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all right yall here we are midland texas were setting up to install a 25 foot by 25 foot dog park right here in this area uh were gonna show you guys how to mark out the lines get the main corner posts and the support posts where they need to be but were gonna show you how to put in these four foot chain link fence uh for dog park but its for an apartment complex here nathan you ready yeah im ready we want to show you guys how to do it in case you have some projects in mind or you want to put up some chain link fence at your property or commercial property were going to show you guys how to do it and the methods we use and typically a dog park anywhere from 25 feet to 35 feet square takes us about two days at most we did the three four five method where the corner post here on one of the corners of the fence set up we measured out three feet here and then four feet to the next spike when its three feet this way four feet that way to make sure that this triangle is square its got to be five feet between the two spikes here so once you have that five feet between the two spikes after you do three feet one way four feet the other that is going to be straight square lines all the way down to our 25 foot mark there that little spike now that we got this marked were gonna go ahead and take this this spike on this spike and do three four feet there make sure its five feet and then well watch the next corner the next corner and then were gonna have a squared out uh and then if you have a bigger or longer fence lines you got to do 50 foot lengths or 100 foot lengths all you have to do is double the uh pythagorean equation here where its three four five then you double it to six eight ten or then you cover it to twelve sixteen twenty and so on and so forth all right so we got everything squared up with the string i dont know what you can see it there but we got our square in place now were gonna mark the different uh about eight foot eight foot distances between the corner post and the support posts of the fabric the longest distance you can go between support posts for the top rail is 10 feet 25 feet we got two support posts on each side here and then these guys are only going to get one support post because thats what the gate area is going to be youll see what im talking about there but yeah so were just going to measure that out were going to mark it with a high vis paint every post every support post we have marked right here with the high visibility paint these guys are all more actually not only do we have all the support posts the corner posts and the bigger two and five-eighths mint post that holds the gates we have even the support little six inch hole that we drill here i dont know if you guys see it but its gonna be a little eight foot by eight foot square this is gonna be the off leash area where they take the dogs off leash and then we just put a little straight mark past the opening where the gates gonna be here and here were gonna take down the line and well start drilling holes with the little beaver thats just waiting there in the sun to get to work this guy went in the shade okay everyone were starting off with the 10-inch auger for the terminal posts here this is going to hold most of the these posts will be holding most of the weight of the fence basically is going to be holding the fabric of the fence its going to be holding the brackets that hold the fabric its going to be holding the top rails its going to be holding the gates so we want to make sure the holes are wide enough and deep enough and as far as width whatever post youre putting in the ground you have to have the hole be at least three times the width of those posts so just keep that in mind and i also found that for the bigger terminal post holes it took about one and a half to two bags of the 80 pound concrete or quikrete material so for the six inch holes it took about a third to one half of the 80 pound bags of concrete or quikrete so keep that in mind this park i think took about 28 bags of quikrete of the 80 pound quick feet one thing to help you drill a little bit better into like hard or rocky ground instead of using a rock breaker is to get a more powerful auger this is the groundhog hd99 i highly recommend getting that one itll work better than the 5.5 horsepower little beaver that were using here so we had the engine clutch out a few times when it hit a rock which wasnt even that big and so it got a little frustrating we didnt know if it was the bit itself or the little beaver but uh we sure would have liked to have used one with a little more horsepower and you can get better bits too and here were using a six inch bit for the line post and then as you can see the rock breaker is still being used even with the six inch holes we figured if we were using a narrower bit that we wouldnt have to use a rock breaker but again just have a rock breaker handy and again if you can get the more powerful little beaver or groundhog hd99 i definitely recommend you do that itll make your work a little more efficient so were about done were about to go on to the next step all right yall we finished every single hole that we needed to start putting the poles both the corner poles and just the support poles in place so we got a total of 15 holes drilled out now were going to start getting the concrete ready and the poles and let the concrete settle overnight well come back tomorrow morning all the holes are drilled nice and squared up all right you guys we got all the poles concrete bags in their place ready to be put in the ground were waiting for the uh dog park essentials as well just a few pieces that were gonna put in concrete here nathans just cleaning out a few holes make sure theres no excess dirt in the in the hole so we make sure its deep enough there you go everythings ready all done all right okay guys so just a few things to have with you when youre putting these terminal posts in the ground i recommend having a knee pad a bucket for water of course a face mask to keep the dust out and as you can see here nathans holding the terminal posts with a post level on it highly recommend having that with you and now were putting up the line to make sure that the posts are not going to be uh not square right when they all settle and then the quick crete cures so make sure you do that a bucket is good with water i get about two and a half holes done here for every bucket full of water if you have a hose of course have that or you could use a wheelbarrow whatever works for you so as you can see here were getting them all in their place and everythings going to be cured level and squared up when its all said and done all right yall its really dark outside but we got all the poles in the ground but theyre all level and were all done right nate yeah were done we got the poles in the concrete so tomorrow were gonna come out cut the corner poles to 48 inches high and just these fabric support poles the one and a quarter inch uh pipes that were gonna come in 46 inches high all done see you all tomorrow all right yall here we are were going to cut the poles down to the length they need to be the corner pieces are going to be cut down 48 inches the smaller support poles were gonna be cut down to 46 inches lets do it okay so here im using my rigid grinding slash metal cut off wheel to cut the terminal post and the line post to their proper height ill have that in the description for you all right you guys now we got all the poles cut at the right length again remember the main corner bigger two and five-eighths poles are at 48 inches high and then just the support holes for the fabric we got them down 46 inches so maybe its putting the brackets on so we can start getting the were gonna get the top holes on first and then were gonna put the fabric on everything ready to get the top running poles on all the uh support holes theres guys coming 21 feet and you have to have at least a support pole at least every 10 feet well go ahead and do that and then were gonna put the fabric on put these gates on and this uh park will be done as far as the fence is concerned okay so here were supporting the top rails by using the eye tops on top of the line posts here that way it keeps them from falling off the line posts of course and then we use the rail ends to keep the top rail uh connected to those terminal posts the bigger terminal posts so were about done here all right guys so now were gonna get this fabric the chain link fabric were going to get it around the entire outer perimeter and the inner here the eight by eight where the two gates are going to go so were going to show you how to get these brackets well the brackets are already on the pole but were going to show you how were going to install these stress bars that go through the links of the chain link fabric there and how we get it on the pole and how we stretch it all the way across to the other end okay so here we unroll the fence fabric from end to end it comes in 50 foot rolls and so we just unroll it from end to end and then we get the tension bar and uh just a hand winch to tighten up the fence fabric to where it needs to be from one end to the other usually if you squeeze the fence fabric with your hand and it doesnt give but a half inch or so that is a good indication that its tight enough then these tension bars just basically get attached to the terminal post with the brackets that come with the installation material that you get when you order from a fence supply company and again you just want to make sure everything is nice and tight and that it is a snugly fit to both the terminal posts and the line posts here so we just go ahead and go through all the different or all the different areas there and get the tension bands in place and make sure everythings nice and snug as you can see here were getting to the final few feet of fence fabric and were gonna go on to the next step okay so here we finished the fence fabric installation except for this area here where is the 8x8 off leash area and the gates are already pre-made so we actually dont put fence fabric there so were just waiting for that to arrive but at this moment yeah the fence fabric is up and now were looking at the tension wire that goes along the bottom between the terminal posts and because that will help keep the fence fabric nice and tight and snug to all the terminal posts and the line post there so you just twist them around those posts and then as far as the top we use these little ties here these wire ties that go around the top rails and the fence fabric to keep those from also falling away from the top rail so these are the things we need to put in place and now were doing that just kind of going forward and you just put them the top rail you put those twisted wires every few feet and then same on the line post as well all right so lets go on the next step okay so here we have the fence fabric completely on nice and snug and tight to the top rail the terminal post and the line post and with the bottom tension wire all tied up so im doing another voice over here for this clip because its just been a really windy day then so as you can see here the tension wire keeps the fence nice and snug so at the top you put these uh wires to hold the fabric where you see the diamonds come up above the pole everywhere thats what helps keep that in place these little twisty wires and you do that every few feet i do about three or four between uh the posts here um its all done and thats how you put in the chain link fence this is a four foot high chain link fence all right you guys were at the final stages we got to get the uh theyre called the dog park essentials or just the dog essentials its a six foot bench these are the seating uh sections here then we got a pet waste station and then the trash can and then a leash post that were gonna drill holes for so right here were gonna drill three ten inch wide holes and one for the leash post and then two for the bench and were gonna drill a six inch hole right here for that uh pet weight stations basically for these bars right here okay so here once again were using the 10 inch auger with the little beaver to get the holes for the dog bench and then just a six inch auger to get the pet weigh station in place there only 18 inches deep for this bench because we we dont want the bench to go too low into the ground and same with the leash uh the leash post there so thats it we got those in place we got the dog park essentials in their place the bench the leash post this is where were gonna have the waste the pet waste station its gonna be assembled here and thatll be done and then thats just a trash can that sits in its place so we just gotta get these gates uh on their hinges all right yall now were gonna put the hinges on uh for the gate were just gonna do this one here just to show you guys how to deal with both the male and the female hinges here this is the male hinge that has a bar that comes up or a little post there a pin and then the female one this is the one that receives the male end here and then the small one clamps onto the gate itself and then the big one clamps onto the main support beam or bar here so well show you guys how to do that real quick and you can adjust them if you just hand tighten them you can adjust them as you need until youre ready to tighten it down completely kind of pop into place now we get the female in here always put the uh carriage bolt facing in so you have the smooth side out so thats the way we like to do it like that and hes gonna hold it kind of where it matches up with the rest of the fence tighten it down okay right there okay now we got the bottom piece down were on now we put the mail piece at the top just like that put the bolt through there and if you have any specific questions you can ask me in the comments anything you like im not covering it here in the video okay [Applause] thats it you got a swinging gate now for the latch you get two brackets here and you set them up like this with the open parts facing down so with the elbow parts facing down these brackets basically this hole here is going to be the pipe on the gate so if you watch here put one on one side get it behind and one on the other just like that and what were gonna do is you put the bolt through this side that way the tension bar will keep it from sliding that hand tighten it just like that and then inside the opening on the other side where the latch goes have the bolts facing the same way just like that put it in the top hole and squeeze it together just again hand tightening it there we go tighten it with your impact gun and i tightened the back one first almost all the way down just leave this some space to tighten as well without stripping the bolt like we did last time so you dont want to do it too tight because you can smash it to where this wont go up and down easily but you also dont want to move left and right easily too so just a little bit of a gap youre done well the gates good to go [Applause] you In this video my brother and I install a black vinyl chain link fence for an apartment complex in Midland Texas. This was for a dog park for this property. We purchased all of our fence material from Premier Wire Fence in Midland, TX. The total cost for all the material for this 25 X 25 with an 8 X 8 off leash area was $1,359.73. This gives you an idea of what the appx. cost should be for the black vinyl chain link fence material. We take you through all the steps from start to finish to get a chain link fence of your own setup and installed. We hope this DIY video encourages you to take on the fence installing project you’ve been meaning to tackle. You’ll find all the links below to whatever tools and materials you need to complete a chain link fence project. We will also share any recommendations or tips that we know have helped us in our chain link fence installations over multiple projects. If we missed any details or specific questions you may have for your chain link fence installation project please ask them in the comments. 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