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10 Sneaky Home-Buying Costs 1 day reports that the average cost is between $300 and $500, but just like the appraisal fee, this could cost more depending on the size and intricacies of the home. Don't skip this, as What is Terra Blockchain, TerraUSD and LUNA Coin? The LUNA coin has seen tremendous upward price movement throughout . Ranked at #17 on CoinGecko at the time of writing, the LUNA coin has a market cap of $6.4 billion, trading at around $16.20. Protocols Built on the Terra Blockchain chainlink 2021 tahmin Bu Coine Dikkat Edin ➥ LİNK - CHAİNLİNK Ekim Analizi
chainlink 2021 tahmin Ripple XRP Lawsuit Set to Conclude,... Bu Coine Dikkat Edin ➥ LİNK - CHAİNLİNK Ekim Analizi
Hello friends Hello, I will try to give the most important numbers to women today or what in October, now we have examined from their past videos, i20 is a very important figure, we said that the trend support zone. See, it lingered here, it lingered, finally, after it came to 21, they threw the roof for 25-26 dollars at the moment. what we left now is still valid for us, but lets raise it a little bit 20 dollars 50 Cent zone health friends it is very important if 20 dollars closes below 50 hours Trend support zone will be broken Look This is Linkin Trend support zone Thats why above the blue line is important You event you will look at the link 20 dollars above or below 50 hours you will go this way it is currently traded at 26 dollars I want to end the downtrend in Sam Ağrı and if it goes above this line If the target is above $26, whatever the closings are, friends, if the target will be 31, it was above 30000 first $35 we like as resistance will be $35, this is an important resistance. Look here for an important resistance. You see that there are many sellers here. Thats why there are 35 above 31, and above 35 they will show persistence. As I said, we can see a path back to their old levels, as I said, $20 is the hard number of the hand. It is important for us, if this figure is too long for you now, stop because it is traded at $26 or if you say it will have a loss of $20.50, pay attention to this region, friends. Look, do you see this region? Lets take a good look here as an intermediate support here you can see that the link has come to this region many times, you can see that they have received it as an intermediate support, so if this closes below this region, that is, if it closes like 23, be careful at Friends 23, there is a possibility of sticking it towards 20 dollars, which is the Trend support zone again. If 23 dollars is seen, I hope I have been able to explain, these are the important numbers I will say in this video. If you find the video useful, please like and subscribe to my channel in boxes. LİNKde sizlere Ekim ayı için en önemli rakamları vermeye çalıştım. Bu video asla bir yatırım tavsiyesi değildir. Unutulmamalıdır ki, kripto dünyası sizin bir gecede zengin olacağınız bir mecra değildir. Bir gecede zengin olmak istiyorsanız ise başka alanlar çok. Ancak bir gecede zengin olmak isterken, bir gecede de tüm paranızı kaybedebilirsiniz... Anahtar Kelimeler: LİNK ne olur? Elon musk LİNKde direnç rakamları LİNKde en önemli destek rakamları