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hey there welcome back cardano versus polka dot a match man you know honestly why cant we all just get along why does there have to be one coin to rule them all you know the one that makes them all work is going to be the winners and if everybody can work with everybody then really who cares and i think thats where were going but lets see so we can lets start right here bitcoin i mean a little bit of green in here look its not so bad dont be scared i just got you uh were back at what 46 at 3 a.m at 15 you know i mean its not the greatest but green is green look at that polka dots up 11 percent cardano nine percent and youre gonna see i think cardona and polkadot really make runs uh well talk about why but first of all if you really want to see a good video like a good objective breakdown of cardano versus polka dot check out this cat right here at poa pool its a good video its about half an hour its worth the time i liked it so the top reasons behind this cardano surge and its basically they got some news coming up about a hard fork the merry hard fork 127 rolls out and it brings significant changes to the cardano ecosystem its going to bring basically smart contract platform decentralized finance nfts its going to its multi-asset smart contracts lets see smart contracts decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens but thats thats a significant thing and thats you know the little pump is probably due to some of the hype for that uh heres some about the merry hard fork if you want to go a little deeper these links are below just like always go ahead make sure you like subscribe hit that notification get these when we make them you know if its having a timely product is something important to you thats the way to get it we see charles hoskinson here uh hes the guy behind cardano and now hes with uh input output hong kong why is cardano pumping while other cryptocurrencies are slumping and another reason for this if we get past the nfts and the hard fork is a dubai investment firm theyre turning 750 worth of their bitcoin in to cardano and polka dot thats good stuff and here we go 750 million worth into cardano and polka dot tokens news uh ill put this link below you can check it all out its pretty good you know it shows that people are willing to invest in all coins now and when you know that money trickles down past bitcoin and ethereum some of the first ones to go are cardano and polka dot and thats not surprising you know three days ago though finance uh more you know it was the third rank so see how you want to go with that you know its going to be a volatile market the people are theres these these places are going to change especially as things get more adoption or updates come out expect big movements with you know big success stories its not just bitcoin other cryptocurrencies and we look right here uh they have ethereum chain link number two finance number three polka dot number four and doge number or whatever dogecoin the doggy coin uh number five theres not even cardano on here so it all depends on where the perspective is coming from but currently cardano now their third cryptocurrency by market cap coolio coolio uh if we look at their road map the cardona forecast 2021 we see they got the gogan era and running in parallel with shelley and we talked about the uh mary hard fork lets see if we get down here ioh k is right here ioh k thats where uh charles hoskinson is now thats we mentioned that a second ago thats a link if you want it again thats below uh the status of the roadmap we see here the gogen and the shelley running in parallel with each other one is for decentralization one is to incorporate smart contracts and then from then well continue with incremental but substantial changes through basho the scaling and then finally the voltaire governance one thing see right here is iohk we got some cardano partnerships with georgia cardano signs a memorandum of understanding and this was in 2019 where they confirmed and intensified in 2020 during a meeting at the world economic forum in davos between the former georgian prime minister and charles hoskinson the partnership focuses on using cardano blockchain to map the public administration in large parts of the georgians education system so thats cool and were talking about uh not the state by the way here we go ioh k the gogen smart contracts aspect of the roadmap and the shelley are right here the links are below if you want to dig into each of these aspects in a little bit more uh detail and then we see right here and i believe this is a paper by charles hoskinson where it breaks down motivation and its the table of contents or whatevers to the side here and we can see uh different motivations where it came from one thing i want to get down is into the designing and layers and you know theyre looking at the past and to the future you cannot predict the future so you got to build a little wiggle room and that you know thats good that theyre its an adaptable program and thats why it will succeed theyre also trying to build a blockchain of blockchains polkadot advertises it as the blockchain of blockchains but we know cardano is definitely right there with them thats the same kind of goal theyre more targeted towards maybe japan the us and africa polka dots may be more of a global decentralized entity target you know theres not and then um cardano is they have staking pools which are a little bit less risky than maybe lets say the entry fees you would need for polka dot its the entry barrier into polka dot is a little bit riskier but lets see you can complexity is nice on paper but simplicity usually wins right too many moving parts and youre going to have something that breaks too many cooks spoil the broth its kind of the same thing as number two but honestly i think it depends on your cooks if you got a lot of really good cooks you can either have a great product or everybodys so opinionated and they think that theyre just the best cook that nobody can work together so i think youre going to find out which way we go with that really soon and i think theres a little bit of both of that going on right now between all networks once the standard is set it will probably stick around regardless of whether it is suboptimal uh you can see that sub-optimal my bad with the railroads so listen like you know the railroads were the standard it was the main source of shipping you your stuff goods stuff to build stuff stuff to bring stuff back that we found where we built the stuff and all that that was it ran railroads that was your your guy and now you know you still have it and im not saying that its an inefficient method i think that we could use it better than we do for certain but its still here but now we got we can fly it thats quicker it depends on the needs of the customer and you know thats going to be the key is you dont always have to fly everything if the customer doesnt need that you got to balance those issues and thats why the railroad is still around and bad ideas can evolve into pretty good ones yeah if youre willing to change and learn and grow i think this is a fun paper if you want to read through its a good link uh global crypto investment fd7 we talked about how theyre buying uh an increase in cardano and pocaho polka dot and uh you know these are the foundation of the new internet and the web 3.0 and thats the thing is the whole blockchain revolut it was to decentralize everything and you know get the internet is the whole goal is to bring what the internet does over to this technology where its not every one its not somebody in charge its everybody in charge so and leading the way are you know ethereum polkadot cardon theres a lot of projects that are doing their parts uh polka dot so polkadots a live project theyre theyre up and running and cardanos you know were just at the hard fork and you know getting through the road map right now so maybe not quite as far but its its kind of like an apples to oranges you know polka dot was based to be like an interoperability network they were bet the blockchain of blockchain they and cardanos adding things as they go so uh lets look we can see well go look at their roadmap in a second governance staking bonding so heres their stuff but if we go through their roadmap here it is right now and this is gavin wood gavin wood hes the creator of basically ethereum solidity uh you know co-founder he kind of knows whats up current phase pair chain rollout so thats like where were at right now getting them paired chains pair of threads heres a pair of chain versus pair thread this link will be below uh the pip the polka dot wiki will tell you everything you need to know about polka dot and polka dot projects and how things work and validators nominators uh the relay chain and so on so once you get past the relay chain and youre out to the pair chain pair of threads heres a little bit of difference a big difference is basically one uh is a pay for play thats your parrot thread and then the pair chain thats the big one thats the one people really want you can see right here these are your pair of chains a pair of chain pair chain pair of chain and here are your pair of threads think of it like buildings maybe each of these would be their own building and you know that company or that project or whatever owns that whole building or rents that whole building or and same here and were all in like a business development area building building and then this building right here its still a building and it still can do its still just as tall it still has the same offices but weve rented each of those floors out to different entities or different projects maybe one project has two floors maybe one only gets half a floor these guys share a floor something like that you know if that helps you get into the the mindset of everything uh and this is really good pair of thread pays you go pair change explanation if you want a little more detail when we get here this is more of the polka dot network general design rules consensus mechanism um but i want to get down to the diagram here we go and heres your relay chain your paired chain bridge ethereum pair chain cues input output and if you really its a pretty good diagram if you want to read through and find out what all these are and kind of it helps you visualize all the content uh sometimes that helps me a lot of times okay lets look at the polka dot ecosystem this was just last summer we can see you know the bridge privacy internet of things d5 stuff smart contracts moonbeam its you know theres quite a few we had chain link listed as just the only oracle gaming we just had game dao plasma and sealer were the only network scaling solutions you know we were getting there kusama kusama is the canary network and see thats the fun thing about polka dot i think it helps give it a little bit of an edge in the competition at least because it can test things on kusama or if it has projects that are maybe well maybe why dont you try that on kusama if it succeeds but then well bring that on over to polkadot its its like a minor league team you know they have a minor league blockchain set you know ecosystem that nobody else really you know thats cool right there thats i think that now we look ahead just a little bit um i think maybe a month and its about the same stuff theres a couple different names there are two different charts for different things and now were going to look ahead about six months right this will be right about the beginning is december 2020 and its grown quite a bit now were starting to see new projects look at all the different oracles we have kylian polka oracle zk oracle aries protocol zeitgeist we got some nfts now we got finance i like diego i like nfts i think all of its fun we got some kusama again energy web token you can see that its growing and its growing pretty fast the bridges are growing you know daps are growing smart contracts heres moon beam again kalupu edgeware d5 grew quite a bit lets see was there a gaming on this i dont see it um i think we got polka swap on here we should we have polka swab this should be pokestarter we can see over here we got reef and we saw reef over here too we should have anyway maybe its over here top poker projects for 2021 a little bit more uh dr gavin wood solidity ethereum right here these are your relay chain these are all the poke pair chains and this one does it just shows pair chains and bridges it doesnt actually show you would just take one of these out and that would be a pair of chain slot or i mean a pair of threads your pair threads would fill in one for one of the pair chains polka dot exploring polka dot ecosystem heres kusama the canary network moonbeam thats your smart contract deployment centrifuge is the protocol for decentralized finance assets and this is your gateway to bring your real world assets into the decentralized finance financial markets to build your nfts over real world assets and stuff like that edgware is your self-improving smart contract blockchain so here we are smart contracts again polka starter pokestarters been doing quite a bit of stuff weve talked about it before a lot of pokestarter projects are doing really well uh very bullish on polka starter exceed me i just did a video about exceed me recently gaming very cool what else we got acropolis so you can see we got some growth and the slot auction i we talked about this too where its basically a candlestick auction where from here to here everybody does their auctioning and then from here to here everybody bids what they think the true value is and you know what theyre willing to pay and stuff and then at the end of the time frame a random point generated from here to here is picked and whoever had the auction at that time wins so you cant get outbid at the last second and some summary stuff so we look heres a little preview a wallet investor they compare cardano ada versus polka dot dot comparison all time and it gives some advantages price it gives to dot the change in the last one hour 24 hours its given those to dot market cap it gives to cardano but it doesnt i dont think it lists one for dot so and the supplies and stuff so im wondering if maybe its from lack of information and its just barely beating it out right here i dont know its not i thought that was eight but it looks like its not a very good comparison just because of a lack of information so heres cardano both versus polka dot and this this breaks it down a little bit more that video i gave you a link to earlier breaks it down really well too very objectively um you can look more specifically well well direct just a few points on here uh the scaling difference sharding and claims to be eventually able to do 1 million transactions per second cardano will use hydra as a second layer solution that will scale to around 1 000 transactions per head and with 1 000 heads or the stake pools could reach about a maximum of 1 million transactions per second so that seems to be pretty much the number were shooting for here 1 million transactions per second between the two of them and the interoperability between the two so polka dot focuses on interoperability and they are basically selling themselves as the blockchain of blockchains and they you know more than theyre theyre more focused on it than cardano is and cardano is they want to be interoperable with the legacy native systems you know like ethereum of the blockchains and other cryptocurrencies and then they want to do this through integrating side chains smart contracts so polka dot supports smart contrast as much as whoever fills the power chain or power thread slot support smart contracts that make sense its not really up to polka dot theyre more the street not the car cardano supports smart contracts natively starting with plutus and marlowe and its supposed which will be released in february 2021 thats i believe part of the mary fork plutus is complete or you know the its part of that whole process that we talked about earlier and then we go about decentralization so it depends on your perspective because overall cardano is more decentralized because they have more pools they have more wallets they have more however comma dramatic pause if you look at the difference 16 26 about you know 300-ish if you want to go that way then yeah cardano definitely more decentralized but polkadot on the other hand being you know the blockchain of blockchains each of those blockchains is decentralized and then the projects are decentralized so they have a more decentralized project base so on a more macro perspective of utilization i think polka dot maybe is more decentralized at the moment even though they have less validator pools than cardano if that makes sense and both have a strong community so what would be really cool we can see that theres coinbase support coinbase you know it cardanos been there this is in 2018. people have been hoping coinbase would get cardano forever its a fact and we know that polka dot is now available on coinbase as of december 21st 2020. and i this is my to be fair for everybody man it would be cool itd be fair for everybody i guess except ethereum but release polkadot and cardano together as a pair right after they do their initial uh stock offering for coinbase and come out with your uh ipo and then drop dot and ada on coinbase as listed for all of us fools to be able to just buy regular that would be really cool and i think you would see both of these projects go sky high just that would be the first catalyst to see these things take it to the moon i really like cardano i really like polka dot i really like ethereum i just really like cryptocurrency man if you cant tell uh and i know you do too otherwise you would not be here right now so leave me a comment below you know what do you think whos gonna win does anybody even have to win you know thats really the deal is why cant we just all win all right man cheers you Not Financial advice. This is all for research purposes only! Not a paid promotion. Just some guy trying to help you find some gems to DYOR on. Cheers. The Rev