tank the tanker boom boom blowing away you got your Air Force you know boom boom bombing from the sky right you got your snipers there long distance away but Bing taking taking up from a long way right so those are the different ways oh sorry sorry so and thats like how the market is theres different soldiers attacking this market so Im a Forex guy Im more like an Air Force guy boom boom we bomb from we just bomb your ass from the top we dont care long short we make our money no matter what right and you cant get us really because were way up high way up there a couple miles in the sky but thats kind of true though and so thats why we need different investment vehicles in other words the investment vehicles are the way to attack the market right so you know and and every that and thats why we need investment vehicles because every guy knows his his way to attack a market differently look if you give me a trending market Ill make you all the money you want but if you give me a bond market and say Shamari heres $100,000 make me money in the bond market now well I know how the bond market works I get it I know about yield and I know about all that and everything but would I feel safe taking your money and telling you Ill make you money later no Im not a professional at that and its the same with the futures guys right if you gave a futures guy yo you know heres the metatrader platform trade me Forex he wouldnt know what to do right whereas if you give me a Forex platform make all the money you want how much money you want what do you want what do you want easy Ill go make you anything write it like an army youre a specialist right if youre a soldier you know how to kill guys on the ground if youre an Air Force pilot you know what a bomb stuff from the air if youre a tanker you dont have blow stuff up so and so those are but it but they all they all are used all those different people when specialties are used to reach one objective taking over you know that country or that city whatever youre invading right and thats what were doing when youre a soldier and and so you you can you can learn different ways to attack the market which is this thing this crypto market and so these guys are gonna offer a large Cap index service which is a way to attack a market only I hope you guys you understood that like for instance let me tell you something I know markets I know everything I know all the everything all of it all of it I mean I know all of it but if you said to me Shamari heres 100 grand trade me some futures right I wouldnt do that because I am NOT proficient in it yes I know what futures are yeah I know how they work and all that but but you know theres always the Devils in the details you know theres always little details that you know those are the ones I dont know and thats the ones that really make the money cuz those are the trade secrets right now if you say to me Shamari heres 100 grand make me money in the forex market okay no problem stick how much you want how aggressive do you want me to be you know I usually do 2% per trade but if you want me to get nuts with it Ill go 5 10 % per trade sake whatever you want you know like Ill make you all the money you want cuz Im I you know how to do that right and so thats what we need here in this crypto space so what Im so now finally shmore what the you trying to say Shamari alright so what Im trying to say is we have an asset class its called crypto currency and we need all those investment vehicles so that all those different soldiers killers can come here and do what they do the futures guys can come here and make money buying the options boys can come here and make money buying trend traders like me and come here make money by swaps boys can come here and make money bond you just want to buy and Hodel buy you you want it you want to start a fund buy all right investment vehicles the way to attack this market right this is crypto city and we have to invade we have to take you down all right all right do you guys get it and so thats what this is this is an investment vehicle where people are gonna get to come and attack this market all right thats what this channel is about on boardings investment vehicles and countrywide regulations when she got those baby look no no when hes being made when she got custody insurance and in some investment vehicles regulated look you got yourself a market there boy all right so lets go on lets begin actually a yapped so much theyre all out bitwise has revealed that plans are underway to allow the retail market retailers guys like you and me to participate in its large-cap index service I told you about this all right let me read on him and I yeah according to I love this so much because thats the real market this is the real market the funds the funds not all this sexy up-and-down the funds buying and holding so all right according to coin desk bitwise hes working closely with the relevant regulatory bodies to list its bitwise 10 index fund shares on OTCQX which provides an alternative trading system and is licensed by the SEC licensed by the S II C but alright so the SEC dis them on the one thing the et apps multiple times multiple times look look theyre not giving up yet so according to hunter Horsley bitwise is CEO if the plans are okayed and I mean they gotta be okayed by the SEC so lets see how this goes down retail investors will have a chance to trade the fund on various renowned platforms such as what TD Ameritrade buy as well as what Charles Schwab buy soccer mom and dad sticks soccer mom and dad sticks bye ya know just keeps soccer mom and dad a quick button depressed thats all they need dont bore them with the details or dont confuse them with the details schema quick button to press yes yes and thats theyre gonna do brothers give a quick little button look looks like a bob one little Bitcoin by press that button but nice and easy but actually its an index fund so its more than just Bitcoin so Im being a little mmm alright lets move on the firm is various steps before trading kinky cough I know so its not guarantee the firm will start with an announcement to all the shareholders and horsley revealed that this will be done on Friday so I guess yesterday right now the firm will also need to publish all the public disclosures to comply with ATS reporting rules they got a report in the newspaper you know that usual ah the firm will also need youve all youve all owned the business Wow Wow maybe probably not but if youve owned the business yo you got to publish that in the local newspaper sometimes thats what theyre talking about the firm will also offer a sorry need to prepare a market maker and file form 211 ask for federal requirements Trading will only kick off after the approval of form 2 11 by frin run so theyre waiting for approval from fitna and hoarsely explained we expect approval for trading in the second half of 2020 itll take a number of months for trading to commence so well see probably by fourth quarter another like q4 we should see something or maybe not if they werent approved hoarsely compared the process to that of gray scale investments Bitcoin trusts Bitcoin trust offering that is currently trading on OTCQX at the moment grayscale has listed various shares on OTCQX such as digital large cap fund theorem classic trust as well as e theorem trust God so we need all of these trusts and funds and all of that I know you could probably hear it theyre doing a lot of work right here actually I heard the boss yelling at the workers just now before I started the show one of the workers were getting out of hand and the boss he wasnt hearing it anyway though the bit was ten index hes highly diversified just as the grayscale large cap fund as firstly explains it holds assets that are representative about 85% of the whole crypto market capitalization so theyre using the Big Dawg ones so horsley stated the fund comprises so within the fund this is what the fund is made of mm-hmm Bitcoin Im sure that meant XRP aetherium if youre in classic Bitcoin cash like Lane stellar lumens yost tezos and AD a large cap stuff so theres been a growing interest in such types of products Horsley stated he added that his firm has been holding about 2,000 calls every month with advisors so remember we read I read to you about the financial advisors and how theyre starting to get questions from their clients about hey can you get me into crypto can you get me those in Bitcoin yeah I mean a you know theyre certain to hear stuff which is leading them to obviously look into the space and get familiar with it and and well if your clients asked for it you got to offer it sticker theyll go somewhere else so he says theyve been withholding about 2,000 calls every month with advisers and a recent survey revealed that 72% of advisor stated that the clients have been inquiring about crypto products theyve been asking oh yeah hoarsely also stated that plans are underway to launch a Bitcoin exchange traded fund in the near future well you can try lets see VEGF approves you buddy but look so if theyre not if theyre not gonna allow an ETF you said it well do a crypto index fund instead and well go that route to get into the crypto market and so uh like I told you I mean like Ive been saying here you know Im not gonna get into it again but too many times but thats your thats your market thats your market the funds the funds wait till fidelity gets here Ive told you a million times like youll see youll see and so this is fine with me they got denied their ETF bit-wise got denied their ETF but now theyre coming with a crypto index fund just as good just as good and whats beautiful about this fund what I really liked about it is that look soccer mom and dad are gonna get to have it on TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab accounts yeah one press of a button you want a little crypto press that little button right there there you go sweetie press that button yeah it wasnt that easy all right lets move on by now lets go ahead over to Asia Singapore grants license exemptions triple coinbase and finance oh yeah all right you know Singapores trying to be mmm well theyre working hard to be not trying to be theyre working real daggone hard to be a distributed ledger technology hub of the world and remember they open they may be wheres that the Philippines all right anyways Im not gonna say that cuz I might be wrong but theyre trying to be the well they are trying to be the hub of the world thats thats the truth its a specific thing I was gonna say but and so they came out with some rules they came out with some rules and apparently theyre gonna exempt ripple coinbase and finance and some other companies too so I was just talking about that while Singapore recently adopted specific cryptocurrency legislation hold on the nomination of champions list yet Tom well Singapore recently adopted specific cryptocurrency legislation the payment services act PSA in January of 2020 it turns out that some crypto firms like ripple coinbase and finance have been exempt from the law since the beginning of the year the Monetary Authority of Singapore mas the countrys central bank and major financial regulatory authority exempted a number of major payment services from holding a financial licensed under the PSA according to a state so you have to get this financial license to do business there but theyre gonna give them some time to get this licenses so I should just say that right there and then well read about it right here so according to a statement released on March 24th the listed companies are allowed to continue to provide specific payment services without holding the license for a limited period of time so you know Singapore said well if you want to offer services in our country need this license but Singapore said alright ripple coinbase whats the other one there now you read it and finance oh well thats right here that lets just read it right here talking right here alright so and they said rippled coin rates and finance are granted a six-month exemption so theyre like alright alright you guys are already working around in here well give you six months to get compliant alright to get compliant with our new rules all right there we go Im yapping its right there look as such local subsidiaries of major cryptic companies like Ripple coin race and by dance or officially authorized to provide digital payments token service in Singapore starting from January 2020 according to the mas Rupa lab Singapore coin based Singapore and finance agencies can provide services without a PSA license until July 28 2020 the mas noted that the exemption will cease after the specified period or if the entity submits a license application under the P under the PSA obviously these guys are gonna apply for the license before this time I mean if not well alright well stop doing what youre doing right but obviously theyre not gonna do that and so Bitcoin Jenna bit go and Gemini are also on the list some crypto companies were granted a longer exemption period so they theyre a little favoritism theyre bit Co Singapore a local subsidiary of one of the worlds biggest Bitcoin payment processors and Gemini trust company a crypto exchange in custody service led by the Winklevoss twins the kids here in New York were given a 12-month exemption sure loud to rocknroll for 12 months now you know whats kind of interesting you know these Winklevoss kids have been applying for an ETF and ETF and ETF so hard here in America they keep getting denied denied denied by the SEC well if youre if these countries are allowing you to do stuff why dont you apply for ETFs investment vehicles like I showed you the vehicles to attack the market why dont these kids apply for an ETF in Singapore right it just boggles my mind that you know in Europe and America everyones applying for ETF CTBs we have a list of champion nation so if youre new to this channel we have a list of countries here Malaysia Thailand Jamaica the Philippines Indonesia Bahrain Switzerland Pakistan France Finland like Justine China Uzbekistan and San Kitts and Nevis all of them have past full cryptocurrency regulations this is what a cryptocurrency is this is how much its gonna be taxed is we allowed to do with it back full regulations this started from last year but theyre not doing anything marine to Switzerland Switzerland is doing stuff I mean Germanys not even on here but the Germans are kicking ass anyways and maybe I should just add the Germans just just for good effort but its for good but why am i trying to tell you that all right and then so right and you see the Winklevoss twins here in America were not on this list either America but the wink of Austin twins have been applying applying applying like alright well apply in some of these regulated countries and get us the investment vehicles which is what I just told you you know you know if you give an options guy options well hell kill the market if you give a futures guy futures to trade youll kill the market if you give a swaps guy swaps to trade youll kill the market right so all right you know the sec denied you here for your ETF Winklevoss kids but alright well apply for an ETF in Singapore right now all right maybe Im just complaining a little bit too much but its true dag on right and thatll bring the dag on institutional investors we need but also ETFs bringing soccer mom and dad everybody knows about an ETF all right all right so hold on all right we need those ETFs so according to the mas notice the companies are allowed to provide account issuance services domestic money transfer services mm-hmm and inward cross-border money transfers so you know youre allowed to get money in to the country obviously they want that services until January 28 2021 so other crypto companies in the list include crypto currency exchange okay coin decentralized offline cryptocurrency sales network Pontiacs and Cumberland a crypto currency trading unit of drw holdings as reported by Quinton Telegraph a number of local crypto businesses in Singapore have praised the PSA as a legal instrument that will attract crypto and blockchain related businesses not chase them away exactly in May thats true what are you brothers you brought up Singapore to me I think it was q4 last year you like Schmoyer whats up a single poor dog whats up with all the did you know these cool regulations and I didnt I didnt I didnt know and wouldnt you told me I looked into it and it was like yeah Singapore now I know Ive learned I didnt know at the time when he told me in Singapore is trying to be a global hub of distributed ledger technology providers right and so there it is and theyre even giving exemptions you know for now they dont want to disrupt anything they want to allow these guys to work they want to allow ripple coinbase finance what else was it a the Winklevoss kids Gemini trust to work and do what they got to do but they got to get licensed so theyre gonna have to get licensed within six months but you know just just they all they have to do is apply and then theyll be given you know the licenses as long as they apply within six months right and become regulatory compliant right and so amazin amazing Singapore and thats where I really bring it up its not really about finance or ripple or anything its just about Singapore they might have to get at it to that not today but if I hear some too much more theyre gonna come on the nation of champions and yeah so its good for crypto all around right all right all right Smoove on cuz we got one more country buying South Korea largest bank launches crypto custody custodian services now Ive taught you what custody is if Im a hedge fund Shamari fund and you want to invest in my fund when you give me money it doesnt actually come to me it actually has to sit in a thing called custody right it doesnt go into samaras bank account like that or also obviously I could just steal the money and lock right no ones trusting anyone like that but it goes into whats called custody servicing custody services the beginning of any market without custody you dont have a market for that asset I dont give a what asset hes the greatest asset in the world yeah you have custody for it yeah well no ones gonna come and buy it no institutions anyway I mean these dumbass retailers my dumb money will but aint no institutions coming here without custody and so their largest bank offered custody and what I like about that is um is that now were seeing around the world we have the Germans the Germans right 40 of their banks 40 remember we read that the other day forty banks applied for that new regulated custody the Swiss theyve got custody big banks like big banks proper banks so this right here would be the same as you know JPMorgan offering custody right thats what this is and thats why Im bringing up this story to you is um yeah this is the real deal in other words real banks now real big boy big players you know were starting to see all right all right this things about to be real lets get into this thing you know well offer custody services for this stuff and when you get mega banks offering custody or like in the Germans requesting custody well it lends legitimacy to the space its not just a bunch of kids with green hair and nose rings its legitimate right all right so lets check it out South Korea is what largest bank by baby so look major South Korean Bank KB Kookmin Bank is expected to launch a cryptocurrency custody service in the near future according to a report from local news outlet digital today on March 27th the Bank filed a trademark application trademark applications they they really want to lock this down for KB DAC referring to a proposal sorry tor proposed digital asset custody subsidiary at the end of January 2020 KBD xià kè we DAC trade market application for crypto related industries in the application to the Korean intellectual properties office the bank expresses its desire to trademark KB dc/ac in over 20 areas all related to the cryptocurrency industry so theyre saying that this looks like that the bank is gonna make this a cryptocurrency wing of their bank you know these include trading kit oh sorry sorry sorry lets slow down these include trading consultation and management of digital assets like Bitcoin anythi reham it also specifies virtual asset consignment settlement and transactions with fiat currency the range of industry areas covered has led speculation that KB Kookmin Bank is launching a subsidiary brand to offer financial services and products that receive and manage virtual assets in investment funds so the digital assets custody monitor provides a thread linking all of these services based on previous trademark applications by the bank it is expected but at the new subsidiary could launch as soon as h1 2020 h1 is half the year 2020 at term ranks partnership comes to fruition when Telegraph reported last June KB Kookmin Bank partnered with Adam rags labs to explore digital assets management and protection solutions KB Kookmin Bank has been proactive in its approach to blockchain technology in a statement last October it perfect it professed its belief in the spectrum of benefits it could bring to the financial service industry and its intention to integrate blockchain technology into its internal process so by so the largest bank in Korea now what I care about is thats like here in America imagine here in America bang Bank of America said were offering official custody right for anyone for anyone right and 20 patents right whatd they say 20 yeah 20 areas 20 areas they rocked so they wanna theyre gonna offer all right lets read it these include trading consultation and management asset management like fidelity digital assets versus actual consignment settlement and transactions with fiat currency in other words these guys want to offer the whole the whole gamut thats like Bank of America just being like look look unique ripped out were here for you now it is some in that its only Bitcoin any fear iam for now but you know they will get around to our Harvey change our iota zorf active than that later everybody well alright brothers lets go on bond look whoops bye there we go look look lets get your shout outs all the Kryptos or the Forex alright well do that later if I remember look DP entertainment so brother Shi brother bye sweetie yours love a girl see you girl bye mr. Percy Dale every brother Shi brother bye were staying again so Stein says I always love the trades in crypto mix best in both worlds best of both worlds dag alright it is while were building a warehouse right here a regal warehouse of cryptocurrency whereas thats big buy a bit cryptocurrency where is that strong buy a cryptocurrency warehouse thats filled with revenue generating products that is all boarded fortune 500s buy in major governments by yeah well theres still money to be made yes still money we made you dont have to just wait for the tsunami by I mean you guys are waiting for the salami but those of us who are already in the market Im trying to get you to come on over and look look just kill the market for a little bit while youre waiting brother aint nothin gonna hurt boy aint gonna hurt nobody ah look look she gets another one levy lady sweetie I love you sweetie see sweep yours bye come get a little piece of that money oh look at this right here oh he snuck up Oh miss stick right here alright I see we got a Dee right here oh he snuck up on a Saturday - with all these stories I wanna coronavirus bleedin yeah Van Breda Polly snuck up like that like this alright sorry he wants to do it alright Ben Brennan Im brie knit wheres Ben being his mom Michelle my son my only son the lights in my eyes the shining of glory in my heart oh and you know you know brothers you know the good one the fruit of my womb yes the fruit of the womb Michel is the fruit of the womb Michel my son you sit downstairs allsey day you sit downstairs on that damn computer you have not come upstairs for six months my son I miss you your wife misses you I dont know if he has children but if you do your children miss you look look and she always wants to know Michel but are you doing downstairs Michel oh yeah Im shelling in around now Michel even around mm-hmm my shell grabs himself a little bit of fuel and he says look what bad mama leave me you know nothing of these things Maura we have a virus a killer virus you just stay upstairs in your room and dont come out thats number one but look I Oda is coming with a coronavirus platform look and look like one chain link we have coronavirus woman but look business still goes on woman money still happens woman people may be quarantined but they do work from the laptop woman buying and so thats why Solana and chain link buying or building a fast Oracle woman look woman Ive told you a hundred times about being wise holy we have had a hundred bitwise things with with a bird even and his mom mama look the SEC denied them denied them the ETF woman but they do not stop they said this we will build a crypto index fund woman look they look like woman now we get bigger now we get more ferocious singapore is granting crypto exemptions to ripple to Winklevoss to coinbase to buy dance yes they got unleash the cryptocurrency and finally woman look South Koreas largest bank the largest the biggest the most glorious there was glorious South Korean bag woman is going to offer crypto custard a woman look look you ask me every day when I show up on tomorrows Twitter you asked me the same question woman what are you doing downstairs woman look look Im invested easy keep dough currency now leave me one bye look van burine we needed you brother Im bleeding but Im breathing fine and look look van breeding by baby brother see brother look look oh where you going buddy bye my ass sorry girls brothers Tigers oh yeah they should have at least a van billion dollars this week oh its like its some Forex or I might even VAM billion some Forex with you asses oh Im in a good mood now fuels kick him in look look buying huddle or hold yes how youre supposed to say it like an adults I know but I do the crypto thing look little buy and huddle hold yes bye see you brother Papa Doc Papa Doc talking about South Koreas largest bank oh thats the we just talked about her ass theres papa doc knows everybody see brother barn Papa Docs aware of the situation yes bitcoin car what are you talking about look look brothers no hes talking about a little bit you know my favorite scene you know my favorite scene by look by by oh well but first of all be quick on delivery brother bye see you brother bang hey I did go hey Edward hes like yo youre gonna leave a little money on the table for the gaps this week Ill tell you right now because we we you know Friday nights whenever something happens on a Friday in the market yeah well Wow like like this week because theres this coronavirus yeah they passed all those laws the the bailout thing it aint enough but its a start and yeah its only a start but he asked me like yeah did you leave any money on the table over the weekend in training you never leave money never leave money over the weekend but because weve been gapping in the direction of the news this past four weeks yeah I left a little money on the tables all look look dick Oh Edward did call everybody see you brother family at cripples Kevin stays together whoops bye see you guys on Monday lets see that work lets see if he gaped so I gapped long so and Im gonna show you my trades it out lets just do it right now this this lets just do right now bang so wait are we banging it there we go so the trades and so what I did this week was I showed you guys like all right so lets just start with this because this is what Ive been showing you for the past few weeks so this was the this is the British pound against the US dollar so remember for the past three weeks Ive been showing you made money he retraces so oh so so Ive been showing you this is the trend its called the trend you trade the trend whats the trench Maureen this is the trend the Green Line is the 30 minute or sorry the 30s ma the 50 is the 50 oh sorry the the PPS MA and the 100 is the wow thats a 100 s ma sorry the blue is the 100s ma yeah its the fuel starting to kick in now so look look so we trade the trend so the trend went bye-bye we made that money there they dont want bang I showed you guys this for the past few weeks and then I made the money here then it retraced and then I made the money here but then I retraced then I made the money here but they dont retraced and I made the money here but and then last week you remember I made the money here Wham that was the murder and then this is when the negotiations for the stimulus package happened and then the stimulus package was passed in the Senate so that made the that made the market go back up here so now its good news one and then it retraces into the the trend turned so heres the trend what are we in now so we were in a obviously downtrend downtrend downtrend as you can see it was down thats called a downtrend it obviously and now its swung around to an up trend were about to uptrend up trend and so this was the first pulse the first price pulse by and then we retraced down to the hourly and then the new pulse and we kind of chilled we kind of banged there and then new pulse so what I showed you about last weeks trades was I was in last weeks trades and I was in this pulse boom and then it came down and I got scared so not scared thats not the word I should use I protected my accounts and made money cashed out but then I saw the trend was building and I got back in right around here and then I rode this Buy that bye and thats where we ended up so Schmoyer man remember it so last remember last week I showed you guys where I took an ass whoopin that was this red right here all this this right here that was the ass whupping right that was you take it ass whoopin you know sometimes but then as a warrior you come back in gone look boy and make all that money back and so you know and then the same here heres where I was making all that money all right lets show you again this is the British pound against the yen like I showed you before these are our trends by made the money by made the money back made the money and then here was the negotiations for the stimulus when stimulus was passed yours by bang down bang and then I made money going up and so what I want you to understand is that you know like you know youre the charts dont look I want you to understand something youve betrayed life you have to trade reality think that they can just be they can open a chart and make all this money you can there is that but the charts represent what is happening in real life all right so here it is in real life the markets tanked right those are the past three weeks tanked and then negotiations you see this part over here these are the negotiations for the bill for this for the stimulus and then one stimulus passed now were going up yeah the charts represent whats happening in reality you have to actually if you want to be a trader you have to know reality and then we get into our charts later once we know what the big dogs are doing the politicians the mega corporations whatever then we get into our charts and then we trade them alright alright so same thing down here this one didnt turn out oh so this is a who whats your name did Cody Cody Co I yeah you you you mentioned this right Australian dollar right he was it was going great right we went by retraced bang retraced bang retraced bang and then you asked me and then bang and then here it is hmm this is the argument about the stimulus package of n look at where we are by Luke Luke fine but youre right the Australian dollar thing it didnt it didnt pan out so much I didnt pan out so much alright and so what else I should tell you is so guys I told you about the trend alert err so what you do with the trend alert for those of you whove gone and got the the free software that I gave you what you do is you put the trend alert err its a because its an indicator put it in your template and save it so every single time you open a chart itll look like this right theres your alert er right there whoops right all right all right its not letting me bang it all right you see up at the top thats your alert ER and so your trend line alerter it could alert you through email alert he threw a pop-up alert I use pop-up alerts as Im lame and I just sit at home all day doing nothing Im already quarantined so I use pop up alerts for mine and itll make a noise and itll show you so when you do the alert on the trend scan are sorry on the on this on the trend line type capital a alert capital a le arti underscore zero and whenever price hits your trendline it will alert you itll make you neither get it like I said you can get it through an email you can get it through a phone notification or like I do it I do it through just just make my computer make noise because Im here and Ill know that its happening right and so I use alert slash alert not slash now its not you the underscore zero but you can use it any number you want you can use underscore sorry alert underscore ten so when its 10 pips away from your trend line itll alert you Id only care about when its at my trend line like why the yeah I wanted to break the trend line and then we make our moves right and so I dont really give a about all that but if you want to you can make it be 10 pips away 20 peoples weight whatever whatever amount youll want all right so thats another trick for you guys you forex guys were getting into the Forex well yeah thats it guys thats it alright so thats it for the week so thats what I did for the week so I showed you how I got I got my ass spanked right over here so lets look at the spanking again but and this is what I want to remember my or what I want to say to you guys yeah so what you get your ass kicked in the beginning of the week can you hear this these guys are sawing I am so you can make you can lose trades at the beginning of the week oh and this is what I wanted to tell you right as a Forex trader were not like a stock stock market guys stock market guys look it every day is a different session in the forks world we look at every week as a session so you get into the Forks world on while 4-year mean America on in East Coast America Im in the east coast of America 3:00 a.m. Monday morning 3:00 a.m. Monday morning is the beginning of my trading session 5 p.m. Friday morning is the end thats why I say that about always on duty yeah cuz we always are you dont know what the markets gonna do we always have to do management that whenever the market tells us to you right and so I want you to look at your dont get upset when you lose like I like I showed you this week I got my ass kicked right here see right here on the top left-hand panel I was going up up up and then bang got my ass kicked right there cashed out and then got back in and we lived on to fight another day and thats what you have to do like youre gonna get your ass you might get your ass kicked Wow if you get your ass kicked at the beginning of the week dont worry about it because youre gonna make that money up and more yeah I mean if you know what youre doing right here it is again I was going up up up here on the right hand side Aaron let me even open this right all of this from right here oops from right here where my mouse is I was going up up up up up and then by the ass-kicking occurred luckily I got out right here so I lost a little money but I didnt lose money but just didnt make as much let it do its thing and then got back in right around here and then boom the rest of the week boom just made the money so just stay vigilant and stay with it you know like we trade on a weekly basis in other words when you talk to another forex trader you ask them how many pips did you make this week yeah its not daily its not daily yeah I got my ass kicked on my name Tuesday yeah but I whooped ass Thursday and Friday mmm right okay so thats a little something for the forks guys all right lets get back to this cryptic crap I know everyone script once Krypton get back to the crypto Shamari all right Sal and crypto folk so that crypto folk where were we Im dick Oh family oh and you asked me did I leave a little money did I say it already I did leave it tiny bit of money to see we gap Im looking for a gap up on the GDP against the yen and the dollar and Im looking for a gap up on the Australian dollar against the GD p-- against the US dollar in the Japanese yen all right all right mmm M bye see you brother yes there he goes cuz sweetie said she liked a little bit she liked a little bit of both Oh so you guys get a little bit of both tonight Brendan C Spire lady you could thank sweetie for that you could thanks dying for that Brent C Spire lady love you lady C lady bye mmm spy lady I wish I could show you guys the picture you know I took all her spy lady she looked like a straight spot sunglasses in some room it looked like she was trying to get some information from like some Iranian nuclear scientist in some hotel room somewhere or something all right whatever Jamal Asim Larry but stupid abut to look is that it thats good enough all right then a few more right here whats this Lil everybody with a pie oh we didnt beat him yet Billy Im Lobos Ebola bah got-dang leprosy brother by Joe buta Lobos Ebola fine well we got Jeptha Jenga bye and one last one Rost bang and then whats this one though its a new one forever love always give listen more oh we did that alright bang alright look like bang alright bye Liu bang welcome brothers and sisters alright so that was a great show for you today wow I dont know how long this is it feels long though mm-hmm this might be a while all right so why order based coronavirus oh they baited these either thing on I order to combat coronavirus on the on a platform bang look and then Solana and chain-link built a fast Oracle Wow so you got do what they say they had like four Oh huh let me see yeah how many thousand transactions did they say they said that wasnt gonna be badass hold on oh yeah they said its gonna up oh I upgrade it upgrade every four hundred millimeter you upgrade every four hundred milliseconds right there in the blue and then they said look like by sixty thousand transaction per second Wow impressive impressive indeed its impressive I mean well by Im in bit wise to offer crypto index fund so like Ive told you like weve watched here you know bitwise they keep getting dissed by the SEC for their ETF thats like wow if youre not gonna you mean ETF let me do some other stuff and so theyre not gonna do an index fund or just gonna have multiple crypto currencies inside of it and like Ive told you I mean Ive taught you I mean thats your market all that that there going up and down a thousand down about thats all that just nonsense the meat of your market is this funds yeah your 401 K fine your retirement fun bang your kids call it fun bag thats the markets buying in holy and so mmm-hmm yeah they figure that out and theyre gonna go go do that and then Singapore grants crypto exemptions Singapores trying to be hardcore Singapore is trying to be hardcore and you can tell a hardcore they are by offering exemptions you know like I mean these guys are gonna have to get legal eventually right ripple coinbase and by Nantz have six months to get legit and then they gave the Winklevoss kids Gemini and once again were big in Gemini and some other oh---but go they gave those guys a one-year exemption so you can see that theyre in Denis or sort of Singapore Singapore not in Indonesia my bad my bad single poor Singapore theyre trying to get sewn up with crypto sewn up with crypto and and they are a regulatory friendly environment lets put it that way that finally South Korea South Koreas largest bank its going to offer critters custody custody thats it when the bigs are when the big dogs are for custody well everybody else knows what that means it means this stuff is real this is a real asset class a viable asset class obviously its viable you got things like V chain that have all bordered Walmart BMW Belton Road initiative you got things like iota smart cities and companies are actually saying we this might be the standard I always say our standard but maybe you might be the standard maybe you might be the standard I dont know I dont know right you got things like factum being used by the daggone Department of Homeland Security I mean its disgusting its disgusting its beautiful its beautiful actually thats the word I should use not disgusting its beautiful and so yeah well all South Koreas largest banks like were gonna start cutting this stuff cuz these are viable use a viable companies and this is a growing asset space and we want in so look look all right thats it and I already gave you the Forex wrap up so look lets chill it and kill it but lets get you back to your wives bang and lives so subscribe below press the bell you get automatic notifications when I do this show the greatest show on earth the greatest show in the multiverse look my name is Jamar Clark I love talking crypto bye love talking money bye I love making it - favorite time my day Im talking to you guys so thank you for having me in your home during this coronavirus quarantine I hope I entertained you a little bit but more importantly I hope you actually listened and learn something look and so well see if you learned anything but so until next time subscribe below well wasnt is next time Tuesday so subscribe below press the bell watch this video right here bye and I will see you guys tuesdaya love you guys stay safe stay indoors dont get virus doubt love you guys bye Jamar Clark always on duty youre subscribe here bye watch that video there back and Ill see you guys on Tuesday smart clock watched on money always on duty buy yours over and out Madrid Team Builds Iota-Based Decentralized Information Platform to Combat Coronavirus. South Koreas Largest Bank Launch a Crypto Custodial Service. Solana and Chainlink Team Up To Build A Crazy Fast Oracle. Bitwise Plans To Target Retail Investors With Its Crypto Index Fund. Singapore Grants Crypto License Exemptions to Ripple Coinbase and Binance. South Koreas Largest Bank Launch a Crypto Custodial ServiceREMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT AND SHARE THIS VIDEOLINKS OF THE DAY : Channel URL: TWITTER: @cbnewswire OFFICIAL MAILING ADDRESS: Shomari Clarke PO Box 190620 1300 Washington Ave Miami Beach, Florida, 33119 DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational purposes, It is strictly the opinion of the presenter, this is not financial advice!