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chainlink issues crypto What is Dogecoin? - Decrypt What... BTC news, Chainlink, Ethereum 2.0, Cardano, & more! // Crypto Over Coffee ep.43
ladies and gentlemen people of the internet welcome back to yet another episode of crypto over coffee i hope youre doing well today and if youre new here every saturday we start off the weekend right by breaking down the latest news and the hottest topics in the world of technology and cryptocurrency over a cup of delicious coffee now that being said in todays episode weve got the latest bitcoin news weve got some cardano polka dot chain link our usual 404 logic not found segment and more so make sure you stick around for the whole episode but before we get into all of that lets kick it off with questions from you the amazing folks who watch my channel so im gonna pull those up here on the computer now if you want one of your questions answered leave them in the comments down below or tweet me at hishoshi4 im fairly active on twitter and if you would be so inclined please do subscribe to the channel hit the bell notification button so that you can get a heads up whenever i post new content here on the channel thank you in advance for that and lets dive into these questions now the first question is from raspi or raspy im not sure how to pronounce this name exactly but this person is one of many whos been asking me recently to create a discord channel or to create a discord server for folks who watch the channel basically to create an online community for those who watch the hashoshi channel so it is done ask and thou shalt receive ive left a link down below in the description for anyone who wants to join the discord server itll be a place where you can ask questions for crypto over coffee you can discuss your favorite altcoin projects you can discuss pricing and all sorts of things on this discord channel you can also recommend content and i will pick content from the list of different suggestions that come in on this discord server and ill look for ones that get voted up quite a bit by the community and see what has the most interest and ill try and start integrating more and more content that folks recommend from that discord server so again if you want to join please do join and please share the link around with folks that you know that might also watch this channel because i know that there are going to be imposter channels that come up theyre going to be people pretending to be me you see it all over the comments down below theyre fake hashoshis leaving whatsapp contact numbers and all sorts of stuff theyre fake theyre scammers please ignore them report them remove them from the channel just tweet me let me know that youre seeing it and ill get rid of them theyre really hard to beat that being said i want to make sure this discord server is something that people know theres only one official hishoshi discord server and its going to be the one thats linked down below and ill also pin it in a tweet on my twitter so people can be sure that theyre using the correct one so raspi we have a discord server thank you very much for your your question i guess its a question all right second question today is from koinoklast it is interesting news about ada so this is about last weeks delegation k parameter change who decides on the k parameter now for those who didnt watch last week of course it will be linked down in the description below if you want to watch last weeks episode after this one but the k parameter in the cardano staking ecosystem basically helps to determine what the saturation rate or saturation level is for a given stake pool and saturation in terms of aida that is delegated to that stake pool and so when a k parameter change happens usually what that does is it means that larger pools with larger delegation saturation start to pay out less rewards because theyre oversaturated so it changes that saturation level now right now this k parameter is controlled by iohk and iohk being the main sort of team behind the cardano protocol before everyone freaks out and says oh its centralized it is and its done so purposefully right now the k parameter is being used to in a very calculated and crafty way push the network towards decentralization when eventually that k parameter can then be given as a metric to be controlled by the community by way of governance voting on chains so itll be a community voted parameter relatively soon well talk about that in a second now theres another parameter called d in cardano and thats basically a measure of how decentralized the network is when shelley staking and incentives first came out to this whole stake proof-of-stake environment the d-parameter was set to one and over time its slowly reducing down to zero when d hit zero that means that the network is adequately decentralized to pass off some of these critical network functions like voting on the k parameter over to the community so right now on current trajectory with the recent k parameter change which is very much targeted to push towards a lower d value because it makes you want to create small pools and it wants you want to then delegate to small pools to give you more rewards i digress d looks like itll hit zero by march of 2021 april of 2021. so were getting really close to that time period so i wouldnt worry too much about it but right now k is determined by iohk hopefully that answers your question next question is from thomas nichols hey new sub here thank you very much for subscribing do you think that proof of work will be phased out completely for proof of stake at some point soon in the future alright this is an interesting question the short answer is no i dont think proof of work is going to go away altogether i think its going to be used maybe not as the primary consensus driving algorithm or mechanism in networks in the future but i think its going to be a critical component of it so a lot of networks that do proof of stake still use proof of work for a lot of things for example zilliqa who doesnt use proof of stake they actually use practical byzantine fault tolerance they use proof of work to sort of prevent denial of service attacks so when you want to create a new node on the network and join a shard a network shard and silica you have to complete a proof-of-work puzzle basically to create sunk cost for you right that prevents the ability for someone without any cost to just create 500 nodes on the network and then overwhelm the network and take over a dishonest majority the same thing goes for oracles like teller right teller uses proof of work for very much the same thing it uses it as sort of a sunk cost driver to prevent civil attacks to prevent denial of service attacks and civil attacks basically being theyre when someone a network participant sort of circumvents the reputation system to take over the network or to at least wreak havoc on the network so i think that proof of stake is going to exist in more and more and more networks and youre seeing it right now most of the challengers for ethereum the cardanos the elronds the algorands etc they all are using proof of stake in some form or fashion and flavor and theres a reason for that because its very efficient you know ethereum is moving there its very efficient it does what its supposed to do it isnt perfect and its really hard to do correctly correctly i mean im only one guy its really hard to do in a way thats statistically sound but proof of work is not going to go away altogether because there are networks like bitcoin that need proof of work to be what they are bitcoins core tenant is proof of work what gives bitcoin a lot of value in a lot of ways is proof of work the effort that it takes to create new supply the effort that it takes and the collective cost of running the network is what makes bitcoin so secure and those are core things that wont change so now my my now long answer being made short no proof of stake will not phase out pow altogether but it will be one that sort of moves into the forefront ahead of proof of work in most networks with a few stragglers still existing using proof of work for everything so hopefully it answers your question thank you very much thomas ismail ismail asks what if i have less than 32 ether locked in d5 will it migrate automatically to eth 2.0 in the future and will there be any price difference if i dont deposit 32 eth to eth 2.0 so theres a lot here and i dont know if i can answer everything exactly but if you have less than 32 ether in general lets just say its not locked in d5 you have it and you want to maybe stake it right you want to participate in the network you can go to a custodial service like kraken and you can stake your ether for i think they say 5 to 17 so thats low end to top end theres no guarantee where youre going to fall less than 32 eth or 32 with or more you can stake with someone like kraken and its a centralized service its custodial and its also a one-way trip you cant stake your ether and crack in and then change your mind and take it out later its a one-way trip it moves over to ethereum 2.0 quote unquote and then youre done and you start earning rewards and then you will eventually be able to use that ether again once phase 1.5 of ethereum 2.0 probably the end of the year next year comes live and you can start to actually move it around and use it a little bit in terms of migrating automatically to eth 2.0 if youre on the ethereum network now you didnt join as a 32 validator in the deposit contract and youre not putting it in something like kraken to stake now after the fact heres whats going to happen as the network for ether ethereum 2.0 excuse me moves into the process of integrating sharding right thats the the sharding mechanism to help the network scale when that happens eventually the current ethereum proof of work network that were all using today is going to become a network shard in ethereum 2.0 which basically means that all the ether all the apps and dapps and things that you have on the ethereum proof of work chain will be migratable to ethereum 2.0 and so what that means is there wont be necessarily a price difference between your eth 2.0 eth and your ethereum proof of work eth because i think the goal is to make them always convertible one to one to each other to make them fungible i think thats the idea it might end up that it doesnt work out that way but thats just how i think that its going to work now if you have ethereum locked in defined now and you have no interest in staking dont bother you will eventually be able to move your ether over to ethereum 2.0 and do your thing so i think that should give everyone a general idea but this is in flux and its probably going to change over time so maybe well readdress this later on thank you for your question last question of the day is from popeshu claudio again im sorry if i butchered your name i feel i always do that whats your input on the smart contract while its like argent would smart contract wallets be able to really compete with hardware wallets less physical components to be faulty less trouble with recovery process so im actually an avid user of argent i think arjun is great because it gives you access natively to d5 to all sorts of things on the ethereum network basically everything that the ethereum network can do argent has taken advantage of to put that in the users hands all of the people who say its a substitute for cold storage though a substitute for a hardware wallet are mistaken the way that i feel is that argent is a great place to go for your day-to-day use right you can use argent as your wallet right you have a wallet in the old days right youve got your credit cards youve got your id youve got your cash that wallet even though its not your life savings has a ton of value to you because it has your personal data its got cash its got value its got credit cards that you can then use to spend your other assets i look at argent the same way you might not have all your ether there but youve got personal information youve got a key that could be used to do some other things maybe that key and argent is part of a multi-sig scheme somewhere else right you dont want to lose the argent wallet but if you do its not the end of the world right its not the end of the world because its not everything youve got you should still have the majority of your sort of static funds the funds you dont use the stuff youre holding long term the stuff that youre holding for more than more than a couple weeks in a hardware wallet and then use argent or like a smart contract wallet like it thats very convenient very easy to use to do your day-to-day stuff thats my personal opinion i dont think software wallets are going to usurp hardware wallets in the next three to five years maybe one day they will with adequate technological advancements but the hardware level security is still very important so thank you very much for your question and lets dive into the news now for those of you who are new here every week in partnership with the folks at kobo who make the awesome kobo vault wallet you might have heard of it i will be giving away a cobot tablet steel seed phrase backup device in every single episode from here on out so all you have to do to enter this random draw is to comment on the video down below and then i pick a random winner each week so just for transparency the product is only available in the us canada and eu so if you win and youre from other regions ill just send you some bitcoin instead now the winner of last weeks random draw for the kobo is here on the screen so a big congratulations to you and of course i will be in touch to tell you how to claim your prize now as we do on the show every week lets kick it off with some bitcoin updates some price analysis and interesting bitcoin news that kind of thing now this week was more of the same good vibes in the bitcoin world that weve been seeing for a while with prices sticking to the 18 to 19k range but early on there were some celebrations going because exchanges some places around the world were reporting prices over 20k which was many peoples 2017 all-time high depending on who you ask now honestly what a time it is to be alive were sitting here where bitcoin one single bitcoin can buy you a brand new volkswagen jetta and people cant even agree on what the all-time price high was so that being said the celebrations were quelled a little bit later in the week as news started coming out of congress in the u.s about new regulations proposed by lawmakers that would severely clamp down on stable coins that are very important to the crypto world including to bitcoin then after that there were rumors about legislation coming that would impose back-breaking regulations on self-hosted crypto wallets and these regulations were brought to light as rumors by coinbase ceo brian armstrong most notably of course these are rumors now this caused quite a stir and im sure that there was some panic selling around the world as a result of this news but then later in the week the plot thickened again because the new head of the office of the comptroller of currency brian brooks clarified that regulators are intent on quote getting this right and confirmed with no gray area that quote again nobody is going to ban bitcoin nobodys going to ban some of these transmission technologies now this doesnt guarantee that whatever regulations are coming are not going to stifle innovation or cause a stir or be bad they still very well might be but this is not the doom and gloom situation that i think was starting to grip the community before there was clarification about what these regulations would realistically include now what does this mean for bitcoin to be honest with you it remains to be seen what this means in depth but i have a feeling that what will happen is there will be more targeted and codified rules that might hurt derivative exchanges like like bit max for example and subsequently well put a dent in bitcoin in the process but that would of course be temporary as things adjust now i have to say institutions right now are buying up bitcoin like a 90s kid with a big allowance bought pokemon cards and for those who are uncultured thats a lot of bitcoin thats being purchased im so positive about the situation right now more than i ever have been in probably the last three or four years about next years potential for bitcoin so be smart and it goes both ways dont panic sell but also dont fomo in too deeply and make bad decisions but im extremely positive right now in other news some big news out of the polka dot camp came this week about a new d5 alliance or decentralized finance alliance that the team behind the ambitious interoperability network are facilitating now this defy alliance and the polka dot ecosystem will help drive d5 product development research and then discussion with the community and it features some really notable members like moonbeam plasm network title finance and chain link yes chain link the popular oracle network is playing heavily into the polka dot world and i reported on this a while ago and theyll surely be the go to price feed oracle for the many d5 projects that will go live on the polka dot network over time so thats really good news for the chain link folks as well the chain link team actually had this to say about joining the alliance and i quote chain link is excited to help steer the direction of polka dots growing ecosystem of decentralized financial applications by promoting developer best practices for d5 protocols the polka dot ecosystem can become stronger than ever i personally am really excited to see what happens with this alliance because i think that polka dot really does have potential to be a huge disrupter in the d5 world because of its parachain interoperability architecture it allows each d5 project to have its own specialized blockchain for its operations to be optimized and buttery smooth for end users but also announced around this time is that polka dot is working to expand its fairly small set of validators i think its in the hundreds right now or the 200s right now and theyre trying to increase those validators by a magnitude of a thousand so with priority being on individual with a priority being on individual and independent validators so small validators they want to add a thousand more to the network so decentralization is in the forefront of updates going forward and theres lots of really cool stuff coming out of the recent polka dot decoded event so make sure you check that out online quick coffee break now if we stay in the polka dot world for just a second i want to give a quick shout out to gavin wood the mastermind behind the polka dot network now gavin was involved in the early days of ethereum and took a lot of lessons learned from that experience but recently in an interview wood had this to say about the constant comparisons between polka dot and ethereum on laura shins awesome podcast and i quote polka dot does not have to be an ethereum killer to succeed let that sink in for a second ethereum is not really a competitor right simple and powerful this is how every single leader in the entire space should be speaking about their project and my humble opinion this is what it sounds like to be building for the betterment of tech and for the industry and building something you like not just for plaudits and money he went on to say later that polka dot is in many ways a quote bet against blockchain maximalism where theres one chain to rule them all because polka dot is a connective layer to let the world use many different blockchains natively now honestly if i could print this on a t-shirt and wear it every day i would i resonate so deeply with this way of thinking that you dont have to compete with everyone and destroy everyone to succeed i think the future will be one with many blockchains that all specialize in different things and they will all be connected using interoperability meshwork protocols like polka dot well done gavin thank you for saying this stuff now ladies and gentlemen it is time for 404 logic not found and for those of you who are as of yet uninitiated in this little firecracker of a segment i highlight notable tech related fails or otherwise stupid moves in the world that need to get some attention and speaking of attention if you want to help this video get some attention from the youtube algorithm please do hit that like button and get subscribed it tells the youtube robots that youre liking what youre watching and that other people might want to watch it as well so thank you for that in advance now for todays absence of logic i bring you something i like to call dilusory victory syndrome which is something that yes i made up now someones suffering from delusory victory syndrome is someone who has been consumed by what was once a mild case of confirmation bias often caught initially by drinking the kool-aid for their favorite crypto project and has now spiraled into an alternate reality where their cryptocurrency of choice has already achieved worldwide domination now im not singling out any one project here because every single one has these types of die-hard fans who suffer from delusory victory syndrome you probably see it every day on twitter or on youtube where someone pontificates constantly about how their favorite cryptocurrency project is in fact so well developed so superior technologically and so unjustly undervalued that all other projects should just bow down and quit rather than to try and compete with this god-like protocol now if that were the case in reality it would be so clear would it not the adoption would be there the users would be there the money would be there but it isnt so what does that mean for these people it means that all of these projects need work they have progress that they have to make its going to require a team that is rooted in reality about how theyre actually doing in the market to make that progress happen so those who suffer from dilusory victory syndrome believe their project has already won everything they believe that the work is already done its just a matter of everyone else waking up and suddenly piling in on what theyve known all along is the best now sadly there is no current treatment for dilusory victory syndrome but please hit the subscribe button to be the first to know about successful trials that are ongoing in fda testing right now i mean this probably all sounds satirical because it is im making light of this made-up illness but it is a serious issue in our industry there are people who so vehemently believe that their favorite project just cannot be stopped that it is perfect but its driven by emotional ties to a heavy investment or even a dogmatic but respectful loyalty to something that they believe in and i do give kudos for that loyalty but what is unhealthy is that it drives people to make bad decisions bad financial decisions bad emotional decisions whatever they ride the project down to the gutter or worse they bring others into a sinking ship based on delusions of grandeur or false promises now there comes a time when these projects who are full of potential and promise have to deliver they have to show that they can get users to download that wallet use those daps that the many developers theyve hopefully drawn in have been building and drive adoption that is when a protocol can say weve started to win thats what has to happen dont get caught in the trap of dilusory victory syndrome realize that this industry is not forgiving most projects will fail just like startups the odds are the same if not worse most startups dont succeed now you havent won until you won and even then you have to work really hard to keep on winning so 404 logic not found in other news the popular d5 protocol ave who originally garnered hefty investment and interest with the launch of their groundbreaking flash loans product just launched their official version 2 protocol which has one massive feature that i think bodes really well for d5 users and that new feature in version two of the ave protocol is the ability for users participating in d5 programs that require locked cryptocurrency as collateral to continue to trade those assets freely as if they were not locked at all now this is going to open up all sorts of creative opportunities for profit and of course plenty of loss opportunities as well because thats just the joy of defy is it not avai themselves talked about how this feature though could be used for avoiding liquidation by moving funds that are in an asset thats locked as collateral over to a stable coin to preserve value if it begins to trend downwards itll protect you from liquidation in certain instances so pretty wild stuff here it almost sounds surreal like flash loans did when they first launched people are thinking how can this possibly happen and how is this protocol do making money at all so lets just see how this one develops and ill try and put together an explanation of how it works now i do also want to draw some attention to a really promising and fast growing nft based game gods unchained and ive been really enjoying playing it lately gods unchained is a free-to-play online game thats currently in beta right now and each playable card in the game is backed by a blockchain based asset so users can truly own their in-game items and trade them like physical items or trading cards in a free market ive been talking about this nft world for a while im super passionate about it so this mechanism of ownership opens up all types of cool use cases outside of p2p trading for example a user who owns a rare and valuable card or in-game item and gods unchained could use that asset as collateral for d5 products i mean at face value the game itself is just genuinely fun to play casually and if you get particularly good at it by chance or you amass a collection of really capable in-game assets you might just be able to compete handily in a 500 000 prize tournament that the team behind the game has committed to holding in the future no confirmation as to when thats going to happen at least that i know of but its going to happen so check it out if you havent already ill leave a link to gods unchained down below really excited to see more nft gaming coming into the world and gods unchained is a great example of how to build a great game on top of blockchain now some rumors are now swirling around spotify the massive music and podcast streaming giant who is indisputably better than apple music i might add hot take but anyways spotify is starting to explore cryptocurrency and central bank digital currencies etc now a job posting seemed to point towards this fact as it called for candidates with a crypto background to explore the use of blockchains cryptocurrencies and etc for uses in spotify now i can think of a dozen ways for spotify to use blockchain and crypto tech to better their service how about using nfts as a gamification reward program for users who stay engaged with their favorite artists or hit cool user metrics on the platform and get a cryptocollectible in return how about allowing equitable micro payments of crypto to artists for streams in real time how about allowing me to pay for my subscription to spotify that ive been paying for for like eight years in bitcoin instead this list could go on and on this could be some pretty awesome news unfolding the next few years but its not going to be clear what this all means if anything its all just sort of unconfirmed reports based on a job posting but itll be a while before even those who get hired to spotify really get buy-in and then you have to build something so its going to take a while but interesting nonetheless now for fans of cardano some awesome news came this week about fundamental updates being made to the cardano mainnet to clear a path for gogen and use cases that gogan will bring which is the anticipated update bringing smart contracts and community created token projects to the cardano ecosystem now the marquee update in this new sort of chain upgrade is the concept of a token lock which presumably could be used to programmatically lock a portion of tokens on the cardano network according to some conditions and prevent them from being moved or spent for a period of time now this is a common thing that happens in d5 applications where collateral is locked according to a set of rules now my first guess is that this feature is a foundational one to some planned d5 plays when gogen does launch and smart contracts do come into the picture but well just have to wait and find out i think were gonna get gogan coming really soon so make sure you stay tuned for that now folks thats gonna do it for crypto over coffee for today as always i will link up a video here for you to watch if you want to stick around and hang out some more but if not thank you so much for watching i really appreciate all the time that you spend watching the channel and hope you have a fantastic and restful weekend and week ahead and until next time cheers Join the Official Hashoshi Discord Server! 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