how high will chainlink getCan Chainlink be the Best Performer of the Crypto Bear Market again Chainlink Price Prediction

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how high will chainlink get Best NFT projects: 10 names everyone should know... Can Chainlink be the Best Performer of the Crypto Bear Market again Chainlink Price Prediction
chainlink seems to be a long forgotten king in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry at least when it comes to price action in the investor sentiment chainlink actually has been the best performer in the previous bear market of 2018 which we will check today and were gonna discuss what are the possibilities the chain link can really be again the best performer or among the best performance in this new market that we have in 2022. guys welcome back to ar7 crypto channel once again today were discussing as we said shin link which was a major cryptocurrency for a long history in crypto and uh its kind of forgotten and maybe its creating us a fantastic opportunity that most people are kind of forgetting about channeling right now so briefly lets go into the history first that actually in the d5 summer in august 2020 which were really amazing times chain link was number five on the crypto coin market cap and actually guys if youve been around by then you definitely dont know that many many people and including myself were expecting that by today by 2022 the situation is going to be bitcoin number one ethereum number two and chain link number three which never really happened and actually eventually uh when it comes to the strength of channeling in uh comparison to the rest of krypto actually the d5 summer was you know in a way uh the peak for chain link because it has left the top ten and never came back to top 10 again since d5 summer 2020 but the interesting thing about chain link is actually that it performed so well in 2019 and 2020 in the more bearish times and in the more times when only hardcore crypto people stayed around and probably the people who are going to be watching this video now because right now were in the bear market again and who knows maybe maybe again in the bull run chain link is actually going to have somewhat of a lackluster performance again uh which it had in 2021 but right now were having a bear market and thats why were interested in the next one or two years whats gonna happen with crypto and chainlink so that being said lets look at the logarithmic chart so one of the things that i like to check uh on cryptocurrencies all the time is that are they up on the logarithmic and these are the types of charts i like to see that on the you know on the macro scale on the long term view chain link is up okay since you since like you really could buy a chain link back back here uh the price was approximately 13 cents so you know it went up and up and up um but the thing that i want to focus on today is about the previous crypto bear market of 2018 okay and what happened by then so this was the all-time high of chain link of the bull run okay and the massive massive crazy stuff of the bull run in uh january 2018 here that was dollar thirty but as you can see so weve had a major bull run bear market okay and chain link did drop to approximately 20 cents but then look what happened when bitcoin started showing some strength chain link actually was among the few altcoins including bnb and maybe a few others that actually claimed a new all-time high back in the middle of 2019 so just for comparison uh bitcoin did not do it back then okay this was the chart of bitcoin okay so it dropped from 20k to uh 3k and then by june 2019 it did recover to 13k but it was not a new all-time high so even bitcoin didnt do any all-time high and then the second biggest cryptocurrency also its all-time high or were talking about ethereum was 1400 it dropped to 80 and by 2019 it only reached approximately 400 or actually a little less jailing on the other end has had a higher high in the middle of 2019 a higher high than the all-time high and even if you compare to the uh like to the bottom here so it did a run here from 20 cents to 4.5 dollars so it literally did a 20x during that bear market phase okay during december 2018 and june 2019 which was actually like coming out of the bear market right but i mean it still wasnt the crazy bull run of 2021 uh and ethereum for comparison only did like uh something like a forex uh bitcoin also did something like a 4x and even bnb which was actually a really amazing performer also at these times being bidded from five dollars to 33 so even bnb did a little less than 10 x so bottom line guys were showing again here the history of the previous bear market the chain link was actually the best performer of the previous bear market and why is that interesting and important is because look guys what were what we experienced here and we can see it better on bitcoin chart weve had a major bull run as we all know right in crypto and bitcoin and crypto and uh the same thing that weve had in 2017 and you know like to really the very end of 2017 december 17 january 18th and then what happened most of retail was like running away from crypto and over here it completely ran away okay when it was really the bottom no retail uh was really staying like when i say retail i mean the retail that are kind of here for the long short term pumps um and you only had people who cared about crypto fundamentally and the thing is that chain link was among the very most important uh crypto projects fundamentally back then and arguably they still are okay because like what happened is that we did have a crazy major d5 rallies in 2020 and 2021 but what weve experienced with luna terra luna and celsius and just so many d5 protocols that just keep getting hacked even curve finance was among the biggest um you know curve finance was considered like a blue chip of defy and still even curve curve finance had some issues recently so you know just in the d5 sphere we have so many hacks and so many endless problems and so many collapses like terra luna but there is one thing in the d5 ecosystem that is still working flawless and i mean not only that its working flawless um like how do we not have chain link actually the d5 ecosystem would have been so much worse without uh the chain-link oracles okay so a brief fundamental thing is that i think trader joe uh explained it really good many people overlook the importance of oracles in their smart contract application the reality that we see time and time again is that the smart contract application security is only as strong as its oracle okay and how can we explain it why is it super important is because when when you provide uh liquidity in uh when you provide liquidity or you provide collateral for something like ave or terra luna what the chain-link oracles are actually doing which is extremely instrumental and important is making sure that the prices are real okay that the prices uh that like the smart contract uh the prices that the smart contract is aware of is the correct price okay and had it not been working you just would have had liquidations left and right okay and just the whole d5 ecosystem wouldnt be able to function because like you know what i mean lets say you provide lets say you provide ten thousand dollars of collateral of bitcoin on ave and the price right now is twenty four thousand so if an oracle is not working properly like for some brief seconds or because of some hacks like on that smart contract on ave bitcoins value can drop to a thousand dollars lets say for like one second and then everybody get liquidated okay so in theory if chain-link oracles wouldnt work as they should or if somebody was you know using just some oracles that are not working as uh properly as they should thats what would that what could have happened on aven and all of the d5 ecosystem so the fact that we actually did have this defy summer of 2020 and then the whole d5 craziness on finance marching and matic and then solana and avalanche and uh phantom and harmony one and all the crazy stuff that we had in 2021 none of that could have happened without jail so chain link is still extremely important and still like arguably the most important thing in all of the d5 ecosystem and because more and more smart contracts keep using them they need to buy chain link in order to uh use their nodes node operators so bottom line guys is chain link is definitely here to stay okay so the one thing for sure is chain link is here to stay and on the logarithmic chart were still tremendously higher okay many cryptocurrencies are just you know are kind of pump and dump and theyre not really growing logarithmically like chain like only the good ones do like ethereum bnb and some others so now that were established the chain link is extremely important and still among the most important fundamental coins in crypto uh the thing is that right now as weve mentioned most of the like the dj reti retail is leaving and once again similarly to 2019 and 2020 were only gonna have like kind of more serious crypto investors left and thats why the projects that are gonna pump like in 2019 and 2020 are going to be the projects that are more fundamentally important okay so thats why ethereum for example is having a really great pump is because its really getting close to if 2.0 so you know what i mean were already getting to a stage that uh more serious crypto projects are pumping but i believe were still uh the bear market could still not be completely over um and we still have some uh some you know trash that we need to flush so all that being said uh as weve mentioned chain like logarithmically is doing fantastic so what did i want to mention uh technically now this is the technical analysis uh part of the video um what did i want to mention is guys look so this was the high of uh chain link here at 51 52 dollars way back in may 2021 okay and look trend for me personally the way i see uh trend lines like this normally i give them a large importance only if theyre on long time frames okay if you find um like trend lines on the smaller like you know on a month one month or even a few weeks of course you can do some decent trades but normally they you know what i mean its like a lot of theres a lot of noise okay personally the way i see it you cant really make any serious um predictions or any serious decisions or trades on trend lines that are short but because this trend line started way back in may 2021 and this is actually a trend line that is going back a year plus from now and uh also look at this so this was a lower high at the second big peak that weve had in crypto in november 2021 and then january kind of had a little bit of a dead cat balance before we dropped even further um and you can see chain link just basically did have a lower highs lower highs lower highs lower highs and then look at the interesting thing that were starting to have with chain like but again guys none of this is financial advice once again and uh again personally im not entirely sure were out of the bear market it doesnt look to me so i think we still need to either have a lot of sideways action with crypto or actually we can have a lower uh lower leg down but that being said guys i just want to show with jailing specifically since we are really in the bear market for chain link which started in may okay as weve mentioned we are having lower highs and lower lows but mention look what happened here since may okay the interesting thing that uh this was around the time until luna collapsed okay so since may chain link has actually started consolidating okay at levels also at six dollars that are normally uh have had like really high volumes at these levels in the past that was actually the beginning of the d5 uh summer of 2020 here um so you know what i mean over here you see all of the price action was much more choppy and much more like aggressive to the upside and then aggressive to the downside again and also here december january and again and again but here it kind of stopped you only had this little pump here that was just sold off super quickly and then you just you just basically have a sideways action here for channeling since may and as you can see its different than what weve had in the previous chain like bear market so thats why im interested and lastly this major uh trend line is actually right now at the possibility of being broken okay now we do have one daily uh candle here that is kind of above right now but its still too early to celebrate because first of all well need to close the week above and also as you can see like you know trendline you can easily move them a little bit so if you can like if youre kind of thinking okay so like this this one actually just this pump wasnt powerful enough and we should only look at these two so arguably you know what i mean the dr the break should happen at approximately ten dollars and not nine okay but because normally with trend lines you want to connect many points where um the chart was touched so uh thats why im doing it like this so bottom line this major major trend line is current is right now kind of being fought with and its possible that chain link is gonna break this trend line either if you count it at nine dollars or ten dollars and more importantly again we have the sideways action and another really important mention that i want to say about the sideways action guys is that most cryptocurrencies okay here this was the third luna collapse okay but then in june weve had an additional collapse by bitcoin okay so in bitcoins case this was the third luna collapse we went to 25k on the week and then we stayed between 28 to 30k and then we had another leg down as im sure many of you know this is what happened with bitcoin and this is what also happened with ethereum sorry this is what happened with ethereum you see so the leg down was to 2k but then ethereum also went down to 1k and thats all thats like pretty similar for most coins okay or even avalanche like it doesnt look as aggressive but still avalanche went to like 30 and then to like 15 in june uh solana i believe was also pretty similar it went to like 40 dollars and then to 28. but channeling look at channeling chain link has consolidated okay and actually its even more impressive to me because in the 2021 bull run chain link wasnt as powerful as matic or solana or avalanche like in 2021 these other altcoins were much more successful than chain links so thats why to me technically its even more impressive that since may its actually holding better and especially it will uh it had with withstood right withstood this big storm of middle of june much better and look at the volume look at how the volume here are completely like increased a lot you see like every single day the volume was so high it means that many many investors saw chain link at six dollars as a huge opportunity and simply other coins collapsed further from their levels from may but chain link did not so thats that being said guys thats all the three major reasons why i see chain link has a really good probability of having again being among the big leaders of this crypto bear market that we have in right now because fundamentally its in my eyes the most important thing in d5 if not you know top two top three most important because in history in in the history of the bear markets chain link has performed really really well and was among the very few that have had um a higher all-time high in 2019 than the all-time high that they had in 2018 and the most recent price action is also pretty good here okay the most recent price action would uh excuse me its on the logarithmic the most recent price action is much better here with uh this consolidation and the possible of a major major trendline break so guys once again thank you very much for joining uh ar7 channel once again if you havent subscribed yet thats a fantastic opportunity to do that because were gonna snipe the fantastic altcoins like chain link and many others uh that are gonna perform the best in the bear market but even more importantly to accumulate them for the bull market so thank you very much guys once again and have a fantastic fantastic remainder of this week and cheers you Chainlink is a long-forgotten king in Crypto Defi. Today we’ll discuss the Crypto Bear Market of 2022-2023 again just like it outperformed the Crypto Bear Market back in 2018-2019 – Stunningly, LINK performed much better than Bitcoin, Ethereum and even Binance Coin, another 2018-19 superstar.Will Chainlink blow everyone out of the water once again?Follow me on Twitter: Timestamps: 0:00-0:43 – Chainlink – Forgotten king of Crypto 0:43-2:04 - Chainlink 5 Crypto on CoinMarketcap 2:04-5:30 - 2018 Crypto Bear Market Chainlink performance 5:30-10:06 Why Chainlink is still the Defi King of Crypto 10:06-13:42 - Chainlink Technical Analysis 2021-2022 13:42-15:36 - Chainlink has already started outperforming the Crypto Market 15:36-17:07 - Video Summary about Chainlink Useful links: Chainlink website: Chainlink on Coingecko: Chainlink on Defi Summer 2020: Chainlink Blog: Interesting tweet by Chainlink about future of Real Estate: Disclaimer: All of my videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. 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