dog in chainlink kennelBuilding Our Predator-Proof Chicken Run Part 1: The Roof

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dog in chainlink kennel  Doge meme breaks NFT record... Building Our Predator-Proof Chicken Run Part 1: The Roof
all right ok everybody whats up so this is the working chicken run at the moment so what I did is I bought two ten by ten foot kennels theyre theyre really dog kennels and the two end pieces that would have normally gone on to the end of each kennel I just took and I extended the kennel out to thirty feet instead of a ten by ten so obviously I wanted to put something on top to make sure that any predators that were around hawks eagles we have egos out here - owls and even the climb the kind that will climb a fence a raccoon opossum all kinds of stuff like that foxes weasels can get through - anyway I wanted to put something up that would support the welded wire the roof top really on top I just want something thats really strong enough to hold the weight of an animal if it does get on top and it doesnt collapse cuz some of you may or may not have used this stuff before and its got a little bit of weight but its a little bit flimsy so it needs some support so Im going to be laying it over in sections ten foot sections this is four feet wide so Im gonna have four feet wide sections Im just gonna go all the way down the run as soon as this is done and as you can see I have the support poles here these are 1 and 3/8 inch top rails ten-foot lieutenant well yeah ten and a half feet for the top rails and these are pretty standard and then these brackets these I picked up at Home Depot the rails the top rails I picked up at Home Depot and theyre in 10-foot sections now I did like got the idea from bumblebee Junction so I liked the idea because they braced theirs on top so I actually went they actually got the 21 foot top rails I think it had them cut or cut them what I did is I just went aint got 10 foots because it was easy and I went to Lowes to pick up the brackets and these are the brackets for the 1 and 3/8 inch so the key to that is though theres this narrower end here that normally when you use this type of bracket it slides into this bracket and this bracket is normally facing down because these poles go to the ground thats to build a fence but I went ahead and took these brackets and turn them this way and just put these poles up here but what I had to do was cut off this flared end because if you go up in here you can see theres a bolt and if you kept that flared end on it would be too long it would stick out on both sides actually so I just I had to use a hacksaw and take that off so I could get those up there and this is 1/2 inch the beautiful thing about this type of dog this dog kennel most of these fences are half-inch these brackets are half-inch so everything is a half-inch socket so if youve got a half inch long socket like this just a standard little one this is one of the only tools you need honestly and all of the hardware actually comes on it its just loose and he comes on the panels you just gotta loosen the so as you can see its a little bit our yards a little bit contoured here so part of this end is dropping down Im 6:1 so Im rubbing on some of these and then some of these Im hitting a little more because of yards a little contour and of course Im banging my head there so Im gonna take all the way down Ive got him in three foot intervals cuz its a 30-foot run Ive got ten poles now I do have two on the end so Im just going to take take it in three foot intervals and and then were gonna lay the welded wire over top and and Im going to Ive got some fog ring pliers that Ill show you and Im gonna hog ring pirate and then Ive also got a hundred foot roll of hardware cloth and were gonna put on the bottom couple feet here and then lay the other two feet its four feet wide so Im going to put two feet here and then on the outside and two feet on the ground and Im gonna dig as you can see I tilled when I had the tiller to do the garden back here i tilled this up so Im gonna rake this all up and get get this all moved out a little bit and lay that hardware cloth down and then put that dirt right back over top and that will hopefully deter most predators from trying to dig under the fence too so Im going to really quickly grab one of these poles and Im also going to show you how Im gonna take off one of these ends basic hacksaw this ones a so if youve got the tools if you got a work table if youve got some some advices that you can put something in you know be as safe as possible I dont have a real workstation so I kind of improvise these sandbags are actually going to be that tire were gonna paint that tire were gonna put that flat on the ground and thats going to be the sand bath for the chickens so I just got the bags out here and just take take it and get it get about yeah about yeah about eight inches of it maybe seven eight inches of it off the sandbag and Im gonna put my foot on it keep it stable and then youre gonna want to hold it and keep it stable you want as much stability as possible and then Im just gonna go right off of this flared end here that narrow end start going into it doesnt really take a whole lot of force but yeah sure Sammy you use the hacksaw before and then thats it and it comes right off and then that flared end is off and then I just take the my handy-dandy measuring tape and I started on the end rail and I marked three feet off so I go from the nut I go over and I measured three feet and there its got your three feet so then I just put the bracket on initially and and put it lightly on there and put it on both sides and then I just sawed off the end put the pole up in and tighten it up measure it again at the left at the very end to make sure once youve got it up and set where its nice and hanging a couple times a day just make sure youve got it you can adjust it and then tighten it up and youve got your you got your support rails Im gonna take it all the way down and then come back at some point and show you when we start laying the welded wire over top for the for the cage show everybody its the brace rail clamp yard link thats the brand this is the only home depot doesnt actually have this which is shocking weve got dozens of clamps and brackets and fittings and all that kind of stuff and sleeves but they dont Lowes is the only place that I found this and I think you can get online so just to let you guys know I just want to show you guys what it kind of looks like you just you know my you measure off your three feet I get it started and then one of the poles just kind of bend it down so Im gonna get the pole up oh sorry there we go actually this one let me let me loosen it a little bit its a little bit tight sighs there we go you loosen it more you loosen it the better off you are so now this one goes right up into there and then you just get youre good now I want to get it Im gonna get it hand just less than hand tight so I can still adjust it and then Im gonna get my and then Im gonna get my measuring tape and Im gonna go right on the edge of this nut and go over here and oh yeah thats perfect so three feet and then I just tell you the rest of the way up and go thats it good yep hey whats up everybody so back out today is a beautiful day today I think its in the most in 70s and Im starting to put the cover over top of the run here so Ive used Ive got the 2x4 utility fencing you can use hardware cloth you can use a lot of different options I ended up purchasing the utility fencing and I thought this would be fine for overtop because really the main thing Im looking to keep out is the big predators and owls and hawks and the Eagles and opossums and raccoons and anything else so this works pretty well and what Ive been doing is I took a Ive got a 50 foot roll over - actually - and I took that 50 foot roll and I started on this side and I laid it up over here I bought these and this is the DeWalt version these are called haul grin pliers if youve seen them or havent seen them before they have some pretty basic ones that dont have this device in the middle but this this little kit I think its $34.99 something like that it actually comes with a box of the hog rings galvanized so theres a thousand of them so what I did is I got I took an I hog ring pretty much on every link all the way across to keep this salad and then what Ive been doing Ive left or dropped that off on the other side I hauled ring did on the other side there and then I cut it with my hands I just use my needlenose or standard pliers to cut the utility fence and then because I have this milling company this is wire tie basically you just use it to cut pieces off how I can just done every third one and I just try to make it easy on myself top right down over the pole and wheres some heavy gloves this stuff is sharp and I get up get a twist in the beginning and I take my my pliers and I just keep going and give it a nice strong twist until its super tight I take those sharp edges and I just bend them up to bend them right up against the middle pull now you got it nice and solid and you know more likely nothings getting in there and Im gonna take that all the way across and take it far here as I can get it get it secured down and then Im just gonna cut links and do the same thing take that roll go right over to the other side Im gonna lift it up on top of one of these posts Im gonna hog ring it roll it across drop it down hog ring it cut it Im just gonna keep on rolling and then Im gonna hog ring this bees together so Im gonna overlap because its four feet wide and thats a 50-foot lengths so Ive got four feet sections Im just gonna go down but Im no overlap about I made overlap about eight inches to a foot and just keep on rolling so Ive got a hundred feet Ive got plenty to go to go around so and then Ill after I get that done Ill show you the finished product and then well work on Ive got to cut the door and get that going and then Ive got to get the hard work off on the outside too so were just gonna keep rolling all right everybody how you doing so that could give you a little update so what I did and I want you to see this is the hog ring pliers just a couple times I had missed but thats okay so what I did was I overlapped probably about six and six inches six to eight inches something like that about eight inches and as you can see got the little hog rings I secured them to each other and then I went to the next section over and secured it as well so it would be pretty solid up there so as you can see I cant Im not pulling that apart and I finished wiring this to the end of the thing so thats that with that solid on there and this hog ring these do Walt hog ring pliers work really well I would recommend them so what Im doing is basically uh-huh oh yeah thats in the way thats broken man the things we need to do get a wipe off the lands look looks alright alright welcome back everybody so I want to show you guys the this Dewalt hog ring pliers these are very much like you know theyre like staples they go in you place them right in there the loader here you press this and you go right up with it and then you let go it locks into place and youre ready to roll like that before were all on the same journey together here so what Im trying to do is just take this welded wire and I pinch it to the fence and just try to get it on just about every section like I said you got to press it together really well and try to press it as hard as you can up against it you might miss one we just secured it all the way across and then what Im going to do secured across and you can see how fast this actually so the good thing is the best thing to do is try to go link by link tie it down as close to as possible so now what Im going to do green pliers and Im just gonna keep it one full length so I can just go right across here and make sure you dont cut the chain link fence and just pop that off and then I came across once and I went back across the other way so comes with a thousand hog rings so I suspect I might have to go get another box but really thats what these hog ring pliers have worked really well so I was Im just gonna get the rest of this over top and whats up everybody so I just wanted to do a quick snippet to end the video for our roof I guess you could call it on the chicken coop youre gonna hear a lot of vehicles driving by its nothing but pickup trucks here in northern Michigan and theres a lot of people out its more a day weekend its a beautiful day 76 degrees skies are blue clouds clear day all day not hot but our road has become the main thoroughfare now because the the main road that takes you up along the the shores towards other campgrounds and other destinations and cabins for people that are going up north the road is closed do the flooding the bridge went out and so our road is a little out of the way cut between and now our road has become the thoroughfare so its all good seeing lots of campers and boats pontoon boats trailers with four-wheelers and motorcycles and all kinds of stuff people are starting to get back out and try to have a good time weve all been locked in for a long time so thats been tough on everybody anyway finishing up the video so we have finished off the roof or top as you will for the chicken coop so Ive got my top rails in place they are sturdy this thing aint going nowhere shake the heck out of the whole coop and it is solid beautiful thing about the top rails too and everything being bolted in it gives it a lot more stability like in a major storm or we have we have winds that can gust up to fifty sixty five months now were um so its kind of crazy the Michigan the Michigan weather is crazy so as you can see I overlapped by two sections two four inch 2x4 sections and I double I ha grind it twice to make it nice and secure its not going anywhere so this is all done and of course just like on the first the front side when I started I did the wire ties about every third section all the way across the wire down here and it is solid so this thing is not going anywhere Heathers already got a sitting chair to watch the chickens and were good to go so thats it if you guys have any questions feel free to ask him in the comment section and I will answer as many as I can through Heather thanks everybody predatorproofchickenrunThere are so many options out there on how to build a chicken coop run. I thought we would share with you how we chose to build ours in hopes that in may help somebody else out there who is considering options when building their run. If you have any questions, leave them in a comment down below and we will try our very best to answer them for you. Thank you so much for watching our chicken journey!Our run is 30ft x 10ft. It is 3 dog kennels attached to make one. Here is my affiliate link to the Dewalt Hog Pliers we used for our run: and also an extra box of hog rings that you may need: