chainlink coincodex priceBitcoin Up 7% In 24hrs, The World Needs Libra, Financial Control & Binance Approval

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hello everybody welcome back for another video hope youre all doing well and that youre all having an incredible day to start things off the headlines for today after a sluggish start to 2020 and even that I dont believe Bitcoin has cracked the psychological barrier of 8,000 US dollars surging by $500 in the past 24 hours actually a bit more accurately at the current moment is served by about 700 in the past 24 hours currently trading at around eight thousand three hundred dollars after touching a yearly high of eight thousand this is even so incorrect because as Im making this video right now bitcoins price is actually also going up Bitcoin is now up at least eleven point eight percent since the beginning of the year according to data compiled by coin market cap heres a little chart right there Bitcoin solid performance at the start of the year along with the networks growing adoption rates and fundamentals has prognosticators seeing green Morgan Creek digital co-founder Jason Williams predicts the asset is on track to set a massive new record by the end of next year he said bitcoins price will be 80k plus by December 2021 crypto analysts and Bitcoin Bo Joe says is eyeing an imminent bull run he said and I do quote so far hey good January the havening current should be picking up soon Im bullish right now for the next four to six weeks will hopefully set us up for the rest of the bull run to get us to six figures so Bitcoin has been doing incredibly well other out coins here and there are also having their moments but we are seeing an unlikely surge Im not sure if its simply because its the beginning of the year for those of you who have been watching the news you probably are aware of tensions that are starting to arise around the world this articles title says bitcoin is Iying 8800 next amid rising gold and oil prices we wont go over it in this video but something happened within the last 24 hours and its also believed to be one of the reasons why bitcoins price is also spiking this is a discussion that weve had in the cryptocurrency space before if Bitcoin would do well in the case of a global economic panic question mark confusion as to whats going to happen next and the peers that Bitcoin is reacting in a way where the price is actually going up 8800 seems to be the next goal for where Bitcoin is supposed to could go maybe is going to actually hit I am trying not to give any predictions or where things I think could be going however if the last we are only 8 days into this year if the last eight days and I think four days from last year are any indication we could be possibly seeing a $9,000 Bitcoin before this weekend even hits us anyway this is the major news right now Im sure you have as well been experiencing those emails messages text messages smss on your phone with people asking you how to buy Bitcoin where can they get Bitcoin its happening to me Im sure its happening to you Im sure the discussions are flowing around the house Im also in the process of trying to figure out things around my house that I dont need that I can sell just just because Im pretty sure you get it anyway without further ado let us move on heres a very good one and I do quote Bitcoin as an asset class has proven that mathematical scarcity can support an incredible exciting asset this was said by Dante this part a vice-chairman of Libra on Tuesday he said its not a means of payment it just isnt this part a spoke at the digital money forum at CES which is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas making his argument to gadget fans and technologies early adopters he said the bottom rung of the ladder of economic mobility is payment access smart they said and so far he said crypto isnt cutting it on payments as part they said thats why he became interested in what Facebook was building with Libre the Liebherr association is a consortium its a group of large companies that aim to eventually launch the Libre stable coin a centralized coin that is going to be designed by Facebook or billions of people theyre not making it for millions of people its actually made because they want to become the worlds largest bank and they say theyre doing it for people who do not have access to banking services around the world each company involved will run a node I was just talking to my friend about this as well he inquired as to exactly what Libra was and what I thought about it and I told him it is going to be the bane of the worlds existence because unlike permissionless open blockchain such as Bitcoin litecoin you know the whole list Libre if you want to run a node which is free on Bitcoin will cost each company 10 million US dollars to run a node to be able to verify transactions and they say that this proves its decentralization because itll be I think at the moment we have I think 23 or 27 companies who have signed on celebra to pay facebook 10 million dollars for the chance to be able to validate transactions that is not open that is greedy Libra is trying to solve a complex problem they said how do you drive mass adoption how do you remove insidious levels of friction that basically make it cost prohibitive to give people access to payments the discussion is going to continue until sometime this summer it is not going to go away no matter how much we wanted to a lot of people think or thought that Libra was not going to launch I said you are mistaken you have to understand how much energy is being put behind this entire project they are trying to become the largest bank on the planet you know how many banks there are you know much money banks make you know how many I mean just think of what a bank is now imagine you being a social media platform that came out around 2005 and now you are at the helm of becoming the worlds largest bank theyre not gonna stop and is definitely going to continue the reason I went over this was because I guess its more of a a heads up for everyone dont assume because you dont hear about it or you dont see it on the news or you dont maybe we havent spoken about it in the last week and a half that for some reason Libra is just gonna poof and go up in smoke the other remember when we had the news that the US Australia certain European countries and I think it was Russia they were all like no we dont want Libra we dont war in our country its terrible and then three weeks later the people from Libra said that they were I believe it was a number of African countries South American countries and I think Southeast Asian countries who they were having discussions with about um Libra doings and they came back with all positive news this is going to launch maybe not in the way that people thought it was going to launch I just think its kind of weird and I understand why theyre doing it to say that bitcoin is not a means of payment Ill go over this once again for those of you who dont know Bitcoin is slow Bitcoin is very slow however and I say this in the most honest way its a computer program and what do we know about computers they can be upgraded Bitcoin will be upgraded it may not be upgraded as fast as this guy once or maybe she wants or maybe headless person over here once but its going to happen at some point even just the adoption of Segway weve seen bitcoins transaction costs drop by what I didnt I cant do the number in my head thirty dollars to under a dollar and even more so sometimes you can have Bitcoin transactions that go for seventeen cents now imagine how far thats going to come in another two years or three years or five years or ten years they say what they must to be able to get out there and to convince other people that they need to be surveyed that they need to be watched you need to be looked at and one of the saddest things is that they make sure to say were doing it to help people there are people out there who dont have bank accounts they need bank accounts and we can supply to them not saying hey were gonna back Bitcoin or litecoin or XRP or etherium or any other trustless permissionless open blockchain and were gonna spread those around the world were gonna integrate those into our systems to make sure that people understand what free money is but no course um Facebooks going to be getting a massive cut and I its its remember um I I told the story a while back where I had a friend who told me that he had I think at the time it was around five thousand dollars to put into something said I want to learn how to invest this was around 2013-2014 I said hey dude theres always a risk in investing so what you can do take half of that and Ill help you put it into Bitcoin yeah I dont I dont know what a Bitcoin is in that and I was asking a friend and he said its evil its this and its a government conspiracy and I said okay but what if it isnt what if it can potentially make you tons of money in the future said no no no its fine its fine Ill find something couple days later he posted actually on Facebook and wrote that he had made the smartest financial decision of his entire life he had put all five thousand dollars into a CD in the bank a certificate of deposit and I think he put it in there for five to ten years I forgot exactly the length of it and I remember I messaged him and I said why he said he went to his bank and they told him this is the way for him to make money when he gets older this guys like staring at me because he knows Im talking bad about Facebook he so I I remember asking I said what was the interest rate what was the what what was what was the interest rate how much money are you making per year from this a hold on came back a couple seconds later he told me I think the interest rate was I think 0.15 percent and this is after him both in here made the smartest financial decision of his life on Facebook and I said do you know what inflation is inflate what and I explained to him what inflation was and that the current rate of inflation is usually around 2% so every single year for the next five to ten years he will be losing money as opposed to actually getting anything of actual value in his account you told me that he had to go and that conversation was kind of over because I assume he realized what was going on the the entire point being is that he did this because people in the bank told him that this was a good decision for him that by giving hit by him giving them his money for the next five years for them to invest to be able to make extra money off of it him getting pennies was totally worth it this is the exact entire thing that Facebook is doing this is going to launch I dont know how to make this even clearer Im gonna move on dont worry its more like a whats the saying if it looks like a duck sounds like a duck its probably a duck thats what my family says anyway theyre trying to launch this as a as a means of helping other people around the world people already have tools to be able to help themselves its just that greed usually gets in the way and instead of using Bitcoin or some other coin they decide to create their own why would you create your own we already have an answer for what youre trying to solve and without further ado hes that for those of you not looking at the screen theres a guy on the screen with his hands folded and hes staring directly at me judging everything I just said lets move on next up Capital Markets Board of Turkey has plans to regulate crypto transactions according to local sources Capital Markets Board of Turkey or the CMB the regulatory body overseeing securities markets in the country is developing a guideline to observe audit and regulate crypto markets in the country this was reported by major major Turkish media outlet who yet on the 4th of January public authorities and turkeys have concerns regarding the protection of investors in crypto Marcus the government entrusted CMB with the development of a regulatory framework for crypto Markets according to the report further requests from the government CMB plans to ramp up its efforts and audit and regulate crypto markets in Turkey within this year stressing is Turkeys potential and both crypto and blockchain financial expert and coin telegraphed Turkey contributor it can all explained in that capital markets board legal structure would accelerate the growth of the local crypto ecosystem he said I guess CMB would also protect investor rights which would bring many more investors to crypto projects he said heres an article right here for those of you not looking at the screen this is from the 17th of November of last year I also found a couple of them from 2017 and 2018 the entire point is they kind of all read the exact same this one says turkey is unprecedented or unexpected rise to the top of global crypto adopters for those of you who dont know I believe sometime in 20 2017 2018 when I had that entire discussion I saw something on the news where people from Dubai from here from there were all going to Turkey why were they going to Turkey because turkeys currency was up III dare not say hyper inflating it was inflating by a lot rapidly month after month and people had started to realize not only was it a great place to buy stuff as things were a lot cheaper people there also were like hey our money is losing value and Turkey became one of the number it was like numbered one of the top ten places on this planet where people had started to stash their money into crypto currencies this also goes back to the entire discussion that weve had before every single time in two thousand 18 17 16 15 and parts of 2019 governments came forward and said crypto currencies are no threat to the government crypto currencies are no threat to the monetary system crypto Im slamming my hand on my table crypto currencies are no threat to this to that the whod the what and so and so but now crypto was a threat because when they went over the numbers for the last couple of years and they realized that money wasnt going into their stocks into their bonds to their mutual funds into their real estate markets it was going into little o cryptocurrency something that they couldnt really see or that they couldnt really control because its relatively easy for people to legally might I add to put their money into the cryptocurrency space and governments dont like this I saw this article or rather about this topic it was written very differently from what I just read and it kind of was a more truthful way of saying it pretty much whats happening is whenever we see that where is it ba-ba-ba-ba the protection of investors whenever we see those words or KMC AML ABC it always comes down to the exact same thing they dont know whats going on they want to know whats going on why havent they figured out a long time ago to see whats going on and now theyre going to figure it out right now the good part is this will indeed allow more rich people to gobble up more cryptocurrencies and let the rich get richer not really a good thing if you heard the irony in my voice the other part of it is is that with more restrictions comes more control and more control comes more integration in the more integration comes situations like what Libre was just saying how its better for everyone were making it so that payments are a lot easier and more trackable and more traceable we want to know what you buy when you bought it how you bought it who you bought it for and where its being sent to and why you got your money and where you got your money from and where youre sending your money its all about control and the countries who are in my opinion trying to or will be controlling the most have realized that capital was flowing out of their paper money and was going into the digital world so long and short of it is the crypto revolution sounds tacky the crypto blank will continue and theres nothing that can really be done about it except for unplugging the entire internet um however I think by the end of this year we should have every major country regulatory cryptocurrency rules whatever they kinda want to call it heres the actual source of the article right here I do not read Turkish for those of you who do here it is right here lets move on uh next up coinbase Pro has released a new Android app on Tuesday granting professional investors using the exchange access to high-speed trades and other activities product manager Linda C wrote in a blog post that coin based Pro customers in more than 100 countries could use 50 different rating pairs with this new Android app released some three months ago after the company first launched an iOS app both apps offer deposit and withdrawal services and the mobile trading experience provided by the app offers the functionality of our desk top platform yay I think it was by an answer did this a couple of days ago as well now its coinbase everyone is releasing their iOS Android apps coinbase did it for their normal thing did it for pro bonanza did it I think for was it by Nantz us that was just launched as an app I think it was by Nantz us and then I think it was Jersey by Nancy Jersey that uh just got the additional euro Fiat trading pairs ooh heres the actual blog post for it right here says coin based pro mobile app is now available for Android for those of you who have been looking to trade on-the-go and to kind of finish things off according to a recent announcement by one of the worlds largest crypto exchanges by Nance its US dollar back stable coin was just approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services one of the worlds largest crypto exchanges by trading volume by and Nance has been making headlines on a regular basis for the last three years the exchange is being exchanged is being the topic oh yeah Beall of countless reports once again today yesterday the other day the 6th of January after his recent announcement that its stable coin was just approved by the NY DFS thats about it that is as far as it goes for those of you who know or dont know it is extremely difficult to open up anything in the New York State doesnt make any sense in New York State simply because of their bit license and weve heard news reports before that the New York State Department of Financial Services is apparently quite difficult to deal with so the fact that they got their stable I mean its its a real its its its its its an odd world where you have to get things that would otherwise be seen as I want to use the word decentralized approved by someone else for usage Im not gonna Im not gonna get into it Im making sure I stay focused the entire point is finances coin the but something boost be USD Im saying it the way that people want me to say I definitely wanna say it the other way has received NY DFS approval yay as always sorry for screaming a very special thank you to my patreon supporters they are shoop shoop diddy WAP Hummer Hummer Wang dang bake me a cake arf medic 17 Anytime Fitness monks gonna stab ting tang walla walla bing bang semi boo cha bori mcboatface yes to crypto Miller hich test every day in caskets like day minting coins Jeremy Foxx Jim Gardner Anthony Charles Nick mangy olive oil packs a script on Bishop made Vlad the Impaler Richie Rich the third Nick Kanaya setsuna Dameon Nicholas winters one piece one love Crypt appleís crypto artist Colby 3d strange radio central mechanic May Louisiana bow bankroll Network crypto Joe 242 to the world wise knight al-jarrah Schneider triple-m NJ Wood Ian Daisy Brittany Neils master adventures in Thailand mo hammer Roni Adam gracyk Todd mullahs bare-bones mining a bibliophile BIA the animal reader John Stars and mr. pickles Nostromo professor wall-e from gun bought University thank you all very very much for your support at the moment for those of you not looking at the screen bitcoin is currently at eight thousand three hundred and thirty-four dollars its up 5.88% you may notice something those of you looking at the screen you may see certain things in red not talking about XRP which is down currently by one percent these satoshi prices of these coins I was watching it before I was actually looking I havent have nothing better to do with my life I was looking at the actual Satoshi value of certain coins like as time was going on and I saw them tumbling going down I think Bitcoin hit 8450 theres always a bit of a retracement retract meant you see it over here it always goes up and it goes back down goes up and then kind of goes back down I think something big is I think were going to see a major movement relatively soon this has been consistent for the past about two weeks but the price has been doing very well yall does see also see other coins also moving up but um as number one is still number one it remains number one on the topics and I think it will dictate what ends up happening over the next month over the next 23 days if we can see bitcoins price pass by 9000 by the end of this week and by the end of next week start flirting with $10,000 and then pass by it I think thats going to cause a very rapid spike in all coins two things I think are going to happen bear with me I think we will see the entire market go completely insane start moving up where Bitcoin will try to hit back around 12,000 maybe 14,000 give or take some numbers or Bitcoin will skyrocket and the other out coins will start to falter and fall back down as people start pumping Bitcoin only two options I dont see out coins going sideways as Bitcoin pumps and I dont see hmm I think yeah yeah well see 8,300 right now look see exactly what the rest of the week takes us who is he exactly what news could potentially be influencing all of this however um that is definitely gonna do it for this video this has been a 8 days into the year and its already incredibly fascinating I hope you all enjoyed hope that you all are having a great day a great morning a great afternoon a great evening wherever you are wherever you might be I do hope that its absolutely fantastic thank you all every single one of you once again for watching and or listening dont FOMO went to the market and I dont mean that as financial device its more like a if you planned on getting into the market dont wait until 10,000 thank you all once again for watching and listening and I will most certainly be talking to you all soon see you My Second Channel: Support Me On Patreon! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Protect And Store Your Crypto With A Ledger Nano: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want To Send Me A Tip? 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