Chainlink CONFIRMED to power ALL CBDCs!!! chainlink price 2025BREAKING NEWS!

Ripple XRP vs Bitcoin: What s the Difference? - Finding Farina XRP vs Bitcoin Has Lower Transaction Charges and Processing Times One of the biggest advantages of Ripple XRP is that it can process transactions in a matter of seconds, whereas it would take minutes to process a bitcoin transaction. Basically, XRP sacrificed decentralization for speed. Competitors Discussion : Vechain - Reddit From the Vechain New York meetup: Question about competitors like Waltonchain. First, Sunny goes who? and Kevin goes what s Waltonchain? But then Sunny went on by saying the right thing - there are no competitors in such a fledgling industry. chainlink price 2025 BREAKING NEWS! Chainlink CONFIRMED to power ALL CBDCs!!!
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back to the charts of big boss crypto and today weve got breaking news to cover huge news regarding chain link and Swifts integration with cbdcs well look at an interesting speech by the Swift CEO right here talking about the Breakthrough experiment which is basically the proof of concepts with chain link and well also look further into Asus document called connecting digital Island cbdcs basically detailing the method that Swift uses together with chain link for powering all cbdcs regardless of type and well also look into further proof with swift basically Ill try to say that the chain links proof concepts with ccip is the future so without further Ado lets look at the charts all right so in case you didnt see recent news basically the world connect Forum had their annual Meetup at Dallas last week and the sexy right here we had a swift CEO have a talk together for other hello people and he talked about a big breakthrough experiment which speaks volumes with basically confirming that this is the proof of console together with chain link and CCP confirm that chain link will power cbdcs take a listen right here in in cbdcs in particular we made a breakthrough experiment last year um whereby we came up together with several central banks and Commercial banks with the results that we can through the Swift platform with all the controls that have been embedded over the past decades uh through Swift platform we can Bridge any country having any kind of technology or any kind of phone now we made the video regarding before were going to cover the report by Swift called connected digital Islands cbdc so if you want to see that video well cover this topic enough well put the link on the screen right here but basically in short they talk about their experiments weve switched recently and their breakthroughs with solving the interlinking challenge hint hint interlinking and basically in short with this paper the the explain basically how they used the basically chain links decentralized Oracle Network system basically where they tap it and a type of blockchain the process through chain links that works and gets access to real or later a real world events so basically having a tamper-proof reliable system that chain links provides which is where well see the future of growth and value especially in the chain link in the upcoming years and also still if youre not convinced check this out on Twitter right here and as you can see right here this guy had the tutor argument right here basically regarding interoperability with this guy covered three projects which buttons are so great but uh link was left out and we answered the event doing any research this would question how to leave a chain link in CCP especially because theyre doing that Swift dtcc BMI melon all spoke together smart Con in September and key thing to to note right here is interesting interestingly Swiss official Twitter account like that tweet and yeah as he as writer in the Tweet he they liked his ccrp tweet or CCAP integration will change everything in traditional finance and the crypto space and on faded CCP will feel Max Payne and there is only one worthwhile interprebility solution well said and this is basically future of finance and the future of tokenized assets overall with chain link and also see if youre still not convinced I mean they have worked on this many many years back ever since 2017 where quote as far as back as 2017 we were able to get Swift ISO 2-2 compliant messages sent from Smart contracts and then gets fixed outcomes from Swift Network back into smart contract since then theres been a lot of progress made now were still not convinced with chain link being the winner and seeing true growth in the upcoming years we have seen this short monitors on this channel I heard again and this is basically a forecast of the upcoming years of growth in crypto as you can see right here and this is by the Boston Consulting Group from the stock assault defense in the world smart guys together with the world economic Forum as you see right here this is for tokenized assets were all at 0.6 trillions of dollars right now and we can at least reach 16 transfer dollars 2030 and best case scenario 68 trillions of dollars which is huge and this is one for tokens to assets so the spec speculative estimation might be even higher and also finally if we look at this chart right here which is very well known for chain link yeah support right here is that the remaining Market Force Mount car contracts is trillions trillions of dollars right here I mean the D5 space is only so small right under one trillions of dollars and when we begin to tap into rest crypto Market gold market stock market derivatives Market especially we will see amazing amazing growth in chain link and I truly believe that great times ahead for chain link thats all for me thank you so much for your time leave a like subscribe if you enjoyed the video leave a dislike if you didnt please note that this is not Financial or a hospital device this is only for educational and entertainment purposes only this is Big Boss crypto the reels of the Reel of Crypt YouTubers have a wonderful day everyone Big Boss out Today we give you breaking news with SWIFT confirming Chainlink will power CBDCs!SWIFT paper: DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that we are not financial advisors. 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