chainlink chainmailCan a Real Suit of Armor Stop a Bullet?!?!

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chainlink chainmail VeChain Wants Developers to Migrate NFT... Can a Real Suit of Armor Stop a Bullet?!?!
the war has raged for centuries our parents their parents thousands have died and perished to the evil and now they have come to our lands and we will not stand for it we will fight and we will win today we end it all brothers mount up we ride you come to my land you eat my dear corn this is for country this is for the militia hey guys its me you probably just thought i was a mannequin im not welcome to demolition ranch we got a suit of armor and we have our nice mannequin here who is generous enough to volunteer to be our tester and we are going to shoot our suit of armor it is all metal its real it actually would stop a sword and under it we bought some real chain mail as well so we have chainmail he is totally decked out as if he was going into a medieval battle so we have chainmail we have armor covering his entire body head to toe and were going to shoot it to see if its bulletproof now they of course never tested this because they didnt have bullets they were trying to stop swords and arrows but i just want to see if like this is still a viable option in todays time if so intruders coming in should i get on my suit of armor just in case before we get started christmas is right around the corner and its probably too late to order anything for that special someone in your life unless its from bunker branding and its a christmas sweater because today only we will upgrade you to priority shipping if you order one of these we have just a few of them left and theyre awesome the best gift ever also if you like a gift card to bunker branding or link active they are 20 off today only link in description below oh wait also you have to use code gift card i forgot to say that link in description below wow that doesnt bode well hey militia we should clean our guns more all right 22 long rifle cycling that was in the shield [Laughter] oh you have to clean guns who knew yeah thats a spent one in there it is stuck that seemed that seemed better safety though safety gets you every time work like a charm shield no bueno that went right through oh no stop there that was good one i wasnt really aiming really i was just trying to make it fire direct sternum hit stopped there man i have a bad feeling for you today bud i kind of aimed some of his crotch but i was like rapid firing so i dont know theres pieces falling out we got oh whoa it caught the bullet on it holy cow that is really mangled okay theres our 22 bullet so it actually did stop theres another couple pieces over here of the chain link so theres our pieces oh it went right here right into the peepee but stopped your bullet chainmail good job 12 gauge also i decided that you know if he was actually in a battle he would have a shield up the shield would be in front of him so shield is up then he has the armor then he has a chain mail what will some 12 gauge shotgun shells do to our knight were gonna do bird shot im gonna do three rounds of bird shot from the hip looks like the shield stopped everything you hear the bird shot raining down thats a win one two three hits and zero penetrations which usually zero penetrations is a bad thing yeah but not today were actually pretty happy about zero penetration thats our 22 hole there but nothing made it through wow oh it threw the paint off the back of this and stuck all over his armor okay lets take it up a notch double aught buck 12 gauge actually dont know which barrel it fires first so this will be a surprise for all of us oh its gonna kick really hard oh gosh all right this is it oh man yeah i thing about double lock bucket this distance is it doesnt spread much oh no it didnt come out the back but theres a dent in the back of his armor oh yeah sorry dude thats not good yeah i mean it the chainmails not even there right now you can see just his skin just but a flesh wound one little dent there nothing came out the back but there is some evidence that it went through him and hit the back of his armor nine millimeter i got a bad feel about this okay were gonna go one down low through the shield into the chest and then were gonna go one to the face nine nine didnt go through oh theres a dent right next to theres a dent there and a dent there ones buck shot ones nine millimeter how about this one oh yeah just hit him in the jugular thats fine oh sorry we uh disrobed him of his armor and you can see where stuff went through so just bust big holes in that chain mail obviously all these spots one on the peepee from that 22 and then this must have been a 22 because i dont see any holes over here but yeah nine millimeter and shotgun boom we pulled them away and you can see the chainmail catching all these bullets back here oh thats our nine millimeter right there and probably some bug shot right there another piece of buckshot right there its pretty cool so we were just going to take the stuff off the guy and then i was like i kind of want to wear it all and it honestly feels pretty good like really good like i know im not bulletproof because we just tested it but like i feel bulletproof like i feel like i could stop buckshot and and a nine millimeter maybe i mean maybe even bigger i feel i feel strong honestly i feel like i cant breathe this thing on very claustrophobic but i feel bulletproof after seeing what we saw with the chainmail where it was catching bullets i kind of want to just shoot a pile of chainmail so we got all the chainmail that we have put it right here in this pile and were gonna shoot it with bullet and im gonna do with this cabot 1911. um were gonna shoot a 45 acp big old fat round nose full metal jacket 45 acp straight into a pile of chain mail i dont think its gonna go through but i wonder how far it will go theres pieces falling out theres also a hole there oh and its warm here im not sure which one it went through there it is oh cool wow look at that it cut up the front of it thats wild well we have bigger rounds lets fire something bigger into it this is a gun ive had for a long time the falcore petra chambered in three and a windmag carbon fiber barrel a lot of people were asking actually recently if i had sold this one because i hadnt seen in a while i think id sell my zombie juggernaut gun this is what i use for the big ones when they come out 300 win mag is a huge caliber put into this ar lets see if chainmail can stop it so this was the headpiece it threw it off no bullets in it it does have a hole here though something went through there i dont see any holes in this oh look at that crazy thats lead it shredded the bullet thats all flakes of lead down there look at that all of that thats not steel all lead that bullet went in here and it was like a cheese grater and just busted it into a bunch of tiny pieces i think oh its hot oh yeah look at that hole all the other balls are making holes like this big not the three in a wind mag three and a win bag dont mess around oh tons of stuff falling out but no whole bullets i think it minced that bullet we are actually going to put this suit of armor in the storefront of bunker branding so if youre driving through central texas down interstate 10 come see us and you can see this thing bullet holes and all thanks for watching demolition ranch last chance to get your christmas sweaters if you order them today well get them to you in time for christmas thanks for watching demolition verse i love you and ill see you next time i cant see you actually at what all the quad bobby [Applause] im a doctor yes sir matt king of the demolition Christmas Sweater! 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