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good day guys Im I George in this video Im going to tell you guys about Bridge Rocco which is a blockchain Oracle built on BNB chain Im going to tell you guys about this awesome project and the amazing Services they have to offer so lets Dive Right In in this video Im going to be giving you guys a quick introduction to blockchain oracles with animations to make you guys understand better Im going to be introducing bridgerocco to you guys Im going to tell you guys about brg which is the native token of video record Im also going to be telling you guys about the bridge partners and so much more okay so lets proceed lets talk about blockchain oracles blockchain technology is one of the greatest Technologies of this modern era its uniqueness and immutable design has made it stand out and is as usual dose into a better Financial Paradigm and even more and more applications are being carried out using blockchain technology now with the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain Technology there was a further advancement The Atrium blockchain was launched and on this blockchain smart contracts could be executed smart contractors are just like our regular physical contracts between people but this time its done digitally what is fascinating about smart contracts is that they are immutable meaning that after they have been written they cant be changed or altered smart contracts are basically agreements or actions that can be carried out on the blockchain after certain conditions have been met for example you can write a smart contracts and say if I give Bob five eight tokens hell give me 4B tokens this kind of Smart Control execution is very common in decentralized exchanges like uni Swap and pancake swap where users can exchange or trade their cryptocurrencies as seen today in D5 we can also write a Smart Control scene if this tweet gets up to 500 likes they are George hundred dollars the smart contract will pay high George only when the condition of the Tweet getting 500 likes have been met this is another example a farmer can be paying a monthly premium to an insurance contract and if something happens to his crops like for example the temperature was too hot in its location for that period the insurance smart contract will pay the farmer and hell be protected or you should understand from these examples Ive mentioned is that for a smart contract to be executed the stated conditions must be met now theres something we should put into consideration how exactly would the smart contract know that I just tweet has gotten up to 500 likes and also how the smart contract know the weather at the farmers location so that the farmer will get paid when the weather condition is met okay Ill explain that due to the consensus algorithms on the blockchain or basically how the blockchain is designed it cannot access data from external sources or the real world on its own that my friend is your blockchain oracles coming blockchain oracles basically provide off-chain data to Smart contrast on the blockchain that were not initially possible to access own chain a blockchain Oracle is just like a middleman transmitting data between the physical world and the blockchain blockchain Oracle basically connects our physical world to the blockchain which increases the adoption and applications of blockchain Technology with your blockchain Oracle the data from the likes on ijust tweets can be put into the smart contract and ideology will be paid when the demand is met also using a blockchain Oracle for the farmer when the data for the temperature of the area for that period is put to the smart contracts if the temperature condition is met the farmer will be paid accordingly this is basically what blockchain oracles are used for now for more clarity let me give you more examples and use cases of blockchain Oracles in smart contrast and blockchain Technology one synthetic tokens synthetic tokens are basically two contributives select tokens basically kind of mirror the price of another asset without actually buying the actual asset the asset could be a stock or even another cryptocurrency one can basically create a synthetic token of a stock and take advantage of the price movement of that stock without actually buying the stock this way even if the person is in a region U.S prohibited was unable to purchase this stock the person can purchase the synthetic token of that particular stock and take advantage of the price movements without going through the process of registrations paying taxes and other hustles that comes when purchasing a stock now for this to function an oracle is needed to track the price of the original underlying asset on platforms like synthetics that supports trading or synthetic tokens you can purchase synthetic tokens that track the price of other assets we can see the great use case of oracles here two Insurance just like I mentioned before a farmer can be paying a monthly premium to an insurance contract and if for example there was high temperature for a certain period of time that made the farmers crops not to grow the insurance contract will automatically pay the farmer to cover up his losses but the smart contract can not on its own know that the crops were affected right thats where Oracle is coming the insurance contract will just be filled with the temperature data for that period And if the condition is met the fund will be compensated accordingly heres another example they must have come across some betting sites where people could actually gamble with some money over some future events like for a football match per game on this kind of platform you first of all have to pay using Fiat with your card then bet on the thing you think would win wait for some time and trust that the platform will pay you if you want this is quite interesting but as we know this can also be implemented on the blockchain and one thing to keep in mind is that smart contrast cant actually watch football matches right so oracles will be needed to fit the smart contract with the data of the game results and the rewards will be distributed to the winners accordingly without needing to trust any third party or website or Central body heres another application of blockchain oracles a YouTube influencer can be hired by a project to advertise a video I will be paid after getting a particular number of views and yes as we know smart contracts dont watch YouTube videos right so a blockchain Oracle is needed to give the smart contract the YouTube video data and when the required number of views is reached the influence I will get paid accordingly and thats it now you successfully understood what blockchain oracles are what they can do and the value they have to offer lets go further into Bridge Oracle Bridge Raku is a blockchain Oracle on the BMB chain Network that can be used to bridge our words the real world and the blockchain world just like I previously explained the San Franciscos offering can be used to transmit data from our real world to the smart contrast on the blockchain which increases the adoption and applications of blockchain Technology the blue Jackal project has been around for some time since 2019 or 2020 and recently launched its main net in August 2022. we Draco is launched on the BNB chain meaning that individuals or developers that want to create the apps projects or smart contracts that will need external or reward data can use Bridge Oracle to access the data on BNB chain Im pretty sure that bridge services will expand to other blockchains too Bridge Rock was developed and built by strong Innovative and experienced team headed by Sinai stavi the CEO of bridge Oracle Sinister is a very inspirational Visionary man and is very popular to be the owner of the first ever tweet which was purchased as an nft for millions of dollars and that singular acts ushered the whole space into a new paradigm to understand and realize the real utility and value of nfts about document tokenization and ownership rights with Cena is to be leading the bridge record team I personally think that the bill Jacob project will be a huge success lets talk about the brg token brg token is a native token of bridge Draco brg is the store of value and has so many utilities for users to use the Oracle Services the user must pay either bruji or BMB and pain with bruji is even cheaper also plg which is a cryptocurrency can be used to purchase goods and pay for services Bridge Oracle has partnered with various projects like event p and Hyper card to give users the opportunity to use brg tokens to pay for goods and services there are also some platforms where you can stick brug at a high APR this utilities Ive mentioned and many more Innovations by the bridge Oracle team will drive value to the brg Token you can always buy Breg at each changes where it is listed has a lot of credible reliable and concerned partners and investors all aimed at the support and development of bridge Rocko and the services they have to offer Media Group also partner with big X which is a centralized exchange rate as can trade cryptocurrencies pancake swap is a decentralized exchange razors can trade cryptocurrencies like brg on BMP chain is a centralized exchange bit smart is a centralized exchange too knows also partnered with nabbox which is a non-custodial wallet whereas can store their cryptocurrencies like brg nav network is basically a blockchain like a blockchain bridge that enables users to transform assets like biology across different blockchains okay Karma kicker is a platform where users can check the price on many other informations of various cryptocurrencies BSC scan is basically a blockchain Explorer via users can track transactions and many other information happening on BNB chain okay theyre also partnered with Git keep please keep this in non-cosystems can store their digital assets or cryptocurrencies like brg okay this live project trust solid which is also their partner its one of the most popular and used crypto wallets and brug is listed here too okay event pay is an e-commerce platform that gives you an opportunity to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrencies like bruji okay setting is basically a contract auditioning platform and B and Bridge Draco has been audited by cetic coin W is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange hyperplate event pay is um an e-commerce platform that gives us the opportunity to pay focus on services using cryptocurrencies Okay um profits and airbank both of them are both centralized cryptocurrency exchanges okay so you can see that bridge Arco has a whole lot of big partners and I strongly believe that bridge Rocco has a lot of great potentials so thats it guys for this video in the course of this video youve learned a lot about smart contracts blockchain oracles and how they work and a whole lot about Bridge Oracle Revolution that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is bringing is an Unstoppable Force shifting us from this Current financial Paradigm into a greater and bigger Financial phase and system of operations without blockchain oracles the application of smart contracts and blockchain Technology will be limited due to its consensus mechanism and its inability to access external or real world data with Bridge Oracle external and reward data can be integrated into smart contracts on the blockchain which will reduce the limitations and increase applications of smart contracts or on blockchain technology and hence increased blockchain adoption this adult blockchain technology guys lets Bridge our Awards using Bridge Oracle thank you With bridge Oracle, external and real world data can be integrated into smart contracts on the blockchain which will reduce the limitations and increase the applications of smart contracts on blockchain technology, and hence increase blockchain adoption.Timestamps 00:00 - Intro 00:14 - Contents 00:34 - Introduction to Smart Contracts and Blockchain Oracles 03:29 - More applications of blockchain oracles Bridge Oracle 06:14 - Introducing Bridge Oracle 07:02 - Bridge Oracle Team 07:35 - $BRG Token 08:23 - Bridge Oracle Partners 10:22 - Conclusion Website: Telegram: Twitter: Medium: bridgeoracle brg blockchain oracle smartcontracts blockchain,brg,oracle,