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Binance Warns That Post-Shapella ETH Withdrawal Requests May Take 15 Ethereum completed its long-awaited Shapella upgrade on Wednesday, April 12th. The hard fork is the combination of two simultaneously executed upgrades—Shanghai on the consensus layer. and For The First Time Cardano will Be Listed On Any Japanese Exchange As Cardano native asset, ADA, is set to be listed for the first time in Japan, some believe this is similar to the Coinbase listing for the Japanese community. Read: On 3rd August Miami Becomes The First US City To Launch Their Crypto, Miami Coin MIA to Fund City Initiatives, And Rewards Users In BTC CTO chainlink price prediction 2020 reddit Cardano ADA Latest BIG News! Price Analysis, Shelley Updates & More!
chainlink price prediction 2020 reddit Cách thức mua Ethereum Classic... Cardano ADA Latest BIG News! Price Analysis, Shelley Updates & More!
hello everyone on crypto nodes in todays video were going to be taking a look at the latest big news to do with cardano were going to be taking a look at price analysis stuff to do with shelley as well as five predictions for cardano as well if you guys like anything i bring to you dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the videos it does really help my channel out and i want to know your thoughts down below where do you think cardinal is heading in the next two weeks with that lets jump straight into the video so well start off by taking a look at the market majority of the market is in the green which again is a very good thing to see because it just shows that everything has been holding the key resistance points it needs to hold for the ball run to continue uh cardano is holding nicely in the seventh position and it does look like it is going to be start running again but well have to wait and see uh bitcoin heading in the upward direction is a very good sign to see because it just runs the rest of the market to go up in that way uh because if bitcoin had a big dump you would see majority of the other market have a big dump as well but cardano is up almost at 13 cents which is a good thing to see is up 54 over the last 30 days and i want to show you this first article about cardano and its going to have a lot of hype over the next two weeks which again is positive to see its just what direction will the price head in will the price head up or will the price head down now this first article i want to show you cardanos ada price continues upward push as gogan upgrade approaches adas price has rallied on the base of shelley and smart contracts but mainstream adoption is still a far away goal bitcoin btc volatility hitting its lowest since late 2018 has forced investors to turn to old coins that could act as more as more lucrative investments in their portfolios cardano ada has been one of the largest benefactors of this move its price is rallied around 400 in 2020 its market capitalization has almost quadrupled to surpass bitcoin sv and it has become the fifth largest cryptocurrency in circulation by market capitalization the recent price rally has demonstrated the faith of the community and industry having called down his road map its vision and its founder charles hopkinson the project however it still manages to an ascent stages there is still a lot for cardano to prove in terms of executing its plans and gaining recognition among prominent entities like ethereum however ryan fang the co-founder and chief operations or officer of anr a nkr a firm that provides cloud solutions for blockchain applications feels more confident in cardanos proven abilities the community and its network talking also of his holdings in the in cardano he stated the price rally has been tremendous as it broke two resistance levels we have been watching cardano from more than a year with their development since the test net till the main net the network has emerged a lot and the price rally has proven the strong market settlement of the project and the trust community has got on the project the term smart contracts was introduced about 26 years ago by crypto expert nick sasbo and has been one of the most integral developments in the crypto industry smart contracts and are transaction protocols maintained by computers that are intended to automatically execute control or document transactions according to the terms of the contract for cardano the implementation of the google era will take smart contracts a step to further to smart contracts while smart contracts eliminate the need for manual intervention for interactions on particular blockchain the googon mechanism will not prioritize ada transactions and contracts over the tote over other tokens issued on cardano like ethereum does for if over erc 20 tokens now in my opinion i think whats gonna happen uh in the next couple months uh youre rather gonna see at the end of this month youre gonna see shelley have a big price increase uh cause a little hype and that will be the start of cardinals ball run or youll see a big sell-off youll see a big dump and uh then theyll have to keep fighting the resistance points but a lot of people are very very bullish on cardano and it is um it is 50 50. its same with the majority of the market though um it is 50 50 and it depends what uh what way it goes this is the next article i want to show you cardano at one year high on shelley upgrade cardano continues to skyrocket the eighth largest cryptocurrency by market value jumped to 10 cents on saturday to hit its highest price level since june 2019 is rallied by a staggering 170 percent in the second quarter according to coindesk data at press time ada is trading near 0.098 which is doing a bit higher now uh representing a 200 percent year-to-date gain which again is very big news i want to show you this part here sell the news the shelley upgrade will be another case of buy the rumor sell the news vice president of digital liquidity from firm secure digital markets told coindesk in june buy the rumor sell the news refers to a situation where the price of an asset rallies in days or months leading up to the high anticipation anticipated positive event and drops on profit profit-taking after the event has happened ada has carved out impressive gains over the past few months and many remain better but remain better bid ahead of july 29th main net launch where investors to sell the news the cryptocurrency may face some downside pressure in august which again is what ive pretty much said it its going to be 50 50 its rather going to start the hype or its going to have a sell-off and it will have to keep fighting those resistance points again its very very important thing to see heres a chart analysis cardano price analysis highs are going forward to 20 cents that is official cardano has proven to be one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2020 hitting the price bottom for the year during the march sell-off cardano has surged exponentially since then outperforming the pace of bitcoin by 200 percent and its peer altcoin by 250 percent cardinal price analysis will ada lead the old season cardano has experienced a great deal of media hype recently casing ada as a flag bearer of the upcoming old season indeed the cardano ada price chart has been showing outstanding performance recently strengthened by its decoupling from bitcoin over the past several months the fact that car dyno and bitcoin price do not move in line with each other uh proves that cardona is capable of sustaining significant growth even when bitcoin and the crypto market general is stagnant now personally i think it does still follow it to the majority of the sentence um even though chaining has done very similar um is completely blown up to proportion its still uh in my opinion it still does follow it to some extent uh so again i feel like a lot of these are waiting a lot of these cryptocurrencies are waiting for bitcoin to do its big explosion and then youll see them really really shine thats when the wings will basically expand and theyll fly to the moon now the last part of this article that i want to show you guys is basically three other big reasons why uh it could explode uh cardano and the d5 sector which they have been rumored recently its not rumored i think theyve even said it themselves that they are going to be working on the default sector and try and get into that and then youve got cardano coinbase partnership which again earlier this month they were linked together um card only published that theyre going to be looking at uh coinbase published that theyre going to be looking at different crypto assets cardona being one of them and cardano and alice and weve got the shelley thats the another big thing as well so theres three big things that are coming up as well for the uh cardano in the next few months so weve got to sit tight and see where this this leads now the last article i want to show you guys uh five cardinal price predictions for 2021 one sees a two thousand five hundred and twenty six percent gain from here and were just going to jump straight into their predictions im gonna avoid reading their names but im gonna leave it obviously on the article um you have this one here they are predicting the first prediction is uh predicting a simple double 100 gain which are again ill even take that um the second person is predicting a one dollar uh by december which would be a gain of one thousand uh 104 percent another person is predicting one two dollars and eighteen cents before the end of 2021 which that would be incredible that would be a percentage gain of 2526 percent which would be crazy um holding your ada past 2021 could give yields even bigger games prime x bt ss cardinals price prediction for 2025 just five years away is five twelve is twelve dollars per token selling them will give you a monster gain of fourteen thousand three hundred fifty eight percent now that would be absolutely incredible if that actually did end up happening um fingers crossed every fingers crossed to myself fingers crossed every single one of you holding now this is the part i would just want to show you uh the roadmap that were heading in uh this is the big part this is the shelley uh and weve got google these are all the big stages um that were going to be heading through and im seriously seriously interested to see what direction it does head in for cardano and i want to know your opinions down below as well ladies and gentlemen open crypto noobs that is everything i have for you today if youre taking any value dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the videos it does really help my channel grow with that thank you for watching peace In this video I go through a few BIG articles involving Cardano as SHELLEY is just around the corner! we also look ADA latest news and a few price predictions too! We also take a look at the next phase Goguen Smart Contracts As this could lead to prices we dream of if all goes to plan! The next few steps could lead to this next big bull run & Crypto technology as the future! We look at the ADA price chart using analysis, latest BIG news. ADA chart. what can we expect in the future. price look and is it too late to buy? This is my opinion. And things can change. But hopefully you learn a little here. Subscribe, like and share the video for more! Leave your thoughts down blow!I am a big fan of Crypto and I will be hopefully bringing you information you didnt know about! I am very bullish on crypto and I want to help as many people as I can! Stay Safe Stay Rich! 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