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Cu l Es Mejor, Bitcoin O Ethereum? - Criptotario A medida que comienzas a conocer el fascinante mundo de las criptomonedas, te preguntas cu l de ellas es mejor.Existen miles de criptos hoy en d a, pero no vamos a concentrar en las m s importantes, que son Ethereum y Bitcoin, y cu les son sus diferencias.Si quer as comprar alguna de ellas, esta gu a te ayudara a decidir.. Quiz s Ripple XRP - Coin of the Week - Tradesilvania Launched in 2023, XRP is designed to facilitate faster and cheaper payments, being considered an ecological and fast digital asset. Ripple grayscale chainlink ticker Bitcoin On Track To $50K - Grayscale $3.3B Record Inflow - Winklevoss Gemini IPO - Miami Crypto
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hey everybody welcome back to the thinking crypto channel ive got big news to share with you guys you definitely want to watch this video to the end were going to break down bitcoin touching 40 000 once again grayscale is seeing a record inflow of capital into their crypto investment products uh the gemini exchange owned by the winklevoss twins are looking to do an ipo potentially miamis mayor is putting bitcoin on the map before we break it down go ahead hit that thumbs up button leave a comment below and hit the subscribe button if youre new here it helps support the channel and it doesnt cost you anything guys i uploaded my interview with michael saylor earlier today you definitely want to see this interview guys it is really good a lot of nuggets a lot of great advice from michael he talks about building wealth with bitcoin he talks about the foot around bitcoin you dont want to miss it ill put a link in the description for you guys to take a look at it heads up i have scheduled an interview with mayor um francis suarez hes of course the mayor of miami hes looking to make miami a crypto friendly city having crypto companies come there he also wants to put bitcoin on the citys treasury so you dont want to miss that interview make sure you hit the subscribe button with a notification bell its scheduled for the end of the month so stay tuned on that one so guys bitcoin 39 481 dollars looking good here ethereum over 1200 once again so this is a site for sore eyes after the correction we had and thats a much needed correction right we had thousand dollar candle days for bitcoin which is crazy when you think about it its very powerful a parabolic run-up right im certainly happy about it im not complaining but as i was saying i needed to see a correction because thats important for the health of the market to build support levels and work our way up so 30 000 is where we found our support level i had personally said between 25 to 30. so im glad it was on the higher side and not on the lower side im sure some of you looking to accumulate probably wanted it to go down to twenty thousand but thats where it found its support level now we got a breakout um were working our way up we touch forty thousand and lets see where this continues to go because potentially potentially now it could come down back a little bit keep going sideways and then move on up im hoping it doesnt im hoping this is to move up to 45k and then to 50 000 by the end of january so lets keep an eye on it um as always im a macro level huddler i am i look at the charts macro level not hourly not daily or weekly uh because im looking for that hundred thousand dollar bitcoin price which is of course what the stock to flow model predicts now guys the institutions are buying up record-breaking amounts of bitcoin and crypto grayscale and investment they saw crypto products raised over 3 billion last quarter three billion the most ever grayscale is popular bitcoin trust once again led the pack with over 200 million in inflows every week my goodness so you know those those institutional investors were buying the dip right they were probably waiting for that dip so grayscale investments raised 3.3 billion dollars across its crypto investment vehicles in last years fourth quarter a record for the digital asset manager further evidence of this rallys institutional base disclosed in greyscales latest investment report the raise more than triples the companys previous best ever mark set only one quarter prior when investors piled on just over one billion dollars greyscale is owned by coindesk parent company digital currency group uh it says here the grayscale bitcoin trust along with the companys most popular product once again led the pack in q4 with an average of 217 million dollars raised every week my goodness guys i hope you see whats happening here the money is coming in these people recognize this new asset class they recognize the upside they recognize whats happening happening economically and with the money printing and theyre putting a lot of money into bitcoin and crypto as paul tudor jones said it is the fastest horse in the race uh they continue saying hey that massive inflow once again outpace the rate of new bitcoin being mined theyre all buying more bitcoin than its being put out in the market from a daily standpoint uh grayscale said it now has 20 billion dollars under management it entered 2020 with just 2 billion that is crazy they got 18 billion dollars throughout the year uh my goodness so as ive stated many times on this channel we are on the side of smart money you buy the lows you sell the highs dumb money comes at the top of the market right because they dont do their research they dont understand market cycles pat yourself on the back that you get this youre on the side of paul tudor jones grayscale paypal square all of these folks right we are on the side of smart money now the winklevoss twins who ive interviewed on my channel um if you guys havent seen that interview be sure to check it out link will be in the description they said we are watching the market gemini considering public markets debut so tyler and cameron winklevoss are exploring a stock market debut for crypto exchange gemini according to a report by bloomberg news in an interview with bloomberg the twins who founded the exchange in 2013 said that going public is one option they are currently exploring for the firm we are watching the market and we are also having internal discussions on whether it makes sense for us at this point in time they both said uh gemini would join a growing list of crypto firms with ambitions to tap into the public markets some firms including backed and coinbase are further along in their journey backed announced at the beginning of the week that it would go public through a merger with a special purpose acquisition vehicle coinbase filed a confidential s1 going to excuse me to go public at the end of last year so um this is not surprising were gonna see more crypto companies exchanges and so forth go public coinbase being the biggest of course and i think this would further validate the crypto market get more awareness of the crypto market um and its gonna youre gonna see the merging of the traditional financial markets with crypto um as as companies go public and like ive stated many times if youre an institutional investors it gives you the option to double dip not only can you invest in these companies but you can buy the tokens and cryptos themselves right especially if youre an accredited investor whos buying early getting equity versus stocks right you and i are going to have to buy the stock so i have been on record saying i would buy coin bases uh stock just because of the brand the visibility theyre the largest in the united states and maybe ill consider gemini um too because the winklevoss twins have a lot of exposure and brand and awareness and you know they do a lot of interviews and things like that now guys miamis mayor who of course ill be interviewing later this month uh he is considering a bitcoin investment once again um to put in the us excuse me the miami citys treasury and he wants to embrace crypto and make uh miami a hotbed for crypto companies and tech companies and look its getting published on mainstream media fox business and cnbc and all that right this is great on multiple levels one the awareness right educating people and validating the market two um if he starts the trend like paul tudor jones started a trend of these hedge funds michael saylor started the trend of companies putting bitcoin on their balance sheet if he does this as a city then youre gonna see other cities in the united states and around the world do it as well as states right local governments and uh michael saylor and i discussed that in the interview with central banks doing it local governments so guys can you imagine the value of bitcoin and just overall market if cities started buying bitcoin oh my goodness its going to be ridiculous so we have the opportunity to make significant returns here guys i hope you see whats happening right before our eyes look at the coverage this is big once again this is not a crypto blog this is fox business and youre gonna see it on cnn and and uh cnbc and all of that right now uh coinbase i i know some of you are not too happy with coinbases service but like i said i would still invest in them because of the brand because of the visibility of the timing of the market right well they have launched an asset hub a simple streamlined product for issuers to list their assets and do business with coinbase so further showing the investments of building out the infrastructure and making things easy for both the investors and people who are launching products and tokens and all that so sign of things to come my friends and and these are the uh infrastructure items that are needed for the growth of the market finally i want to let you guys know about uh there is confirmation from the lcc that brian brooks crypto comptroller he is stepping down unfortunately blake paulson to become acting controller of the currency on january 14th i hope brian stays in the government to do some other things for crypto because this guy he did some great work we should all be thankful for him he gave banks the green light to custody crypto he gave banks the green light on stable coins he rolled out the payments charter to try to make it easy for uh banks and and different companies to uh you know set up shop right like we saw anchorage got their approval from the lcc and thats because of brian brooks right to become a digital bank so we should really be thankful for for uh brian brooks man he is um hes hes a hes a great guy and uh sad to see that uh hes out there but you know maybe he goes somewhere else in the government to help out so we got confirmation of it um guys what do you think good bitcoin hit 45 000 soon and fifty thousand at the end of the month what do you guys think uh leave your thoughts and comments below hit the thumbs up button share this video and ill talk to you all later you Bitcoin pumped to $40,000 after a 28% correction and we could see $50,000 soon. Grayscale Investments raised $3.3 billion across its cryptocurrency investment vehicles in last year’s fourth quarter, a record for the digital asset manager and further evidence of this rally’s institutional base. Tyler and Cameron Winkelvoss are exploring an IPO for crypto exchange Gemini. Miami mayor considers bitcoin investment to create crypto hotbed. Mayor Francis Suarez hopes embracing cryptocurrencies will attract the tech industry to his city. Coinbase is introducing Asset Hub — a simple, streamlined product for issuers to list their assets and do business with Coinbase. 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