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hello everybody hope that you are doing very well and welcome to todays cryptocurrency technical analysis where im gonna go back old school in this video just do the pure technical analysis i want to really talk you through the harmonic pattern that we were trading and i want to talk you through obviously the swing failure pattern that we saw at the lows and then moving on to whats happening here is this a short squeeze where is this likely to stop you know what trades are there available here um so im not going to be you know going off the hinge uh bragging about my trades or anything like this were just going to you know do the do the technical analysis thats what you love thats what youre here for so lets just do that together ladies and gentlemen i honestly do think youre gonna love the videos so um without further said or do lets get into the technical analysis so um yeah first of all i want to you know give you the education of what was going on down here what was you know the harmonic that we were aware of at the time and obviously where did this come from so i will add on so you can see obviously this currently is a local range based off of volume so im going to hide that temporarily and well add on the harmonic here okay this is obviously an a obviously starts with x comes down to a comes down for b comes up for c and obviously ends down here at d and this is obviously really ending with a swing failure pattern so if you mark out the low of x you know you can see you very very very slightly take the low of x there for a swing failure pattern obviously of the greater harmonic um you know obviously at the time i was looking at a garter this ended in a butterfly for me the harmonic name is kind of irrelevant the the setup is the same off of it and it was really you know swing failure pattern but well go through that in a little bit more detail as we progress obviously it all started with the point c and you you well you remember this if you were if you were online at the time obviously uh we had the magic eagle level we had you know it was literally was 39 hundred uh we had obviously the you know break out of the um symmetrical triangle that people were getting bullish on but for us it was really simply a case of you know this is a prime opportunity to short um you know and for the reasons why well you were running up into you know confluence factors really in technical reasons okay obviously coming into your higher term timeframe trend lines coming into your harmonic potential setup targets youre coming into your npocs and you know yours and levels himself you know so youre seeing like reasons technical reasons to shorten it obviously this is one where we were prepared for and obviously it went really well and then you start to make your way down okay so you start to make your way down and this is really where you do not want to be going long too early okay because you obviously if youre youre longing here you lose money youre longing here you lose money youre longing here you lose money youre longing here you lose too much you know you have to wait you know you really have to wait for the reaction just like on the way up here you know if youre shorting too early youre gonna youre gonna lose money essentially and i i refer to this obviously im not not talking about sculpt trades yeah you could have taken many longs on the way down here and many shorts on the way up here that are profitable you know quick time frame trades im obviously not referring to sculpt trades here im referring to people trying to get into their swing trades you know you have to time your entries very well because otherwise you know youre going to lose too much money longing and then when the final long comes you you know youve decided enoughs enough im not taking it the same on the short you could have already tried to short this lets say like five times and then when the short comes you say oh im not going to take this now um this is why you really gotta you know time your entries essentially and obviously as we were coming down there this is a funny one i was like chilling on on twitch like playing call of duty on on twitch and its just like you know what i have no interest in trying along this yeah why because im after my still after lower im still after the garlic which was obviously what i was typing on stream is you know its dropping heavily now yeah and this is obviously back on the uh the you know the seventh at 10 p.m so we were dropping here and its just like i was just like you know this this doesnt interest me yet that weve had zero confirmation we have theres just no reason to be thinking oh my god we need to learn this yeah so its it really all comes down to that case of having the plans for the for the you know for the shorts and then having the plans for the longs and um then really waiting for that you know you could say step a confirmation step of you know what triggers are you waiting and looking for um to determine okay now im going to enter now im no no im not going to enter okay obviously it all comes down to um you know this is this is the harmonic if you you know are not aware this is obviously the harmonic that ive you know been training from now for quite a while obviously since actually putting the low of b um you know we were waiting for this move up to around you know that thirty nine thousand uh forty thousand region for the short off of c which obviously in the end did come very you know pretty nicely in the end and then obviously it was waiting for the drop so you know this is a harmonic that i had foreseen very very very early on you know waiting for the rise for the short waiting for the drop for the longs okay and this was obviously based off of the harmonic this trend line here is actually a high term time frame trend line okay this is a pretty important trend line this is based off of elliott waves and you know so we had a wave trendlines we had uh you know the harmonics coming together so you can see how we formulated a plan here very early on off we want to short you know the the the breakout of the triangle and then we want too long the the also breakdown of the triangle you know so you can see how were playing not only the harmonics and the elliott waves but also the psychology thats running through the market we are essentially we can recognize people are going to want to long to break out of c and people are going to want to short the breakdown here of d and were looking for shorts up here and were looking for lungs down here why or because of the technical analysis and obviously playing on the emotions of the market i might be going on a little bit here but i truly feel this is like needed to explain okay so this is a post from my group ive done three posts in my group of the day i try and keep my i only really try and post in the group when its when its really needed you know or theres a bit of you know panic going on and so obviously we were dropping during the day this was back on the eighth of course and this first post was from 11 a.m this post was obviously from the trading updates and then this final post that i gave was at uh 3 30 uk time and its like i was saying the first update that i gave in the trading updates i do its like you know we know this is a long zone yeah we we know that this is the place that we want to long but we need to see the market structure change there was some absorption so obviously at the time that was in the morning we had neither so im not going long yet and im still holding on to my shorts so i knew you know this is where you need to understand i knew the lungs were to be had around thirty thousand you know really thirty thirty thousand dollars to thirty two thousand dollars this is the place where we really wanna long and and like i was saying i made it pretty evident on twitter like its you know you are very very lets just say youre very inexperienced if you are looking for shorts down here like even just just it blows you know you know its just kind of crazy when you think about it you know but see everybodys looking for for longs and its like you know this is never the place you look for longs and its like you know now it seems really easy in hindsight yeah and everybody im sure everybodys you know suddenly along the lows here but we were making it very evident like in the day this was a game posted at 11am its like you know if you are even thinking about shorting here i i truly kind of feel sorry for you because well you get well i guess i dont really feel sorry for you in that regards because you need to you need to take the pain to understand what went wrong i suppose but i hope you learned from it i guess and um you know welcome to child champions if you need some help but um you know at that time i i knew this was a long reach and i knew there was no shorts but i still had to wait i had to wait for the confirmation because at that time obviously you know hovering around 3 30 in the day where id done the final update its like you know there is still no long set up here and obviously then it came at 4 30. okay so when we zoom into the charts a little bit here well come down to the one minute because it was pretty pretty nice one uh on the one minute chart you can see here so this was obviously uh this is the value area low and this also coincides our mark on the chart for you this also coincides with this so lets just uh immediately lets hide this a second lets see we can add that on as the swing failure pattern so if we just label this as swing failure pattern of obviously the x of the harmonic and the medium time frame volume and we can see very clearly that we had you know pretty good confluence here with the uh value area low coming in with the swing failure pattern you know thats um you know pretty nice confluence if youre looking to trade a range which we were then well youre allowed to range with this thing failure pattern obviously um you know you want to build a higher low um this video is going to go on way longer than what i wanted i already can tell which is um you know if youre a champion you know the setup that i gave on sunday which was obviously a long set up based off of the garlic where we were literally going to be you know taking longs down here we know we wanted to build a higher low off of the overall low of the range so this is like the max opportunity you know youre risking a few percent for a potential you know like 30 gains so its this is the max opportunity long because we we knew we wanted to build a higher low if youre a champion you know what im all about we wanted to build a higher low off of this you know this was the invalidation of the long sale that i gave you all and so building the higher low here of the value area low and maintains the range low builds another higher low stops everybody out thats built off of x and this is just like the max financial opportunity i suppose okay so obviously it came together really nice you had two opportunities in my opinion which offered you know fairly easy i want to say longs really obviously the first one would have been this retest here which you know put in the low at uh 31 to 80 or you obviously had a fairly you know i want to say very very very safe long when you come back into here with your high higher low higher high higher low back into the old range changing market structure seeing the bounce off the lows you know this is just you know if you understand why i teach you this is literally what were waiting for thats the market structure change you saw the absorption on the retest its like this just you know if you understand the methods that we teach it just is along every single day of the week you know um so if it obviously all came together pretty nicely um to be honest with you and that obviously gave us the swing failure pattern into you know garlic slash we could we could refer to this as a butterfly harmonic uh i i still think that this is an acceptable garlic although we broke the low of x it was a swing failure pattern and this is a highly leveraged market but again the name is kind of irrelevant garlic or butterfly at the end of the day the setup is along and you know we we waited for the confirmation which in the end was that market structure change off of the value area low as you can see here we knew that 31 187 before it happened why because well i literally done the technical analysis on sunday for everybody in the group so you know were already waiting for the loan like we said here you know what do we say to people that are shorting this low well i suppose thank you very much because you know really just aided filling you know really hated feeling long positions um so yeah that brings us up to now then where we are here okay so you can see where we are here well you might you might understand where we are here you might not understand um currently forming a little bit of a rejection where from the cc of the overall move so the high all the way down to the low you can see were currently bouncing off of the cc zone okay so this is an intraday resistance this is only where i would really say this is sculpt traders uh but just so youre aware you are you know currently as were speaking this could change by the time its uploaded its an intraday local cc but thats where youre bouncing or rejecting from currently you can see the value area high of this range is coming in at about you know lets just say thirty nine thousand six hundred and eighty eight dollars um so this is current range value area high and if were trading a range well what do you do you look for longs to the low shorts of the high long slow solos so the higher longs below shorts or the height you know uh if we break the range and obviously we can move back up towards you know that thirty three thirty four thousand dollar uh level so you you currently you know to give you an idea of where we are right now were at the intraday cc resistance eg this is not the time to long yeah this is not the time to long um you know i i dont mean to be mean when im saying these things you know on on twitter im not like im not trying to be mean but you know when i say you you know you youre pretty lets just say silly if youre shorting down here its just like whos shorts at 32k you know this is just the awful time to show and the thing is that people were like laughing at me and mocking me uh at the time because obviously we hit like 31k and everyones like i told you too short its like okay okay fair enough me how did that end up um and then you know my my words are uh you know repeated here you know longing here is just like who long who longs here you know who who longs into this cc resistance um and whose shorts down here its like you know i digress because i dont want to i dont want to just talk about it but you know this is commonly obviously cc resistance is is it a massive resistance well we could we could really say no so its an intraday level for sculpt so ultimately if we uh you know reject back here we can backtest the point of control which should now be an sr flip obviously if we start to lose this its a bit more bearish in my opinion but nevertheless few things to be aware of i suppose cc into this coming back into a bit of you know trend line resistance here with a lower high lower high lower high level high so you obviously have the potential for the lower high off of the cc here uh breaking through this you know youre going to be looking back up to the valley area high slash you know back back up to you know 44k region uh ultimately giving you a bigger range um to trade yeah so you had a symmetrical triangle and that symmetrical triangle obviously broke down where did it bring you to it brought you to the range low simple as that really um and so now without softer range low were into the cc of the range which is obviously a you know you dont know you know id be questioning why would you long here okay you want to see a retrace and uh ultimately if we break through this cc we can be looking back up towards the valley area high so thats the overall range high okay so the overall range height is obviously coming in around you know 43k so you know that in my opinion is what we have right now uh going on okay this this is a short squeeze if you look at the open interest oh yeah ill show you you know ill show you an example of a very very very nice sculpt trade that you had today uh so this is you know another one which is just pretty nice so you come into the local cc local cc taking these lows while building really big uh bullish divergences yeah so you were building the bullish divergences into the cc while taking these lows thats a pretty nice sculpt trait and obviously weve got a reaction off of that a nice healthy reaction but but what i was going to show to you all is is this is a massive short squeeze so from the low that we put in on the 8th of june uh the open interest obviously massively declined uh this this whole move is just a short squeeze um so you know this is why you have to be a bit careful like trying to short hair and short hair and short hair and short hair and short hair and short hair and short hair you know at the end of the day this is a short squeeze so um you know you generally want to take a bit of cash shorting like its pretty pretty you know you i think you will know this by now market structure um were currently just building these higher highs and higher lows so this was obviously another high low onto the cc so you know you can just keep building potentially these high lows so your next local cc is obviously coming yes just say you know you dont want to get you want to give it a bit of space so i would always view this like this so we can say really that next support is 36 800 um you know building into that block of space if you lose that then youve broken the local market structure and it obviously becomes a little bit more bearish per se so you know thats the way i view the market thats the way that i approach this market and um you know like i said i i let my trades just do all the overtalking really um so managed to this isnt actually fully closed by the way but took my next take profit off of that 41 000 short at thirty one thousand dollars uh which was literally uh after we put in that low and we saw the uh you know the higher low paying decided to take profit on that well obviously simultaneously building those long positions because i recognized hey this is a good opportunity um so yeah this analysis is not to you know this analysis is just to show you whats happening in this market show you you know you can you know you just have to be able to have the have the um whats the word im looking for knowledge experience insights uh intuition to recognize where to short and where to long and not you know not get bullish up at the eyes not get fearful and scared down at the lows and literally trust in the analysis trust in the tentacles and you know the the the results speak for themselves i truly believe that so um yeah ladies and gentlemen i hope youve enjoyed this video um as i will say if you have enjoyed i always would say smash the like button give a like if youve enjoyed this style of video um you know leave a comment down below i do read every single comment so uh you know i enjoy reading the comments i dont i generally dont reply to them all because thats just impossible but i will read them all and um you know if youve enjoyed hit the likes this video way longer than what i thought ive got like a 20 minute like cap on my videos i dont ever want to do like a its just just at the moment i cannot be doing 20 minute videos so ive kept it under 20 minutes which im pretty content about if youve enjoyed smash the likes if you want like the insights in the time you know these sort of harmonics you know posted in advance obviously in the champions group i literally gave a setup which was a long you know a long overdue range low so um you know i literally handed this one you know i gave the idea to everybody that were going to look for the longs here off of the range lows so you know and thats why its called bank stuffing trade of the week because i believe weve stuffed some banks um so you know if thats of interest you obviously over at chart champions ladies and gentlemen i hope youve really really enjoyed the video im gonna say thank you ever so much if you have any questions obviously you can come and join the discord i think ive explained it okay and uh oh yeah of course we forgot about this one no financial advice at the end of the day this is just an entertainment educational video only not telling you what to do with your money not anything trade or legal um anything like this so just just pause and read the disclaimer understand it and um im happy to say my throat is recovering day by day better still i hope youve enjoyed and im just gonna say what should i say to end this one ill just say ladies and gentlemen i hope that youre having as much fun as i am with this market thank you ever so much and ill catch you in the next one cheers and good bye BTC Bitcoin Technical Analysis live now price prediction today 2021 10.6.21 $BTC harmonic pattern we have been trading for over a week went exactly as predicted with a great long setup from the SFP. 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