Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Which Is the Better Buy? - U.S. News Bitcoin is the more established and mainstream of the two, which makes ETH just a touch riskier. As with most investments, it's possible Ethereum's higher risk brings with it potential for higher Small-Cap, Cyclical Stocks Climb; Bitcoin Rallies - WSJ Bitcoin rose above $30,000, a level it hasn’t breached since June. Shares of smaller companies and those in cyclical industries like materials and energy that are less cours chainlink BITCOIN RÉSEAU en SURCHAUFFE ️ BLOCKCHAIN en DANGER ? ️
cours chainlink Can Dogecoin Reach $100? Or... BITCOIN RÉSEAU en SURCHAUFFE ️ BLOCKCHAIN en DANGER ? ️
yes hello everyone, delighted to be back for the show on Monday, May 8, 2023, we end up with a map in the red, the BTC around 28,000 dollars and its the altes that are falling again since the majority of us can see that we have at least two minus three to a good less than 10 or even less than 12% well piled up, especially for the one that is down 13.5% and the token breaks at minus 11.8 while PP is currently at minus 11% and in a fairly deep retracement at the level of the top 25 so we have the BTC at 28148 dollars this morning 8 a.m. that I am recording the iteh show at 1860 we all have this top 10 which is falling from -3 to -43 for XRP we are at almost a 4 also for Paul cadhote minus 5 for shiba inu and avalanche and then we are heading as usual towards the close of this top 25 with ICP which is down 6% BCH by 3.66 and faillcoins by 4.77 on the side from 4am so over the weekend we tried 29800 for the moment it does not pass the 30 miles are completely partitioned concrete is back at 28 2 this morning no big awakening from openinterest the liquidations are going well often and unfortunately still for the long ones we see here these big red candles on the beatmax liquidation island so we are in a contraction phase we will see what it will give I would like us to go touch the 26000 dollars for try to see a little the reaction on this zone but in any case for the moment we are a little blocked at the level of the BTC and it is not the fundamental and the news which will say the opposite we will see that in a moment the cryptofiant grid neutral on 60 and market orders this morning on looking for a strong sell based on this indicator when looking at the decentraider map so we are still around 27000 for the start of absolute but it is clear that to date there are files if not the most solid file at the level of the SP500 and Wall Street and we are getting into the hard part of the subject with slashbeen Bitcoin which is witnessing a massive redistribution towards minors 50% of the raward block of transaction compounds that fetch six.25 Bitcoin of rowards and it is true that with what is happening on the ordinal side and in particular with the computer, I believe the new NFC token which has seen the day first if Im not talking nonsense since for the moment I havent looked into this subject too much yet its true that the computer token has gone up I believe there are 28 dollars during the night whereas already yesterday there was someone who was doing a trade on Twitter to say that he had bought at first 60,000 at the very beginning then in total 90,000 he had already sold 60,000 for 700 or 800,000 dollars which means that there we were barely at 5 dollars when he had made this post he still multiplies this investment sometimes 6 and I also saw always passing around the same corners this morning someone who had bought for 166 dollars PP at the very beginning and which today has a valuation it has not sold a single one so far of 22 million or 300,000 or I dont know how many anyway there are completely crazy things that are happening and thats also why we individuals often arent the most proactive about it those who put a ticket upstream and congratulations if you managed to transform 500 balls into 5000 or 50000 or 500,000 into wish you all and its money that can be put much better later but what happens late most of the time hearing about it all over social media etc is those who get flushed and there already we have the price of the PP which has been halved since its local top we will see how it will evolve glass note therefore which highlights that everything that has returned from minors is literally exploding the summer period in general and not the most extraordinary period for the markets personally, now is not the time to get too excited after those who manage to do well and congratulations in all this hubbub because thats enough still complex to decipher and to surf like a wave if we are not positioned very very early we therefore have the same corners that we have triggered completely crazy congestion since we were at three oclock at 46180 unconfirmed transactions from side of the Bitcoin network and while on the hetero side its not better since we are at 185000 well its half less 618 in transactions which are pending so be patient if you have to go through transaques its probably also what makes the price currently retrace a little since I think that from an institutional or even particular point of view these are phases that a little worry everyone when everything is congested and when in passing with had simply closed yesterday the possibility of wizdro of BTC due to all this completely crazy congestion and the good news is that he will integrate the Bitcoin Lightning network on his exchange in order to allow to have precisely we will say a highway rather than a small road departmental or even national to pass all the blocks and all the transactions there too will this completely solve the problem personally I was thinking to myself yesterday thinking about it all alone in my corner in telling me that if we had mainstream adoption today, that is to say without even talking about grandma autoscouts PP hype, is it going to be fine could we welcome there immediately, for example, a billion users on Bitcoin on ethereum or any other blockchain that it exists and unfortunately the answer is no which means that to this day no matter which side we take the end of this rope we still need time we need infrastructure we need pure development, that is to say of Eves body, whether its the ethereum blockchain or anything that is happening around the cosmos atom of the polka dot of the speeds up everything that allows both to open these floodgates there to reduce costs more to be limited in terms of infrastructure it is also a little bit what el ronde does indirectly so there is often a lot of criticism around aileron but it works pretty well and with all that is charding and all that well there is still the possibility of welcoming a good number of people and later well the quintessence will come out of it the best of all we will say these experiments since it is a field of innovation and which is as some people often say a bit in the 2000s for the Internet years and we hope that over 10 20 more years we will see very very beautiful things with this time a mindstream adoption which will be totally normalized and possible as for the capacities of the various chain blocks used, I will therefore not go back to what he said here in crypto trade with computer which now weighs more than half a billion 527 million the PP on the side still on the other hand of BTC which is barely at 32 million while we flirt with a billion one billion two on the side of ETH we even have at 20 million Nice at 18 million Hoshi at 12 and pizza at 12 million clearly all those who put in a ticket on it its a bit like if you go to the casino afterwards there are some who are happy with us we are never here to tell anyone what they should do we can just tell you how it will end behind since it happened always finished like this thats why its always difficult to give feedback without being a little paternalistic or lecturing or lecturing for those who have been there for several years thats just too much good sense to warn you about those who are waiting for the majority of these same coins tonight so well no what is on hold withdrawals on the platform an operation which resumed this morning before 6 a.m. so a somewhat worrying situation but which was also in the order of things since I guess bennanz didnt want to get a backlog too of people saying why my transaction didnt go through why it took 6 hours or 8 hours and it still hasnt gone through why the fees are je I dont know how many tens of dollars here they must have gotten completely screwed up and thats what led to just having this break anyway I guess thats how I interpret it and on the other hand there was information circulating that had 180,000 Bitcoin that had moved on the side of bain Nantes it was disclaimed about two hours ago he said that it was internal movements at their high school must be so here is for the latest information around by Nantes Asher who 9 hours ago had spotted so these blocks at 6.25 BTC per block I wont go back on it it was the same with Will lenient so here we go a bit quickly cryptost with nayy Bokele the president of del Salvador who has just signed the law to remove all taxes related to technological innovation including for blockchain companies this measure aims to attract investment in the technological sector we had Watchers guru who is revealed that 722 banks in the United States have an unrealized loss of about 50% of the capital so there too well the small and medium-sized banks I dont know how its going to end in the United States are we going to have really a completely monster contingent and finance which all of a sudden will take to its heels in any case it is something to watch out for and in particular on the side of the dXY of the dollar which will probably set the tone a little on this side with riptos the china division of bnp paribas bank will now allow its customers to use digital yuan and this follows a partnership with bank of china brand which put into perspective again and again validators who want to exit versus validators incoming and therefore currently there are 10 times more validators who want to stake their ether compared to those who want to leave and especially compared to this famous congestion which is ramming the ingots at the level of the ethereum network it is those who have blocked ethers in staking and which are currently taking more than 6% annualized so its not always 6% when its going to fall we re going to fall back at 4:30 am 5%, but in any case for the moment here it is there is a return that is quite masterful on this side and for those who have kept their ethers it allows little by little to accumulate a little more the total crypto 1130 billion this morning we are moving back by 1/18 so we may be drawing almost a little flag ball here I dont know anyway at the moment we are on this huge support of the 1100 widened and have the 200 moving average as well as the 20 moving average which are between 1000 and 1005 billion so there clearly I think there is something a little bit to play we will see how it will go but we have a very very nice dynamic support it is however it came to purge you a little more c is something that could be, lets say, profitable for everyone to lose a little bit more in the short term to be able to better propel themselves around the start of the fall 2023 school year, well see what comes out of it since we have still a nice congestion around this level and it did not want to let go for the moment the total crypto of the altes it is exactly the same it is in contact with its support here of 580 600 billion we have the moving average 20 just below at 570 the moving average 50 to 550 and the moving average 200 just below again at 535,540 knowing that the alcohols for the moment have still not given us great performances or anything we can see it even better from the side of the total crypto 3 which excludes bitcoin and ether we are on the three moving averages which are completely bundled together so around 355 to 360 billion these are the halts which have not yet been made for this beginning of 2023 and I am talking about halts in the broad sense of the term still not reacted still not made great performances and that is exactly what this graph tells us which despite everything tells us that it is a reaccumulation before the year which will lead us there now until at the Alvin of spring 2024 the future CME which paid for a small dropout of -5.16 so a Monday which for the moment has been opening in the red since last night the reopening of BTC in future CME while the spot at 28100 and wheelbarrows its in the process of auxili a little also shows some signs of weakness but we are still well perched in a range where all these wicks as soon as it comes around 27000 are bought back and as soon as we are approaching 30,000 now we are pushed back manu militari just as sharply so we will see what will come out of this zone of contraction and battles personally as I told you just now we have the moving average 20 for BTC which is just under 25000 the big support of 25000 and the moving average 200 just above 26000 so that makes between 25 and 26 a huge support of choice that obviously we should not lose on a weekly basis otherwise there it is is the Bérézina the most either on the American market side so it has not yet reopened so 4153 at the level of the future in slight positive this morning we have the CAC 40 like 7432 despite the fact that it is a public holiday in France it is open and we have this divergence which is happening so it doesnt know made in yellow of overbought at the RSI level but we still had two points higher while the RSI is making us two points higher low so I think it will not take long to unroll and unmold Flamby on the CAC 40 hoping that later it will be the SP500 who take over since for the moment in contact with these 4150 to be able to 4200 points the SP500 still does not pass the Gold which was ICO of the 2000 dollars launches which there also slows down for the third time around 2065 2070 Will not pass in any case we have a moving average 20 at 1925 dollars launches which also plays this is with this huge volume profile while the lands at 1859 being contracted exactly like the total crypto we saw earlier we have the 20 moving average which now sits at 1700 i think that is the area not to be lost but we could still afford the luxury of having a scare on ITER by returning to moving average 50 moving average 200 which is today at $1520 it is becoming a disaster again so here I prefer to give you all the targets and all the plans so that on your side you can also get a background image since even though we probably have a bottom that has been made or is in the process of being made at the level of the crypto market it should never overlook the fact that we saw it in 2022 we can get caught here at any time is something out of the CESU fast and which can absolutely surprise the majority without a 15 point for the dollar which continues to let go of the word on the moving average 100 and on its support do we make the double dip or do we pass and we just run aground between 98 to 94 for the DX there in any case for the moment here is the dollar which is in an extremely low zone but on a status quo we do not immediately have a return of liquidity at least not for the moment at the level of the various markets that we are exploring except that we still had heres a Friday that didnt end so badly for Wall Street and in particular the large caps 48.45 for BTC dominance so still stuck between 48 and 49 well see what it will give there too were very high in RSI were out from the overbought zone we are at 73 74 we will see what happens do we still have a little juice to get more is there a strong retracement behind what would allow us six Bitcoin holds between 25 and 30,000 an altisane because the goal is also not for Bitcoin to go back to the cellar when the Alps start to have this famous rotation so its true there as summer approaches Im quite like I I said it for several days or even several weeks a little more on the bare road than I was when we did the run from 15 to 30 here it was just perfect you also have to know how to take advantage of these periods probably to take a deep breath and then watch whats going on a bit around and probably also enjoy your summer since theres no point in being constantly glued around the charts in any case will close with corner base which is with closed at 58 24 at over 18 33% and as I told you in the last issue for those who hadnt seen it there too I think that when a base can give us a nice performance as soon as the crypto market starts back on a sustainable footing a minimum here are two quarters or even a full year we will be able to see very beautiful things the BMX which with the pipe therefore for the weekly closing at 28456 so we still have not closed under the previous candles or anything and for all that we feel a little that you are weak this torpor we dont have to buyers who have really recovered the hand for the moment we had seen the last time I dont know if it was descent trader or another in the previous issue only little by little small no it was like Shark I think he said that we had the liquidity that is to the north was being nibbled and that after a while it could pass a bit like a cork of champagne for going to rally 34 to 36,000 dollars the question that I ask myself from a speculators point of view this morning with a Bitcoin around 28,000 dollars is is it worth it for the one who enters there now today to risk 28 to get 34 36 and as usual these are the thermist courses I am addressing but for long thermists that after that will not make a huge difference for those who do DCA so here it is on a personal basis I think risk rewards for the first half of 2023 and now more behind us than in front of us there those who return to 30 to breathe 34 36 personally its not the kind of risk I want to take for 10 or 20% on the market crypto and for all that we have this whole problem of altison which has still not come from dominance which is still perched and perhaps there is one last shot to be played on this month of May since in my opinion that will happen now or only in the fall since the summer is often a little soft in the knees after maybe we will have an extraordinary summer of 2023 with everything blowing up but for the moment the only thing that seems to farting is the blockchain with this congestion of peps even and everything is fine I wish you a great day an excellent holiday Monday and for my part I find if all goes well this evening around 8 p.m. probably instead of 9 p.m. with Marc and Manu and we will do a big debrief of all this I tell you later ciao ciao Le bitcoin en surchauffe complet au niveau de sa blockchain les blocks sont trop remplis et lattente fait monter les enchères à cause des ordinals ! 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