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chainlink gate clamps Cryptocurrency Events Calendar - Stay Informed , Release... Building a chainlink gate
all right well so today this is going to be a follow up to the chain link install video that I posted this here would be today Im gonna install the gate were gonna build a gate and install it and finish blocking off this section of fence Im also going to be putting up some of the plastic lattice work around the edge here on the porch to really block this thing off so and all right well lets get after these are the directions lets see if we can get away not using them oh this has a top hinge what heard fry just make sure its gonna fit okay so Ive got sixty nine and a half inches for my gate and this is up to 72 inches wide so it does the gate itself it fits in space but once I get my hardware on there the gate you know the latch the hinges its gonna be - I so Im going to cut it down a little bit so lets lets do that so you got two and a half inches here get two and a half inches here another happy interest 30 inches and then the latch attention theres an ancient 3/4 so we got three inches and an inch and 3/4 thats four and three-quarter inches I had a little bit of play in the game so or in my space there so four and three-quarter inches lets see Im just gonna take about four and a quarter inches yeah want to go for no quarter angels okay it says - it says to use these rods right here so thats what well do okay I love yall hear that or not but there is a bee and he has just flown around and flown around and flowering around this whole town its driving me crazy [Laughter] what were gonna do this is the hinge sad there should be a canary as a whole like that lets spin this guy out here were gonna open this thing up so we get as much tension as we can on it within reason you know to keep this gate from sagging down the road because the only thing holding it together is those four sheet metal screws and thats thats not gonna cut it so fortunately they they know that and they provided a way to tighten the gate up a welded gate would be better but we got what we got here okay go get that giggle clam here need to take is a little bit tedious with them small faster yeah all right I normally put two of these on here but theres not not two of them if I had known there was just one in the package I probably wouldve put both of them on there but oh well right you think we should cut some of that off I dont think I want it to look all gaudy with that down there Im gonna put it up here I didnt drop any of those nuts on the floor the ground and people looking for them its like a record all right okay now cut that extra cable off hes using a angle grinder overkill on a little piece of cable probably is it fun yep okay now we need to put tension on this cable Ill just use this since Ive got it may not have to use a tool see ya a little bit see hmmm I think thats probably time alright yeah Im gonna leave that alone because yeah I think its starting to flow out of square actually so well just leave it there call it good its gonna get its gonna get cleaned a lot of how to hold it for a long time for the rest of it here lets see this says bottom latch side so I guess the lights are supposed to go over here so thats fine for put it there we go and walk it if I need to Ive got Im putting these onto a wooden post and so Ive got these would lag hinge bolts I should mention this bit right here I use a 3/8 bit its a little bit small I dont know if you can see that its a little bit smaller than the then the lag bolt hinge however I want it to be tight so I could have used the half inch bit and it left the threads that may have been fine but I decided to use a slightly smaller bit just to make sure I got a good bite on it okay I use that half inch bit and drilled in about an inch just so that you get that bolt started and then the rest of us at 3/8 hole like I talked about earlier [Applause] okay got her all right lets look at it here looks good like it I didnt make it to the latticework today run out of daylight and but I will get to it and well hit it again tomorrow [Applause] Assembling and installing a chain link gate.