chainlink kovanCardano HYDRA Launches on MAINNET!!!

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foreign good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I am the crypto Crow welcome Im back from my 11 year wedding anniversary with my uh tiny person of a wife uh we went to Sarasota for a day and uh stayed last night just had a good time just kind of went you know bouncing around a little bit uh Cinco de Mayo and uh today I come home and Im checking the news seeing whats popping and lo and behold some really big cardano news that Ive been waiting for for years years and it is going to change everything but first make sure you check out murder of crows dot IO and you convince yourself some cardano based murder of Crows nfts if you like me and you know maybe you like how silver I am and uh I dont know whatever it is maybe you just hate me but you know youre like Im gonna get some crows anyway because you wanna I dont know burn them on a wallet somewhere I dont care whatever you do it supports me it supports my channel so um and I love it I love watching that that uh wallet grow because people are just loving the crows so and I am going to be starting a meme coin soon just for hell of it and its going to be a total tongue-in-cheek [ __ ] coin and Im just gonna do it for fun because why not uh but anyway lets get to some really good stuff shall we cardano scaling tool Hydra goes live on mainnet heres what comes next every heres what comes next every other cryptocurrency on the market [ __ ] in their pants thats whats gonna come next cardano one of the leading layer one protocols has announced the launch of its long-awaited scaling protocol Hydra man oh man oh man this is gonna mean so much folks Im telling you I dont think you realize you do not understand now before we get into this just understand this doesnt mean cardanos going to go to the Moon immediately thats not what this is about this is about this Market cycle this is because now think of this as you know lets lets say you you cut down trees for a living right and and um you know steel is like your favorite brand and all the chainsaws out there just do the same stuff right and youve been waiting on steel because theyve been talking about this chainsaw that will reduce your tree cutting time down to a fraction of a second instead of like three minutes right youre like man I could get rid of so many trees I can cut down so many trees so much faster if this thing just launched and then all of a sudden it announces its launched its in the stores right now well you go and you get it and now you have it but you still have to do the work you still have to go and start chopping down the trees right so youve got this amazing tool that is going to empower you to do so much but you still have to do it so in this case with cardano we now have this amazing protocol thats launched its going to change the way everything works were going to dive into this article a bit to explain some of those things Ive talked about Hydra many many times on this channel I feel a sneeze coming on I tried to look into my lights you know sometimes if you feel like youre going to sneeze you stare into a bright light itll help you along the way but didnt work this time so anyway um but we still have to build on it right we still have to build on Hydra we still weve been waiting this for this for so blocks for some time so lets go ahead and dive into it cardano one of the late leading layer one protocols has just announced the launch of its long-awaited scaling protocol Hydra on the main net on the main net this moving significant step forward for cardanos ecosystem is it aims to improve the performance scalability and security of its blockchain as well as reinforces the potential of its transformative technology before Clarity Hydra is a layer 2 scaling solution that aims to allow cardano to process up to 1 million transactions per second one million transactions per second legitimately because remember this is going to create um basically Hydra heads out of all the nodes if theyre like 2 000 nodes or three thousand nodes each one of those nodes is supposed to be able to do um I think each node at some point is supposed to be able to do a thousand TPI or a million TPS something like that and its just going to get insane like theres no blockchain out there thats going to be able to do what cardanos doing hands down um but anyway I digress I hate when I hear that but Im saying it anyway as it pivots to become one of the fastest and most efficient blockchains in the market notably this is a significant improvement over existing layer one Solutions like Bitcoin and ethereum which can only handle a fraction of this volume yeah at the peak of this Market lets see what handles uh throughput faster ethereum and everybody trying to patch that sinking ship or cardano in Hydra I mean sorry I hate to I hate to take Jabs at ethereum because I dont think its going anywhere um its going to have its use case just like Bitcoin But ultimately uh theres just no competition theres no competition in technology Im telling you theres none um however the launch of hydro is a long due development I would say long overdue development for the cardano community as it has been development for several years but thats also because they just dont create something throw it to the wall hope it works and then spend years trying to fix it they like to launch things ready its like its like back in the day when blizzard would you know announce a new game and everybodys like whens it going to launch whens it going to launch everybody lose their [ __ ] just in anticipation and theyd say when it launches when its ready to launch itll launch you know we dont want to launch a [ __ ] show on everybody the protocol has undergone rigorous testing and auditing to ensure that its resilient secure and scalable enough to support the growing demands of the cardano ecosystem of which it is growing talking about what comes next input output said the core development team plans to focus on driving hydras adoption through various use cases cases such as payments auctions and voting and obviously we know the Voltaire is going to play a big role in the voting and auctions is a big deal because when we originally built our nft Marketplace that we were testing um you know nobody knew it at the time but all of like the the tokenizer like the Ada tokenizer the the the cardano marketplace like the zempify and all that all of those were being built as individual systems for soblocks now which is our social media platform weve been building its in open Beta right now its s-o-b-l-o-k-s and so now one of the big things weve been waiting for theres so many different elements of things that weve been waiting for for so blocks for it to operate the way we want it to work on cardano and and to go on chain with it finally and I think were about to be able to start doing that and were going to be able to start cranking out the [ __ ] weve been trying to crank out for a while auctions is going to be a big deal but we want to be able to host nft auctions in so blocks okay and um this is going to be a really really big deal Im telling you Im so excited and now and then payments which Im Im hoping and Im pretty sure that the payments element to this is going to enable us to do micro transactions so that we can start pumping out transactions you know like on so blocks and Im using so blocks as an example because these are all reasons why weve been waiting for Hydra to launch and we know that if weve been waiting for all of these things there are a billion other developers out there that are now going to be empowered to do whatever they want to do as well which is just going to start sending the traffic the throughput everything through through the moon as as more developers line up to start building all their applications and Im telling you Im so pumped I cant tell you how excited I am about this I havent been this even my wife was like oh really because I told her most of the time I tell my wife stuff and shes like cool babe and I told her about this shes like wow youve been waiting for that for a long time and Im like yes yes I have um so Im extreme Im elated Im so elated Im doing a video on a Saturday afternoon I dont do videos on weekends Ive got a life Ive got a family Ive got stuff to do but Im doing a video today because I want to make sure you guys know whats happening um to achieve this iog encourages users to start building on Hydra while welcoming user requests that will unlock new use cases that will be considered for future release releases and I I watched this video um I mean we could watch it real quick we have recently reached a milestone of mainnet compatibility this would kind of correspond our objective of having a mainnet application out in this year we will be focusing a bit more on driving use cases and driving adoption of Hydra through use cases either through projects we we will conduct ourselves within the Hydra Community the existing Hydro Community whether it be about high drop payments using Hydra for auctions or voting situations these will be driving projects motivating features weve put on our roadmap expand the the feature set and flexibility of using the hydro head protocol if youre interested in building on Hydra we explicitly made more room for user requests lately so its should be encouraging hopefully to to others to get started building on hydro right now we would take your user feature requests discuss them and and GitHub discussions go through them and if something really I will unlock your use case thats something we gladly put on our roadmap and our next steps and release to you in a fast-paced environment basically what theyre saying is get ready folks because shits about to go crazy uh theyre basically saying listen if youre a developer youre building something on Hydra then and theres something that needs to be added or changed to the Hydra head protocol for you to be able to establish your use case in the ecosystem let us know we got you and Im like yes I sent this over to my developer Im like lets go lets go lets lets start getting this crackle lacking uh majorly the launch shows that cardano is committed to improving its technology and staying ahead of the curve as other blockchains struggle with scalability other how about all of them I mean most most of them at this point yeah Im getting a little cocky because cardanos about to start whooping ass and taking names uh Ive already loaded up Im ready to go lets go uh cardanos investment in Hydra gives it a Competitive Edge and positions it as a visible solution I would say viable solution for Enterprise level applications yes yes and yes so I mean the rest is just like a lot of basic stuff um 11 minutes I just I dont want to make this any longer I want everybody to want to see it and know that theyre going to get the information quickly and effectively so yeah check out murder of check out soblock set up an account its an open Beta were about to get rolled and see me rolling I wish I knew any of these songs until next time guys enjoy the rest of your weekend uh leave your comments down below what kind of use cases do you think are going to start popping up on Hydra uh I got some until next time guys grow your coins and Ill see you again soon Bitcoin Cardano CryptoJoin this channel to get access to perks: Subscribe Now! 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