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chainlink scan Vechain Price and Chart —... Cardano Goguen, BTC, Chainlink, and more! // Crypto Over Coffee ep.38
ladies and gentlemen people of the internet welcome back to yet another episode of crypto over coffee i hope youre doing well today and if youre new here every single friday i break down the latest news and the hottest topics in the world of technology and cryptocurrency whilst drinking a cup of delicious coffee now in todays episode were talking about bitcoin and bitcoins price no surprise cardano celsius network chain link and of course our usual 404 logic not found segment but before we get into all that lets kick it off with questions from the community from youtube and twitter so im gonna pull those up here on the computer now if you want one of your questions answered of course please do leave them in the comments down below or tweet me at hishoshi4 and if you would be so inclined please do subscribe to the channel and hit the bell notification button so you get a heads up whenever i post new stuff here on the channel as well thank you for that so lets dive into these questions now the first question is from kevron creates does a hardware wallet work similarly to a ubi key now if youre not familiar this is a yubi key it is one of the best purchases one could ever make ill leave a link down below but a ubi key basically is a mini computer chip really if you think about it a credentialing system you can plug it into your device and generates one-time passwords it can sign with keys etc so in many ways yes a hardware wallet for cryptocurrency is very similar to a yubi key in that it is a credential management tool underneath sort of all the different layers now one way that i guess a hardware wallet differs from a yubikey is that hardware wallets need to do a more wide variety of different protocol operations and so they need to have a little bit more complex firmware and then also user inputs cant be delegated to a device so a lot of the user inputs you have to have on a hardware wallet for seed phrases for managing wallets for initiating transactions and all those things have to be more complex you have to have computing units inside those things inside the the actual hardware wallets so theyre similar underneath the hood in terms of the sort of secure element technology but ultimately they start to divert as you get to how theyre used and functionally how they interact with the devices that theyre connected to with your hardware wallet you connect it to your computer via usb or you connect it via bluetooth what have you these devices here you can connect via different protocols nfc through usb usbc etc so theyre similar there but of course there are some functional differences but thats a great point kevron and thank you for your question now the second question is from neil patel what about the erc 677 standard and this is probably in response to last weeks episode about erc standards isnt that near term and possibly long term an advantage for chain link since it reduces costs so let me explain what erc677 is its basically an erc token standard that stems from erc20 the fungible token standard and it provides a way for you to do something called transfer and call so essentially you can transfer an erc20 token and call a function and a smart contract the receiving smart contract at the same time so basically operations that once would say for example when you receive erc20s then send someone this token back or trigger this operation those can be done now in one transaction instead of two so this does save gas costs in most cases there are some fringe cases where it might not but it also allows you to start batching things better and its a better user experience so yes its an advantage for chain link because they have implemented this sort of from the get go they went quickly from an erc20 to an erc677 type standard for that very reason so yes its a great thing but chain link is not the only company or the only project that can use this standard and i would say most projects that could benefit from it could very easily or with a relatively moderate amount of effort could migrate their existing token to this standard so i dont know if its necessarily a long-term advantage for chain-link unilaterally but its definitely something that they were smart to take advantage of early so yeah thanks for your question neil senor chunk really cool name actually best crypto chat on youtube thank you very much any other good suggestions so i wanted to take this time really quickly to shout at a couple of folks digital asset news great channel you can check that out kaizen crypto if youre into cardano youre just into nice people this is one of the nicest people youll ever meet runs a stake pool on the network so you start to get some variability and content great channel uh elio trades elliott from elio trades pretty interesting place for interested in learning about trading which is something i dont really do on the channel all that much sometimes i do thats a great place to go there are tons of great channels out there but those are just a few that ive been watching lately thank you so much for your question senor chunk and for watching my stuff awesome anthony clergit clerguet i hope that i pronounced your name correctly great work thank you so much do you think we can still run a link node on a raspberry pi so basically this question is do you think we can be you can become sort of a chain-link node operator with a really really um weak piece of computing resource right a raspberry pi something that doesnt have a lot of compute resources and my answer is maybe i have a feeling that youll still be able to run the software on that without running into too many issues i think as you get to these more intensive data processing jobs right where its not as simple as going to an api pulling the data down doing a really basic formatting job on it and then sending it back once you get out of that realm i think youre going to have a tough time right so when you get to things like verifiable randomness when you get to really large data jobs with a really intensive processing requirement thats going to be really tough and so i think your computing resources are going to be dependent on what type of data that youre providing what type of jobs youre providing and also what your up time is going to be how often people are going to reach reach to you for for requests i think you need more powerful hardware the more requests youre going to serve so yes its possible but the biggest ones that serve the most requests probably not all right im only going to bet this is chino 4422 nice video once again thank you so much whats the best way to track the past purchase price of your crypto ether scan only shows the current price but not the previously purchased price now this kind of leads me into a quick story but i had the same issue i early on when i was starting to you know really keep track of crypto right and i was trying to keep track of it it was easier because there werent as many coins right in the early days right you had a few you had ether litecoin bitcoin doge you just had a few to keep track of but as time has gone on theres more and more and more to work with theres more and more to keep track of and i was going and i was going on to these ether scan websites or whatever like data websites and i was going back to that date and time of my trade and looking at the price and keeping it an excel sheet extremely painful the more crypto that you do the more trades that you do its a nightmare so what i started doing is i just spent the money and i got coin tracker best decision i ever made i know ive talked about this in other videos but this question really harkens back to that coin tracker dot io its great for for crypto taxes its great for tracking your portfolio now i have a sort of one-stop shop where i can look at everything i hold across all my wallets and across all the exchanges that i use i can see where i have tax loss harvesting opportunities i can see where im in the in the black i can see where im in the red i can see all these different things and it keeps track of all those cost basis points where ive gotten into something and so its so useful its one of the most useful tools that ive purchased worth every penny so ill leave a link for that down below as well if youre interested but definitely uh move away from the manual things is too prone to mistakes it takes too long if you if you can afford it within your budget i would say get a tool to do it so thank you so much for your question and that is going to do it for the questions today now that said for those of you who are new here every single week in partnership with the folks at kobo who make that awesome kobo vault hardware wallet i am giving away a kobo tablet plus steel seed phrase backup in every episode from here on out so if you tune in on fridays you can enter to win and all you have to do to enter is just to comment on this video and ill pick a random winner from the comments every single week now just for transparency the product is only available in the us canada and europe so if you win and youre from another region ill just send you some bitcoin instead and make you whole so the winner of last weeks giveaway is here on the screen random draw so big congratulations and of course i will be in touch to talk about your prize now it would not be a crypto over coffee episode without a healthy dose of bitcoin to kick off the news so thats where were headed first and this week has yet again been largely good for bitcoins price were still hovering at that 13.5 k mark and of course the bulls on twitter are screaming for 20k right around the corner wishful thinking but okay i do want to present one small challenge in that bullish preconception i guess you could call it that i see bitcoin facing in terms of reaching that all-time high or even a yearly high and that would be the stock market now the rhetoric from bitcoin maximalists and bulls online would lead you to believe that bitcoin thrives when all traditional markets are dying that is simply just not a fair generalization if you look at this week even the price moved negatively when banks and analysts predicted an impending stock market bloodbath i would love to be wrong on this but when you see the stock market day of reckoning coming bitcoin is likely going to move down with it if not at least in the short term so please dont be that person who is overextended when that happens be safe be risk conscious be risk aware and for me i would imagine that the election will be one of the big catalysts for the stock market movement one way or the other so if bitcoin can hold strong up to that date and then brave the storm only then would i feel really really bullish going forward and the truth is the economic world around us is a big driver for bitcoin price but mining activity and hash rate is also a huge thing and im optimistic looking at the transfer hash rate because it seems that overall its stable and its growing post-having if you look at the overall trend which is similar to years past and of course this week with the big high price rally hash rates did drop and fees started to rise which is usually the type of push and pull that we start to see during these periods of price expansion now remember when markets are hot it will cost more and more and more to move bitcoin so of course bear that in mind when you are buying and selling of course i hope that we finish out october above 13k and i hope we hold above 10k well into november especially through the election that would be a good sign in my humble opinion but of course im no financial analyst who knows whats going to happen now moving on i would like to give a big shout out to one of my favorite vpn services expressvpn who are in my mind the best premium vpn provider out there the reason though that im talking about them today is not due to a sponsorship or anything else but because they have pulled a really really good announcement out of the hat and that is that the expressvpn digital security lab is going to be built which will likely be a collaborative initiative with industry consumers and regulators to identify the major areas where digital security can be improved for the masses and also to create collateral to change consumer behavior to be more secure online im absolutely blown away by this idea its not a cheap thing to do because you have to build this structure out and they have to lead and by making this move expressvpn is showing that they genuinely care about security and privacy and how consumers build better habits protecting themselves on technology and that being said if you do not yet use a vpn on your daily browsing or your daily internet use then i highly recommend you do so as its basically a no-brainer layer of protection for your internet use i will leave a link down below to expressvpn if youre interested which will automatically populate the code hishoshi to get you the best possible deal on a plan with expressvpn if youre interested but of course there is zero pressure to buy anything now it is time for 404 logic not found and for those of you who are as of yet uninitiated in this little firecracker of a segment basically i highlight notable tech related fails or otherwise stupid moves that really just need to get some attention speaking of attention if you want to help this video right here get some attention from the youtube algorithm gods please do hit that like button and get subscribed to the channel because it tells the youtube robots the little crawlers that read everything that youre enjoying the content that youre watching and you want to see more of it so thank you so much for that in advance and i would also like to say before we get into the actual piece of content here rest in peace in the comments section because its about to look like that climax fight scene from the movie 300 in just a second because todays topic is ripple now its well known that ripple the company behind various financial products that utilize the xrp cryptocurrency has a partnership of sorts with moneygram which is a popular payment remittance firm now when this was announced originally way back when all the fans of xrp pitched this as the grand vote of support the grandest vote of support from a big industry player and that xrp price would skyrocket in response to this news and the renewed usage of xrp however if you look at the financial reporting from moneygram in the past two quarters alone it shows that this arrangement might be a little bit more lucrative for moneygram than it is for ripple with moneygram getting what looks to be a pretty sweet payout from ripple for their participation now lets not forget ripple invested 50 million bucks in moneygram in 2019 as an investment so its no surprise that moneygram agreed to participate as a liquidity provider for ripples on-demand liquidity network that centered around xrp no surprise now in quarter 2 of 2020 according to financial statements moneygram was reportedly paid over 15 million bucks for market development fees which i can only read as payments for providing liquidity to the network and then again in q3 they were paid almost 9 million or 9.3 million in payments for the same line item now all in if the financial reporting is to be believed and if it is accurate thats nearly 75 million bucks all in flowing from ripple into moneygram and im looking at this wondering where the net benefit is for ripple and more importantly ripples investors both their company and in the xrp token did this money paid to moneygram come from xrp buyers buying tokens directly or indirectly there are so many questions that i dont have the answers to that i would love the answers to because it seems like a sweet deal for moneygram whilst the real stakeholders in what ripple is building the token holders the investors they seem to be kind of left in the lurch here and for all the work and money thats been put in and invested and spent on this project and all the promising products and partnerships that weve seen over the past years in the news i just see so little to show for it and if im an xrp holder im a little bit irritated right now about the big money being shelled out to a seemingly low impact partnership and something to me just doesnt add up here im not making any accusations about wrongdoing or fraud or anything like that but i just dont feel like funds are being allocated in a way that aligns with a building out a product offering that changes the way the world does business and b enriching investors by way of building the product offering it just it blows my mind so 404 logic not found moving into the world of cardano though for a second we got our first sneak peek at the road map for gogen the critical protocol updates that will bring smart contracts to the cardano mainnet now based on this update call that we had this past week the mainnet rollout of gogan features will be somewhere around the pipeline of february or march 2021 which to me is no surprise it seems though that on this timeline a test net then will be available in november or december where critical bug fixing and user testing will help refine that main net launch that will come in the first quarter of 2021 of course the markets though reacted very negatively to the news that we wont see gogan in 2020. now i will admit that the talk at the shelley event was that gogan was closer to done than people thought the implication was that folks might see it in 2020. there was a lot of hype there and i can say there probably was some bad expectations setting there but lets be real 2021 is not surprising nor the end of the world ultimately this is yet another protocol update that cardano has one chance to get right if this falls flat it will spell the end of this network this rollout has to be cleaned has to be efficient and smooth and lots of resources are going to have to be invested in bringing on developers to build within the first few months of this so that the transition to products being built on cardano really seed interest in cardano as a defy hub as a dap hub as a place where people can build products people will use so this is critical and its really important to take the time needed to get it done right and on that note there is also a demo out there of the erc20 token converter tool that will help ethereum dap developers migrate their token projects to the cardano network when gogan does arrive which is a great idea to have ready for launch and this will hopefully incentivize developers struggling with gas fees right now to head on over to carano to build their dap in the future so we shall see how this all pans out i will keep you posted now in other news the popular lending and d5 platform celsius announced integration with 35 chain link price oracles recently which is just another well utilized app that is now using chainlinks oracles for price feeds these days now the ceo of celsius alex mashinsky had this to say about this particular integration our partnership with chain link is a key driver to the gradual decentralization and increased transparency of the celsius platform as a whole instead of completely overhauling our successful business model we are able to use chain link to decentralize critical pieces of our systems like pricing monitoring in-app functions while retaining the same lucrative benefits afforded to celsius users such as weekly rewards and low cost loans all in all this move is to improve transparency decentralization and ultimately security of the d5 products encapsulated in celsiuss product offering i would like to see more and more products like celsius start to do the same thing as chain link continues to deliver and bring new features into mainnet like verifiable random functions and things like that so were really seeing chain links start to get integrated in more and more robust systems now staying in the d5 space for just a minute the d5 lending product development company ave has announced that their protocol governance is now being turned over to the community by way of the ave token voting process now this move comes as part of a migration from the original native token lend to the new token the ave token aave which will be managed and controlled not by the core development teams admin keys but instead by the community itself now this is a great thing to see in the d5 space in general because many projects out there in the d5 space have core team members or developers that have very powerful and dangerous admin keys which are again dangerous forms of centralization in otherwise so-called decentralized products now conducive with yet another hot market sector the ave token will also enable i guess a sort of passive income by way of staking where holders can stake to earn a portion of the network fees for things like flash loans so its very exciting if youre a fan of the project or a holder of lend make sure you check out the website to figure out how to facilitate your token swap now i did also want to draw attention to a story that i read this morning about a study done on ethereum and more specifically the percentage of eth or ether stored in cold storage or self-custody versus in exchanges now the numbers were rather shocking to me to say the least now according to the data provided by vubase around 24 of ether circulating supply was found to be stored on exchanges which is a massive massive sum were talking billions with a b worth of value now this to me says two things one for all the talk about decentralization and decentralized finance and decentralized apps it seems that a lot of ether holders dont seem to grasp the concept of cold storage or cut self-custody and not relying on centralized exchanges which is really surprising to me and two this could be a real real issue when ethereum 2.0 comes to the forefront because exchanges holding nearly 25 of supply and circulation poses a massive threat to governance on ethereum 2.0 when staking does arrive these centralized exchanges could very well become cartels and listen im not saying that you should panic or that this is a world ender but i am surprised at this metric if it is to be believed and something has to be done about it so if you have ether on exchanges get it off now it is time for the winners and losers of the week which of course highlights the biggest winner and the biggest loser in the world of tech this week the biggest winner has to be microstrategy whose bitcoin investment earlier this year has already netted nearly 100 million bucks in profits which outstrips their q2 earnings from their core business operations now that is what i call a positive capital investment so well done to microstrategy yet again now the biggest loser of the week has to be gold bugs who also tend to be bitcoin haters peter schiff who saw bitcoin reach yearly highs against gold at nearly seven ounces of gold per bitcoin maybe a sign of the future who knows but people who hold gold are not happy when theyre comparing it to bitcoin now anyways i want to say thank you for every single moment you spend watching content on the channel and supporting this channel if you do have time to stick around though please do check out this video right here about cardanos gogen that ill link up on the screen but regardless of that i wish you and your family a safe and restful weekend and until next time cheers In this episode of Crypto Over Coffee, Hashoshi breaks down news about Cardano Goguen and its launch date, BTC price, Chainlinks integration with Celsius, Ethereum and more!Relevant Links: Yubikey: *Cointracker for portfolio mgmt: *ExpressVPN: Digital Asset News: Kaizen Crypto: EllioTrades: Ripple invests ~$50m in MoneyGram: *denotes an affiliate link : Timestamps: Q&A 0:00 Welcome! 0:50 Question 1 2:33 Question 2 4:14 Question 3 5:02 Question 4 6:26 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