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Baby Doge cryptocurrency: How is Baby Doge different? - Deseret News So Baby Doge Coin is essentially another version of Dogecoin. It’s a low-value, meme-based cryptocurrency that has been drumming up some social media hype. The Baby Doge Coin website explained that the cryptocurrency has learned some things from the Dogecoin era. The Race to $1: Will Shiba Inu or Dogecoin Get There First? The quickest, most effective way is to simply send tokens to a dead wallet, where they can never be retrieved. They can also stream certain music playlists and watch specific videos, where the chainlinks retail advisors 2015 forecast BITCOIN SPIKING, New ETH Price Prediction, BTC Derivatives, Wall St Nervous, WSB, Control + more
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hey everybody thank you for jumping in once again this has been a crazy week from so many different perspectives and i just want to touch on a few things that i see happening and i believe are relevant to you so if you can join me for the next 10 minutes so first of all i want to talk about some of the big current events and whats actually going on in the world today this is a typical disclaimer this is not investment advice its just things that i see and some of the things that have happened actually have brought some of my thoughts forward especially from yesterdays video if you missed that but i talked about what address one of the questions about is there a stock market crash coming but without further ado lets talk about bitcoin bitcoins on the move i spoke often about this whole month and how any time bitcoin dipped under 30 000 it just gets snapped up so fast i got a little bit more yesterday 29 400 and uh its just a great time so ever since that yesterday bitcoins actually gone up more than forty five hundred dollars in the past 24 hours and thats over ten percent just today alone which is a massive move ethereum as well i think its up another 115 dollars at about 13.50 so things are on the move and the reason for that will be addressed at the end of this video so make sure you stay tuned till the end for that so lets talk about some of the news thats out there that you may have missed first of all theres this huge let me jump out for a second theres a massive break between those that are pro bitcoin and those that are against it those that are against it are very vocal very angry very bitter and those that are pro tend to be new world people and extremely smart people and extremely with it so one guy i admire greatly is ray dalio and he is the founder of bridgewater one of the biggest funds in the world and he basically came out and impressively saying it is one hell of an invention and what really fascinates him about bitcoin is the fact it is a decentralized self-regulating program running on a computer thats worked flawlessly for 10 years and its what he really appreciates is its gaining rapidly in popularity as a store of wealth he described it as amazing and im going to talk a little bit more about store of wealth as well later in this video thats the first thing now they are he is one of the categories of investors that get it so lets talk about the flip side of that youve got guggenheim this guy scott minerd hilarious fellow he said a month ago bitcoins going to 400 000 ill repeat that a month ago he said its going to 400 thousand dollars whats he saying today oh lets have a look today he says uh theres no institutional demand and theres not enough money to sustain it above thirty thousand dollars as we just blasted through thirty thousand dollars again and its up ten percent for the day over three and a half thousand again obviously whats happening here and the reason i mentioned this at all its all interrelated all these guys all these old wall street fat cats are really trying to manipulate markets for themselves because because for the first time ever in the history of the universe despite the occupy wall street movement the retail person can now have a big effect and we saw that earlier this week in a situation that well touch on as well a little bit later so guggenheim is obviously nervous they dont want to be buying bitcoin at 40 000 or 50 000 they havent gotten sec approval yet for their fund and they are very scared so hence they have to release this fud again such hypocrisy and its really bringing about a lot of distrust out there so what else is going on more bitcoin fud no matter where you go if you look at newspapers in the uk or germany or whatever theres a lot of talk about how bitcoin is dirty and the mainstream media is playing that dirty card saying oh its its a big pollutant and yes it does require a lot of electricity to run all the hash that keep the network secure thats true theres lots of mining rigs scrambling to mine the next coin because its very lucrative but if you look at the global devastation in the history of the world especially recently from gold mining its crazy it is now said that it takes a ton of rock to mine .015 ounces of gold and how how they mine how they extract that gold from those rocks they use a lot of chemicals and poisons that go into the water table and the rivers and the soil around all these places and thats not to mention the shipping and the transport and the security and everything else that uses up a ton of power as well so id love to see a study somewhere if you have it in the comments id love to see the comparison of the amount of electricity and pollution caused by bitcoin versus gold or diamond industry or any of those industries i think it would be a very interesting study and somebody needs to get out there so uh we can shut up the main street media anyway my bottom dollar would be on the fact that bitcoin is a lot cleaner so lets talk about a new bitcoin price prediction this one came out from anthony de nir from weeble and his prediction is quite conservative but he believes bitcoin will surge to 55 000 by the end of 2021 thats just a 70 gain when i put the slide together 72 gain from where we are today so not that outrageous considering some of the other price predictions there im pretty confident well see a hundred thousand dollars i hope maybe double that when i analyze all of the price predictions about 35 of them my average is about 208 000 by the end of the year so well see where this goes i think as well the michael saylor conference next week will have a huge impact may the fourth be with you where he will educate enterprises on how they can make bitcoin part of their treasury lets jump uh further ahead and go this real quick now another exciting thing there are more derivatives coming to market and im keeping my finger on the pulse of all of these new breakthroughs so switzerland as you know im very bullish on switzerland i lived there for quite a while they have some very crypto friendly institutions and sigmund bank is the latest one to offer new digital asset derivatives so they will be offering put and call options on bitcoin and ethereum denominated in us dollars so i will be researching to see if i can get my hands on those at least if they can be traded from the united states because that would be very interesting now the other thing thats interesting to note is the more derivatives that are available for this marketplace it means therell be less volatility because people are able to manage the risk and not have to react so wildly to changes i saw a very interesting price prediction this morning from bitboy and i was quite impressed with his conviction he was on altcoin daily and they asked him where he believes ethereum to go so bitboy is or he goes by ben is an ethereum maximalist i saw one of his videos back in november december where he actually said he doesnt actually own any bitcoin but he does have old coins including ethereum today he said he was an ethereum maximalist which ive never heard that term before but i know exactly what it means so congrats to him but he said with absolute conviction that ethereum would be at five thousand dollars by march no question in his mind about that so very bullish news as we look at ethereum right now its uh its at 1352 up 113 for the day or 9.2 percent so things are moving fast on the ethereum side of the fence as well which is great for everybody and again i always recommend 85 15. so 85 of your portfolio your crypto portfolio should be bitcoin and a 15 ethereum because i believe the project has tremendous potential if they can pull off a lot of things but there are also a lot of risks and questions so we shall see where that goes now another thing thats cropped up a lot and you guys have asked is about bsv so bsv is basically a bitcoin cash hard fork there are many hard forks and its important to talk about hard forks for a second so if you respect the concept of decentralization in order for bitcoin to be truly decentralized that means bitcoin can be forked at any time by anything and if bitcoin didnt allow forking bitcoin wouldnt be considered open so therefore you have a lot of bitcoin forks however the folks behind this one and their controversial behavior has resulted in australian crypto exchange delisting them which is a big hit and if youve seen the news recently you got this guy craig wright who claims he is satoshi and he is full of poop you cannot trust him so just want to share that with you guys if you dont know what bsc did their whole focus was to increase the speed and scalability of the bitcoin network by taking the megabyte limit and blowing it up to 128 megabytes thats their whole claim to fame and they apparently have four developers that do c plus thats bsv i wouldnt touch you with a 40-foot pole the other thing id like to touch on real quick is this whole idea of is bitcoin driving a democratic world or a dystopia and theres a huge struggle as i mentioned at the beginning between the bitcoin believers and the haters so now weve got this global viral struggle in fact exchanges in germany were shut down yesterday because of gamestop and theres a whole fight against old school capitalism you know wall street bets versus hedge funds and now you see some crazy things happening out there and then you got people like jack dorsey from twitter and he wants to disarm the world and build a more peaceful existence on earth through decentralization or decentralized standard for social media monetary networks all that type stuff so wha whats going to happen but i think this is all bubbling up so fast this week has been monumental and i think this could break trust in individuals in wall street and in exchanges and i know its a far-flung theory but it could accelerate a kind of a mini crash on wall street not raising any alarm bells but just again be prepared there are signs of cracking and the people can rise up and revolt that weve seen all we need is kind of bigger numbers and who knows what would happen the other thing thats kind of scary is hedge funds are striking back major platforms have stopped the purchase of gamestop and others and theyre even forcing individuals to close at risk positions or even doing it without asking them so the old guard are influencing brokerages today and theres even talk that the wall street bets is looking to file a class action lawsuit against robin hood so lets take a step back before we get to the conclusion and a piece of good news and this is kind of an interesting stat so for the first time ever in the history of the world bitcoin is really truly a store of value because the average number of days a bitcoin has been held between transactions is over a thousand this is history in the making which is wonderful news so that means people are now huddling more than ever before finally in terms of conclusion i just want to say two things first of all in terms of whats happening and the brokerage firms like robin hood and ameritrade controlling peoples choices i understand from a risk management perspective they want to help people but at the same time who is behind the curtain who is telling them to do this and this could bring about much more of that revolt and rebellion and move people to things like bitcoin that are truly decentralized that operate 24 7. so i see this as being the best publicity the best advertisement ever for things like bitcoin because at the end of the day people want to control their own destiny their own existence more so now than ever before in the history of the world and the events of this week have really highlighted that for everybody so i just want to make sure everybodys aware of that bear to mind again black bubble me everybody elses scammer i wont ever ask for any information i just want to say thank you everybody if you like 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Devastation from the gold mining itself but from its logistics human resource, transport, land clearing 0.015 ounce of gold per ton of rock is worse than Bitcoin mining - in terms of environmental destruction 5:04 New BTC Price Prediction 72% Gain - WeBull CEO 6:00 More Derivatives Coming to Market 6:50 BitBoy Ben “Ethereum at $5,000 by March 2021, no question about that in my mind.” New ETHEREUM Price Prediction -BitBoy, Jan 28, 2021 8:00 $BSV News Australian Crypto Exchange to Delist BSV Over ‘Bullying’ Threat to Bitcoin Developers. Controversial behavior by its team. Bitcoin SV BSV is a Bitcoin Cash BCH hard fork. Craig Wright is sketchy. If you respect decentralization, realize that Bitcoin can be forked at any time. If Bitcoin does not allow forking, Bitcoin is not open. 9:26 Struggle between the BTC believers and the haters. The global viral struggle against old school capitalism WSB vs Wall St/Hedge Funds. Twitter plans to “disarm the world” and fund a “decentralized standard for social media”. Building towards “a more peaceful existence on earth”. Bitcoin Driving Democratic World or Dystopia 10:40 Major trading platforms have stopped the purchase of $GME and others and even closing out at-risk positions for customers without them having control. Are the Old-guard are influencing brokerages today? WSB is looking to file class-action vs Robinhood. Is this a case of Hedge Funds Striking Back? 11:13 BTC as a True Store of Value - now average HODL is greater than 1000 days. history in the making! 11:40 Best Bitcoin Ads Ever - when brokerages remove control from customers. Now there will be a move towards decentralized finance. 12:19 Please subscribe hit the bell and like - watch for SCAMMERS Craving more? you know what to do! Ethereum,WallStreet,WSB,